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Monday, 08 January


Sydney experiences hottest day since 1939: 47.3 C (117 F) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A short, sharp burst of very hot desert air hit South Australia and the southeastern States over the weekend forcing authorities to issue total fire bans and health advisories. The brunt of the heat took Penrith, west of Sydney where Sunday's temperatures...... Read more


Sydney suffers through hottest day in nearly 80 years "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Record-breaking heat has hit southeastern Australia over the past few days leading to widespread fire bans as temperatures passed 40 degrees Celsius. Canberra had its hottest day of the summer so far with a high of 40C on Saturday afternoon.


Vigilante Paedophile Hunter Faces Court Sydney Criminal Lawyers

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim A self-proclaimed paedophile hunter is facing criminal charges after performing citizens arrests on two men he claims responded to sting operations where he pretended to be a child online. The operations were reminiscent to those performed on the US television show To Catch a Predator. The incidents 42-year-old Adelaide

The post Vigilante Paedophile Hunter Faces Court appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Top Ten (Clean) Lawyer Jokes to Kick Off 2018 Sydney Criminal Lawyers

In a profession as serious as law, its sometimes easy to forget to have a sense of humour. So weve collated ten lawyer jokes to kick off the working year. Disclaimer: The content in this article does not constitute legal advice. Joke 1: A lawyer dies and goes to Heaven. There must be some mistake,

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Watch the New Fallon Cush Video Achilles Heel "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Image Courtesy of Fallon Cush Sydney based folk-rock band Fallon Cush have just released their latest single and video Achilles Heel. The track is taken from their 2017 album Morning and the video is shot and directed by local stalwarts MCMI Music Imaging featuring Fallon Cush frontman Steve Smith. Check out Achilles Heel below:Filed []


January 8 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Today is the Lesser Festival of the Ancient Greek God Dionysus, God of revelry and wine.
Guess what some of you will get up to today!

1789 - The first European baby pupped on Norfolk Island, son of Superintendent Philip Gidley King and convict woman Ann Inett, was named (drumroll for those unimaginative parents) Norfolk.
You think that's bad, she had another son to King, back in Sydney that was named....Sydney.

1799 - Saw Bass and Flinders bobbing about in the Tom Thumb in and around Tassie and assorted islands, proving that the umbilical cord that once connected Tassie to the mainland was long gone; today they made a return visit to the Furneaux Islands for a cuppa tea on their journey back to Port Jackson.

1803 - Capt. Anthony Fenn Kemp and Lieuts Thomas Hobby and Nicholas Bayly arrested for being involved in "scurrilous attacks" on Gov King.

1804 - The first recorded cricket match took place in the New South Wales colony.

1810 The Derwent Star and Van Diemen's Land Intelligencer, Australia's second newspaper and the first in Van Diemens Land, began publication.

1814 - George Evans advocated building a road over the Blue Mountains, to follow in the tracks of Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth.

1818 - Gov Macquarie was a tad miffed at the Flogging Parson Samuel Marsden, accusing him of conspiracy (!!!) so he told him not to darken the doorstep of Govt House again!
So there!

1846 - Ursula Frayne, the leader of the first group of The Sisters Of Mercy, landed at Fremantle WA on this day.

1847 - George Barney and party leave Sydney in the barque Lord Auckland to found the Gladstonecolony in northern Australia centred on Port Curtis.

1849 - The Plymouth, the first of a number of ships carrying people to the California goldfields, left Port Jackson for San Francisco.

1867 - The Mining Corner buildings were removed in Ballarat.

1868 - The Earl of Belmore became the Governor of NSW. Of course he was second choice after Pearl the Pole Dancer of Digger's Ditch...

1872 - The Lydiard St, Ballarat, Wesleyan Sunday School opened.

1878 - Today was known as "Black Wednesday", when Victorian Premier Graham Berry wouldn't just take his bat and ball and go home but instead dismissed more than 200 public servants, starting with police and judges, in response to the upper house blocking his Appropriations Bill. Berry argued that without an Appropriations Bill they could not be paid. A fine time was had by all who weren't observing any laws...

1878 - The Melbourne to Portland railway line opened.

1881 - A cyclone, which killed 16 people, decimated the pearling fleet on the Ashburton River, WA.


In which the pond offers a slice of Oreo without comment ... "IndyWatch Feed"


It's a scientific fact, frequently observed and recorded in the pond, that the moment the Terror gets agitated about a warm day in Sydney - tradie app allowing - expert climate scientists will appear to explain that it's all a storm in a teacup, or perhaps a snowflake in hell ...

So it came about today, with Mr Timmie Bleagh once again turning up to explain the weather ... and how blessed are his readers, given his arduous training for the job. 

Mr Bleagh embarked on his career in science by taking up a position as cadet journalist on the Truth - a newspaper now sadly lost to the world - and by working on Sports Illustrated, and sundry other prestigious publications, and perhaps most famously, appearing on RN, before devoting himself to blogging.

Whenever the weather bowls up a googly, Mr Bleagh knows how to deal with the spin.

It goes without saying that this assiduous preparation has made him one of the great climate scientists, up there with Moorice and the Bolter and his Lordship, and it also goes without saying that his elevated understanding of the matter is simply too deep for the pond.

And so we will pass on to another favourite reptile sport, black bashing, usually reserved for the Bolter, but thanks to the Oreo, the pond has to go there ...


Workers Return from Holidays Feeling Refreshed Hatred for their Jobs "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Billions of Sydneysiders have returned to work today feeling refreshed hatred for their jobs after experiencing two weeks of life outside the office.

One man said hed always known going to work was balls, but that after enjoying such luxuries as seeing his wife and kids and eating lunch away from his keyboard over the Christmas break, hed realised just how bad his working life was.

The holidays showed me that life could actually be rather good if you removed the work bit, he said. My hatred for what I do and the people I do it with has been fully reinvigorated over the break.

One woman said shed spent the last fortnight of her two-week break in a constant panic attack, fearing her return to the office.

The only thing getting me through is that there are only 50 weeks to go until next Christmas, she said.


Hillsong scandals and improprieties. Part 35. Pastor Joel ABell Head pastor Hillsong Australia living the Houston lifestyle of luxury and extravagance. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Brian. Wrestling with the issue of gays in Hillsong.

Pastor Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong Global. Living a life of excess, flamboyancy and extravagance on Hillsong cash and tithes.


Ive been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 36th in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.


Hillsong insider speaks:

1 November 2015

Dear Donald

It was a revelation to me at lunch today when I was told by a Hillsong friend in the know that Pastors Joel and Julia Abell own a luxurious three story town house on the beach in Sydneys Eastern Suburbs with everything you can possibly need in it.

Ive previously been told by Joel ABell about this house, but was not told of how flash it was until now




Peak performance "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Peak state

See the latest in my series of blog posts, this time on peak performance on my main website here (or click on the image below).

You can subscribe to my mailing list for goodies while you're there.

By the way, watch out for a free e-book which I'm releasing at this week.

Hope you haven't melted if you live in Sydney.

There's loads of interesting news out this week, which I'll analyse here as usual.

Have a great (and hopefully cooler) week!

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Sunday, 07 January


EP 232: Radio Birdman "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Photo: Emmy Etie

Radio Birdman

Recorded and mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at The Tivoli, Brisbane, 23rd June 2017

Radio Birdman was one of the first Australian independent bands to carry the punk label. The name comes from a misheard The Stooges lyric from the song 1970 (the actual lyric is radio burnin).

They formed in Sydney, 1974 with Deniz Tek and Rob Younger wanted to create a band that challenged the commercial mainstream whilst being completely uncompromising. With the addition of Pip Hoyle on keys, Ron Keeley playing drums and bassist Carl Rorke, Radio Birdman started playing DIY shows in rented garages and community spaces after being rejected from multiple venues....


January 7 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1788 - Tassie sighted the First Fleet...but Tassie didn't find anything about them to write home about.

1799 - Bass and Flinders completed their circumnavigation waltz of Van Diemens Land with a dosey-do and a bow to your partner.

1810 - The speech given by Gov Macquarie upon being sworn in was published on this day in the Sydney Gazette included a special mention of Indigenous persons;" I need not, I hope, express my wish that the Natives of this Country, when they come in the Way
in a peaceable Manner, may not be molested in their Persons or Property by anyone; but that,
on the contrary, they may always be treated with Kindness and Attention, so as to conciliate them
as much as possible to our Government and Manners."

1814 - Australia's first boxing match took place in Sydney. John Parton defeated Charles Sefton over 56 rounds without Anthony Mundine in sight.

1830 - Explorer Charles Sturt had some spare time on his hands so he went for a jaunt by whaleboat down the Murrumbidgee River and entered "a broad and noble river" which he named the Murray River (14th January). By February he had eyeballed Lake Alexandria and began the return journey along the Murray River against the current. Each Aboriginal community along the river had its own name: to those of the lower river it was Murrundi, for those upstream near Echuca in Victoria it was Millewa, and near its source it was Indi.
Lake Alexandrina was variously called Parnka, Kayinga or Mungkulli.

1832 - George Augustus Robinson arrived in Hobart with Aborigines from Oyster Bay and Big River tribes - the so-called " last of the Aborigines" from settled districts - to be resettled in the Bass Strait islands.
The Hobart Courier reported on this day;
"It is with no small pleasure we announce the gratifying news that the whole of the Oyster bay and Big river tribes, the most sanguinary in the island, have surrendered themselves to Mr. Robinson, by whose conciliatory intervention the desirable event has been mainly brought about. They consist of 16 men, 9 women and 3 children, and may be expected in town to day to join the Aboriginal Establishment at Great island,by the Charlotte now in the harbour."

1835 - The Noongar People of West Australia were evicted from their campsite at Lake Monger as they were considered a threat to William Leeder and his farm which had been established when he took up land grants in 1832.

1838 - The first attempt to create a Native Police Corps in Victoria came unstuck on this day a bare 10 weeks after it was begun; the Superintendent , Christaan de Villiers, had spat the dummy and resigned due to the missionary George Langhorne sticking his nose in and making malicious complaints.
When Langhorne was made Police Superintendent the police refused to wo...

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Saturday, 06 January


Ode to Sydney Art, Literature, and Kenneth Slessors Five Bells "GroovUs Feed Aradio"

Elaine Campaner Breakfast in Sydney, 2009, digital print on 100% cotton paper, 553 x 830 mm.

ArtiFacts Eastside.

Join me, Jane Raffan, Monday 8 January, for a program about art, poetry and literature specifically focused on Sydney.

Hear interviews with Damien Minton about an exhibition at his former eponymous gallery called Five Bells a Visual Ode to Sydney.

Taking cues from Kenneth Slessors poem voted Australias best poem by ABC listeners in 1988 and Delia Falconers recent book on Sydney, the group exhibition featured works by forty artists across a range of media and styles, offering the chance to reflect on a Sydney many of us may not recognise.


Kenneth Slessors famous poem can be found here:

And the playlist? A mix of contemporary Australian songs about Sydney (mostly contemporary!), including Paul Kellys musical take on Slessors Five Bells.

And if you are interested in musical inspirations from this famous poem, heres a short list to investigate:

Alan Brownes Australian Jazz Band album Five Bells and Other Inspirations Review

Trumpeter Mirolsav Bukovskys composition The Five Bells Suite for his ensemble, the Ten Part Invention

Composer Peter Sculthorpe Between Five Bells, later renamed (sadly) as Harbour Dreaming

Kirsty Beilharz, former Professor of music, sonification and interaction design at the University of Technology, Sydney composition called Between Five Bells, 1995, and Diamond Quills A Study of Time, Death and the Harbour, performed by the Charisma Ensemble Listen

Paul Kelly, Jeremy Ledger et al, Five Bells from the album Conversations with Ghosts, 2013 Review

I look forward to your company.



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Monday, 18 December


Flume just dropped new music as part of a new Greenpeace video "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Considering that almost a year ago, Flume managed to top the 2016 Hottest 100 countdown, he wouldve been forgiven if he just decided to take a year off, playing the occasional show here and there. Instead, the Sydney muso has been hard at work, teasing collaborations with Gorillaz, and having just supplied the soundtrack for a new Greenpeace video.

As Pitchfork reports, Flume recently released a video onto YouTube simply titled Flume x Greenpeace. The video, a 1:31 second affair, is comprised of underwater images of the Great Barrier Reef and factories, along with some rather trippy video effects at times.

The music shows off the instrumental side of Flumes talents, showing a sound more reminiscent of work by acts such as Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, and others.

The video ends with the rather stark statement, climate change is wrecking the Great Barrier Reef, and provides a website address which gives users the chance to sign a petition to help stop the big polluters from destroying our climate.

As summer approaches, Flumes video reminds us whats at stake and why its so important that we get as many people as possible to join the fight to stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry, the petition states. We are the last line of defence. And we can work together to stand up against big polluters and hold our governments to account.

If you havent been paying much attention to what Flumes been up to this year, he released the second volume in his series of companion EPs to his 2016 record Skin. The EP also contained Flumes most recent single, Hyperreal, which according to bookies, is in with a chance to chart in the 2017 Hottest 100.

Could Flume top the countdown two years running? Or could we see his Greenpeace collab entering as a late-entry? Only time will tell, but while you wait, dont neglect to sign the Great Barrier Reef petition mentioned above.

Check out Flumes Greenpeace video:


Ed Kueppers The Aints announce new studio album of lost songs "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

He kicked off his career as one of the most influential punk guitarists of all time, and after a year which has seen a Brisbane park named after him, and a revival of one of the loudest rock bands of the 90s, Ed Kuepper has announced that The Aints are set to record a brand new record their first since 1992.

Ed Kuepper first rose to prominence in the 70s as the lead guitarist of Brisbane punk rock group The Saints. Often called one of the first punk bands in the world, The Saints made a name for themselves both locally and internationally for their raw, primal sound, and intense live shows. After three records with the group, Kuepper left the group to perform with The Laughing Clowns, eventually embarking upon a solo career.

In the early 90s, Ed Kuepper began The Aints, a cheekily-titled reimagining of The Saints, whose goal was to recapture the energy of his band back in the 70s. Following the release of two albums in quick succession, The Aints decided to lay low for quite some time, before re-emerging a few years back, and heading out on a national tour with Peter Oxley from the Sunnyboys and Paul Larson of The Celibate Rifles.

Clearly re-energised by the reception from this latest touring cycle, the band have decided to release a brand new album, comprised of songs written by Kuepper during his 1973-1978 period in The Saints.

As The Music reports, the new album, titled The Church Of Simultaneous Existence, is set to be recorded by the band following a run of shows in March of next year.

Things had started to move fairly quickly once The Saints recorded (Im) Stranded in mid 76. We recorded three albums over the next two years as well as doing a fair it of touring, and for a while things were looking very promising, however, business problems, compounded by personal and artistic differences meant the band didnt get around to recording all the material I had lying around, Kuepper explaind.

So forty odd years later it occurred to me that these songs might well have made up a hypothetical 4th album. Performed in much the way they would have had the band not split up in 1978.

The band are also set to play two shows in Melbourne and Sydney next year. Tickets to those shows go on sale 9am on Thursday, December 21st, so be sure to get in early to catch Ed Kuepper and co. paying homage to the legacy of The Saints.



Housemates Urged to Aim for Poo Stains Before Xmas Guests Arrive "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Male housemates in a share house in Sydney have been urged to aim for the poo stains built up inside their toilet, in an effort to make the dunny look respectable before guests arrive for Christmas catch-ups.

The man who came up with the idea said the toilet currently looked like they borrowed it from a three-day musical festival.

I started to use the servos shitter across the road as even it was cleaner, he said. It was time to take action, and if we all do our part and focus our streams towards the offending chunks, well soon have a Facebook chair sparkling like the eye of a pensioner hitting a 60-cent feature.

Other housemates werent as optimistic about the plan.

Look, its hard enough aiming inside the toilet let alone aiming for strategic targets within it, one man said. I think wed be better to just chuck the whole thing out and buy a new one. It even smells dead.

Another housemate said it would be better just to board up the bathroom door and make guests feel at home by inviting them to piss in the sink.


Suicidal Tendencies have dropped Download Festival sideshow dates "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

One punks most intriguing and enduring acts, Suicidal Tendencies have announced a slew of Download Festival sideshows, to ensure youre kept out of mosh retirement in 2018 for as long as possible.

The string of sideshows will see the iconic band hit huge venues around the country with tickets going on-sale this Wednesday, the 20th.

The band last hit our shores in 2012 with fellow So-Cal punk legends, Unwritten Law who are also bringing their unadulterated bad-ass punk sound and ferocious live show to Aus in 2018 as well. Ah, the smell of sweet nostalgia.

Suicidal Tendencies 2018 Download Festival Australia Sideshows

Pre-sale begins 9am Tuesday, 19th December

Tickets on sale to the general public 9am Wednesday, 20th December

Wednesday, 21st March
Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Thursday, 22nd March
Metro Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Friday, 23rd March
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Monday, 26th March
The Gov, Adelaide
Tickets: Metropolis Touring

Tuesday, 27th March
Capitol, Perth
Tickets: Metropolis Touring


Live Jazz Events in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Submit your Jazz gigs to

 Also check  www.facebook/livejazzinsydney

Monday, 18 December 2017

Jazz & Latin Open Mic Jam: The World Bar, 24 Bayswater Rd, POTTS POINT (7pm, contact Host)

Jazz Jam & Games Night: Venue 505, 280 Cleveland St, SURRY HILLS (8.30pm, 0419-294755)

Play Date with Kate Swadling Trio: LazyBones Bar, Level 1, 294 Marrickville Rd, MARRICKVILLE (9pm, $13, 0450-008563)



Independent Artist of the Week: Sex Tourists "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sydney three-piece Sex Tourists create dark synth pop for your head, your heart & your feet. Built on drum machines and post-punk vocals, theres a pulsating sense of intrigue throughout.

Made up of Ewan Finley, Nicola Babbage and Darius Ottignon, the trio have developed a truly unique sound, having released their excellent self-titled debut LP via Paradise Daily Records just last month. Its intense, vulnerable and pretty damn captivating. While some tracks explore more negative life experiences like shame and loneliness, it also features light-hearted moments of lyricism too. Vulnerable and ominous, Sex Tourists makes for a charming listen.

Their recent track Disconnect is a doomy, upbeat number, drenched in synth with a persistent drum beat thats sure to get you moving. Put this one on repeat and keep your fingers crossed for a Sydney show real soon, to experience the full Sex Tourists effect.


Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!

The post Independent Artist of the Week: Sex Tourists appeared first on FBi Radio.


Perth transfers: the only way is up "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Taking stock

Australia's total dwelling stock value was pretty much flat in the September quarter 2017, rising only by about $15 billion to at $6.78 trillion, as Sydney's median dwelling price was stopped in its tracks by tighter lending standards.

The number of dwellings now sits just shy of 10 million, while the value of the dwelling stock has in aggregate increased by more than 50 per cent since September 2012.

It's worth having a look at where the increase in stock value has happened over that past five-year period.

To some extent stock values at the state level will follow the population growth, largely into Sydney and Melbourne.

But even after accounting for the increase in the number of dwellings, the two most populous states have seen a combination of rising prices and a growing population make them become effectively too big to fail.

Policy makers now cannot afford to ignore housing market corrections in Sydney and Melbourne, for to all intents and purposes these two cities have become Australia's housing market.

This alone may represent a strong argument for investors and developers playing in the bigger ponds.

Over the past decade Sydney and Melbourne have added a combined 1.75 mil...


How to rescue an echidna "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

There is a Short-beaked echidna somewhere in the wilds of north west Sydney, who has been given a second chance thanks to WIRES and wildlife heroes Salina and Bec.

Given increased development, this area of Sydney has seen an increase in the number of echidnas coming into care in recent months.

Thats the third one Ive cared for this year, said Bec. Weve got so much development in the area, the poor things are being driven out of their homes.

WIRES rescuer Salina answered the call to help the echidna who was found by a homeowners dogs in her backyard. 

He had been in the position where we found him for four days, said Salina, adding that the house was located across the road from where new housing was being constructed. We initially thought he was stuck but hed actually dug himself in.

Realising that it was a two-person job to extract the echidna, Salina returned the next day with another experienced WIRES rescuer.

They were able to gently move the echidna and take him to a vet where he was found to have a scratched beak and injured leg.

We get them out of harms way, said Salina. But we try to get them back out in the wild as quickly as possible.

Thats because, at this time of year, echidnas may have a puggle in a burrow which can only survive for four to five days without their parent.

Affectionately known as Fatty, the echidna was a very large example of his species, although it wasnt possible to tell whether it was in fact male or female.

He was massive, he would fill the bottom of a plastic garbage bin, said Bec.

He loved his food but because of his sore beak, he had to be encouraged to go foraging for food.

This was achieved by first using a bowl with sections that the echidna had to lick around and then using an enrichment feeder that Bec has made for captive echidnas.

You can see in the photo, the enrichment tool has holes that encourage the echidna to search for food inside.

Sunday, 17 December


Flat as a tack "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Attachment disorder

Some unusual commentary and conclusions were drawn about the price of flats and apartments this week, derived from an Urbis survey of unsettled off-the-plan prices each quarter (which alas does not compare like-for-like sales). 

Apparently apartment prices boomed in Gold Coast and Melbourne, but nosedived in Brisbane.

In just three months!

Or not.

This sort of thing tends to happen when you get an excellent research report (Urbis), which is then quoted by a passable media article (often with a somewhat misleading headline), and then misinterpreted in the blogosphere, sometimes deliberately. 

In reality what tends to happen is the first user of a new apartment or townhouse pays a significant 'newness premium', which may be eroded on resale, especially in a soft market. 

For all the talk of property booms and unsustainable prices, median price growth in established apartments has, on average, been pretty muted outside Sydney, despite record low mortgage rates through this cycle. 

Looking at the last ten years of official figures from the ABS, you find that only Sydney has recorded strong growth in the price of attached dwellings (and even this came off the back of nearly half a decade of flat or falling prices). 

Hobart has also gone on a bit of a run over the past couple of years, the ultra-tight market sending the median asking price for a unit above $300,000 for the first time.

Melbourne's attached dwelling price index recorded a compound annual growth rate of 4 per cent over the decade to September 2017, which is solid, if not exactly wild...


Low wage rises have become routine. Here's why "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

An entire year without a pay rise? Prepare for another one, next year.

Wage rises used to be an annual phenomenon. The Bureau of Statistics says on average we got one every year. But since 2012 the length of time between them has almost doubled. The average has become once every 1.75 years. For every person that gets a wage rise more often than that, there will be someone who gets one less often.

And when the increases are delivered, they are smaller. If you get one after waiting almost two years, it is more likely to be 2 per cent than the average of 3.6 per cent that prevailed when they were handed out annually.

Back then three in 10 wage rises exceeded 4 per cent. Now it's less than one in 10. And the wage rises that are over 4 per cent are smaller: typically 5.75 per cent, down from 7.5 per cent.

It's an understatement to say it's caught the experts unawares. The employment minister has an entire department to proffer advice. Within months of taking office in as Tony Abbott's employment minister, Eric Abetz warned of a wages explosion. In Abbott's first budget and his next, and in Turnbull's first budget and his next, the Treasury forecast a wages takeoff. Not only did wage growth not climb as forecast, it fell further in each of those four years despite repeated predictions to the contrary.

And it did something remarkable. It's not unusual for the budget to forecast one thing and for reality to deliver another. A lot can happen over two years. But it is highly unusual for the budget to forecast the present and get it wrong.

The budget is delivered each May. The budget forecasts are finalised a few weeks earlier. The forecasts for the wage growth cover the year ahead to the next June quarter, and the year to the June quarter after that. As a point of reference, they also include a forecast of growth in the year to the present June quarter, the one the budget is in. In other words, they forecast the present.

Extraordinarily, in three of past five years the budget has got the present wrong. Wage growth was lower than the printed forecast, even while the forecast was being printed.

So concerned has been Treasurer Scott Morrison that he ordered a special report from the Treasury, one released only this month after Labor submitted a freedom of information request. It says while wage growth has dived in the mining industry (as would be expected, after the boom) it has also plunged everywhere else, as well as overseas. The dive can't be explained by lower productivity growth. It's been pretty stable at about its...

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