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Monday, 21 May


Family Reunion

Its so funny meeting people who know people you know, but who not so many people know anymore. Below, youll see the black and white photograph of my mum and my granny I showed to an older, family member I met at yesterdays Rixon-Goodwin Family Reunion at Windsor in Sydneys West. Both mum and granny died back in the 1980s,


Eggs Are Good for Your Cholesterol "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By Dr. Mercola

Chicken as the foundation of a delicious home-cooked meal has been an American mainstay for decades. Not centuries, you might ask? As a matter of fact, up until the 1920s, homesteaders filled chicken coops with chickens to fulfill one main purpose: to produce eggs.

Chickens weren't regarded as much beyond egg production until a new concept featuring chicken as a main course took flight in the late '40s. It was based, not surprisingly, on the food industry's initiative to find more uses for said chickens. Today we have a plethora of chicken recipes, from broth to casseroles to fried, not to mention nuggets. But what happened to eggs?

Eggs became a target based on the faulty premise of the medical establishment that eating too many yolks would drive up cholesterol and pack your carotid arteries with plaque. As recently as 2012, eggs were still being maligned and even deemed as health-damaging as smoking cigarettes, according to a Canadian journal.1 Many still believe this, and it's the misinformation that's damaging health, not egg consumption.

According to a recent study2 led by Nick Fuller at the University of Sydney, Australia, and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eggs, despite conflicting evidence continuing around the world, are not responsible for heart disease or high cholesterol. In fact, theyre one of the most nutritious foods in your kitchen. When he led the first portion of the study, Fuller wrote that eggs can support several aspects of health, including eye, blood vessel and heart health, healthy pregnancies and fat regulation, noting:

"Despite being vilified for decades, dietary cholesterol is understood to be far less detrimental to health than scientists originally thought. The effect of cholesterol in our food on the level of cholesterol in our blood is actually quite small."3

Whether Two Eggs or a Dozen, Egg Intake Shows No Negative Results

The latest study notes that people with Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes ate a dozen eggs a week for a year, at which point a series of tests showed no negative results whatsoever. Study pa...


Shoes All in the Name of Liberty

A nice old pair of shoes that don't fit me. I left them out on a paint table in the studio in case anyone who visits wants them.  Now they have to stay put for a couple of days!

Johno by the Wayside.... I;ve got a show coming up at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross, for a few days opening on July 4. I'll work out the details over the next few days with Diane from the Wayside


AGL wont sell Liddell Abbott seethes "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The Liddell power station near Muswellbrook, NSW.

SYDNEY, AAP AGL has refused Alinta Energys $250 million offer to buy Liddell Power Station and reaffirmed its decision to close the plant in 2022.

The power giant says it assessed the offer from Alinta and its Hong Kong-based owner, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, and that the deal significantly undervalues future cashflow from the NSW site.

AGL said the offer is not in the interest of its shareholders and that it will stick to its NSW power generation plan, which includes repurposing the Liddell site to address any capacity shortfall after its closure in 2022.

The energy company last month announced it will spend up to $400 million to build a new gas-fired power station near Newcastle in NSW as part of a plan to help it address the loss in energy supply that could happen as a result of Liddell closing.

AGL has completed a thorough assessment of the offer and, after careful consideration, has advised Chow Tai Fook and Alinta that it will not proceed any further with the offer, the company said in a statement on Monday.

Alinta made its bid for the ageing Hunter Valley power station in April, describing it as a compelling commercial proposition for AGL shareholders.

Treasurer Scott Morrison has previously urged AGL to accept the offer from Alinta to buy the plant, echoing calls from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who wants the station to stay open until 2025, when the expansion of the Snowy Hydro scheme is online.

On Monday, former prime minister Tony Abbott said the Turnbull government should buy the power station and then on-sell it to Alinta Energy.

My very strong view given that the federal government has effectively now got responsibility for energy security, the government should compulsorily acquire this power station for the price Alinta were prepared to pay and then it should sell it to Alinta, he told 2GB radio.

AGL chief executive Andy Vesey has previously said the board had not been swayed by criticism from the prime minister and senior coalition figures because the decision to close the ageing power plant was based on a rigorous process.

Investors appeared to be pleased with the news, with AGL shares up 0.9 per cent higher to $21.48 after the first half-hour of trade.

Call to end pro-coal cr...


Bring Back Beatings and Ban Immigrants, demands NSW Liberal Party Branch President Sydney Criminal Lawyers

By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim A branch of the NSW Liberal Party is set to debate proposals which call for the return of corporal punishment, an immediate ban on immigration and the abolition of the judges in the sentencing process. The president of the hard-right wing Carlingford Branch, George Popowski, says he wants to

The post Bring Back Beatings and Ban Immigrants, demands NSW Liberal Party Branch President appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Stopping Adani mine would pose no sovereign risk to Australia "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

This article by Michael Koziol (The Sydney Morning Herald 20 May 2018), investigates the Adani coal mine and the claim that cancelling it would create a sovereign risk for Australia, according to the view of former chief economist for the ANZ Bank. Given the source, it is worthwhile reading and considering.

Stopping the Adani coal mine would pose no sovereign risk to Australia, and politicians on both sides have willingly misled people into thinking otherwise, says respected economist Saul Eslake.

The former chief economist of ANZ told Fairfax Media the major parties were abusing the term for political gain when in fact there had been no impact on Australias sovereign rating because of decisions taken on environmental grounds.

In a paper commissioned by the Australian Conservation Foundation, Mr Eslake found there was absolutely no reason the countrys sovereign risk would be affected if a future government stopped the Adani mine proceeding for environmental reasons.

Nor were the banks likely to downgrade Australias risk rating. Banks wouldnt be concerned, because banks dont want to loan to it anyway, Mr Eslake told Fairfax Media in an interview.

The verdict by one of Australias most prominent economists, flies in the face of arguments from Labor and the Coalition.

Before the Batman byelection, at which Labor had to woo left-wing voters in inner Melbourne, it was reported Opposition Leader Bill Shorten had to be talked out of outright opposition to Adani by senior colleagues concerned about sovereign risk.

Resources Minister Matt Canavan accused Labor of seeking to trade off our countrys investment reputation for some cheap votes.

In interviews since, Mr Shorten has argued you cant simply ban it and create sovereign risk and said an incoming Labor government would not rip up contracts made by previous governments.

Mr Eslake pointed out there is no contract between the Commonwealth and Adani. He said the term sovereign risk had a specific meaning the chance that a government will default on its debt and politicians were abusing it to confuse and mislead voters.

You cant describe every time a government makes a decision as sovereign risk, otherwise the term has no meaning, he said.

Sovereign risk is not the risk a government might change its mind or make a decision I dont like.

Governments regularly made environmental decisions that did not affect sovereign risk, Mr Eslake said, such as bans on uranium mining, domestic gas controls and logging restrictions.



May 21 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

1804 - James Bevan (known as 'Warminster') was hanged at Sydney for the rape of eight-year-old Elizabeth Douglas.

1814 - The Van Diemen's Land Gazette on this day listed John Pascoe  Fawkner as aiding and abetting the escape of seven prisoners. Fawkner and Santos, who was apparently the convicts' leader, were tried before three magistrates in August and each sentenced to 500 lashes and three years labour.

1836 - The Stirling Castle, under Captain James Fraser, bound from Sydney to Singapore was wrecked on Swain Reefs off the Queensland coast. In August news reached Moreton Bay that the captain's wife, Eliza Ann, and others of the ship's company were being held captive by Aboriginals. A rescue party that included John Graham, an escaped convict who had lived for six years with the Aborigines, brought her back to Brisbane in August.

1840 - Captain Hobson was feeling his oats on this day when he claimed British sovereignty over the whole of The Land Of The Long White Cloud (NZ for those uneducated yokels) even though the haggling, bartering and compromises weren't yet done with.

1842 - Henry (Harry) Power, bushranger, also known as Johnson, was transported for seven years for stealing a pair of shoes, and arrived at Hobart Town in the Isabella.

1851 - William Collins' application for publican's license for the Racehorse Inn at Maitland was refused by the Bench after Major Crummer examined the premises and found them too small.

1853 - William Blandowski ( leaving no stone unturned in his career as expeditionist, geologist, goldminer, inventor, natural history collector, naturalist, public servant, and zoologist ) asked Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe for an 'allowance' to enable him to complete his 'Illustrated Natural History of the Colony of Victoria'. Impressed by further correspondence La Trobe wrote to the colonial secretary that immediate steps should be taken to open a museum and stating that Blandowski was the 'most suitable person to employ'.

1856 - The world's first 8 hour working day was carved in stone by the marches and vocal noise of the stonemasons of Victoria.

1861 - William Landsborough was chosen by the Victorian and Queensland governments to lead a search for Robert O'Hara Burke and William Wills from the Gulf of Carpentaria southwards; when they  reached Williams's station on this day they learned that Burke and Wills had perished. With bulging tucker bags Landsborough continued his journey south and in October delivered the horses and gear to the authorities in Melbourne. He was fted as the first explorer to cross the continent from north to south.

1863 - Nathaniel Pepper, Aboriginal evangelist and teacher, at Ebenezer mission, near the Wimmera River married Rachel Warndekan, an 18-year-old, Christian Aboriginal girl....


1) Papuan Voices promotes indigenous Papuans in film festival AWPA Sydney News

2) WWF promotes customary map in Tambrauw

3) Using intelligence for election


1) Papuan Voices promotes indigenous Papuans in film festival


The Turnbull Government has the solution to its poll number blues already at hand - but will it act? "IndyWatch Feed"
State and federal governments have known for years that there is a correlation between unoccupied residential housing, negative gearing of investment properties and capital gains by individuals in the higher income percentiles.

An est. 11.2 per cent of residential properti...

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Sunday, 20 May


May 20 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1786 - That convict lass celebrated for her escape, Mary Bryant, was charged at the Exeter Assizes with assault and robbery, convicted and sentenced to death. Her sentence was commuted to transportation for seven years, and she was taken from Exeter jail to the hulk Dunkirk off Plymouth, where she remained until transhipped to the transport Charlotte in the First Fleet for Botany Bay.

1799 - Simon Taylor was hanged at Parramatta for the murder of his wife Anne Taylor.

1804 - The last of David Collins' failed Sorrento Settlement upped sticks and hied themselves forth in high dudgeon to the Derwent.

1804 - The Sydney Gazette reported on a small success with the experimental " Vaccination upon several Children of the Military".

1804 - The Sydney Gazette gave a very good example of why street cricket didn't take off for a number of years when it reported,
"...a young child playing near the lower end of the Parade was tossed by a cart bullock, but the horn being only entangled in the clothing, the infant fortunately received no injury."
Six and out?

1818 - Poor old Father Jeremiah O'Flynn - remember, the priest without correct credentials? - he got booted out of the country back to the UK.
Couldn't just sneak any old crim into this country, ya know....

1819 - Gov Macquarie opened the Hyde Park barracks (designed for 600 male convicts)  with great ceremony and a special feast for the prisoners, and used the occasion to make convict architect Francis Greenway's pardon absolute.

1820 - Todays Hobart Town Gazette published Govt Orders bitterly complaining of frequent gunfire...
"THE frequent Discharge of Fire Arms within the Town, and even in the Streets of Sydney both by Day end Night, which has lately taken Place, to the great Annoyance and Danger of the Inhabitants,rendering it necessary to call the Attention of all Descriptions of Persons to this Circumstance, and particularly to require the Constables and Peace Officers to be prompt and vigilant in rigidly enforcing the present standing Orders, against all Persons who shall hereafter be found discharging Guns, Pistols, or Fire Arms of any Description whatever, within the Streets or Town of Sydney ; it is hereby ordered and directed, that the Constables and all other the Peace Officers and Watchmen, do seize and secure all Persons whatever, who shall after the present Date be found using or discharging Fire Arms in the Town of Sydney, whether by Day and Night, unless in lawful Cases of necessary Self-defence, and bring such Offender or Offenders before a Magistrate, to be dealt with according to Law ; and all Persons are required to take Notice, that whoever shall henceforth be convicted of using or discharging Fire Arms within the Town of Sydney, will be subject to Fine and imprisonment...."



Catching Up

How old do you think Tony Sheldon is?, we asked each other during half-time yesterday in the latest production of Priscilla, Queen Of The Dessert, currently playing at Sydneys Capitol Theatre, which I attended with my friend Sue, and her mum, visiting down from the country. It turns out hes 62, and in remarkably good shape as a performer, playing


Passenger Overboard from Princess Sun "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A passenger has been reported overboard from the Princess Sun cruise ship today, according to 9News in Australia. The passenger is an Australian man in his 80's.  

In a statement, Princess Cruises stated that the passenger intentionally went overboard.

The Princess Sun departed from Fremantle, Australia six days ago, and was half way through a 12-day cruise. The overboard occurred when the cruise ship was approximately 100 nautical Princess Sunmiles southeast of Singapore.

Passengers reportedly state that the captain of the ship made an announcement of the passenger's disappearance and turned the ship around to conduct search and rescue operations. It reportedly took an hour to return to the spot where the man went overboard. Another newspaper in Australian reports that that the captain told passengers that CCTV footage confirmed the man went overboard. Indonesian search and rescue authorities released the cruise ship after her crew had searched until dark for the missing man.

A passenger posted a photograph of a rescue boat that had been deployed to search for the overboard passenger. 

According to cruise expert Professor Ross Klein, 311 people have gone overboard from cruise ships in the last 18 years. 

This incident is similar to a situation three and a half years ago when an 84-year-old went overboard from the Sun Princess while it was sailing from New Zealand to Sydney, in November of 2014. 

The last overboard from the Princess Sun occurred around a year ago when a passenger went overboard from the Princess cruise ship. This occurred in February of 2017. There was no explanation how the woman went overboard. The good news is that she was rescued after approximately 45 minutes in the water.

Have a comment? Please leave one below or join the discussion on our Facebook page

Photo credit: @michaelrperth on Twitter via 9NEWS

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Saturday, 19 May


Box of soil from Crete battlefield for War Monument in Australia (video) "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

77 years after the Battle of Crete, the Municipality of Rethymno gave a box with soil from the battlefield to Ambassador of Australia. The move followed a request of the Australian government that will put the box  together with another 99 boxes of soil from different battlefields at a monument in Sydney on the occasion

The post Box of soil from Crete battlefield for War Monument in Australia (video) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.

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Monday, 16 April


ELDAC: Better care at end of life gets a boost with new website "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The new End of Life Directions for Aged Care (ELDAC) website provides many paths to practical and useful information for palliative care and advance care planning', says Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) Chief Executive Alison Verhoeven.

The site is part of a 3-year project funded by the Australian Government Department of Health which aims to improve the care of older Australians through advance care planning activities and palliative care connections.

AHHA is a member of the ELDAC consortium led by the Queensland University of Technology, Flinders University and the University of Technology Sydney, and including Palliative Care Australia, Aged and Community Services Australia, Leading Age Services Australia, and Catholic Health Australia.

'As an ELDAC project partner we are proud to have been involved in the development of this website, where health professionals and aged care workers can access information, guidance, and resources to support palliative care and advance care planning for older people and their families', Ms Verhoeven said.
'One of the features of the site is a set of 5 online toolkits developed by palliative care, aged care, primary care and legal experts covering Residential Aged Care, Home Care, Primary Care, Working Together, and Legal matters.

'For example, the Primary Care toolkit, which was developed by AHHA, leads healthcare workers and primary care teams through the various steps involved in supporting advance care planning with patients and their families, including considerations for people of various religious and cultural backgrounds. There are links to fact sheets, guides, discussion starters, patient resources and podcasts.

'Users can also access materials on assessing palliative care needs, providing palliative care, managing dying, and bereavement', Ms Verhoeven said.

ELDAC website.

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Tuesday, 10 April


Academics confirm temporary migrant workers more exploited than permanent migrants "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

April 10, 2018: Sydney University academics Stephen Clibborn and Chris Wright argue in the SMH today that from the 1940s to the 1990s, Australias permanent immigration program and strongly enforced labour standards protected the workplace rights of permanent migrants.

But now the large numbers of temporary migrant workers tied to one employer are more vulnerable to exploitation because they can be deported if they lose their job. Clibborn and Wright suggest that rather than dwelling on the size of the permanent immigration intake, Australias political and community leaders need to fix the flawed policies that have allowed too many unscrupulous employers to steal the wages of temporary migrant workers.

They zero in on the range of temporary work visas which give undue power to employers to exploit; and on the restrictions on the right of unions to enter workplaces to police enterprise agreements and award standards.

However these authors do not mention the use of trade agreements to boost temporary worker numbers without any testing of the local labour market to fill the jobs.

Under the TPP-11 which is now being considered by the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties and a Senate inquiry, Australia would expand the number of countries which could supply temporary labor without labour market testing to include Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Chile.

By including temporary migrant workers in a trade agreement, the government is blatantly treating them as tradable commodities, rather than as human beings.

We need both urgent action on union rights and a return to a permanent immigration program, and an end to the inclusion of temporary migrant workers in trade agreements like the TPP-11.

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Sunday, 08 April


The Paris Seamstress and Brandenburg Quartet Arts Monday "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Bestselling Australian author, Natasha Lester, weaves sweeping stories of strong women succeeding in a male dominated world at key historical moments. Her latest book, The Paris Seamstress, shows just how much a young Parisian seamstress, Estella Bissette, will sacrifice to make her mark in New Yorks fashion scene of the 1940s. Then, seventy- five years later, as her granddaughter, Fabienne Bissette, learns more about her grandmothers past, she uncovers a story of tragedy, heartbreak and secrets and the sacrifices made for love. Crossing generations, societys boundaries and international turmoil, The Paris Seamstressis the fascinating, transporting story of the special relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter as they attempt to heal the heartache of the past.

Author, Natasha Lester, is my guest today.

The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester, is published by Hachette Australia.

The Brandenburg Quartet brings together the four principals of the multi ARIA Award-winning Orchestras string section: violinists, Shaun Lee-Chen and Ben Dollman; violist Monique ODea; and cellist, Jamie Hey. Performing exclusively on gut strings, the group seeks to explore and shed light on little-known works and composers, in addition to well-loved quartets of the classical repertoire. The Brandenburg Quartet are bringing the unique sound world of the Brandenburg in their debut performance at the Independent Theatre with a program of exquisite classical quartets played on period instruments.

Violist, Monique ODea, is my guest today.

Brandenburg Quartet | Saturday 14 April 2018 at 7pm

The Independent Theatre, 269 Miller Street, North Sydney

DURANTE Concerto for Strings in G Minor | ROMBERG String Quartet in F Major, Op.1/3

HAYDN String Quartet in D Minor, Op.76/2.

More Info:


I look forward to your company 10.30am 12.00pm





New App Lets You Help First-Responders in Terror Attacks "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A witness to the Barcelona attack in August 2017 (Photo: PAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Images)A witness to the Barcelona attack in August 2017 (Photo: PAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Images)

A new app being developed will turn a smartphone into an intelligence-gathering device during a terror attack or other emergency situation, The Weekend Australian reported.

The app will allow citizens to collect information through audio or video recordings and send it to a centralized cloud platform so that police, first responders and the like can get accurate information during an attack.

The idea for the app came after the attack at the Lindt Caf in downtown Sydney in 2014 where a terrorist held 18 people hostage. During the 16-hour siege that ensued, first responders did not have access to real-time information from the hostages themselves, greatly hampering their ability to act.

The citizen-centric app, which is being developed by The Citadel Group in Australia, can also be used to crowdsource information in the event of car-jackings, kidnappings and the like.

Now emergency services can see what people are seeing, hear what people are hearing and understand whether its a single incident or coordinated attack, said Citadel CEO Daren Stanley.

Instead of three separate incidents being called in separately and treated individually, the in-built analytics of this platform determines that there are three incidents reported within two kilometers of each other which are atypical and may be a coordinated attack. Traditionally that sort of insight may take hours to develop this app makes it seamless.

The fact that the information is stored on a cloud platform means that you can do it at a pace and at a cost that you could never do using traditional platforms, Stanley added.

Citadel also plans to use the app as a prototype to develop similar apps in the fields of wel...


Culture Guide: 9 April 15 April: #allthefeels, Women In Shadows, The Flick and more "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
Brought to you by the City Of Sydney

The post Culture Guide: 9 April 15 April: #allthefeels, Women In Shadows, The Flick and more appeared first on FBi Radio.


Hard science can be undertaken on 'anomalies.' "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Dear readers,

I note that tomorrow, Sydney researcher Bill Chalker and abductee Peter Khoury are speaking in my home town of Melbourne at a VUFOA sponsored event. I am looking forward to going along as a silent observer. I am hoping that the duo may be providing some updated information about the physical evidence aspects of Peter's experiences. For readers who may be unaware of these details, which involve DNA analyses here is a link.

The 'Ata' anomaly

Coincidently, DNA analyses of an apparently anomalous skeleton, which some have suggested is extraterrestrial, features in a US CNN report dated 22 March 2018. 

A mummified skeleton was found 15 years ago in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The recent Dr Steven Greer documentary 'Sirius' which featured this skeleton, strongly proposed that the skeleton was of an extraterrestrial 'alien.' 

However, an article just published in the scientific journal 'Genome Research' reveals that this unusual skeleton is actually human, with multiple bone disease-associated mutations, thus giving it a very unusual appearance. Here is hard science at its best.

The 'Starchild' skull

A second recently published hard science analysis, including DNA work, reports on an unusual 900 year old skull found in the 1930's in Mexico. US researcher Lloyd Pye initiated work on this skull between 1999 and 2014 looking for evidence as to the possibilit...


April 8 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1658 - Abraham Leeman van Santwits was the first officer and navigator of Waeckend Boey and he and 13 sailors were marooned on an island off the coast while trying to find survivors of the Gilt Dragon. They ate seabirds and seals to survive and dug a small well from which surprisingly they obtained reasonably fresh water to drink. Leeman urged his men to make repairs to the boat including a make shift sail of seal skins. Today in 1658 they began their voyage home to Batavia.

1800 - Today saw the first recorded public performance of a Shakespearean play in Australia.
The popular historical drama Henry IV Part 1 was performed at the Theatre Sydney according to a playbill advertising the event which is held in the Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW.
Margaret and David gave it 4 stars.

1802 - Matthew Flinders - that well-trained servant of the famous cat Trim - was pottering about the coast when he happened upon a French explorer chappie by the name of Nicholas Baudin today; being the polite, well-mannered souls that they were they sat and shared a coupla scones, a pot of tea, and various charts, maps and where-you-can-find-fresh-water knowledge as those explorer peeps are wont to do.
Matthew must have enjoyed the conversation greatly for he dubbed the spot Encounter Bay.

1814 - William Shelley scribed some fan-mail, dated Parramatta, 8 April 1814, to Governor Macquarie, about the civilisation of the natives, their relations with European women and a plan for an institution segregating boys and girls and educating them.

1816 - Wave your little wooden leg with gay abandon!
The patients were transferred from the old hospital to the new General Hospital in Sydney on this day.

1817 - Mary Reibey had a spare sitting room gathering dust in her house at Macquarie Place so a gaggle of Sydney merchants, with a nod and a wink from Gov Macquarie himself, started the Bank of NSW from her parlour. It changed its moniker to Westpac in 1982.

1822 - Charles Throsby wrote to Alexander Berry re the Shoalhaven cedar venture, the bearer of the letter being a native named Broughton who had been born at Shoalhaven.

1826 - Tired of reading tram timetables by torchlight, the first street lamp in Oz sprung to life in Macquarie Place, Sydney.

1829 - Charles White was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Thomas Murphy at Luskintyre.

The Colonial Times, published at Hobart Town, has put forth a lengthy and sensible article under this head, which the talented editor has followed up by two others on the same subject. It is a production worthy the consideration of the public, and an honor alike to the head and heart of its author. The humane feelings of a true Englishman recoils at the inhuman practice of bin...

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Saturday, 07 April


Regent Honeyeater in the spotlight "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Regent Honeyeater - Capertee 
A dazzling combination of vibrant colours explodes from a cluster of pink mugga ironbark flowers. A Regent Honeyeater attacks the flowers with gusto before another, then another, bird appears. An estimated 1012 honeyeaters are present, flitting between ironbarks and yellow box trees on a grassy woodland slope in Capertee National Park, on the western fringe of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in NSW.
Regent Honeyeater adult & juvenile - Capertee
I had seen the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater just three times over close to 50 years of birding - once at Storm King Dam near the NSW-Queensland border; once at Stanmore in south-east Queensland; and once at Glenbrook, west of Sydney. To see them again at Capertee was a joy. What was particularly encouraging was that two recently fledged juveniles were among the group, so they had nested successfully in the area. In another part of the Capertee Valley the next day, I found a second group of 3-4 birds, so my life tally of encount...


April 7 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1780 Jorgen Jorgensen, he who would become King of Iceland and claim the throne of Denmark but, in the end, would die homeless and penniless on the streets of Hobart as a convict, was pupped on this day.

1790 - Supplys trawling nets were deployed; about four hundred- weight of fish being brought up, it was issued to the English.

1805 - After 3 weeks the spear was extracted from the Cow Pastures (Camden) leader Cogy. Despite his wound, Cogy was well enough to take part in a punishment trial at the Hawkesbury River.

1815 Bathurst, New South Wales was founded following its discovery by George Evans.

1819 - The NSW Govt-built schooner (that's a ship not a beer glass) Prince Regent, intended as a gift for the King of the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) was launched with spectacular gusto today; having taken over 3 years to build it was a bit of a let down when Lord Bathurst sent a text from the Colonial Office to Macquarie suggesting the ship would make a fully sick boat for Lieut. King in which to gallivant about the continent.But King wanted a roolly fully wicked ship so he flashed the cash and bought himself another boat so the Prince Regent toddled about doing donkey work until she was finally sailed off into the sunset towards Hawaii and taken possession of by King Liholiho on May 1st 1822.

1835 - Major Thomas Mitchell set out on his second expedition, determined to discredit the discoveries made by Sturt.

1841 Edward John Eyre became the first European to cross the Nullarbor Plain, arrived in Western Australia.

1851 - William Tom and John Lister were a tad bored so they went out, played in the creek at Ophir and dug up some GOLD!
Edward Hargraves did not, I repeat, did NOT discover the gold.
He was just a very greedy boy.

1881 - George Adams knew the worth of 2 flies crawling up a wall and so he held the first Tattersall's Sweep on the Sydney Cup neddy race. This was the first of Tattersall's lotteries, run from the Tattersall's pub in Sydney.

1887 - The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Hornsby - Jct (Start Boronia No 5 deviation) to Jct (Start Boronia No 5 deviation) - Jct (End Boronia No 5 deviation) to Jct (End Boronia No 5 deviation) - Hawkesbury River.

1891 - Brilliant cartoonist who lampooned Hitler and created Colonel Blimp, Sir David Low, was born in New Zealand. His cartoons were published when he was only 15 and The Bulletin invited him onto their staff, in Australia, when he was 18.

1893 - Today saw the ever-so-ungainly collapse of the Commercial Bank of Oz when the cocks came home to roost after the silly 'Land Boomers' had done their dough, done other peoples' dough and some had done the 10 feet dash at the end of a rope after the huge land speculation chicanery....

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Friday, 06 April


Show me the money: unravelling the web of Australian charities "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The wealth of the various religious denominations active in Australia is a point of interest in the wake of the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, yet the true financial worth of religions in Australia remains something of a mystery.

According to a six-month investigation by journalists for The Age:

Many researchers have attempted to estimate the wealth of the church in Australia and globally, but the efforts have been stymied by a lack of reliable financial data.

Making no secret of their refusal to bow to the expectations of a modern democratic society, the Catholic Church was a major critic of the introduction of the charities regulator, putting the new agency under threat of abolition at one point.

Im well aware that Sydney lobbied the opposition very hard on this issue, says Senator Stephens. They got to Kevin Andrews early.

Fairfax has linked the obfuscatory culture of religious institutions with historical abuse.

Special issues were often discussed, internally, in conjunction with asset protection strategies.

In its findings, the royal commission slammed such secrecy: It is clear to us from those minutes that the purpose of not recording information was to protect the assets of the archdiocese in the event of a claim being made against it.


It would be interesting to know why the investigations carried out by Fairfax and The Age querying the worth of religious organisations makes no mention of the ACNC data. Having said that, the information I am about to present is the result of several months work, an effort which is not to be taken on lightly, nor easily dismissed.

In this blog post I will introduce what the data published by the charities regulator can tell us about the wealth of religious charities in Australia. This data comes from Annual Information Statements which are required from all registered charities with the exception of what the...


Bluesfest 2018 Music Highlights "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Eastside FM volunteer Paula Towers was one of thousands who attended this years Bluesfest musical feast held over Easter at Byron Bay. She outlines some highlights.

CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers

Image: Marc Stapelberg

Ageless Nile Rodgers at 65 years young and having survived two battles with cancer  burns up the dance floor with the energy of someone half his age. As he recounted to the audience how a local paper referred to Chic as a covers band, he feigned indignity amusingly declaring: I wrote all those hits! And numerous they are as well as the soundtrack for many a (misspent) youth. With pop hits such as Le Freak and Get Lucky, this multi-award winning composer, arranger and guitarist, has produced for Diana Ross, David Bowie, Sister Sledge, INXS and Madonna as well as collaborated with Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk. No surprise that this music legend had the crowd on their feet and a perfect lead in to the next performer, Lionel.

Lionel Richie

Gonna see Lionel? Better get in early! was the cry around BluesFest. Not really requiring an intro, music icon Lionel Richies exhaustive list of achievements include 100 million albums sold worldwid...


Ancient Origins of Viruses Discovered "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Research published today in Nature has found that many of the viruses infecting us today have ancient evolutionary histories that date back to the first vertebrates and perhaps the first animals in existence.

[...] The researchers discovered 214 novel RNA viruses (where the genomic material is RNA rather than DNA) in apparently healthy reptiles, amphibians, lungfish, ray-finned fish, cartilaginous fish and jawless fish.

"This study reveals some groups of virus have been in existence for the entire evolutionary history of the vertebrates -- it transforms our understanding of virus evolution," said Professor Eddie Holmes, of the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases & Biosecurity at the University of Sydney.

"For the first time we can definitely show that RNA viruses are many millions of years old, and have been in existence since the first vertebrates existed.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


US to Back Poland with Guns and Money "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The ASX might not be doing much right now but there are some big spending decisions still being made.

The Australian Financial Review reports this morning that AMP Capital has begun constructing its Quay Quarter Tower in Sydney. Cost: $2.7 billion.

If the picture in the paper is anything to go by, it sure will be something to look at when its finished in 2021.

But even a skyscraper looks cheap compared to whats happening in Russia right now.

The worlds biggest gas company Gazprom is constructing a pipeline thats 3,000 kilometres long across Siberia and into China.

The bill here: US$55 billion. Its due to be finished in December 2019.

As Ill explain below, Russia has no choice but to pivot to China

Why Poland holds most favoured nation status

Its a tough gig building a Siberian pipeline.

The workers putting it together have to battle temperature swings of 80 degrees Celsius and wild bear attacks, as well as dealing with rivers, swamps and permafrost.

But its the overarching geopolitics of it all that makes for fascinating observation.

Russia is trying to diversify its oil and gas revenue away from Europe, which remains heavily influenced by the US.

It makes sense from the numbers alone. China is the worlds biggest energy importer. Russia has the largest natural gas reserves.

Its a match made in heaven.

But relations between Russia and China havent always been friendly. Though thats changing as a matter of necessity.

Russian strategists will be eyeing their Western flank with more trepidation now than they have before.

Poland has signed a US$4.7 billion contract with US company Raytheon for its Patriot missile defence system.

This follows on from Donald Trumps visit to Poland in 2017 to sort out a new energy deal for the US. Reuters reported in February that US LNG, crude oil and coal is now contracted for export to Poland.

Not only that, but Poland wont be renewing a contract it has with Russias Gazprom after it expires in 2022.

Naturally, this will further diminish the revenue Russia receives from oil and gas. Thats already hurting as competition and low prices bite.

Poland will continue to hold a favoured nation status with the US for the foreseeable future.

As the perfect place for the US to hold a wedge in Europe, expect all sorts of technology transfers, military assistance and dollars to shower Poland............


April 6 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1806 - Report on Aborigines massacred at Twofold Bay. The report tells of weeks of tension ending in a confrontation between 11 sealers from the stranded whaler George and a tribal group which resulted in the death of nine Aboriginals. The report is silent on the cause of the tension however sealers were notorious for their treatment of Aboriginal people in Tasmania and the abduction of Aboriginal and Maori women

1816 - The Principal Superintendent of Convicts William Hutchinson announced on 6th April that 'a quantity of female prisoners' had arrived on the Alexander and those colonists desirous of a housekeeper should apply to his Office.

1822 - Francis Murphy hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Nicholas Devine (former Superintendent of Convicts) at what is now Erskineville.

1822 - William Harris hanged at Sydney for robbery of James Cribb on the Parramatta Road.

1832 - Thomas Brennan  was shot by military firing squad at Dawes Battery, Sydney. A private soldier of His Majesty's 39th Regiment of Foot, Brennan had fired at his sergeant with the intent of killing him.
1831 - Charles Cowper was appointed clerk to the commissioners for managing the affairs of the church and School Estates.

1844 John Gavin was the first European settler to be legally executed in Western Australia. He was executed for murder at the age of fifteen.

1853 - Charlie La Trobe was not a happy charlie (nor a well boy) but on this day the Colonial Office finally accepted his resignation as Gov. of Victoria.

1860 - John McDouall Stuart was trudging along during a sunny amble when he happened across a sandstone monolith today ; near to the South Oz and NT border he named the monolith Chambers Pillar to honour the wealthy pastoralist who'd bankrolled his strolls about the Fair Isle of Oz.

1864 - Anthony Fernando, one of the earliest Aboriginal activists, was born. He picketed, protested and traveled widely around the world on behalf of all aborigines.

1885 - The railway line to the Williamstown Racecourse (first site) (Vic) was opened.

1892 - The railway line from Lancefield to Kilmore (Vic) opened.

1895 - The Premier of Queensland was enjoying a hearty banquet at the North Gregory Hotel in Winton, QLD today when Sir Herbert Ramsay began to warble an unknown song; Waltzing Matilda had made its debut.

1896 - Today saw the NEW! Olympics begin in Athens, Greece and it turned out to be Gold! Gold! Gol....BRONZE!  Oz had just the one bloke representing at the Games, Edwin Flack, and he "only" managed to snaffle 2 gold medals in the 800 meters and 1500 meters athletics races, failed to place in the marathon (he collapsed while in the lead with only 3 kms to go) and singles tennis but finished...

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Thursday, 05 April


Australia wont pay attention to its best musicians is it because theyre from Western Sydney? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The music coming out of Western Sydney sits alongside the sounds Australians have embraced from the USA it is divergent, politically magnetic, dangerous and fun. Rappers like Lil Spacely, Elijah Yo, L-FRESH The LION, and Kwame are making music in places like Blacktown and Parramatta.

Their sounds are trappy and transcendental, polished, cheekily autotuned, the beats are nasty. It sounds like the type of music we would vote number one in triple js Hottest 100 it sounds like Kendrick or Kanye, Drake, Macklemore but its Australian. So why arent Australians paying attention?

The hip-hop scene in Western Sydney has the black magic of a cultural hub, its a community that is both flourishing and burgeoning. Yet its importance and influence has remained largely ignored by the mainstream. Western Sydney is not lauded as a cultural hub in the same way Australia gazes lovingly upon gentrified inner city hubs like Newtown, Fitzroy and Surry Hills.

So why dont we care about Western Sydney? Why are we not paying attention? There is a festival next Saturday in Parramatta Live and Local showcasing all these artists. Will you be attending?

Looking out into the world, we have become a nation that will accept artists that dont fit the mould we dont demand they be white, we dont demand a cookie cutter sound, we dont demand they keep it light, or apolitical. Internally its a different story.


Western Sydney is coming to be the nexus point for this music, also with thriving hardcore scenes and pop artists, and if you look at the population for this community, the prolific output makes complete sense.

The 2016 Census data puts the population of Western Sydney at 2,232,661, which is about 9% of the Australian population. Its a marginal electorate with an enormous population; a political battleground, which every four years becomes a high stakes territorial pride marker for politicians.

Politicians flood the community, in their tailored suits, with their...


Middle Kids have just dropped their awesome new tune, On My Knees "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sydneys Middle Kids are getting geared up to release their debut album, Lost Friends, at the start of May, and now theyve just teased us even more with the release of their newest single, On My Knees.

Middle Kids have had a pretty stellar couple of years, releasing the gorgeous Edge Of Town in 2016 ahead of the release of their eponymous EP. Now, as their debut album creeps ever-closer, Middle Kids have already released tracks like Mistake, but theyve now upped the ante again with On My Knees.

Getting its debut airing on triple j on Wednesday morning, On My Knees has been kept in the vault for quite some time now, with the band having played the tune during their Austin City Limits performance in the US last year.

In a time where a lot of division is growing, we want to be part of the conversation that unites people around certain ideals that are universal, like hope and love, frontwoman Hannah Joy said to triple j of the new album.

Thats so much a thread throughout this album: Even though things are tough, its worth believing in something good and in the idea that we can heal. And in some ways, I wanted the music to be beautiful and a respite from whats going on.

The new, heartfelt number is another moment of brilliance for Middle Kids, so if you start drafting up your Hottest 100 votes now, you might help the group finally crack the full 100 this year.

Middle Kids Lost Friends is slated for release of May 4th. While we wait for this instant classic to drop, check out their new single below.

Check out Middle Kids On My Knees:

Middle Kids Lost Friends Album Tour

Wednesday, May 9th
Rosemount Hotel, Perth, WA

Thursday, May 10th
Mojos Bar, Fremantle, WA

Friday, May 11th
Fat Controller, Adelaide, SA

Friday, May 18th
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane, QLD

Friday, May 25th...


Govt Mule Rocking the House at The Metro Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Bringing their southern rock sound to The Metro Theatre stage in Sydney, Govt Mule performed to beloved fans during this years BluesFest.

With their fans knowing them as Mule, band members Warren Haynes, Matt Abts, Danny Louis and Jorgen Carlson didnt disappoint with several classic songs and instrumental solos that made the crowd go wild.

Attendees at the Metro Theatre were not only fueled by Mules musical talent but it worked the other way around. With every cheer and chant gave Govt Mule all the more reason to play the music the crowd knew and loved.

Opening for Govt Mule was the California native band Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real.

The Metro Theatre is a great establishment to enjoy some music, a cold beer, and a great time with your mates.

Click the link here to see what shows are coming up!

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Doubts over water recovered from basin "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Protesters against the NSW state governments mishandling of water from the Murray-Darling Basinin 2017 outside the State Parliament in Sydney. AAP Image/David Moir.


There is growing concern that targets to ensure a healthy Murray Darling Basin are not being met, a South Australian royal commission issues paper says.

The Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission paper, released on Thursday, says its doubtful estimates of 2106 gigalitres of water being recovered by buybacks and infrastructure investment are accurate, due to figures being compromised by illegal take.

There are varying reports as to whether the basin plan, since 2012, has achieved any of its objectives of improving the health and resilience of the eco-systems and ecological functions of the Murray Darling Basin, the paper says.

The commission, established by South Australian government in January, will visit communities across the nation after first hearing from the states Murray Bridge residents last month.

The commissions terms of reference require it to investigate matters and inform itself of issues across the entire basin, the paper said.

Senior counsel assisting Richard Beasley said it was important for the commission to hear from people who rely on the basin as a water source.

We anticipate this will be a significant part of the commissions inquiry and will provide important information from local communities, he said.

The commission was established after reports emerged of widespread water theft upstream and its report is expected to be handed down on February 1, 2019.

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Lottoland offers profit deal to newsagents "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Lottoland Australia is offering a profit-sharing deal to 4000 newsagents across the nation in return for in-store promotion of the online betting giant.

Its touting commissions of 20 per cent of the profits generated from bets by punters who nominate their local newsagent when they register with Lottoland.

Lottoland does not offer bets on Australian lotteries but only on overseas lotteries, which means we do not compete directly with newsagents, CEO Luke Brill said on Thursday.

The offer, which is being made on an opt-in basis, comes after talks last year with the newsagency industry.

Its being touted as an improvement on the initial idea to share Lottoland revenue from secondary lottery betting.

In return, newsagents will be asked to advertise Lottoland in-store with promotional materials, such as posters and flags, for betting on international lotteries.

We are proposing a model that puts cash back into small businesses, Mr Brill said in an open letter to newsagency operators released on Thursday.

The federal government in March introduced legislation to ban so-called synthetic lotteries, in an effort to protect newsagents and state and territory revenues generated by the traditional form.

South Australia has already banned synthetic lotteries and the Northern Territory has banned betting on Australian lotteries, while Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and WA are considering introducing legislation.

Although nothing has eventuated, the NSW government is concerned punters believe they are taking part in a lottery when they were actually betting on the outcome of a draw.

Lottoland Australia is the local arm of the Gibraltar-based global group and has more than 650,000 registered customers in Australia.

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April 5 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1790 - HMS Supply returned from Norfolk Island with devastating news HMS Sirius was lost and with her all hope a China rescue. At Sydney the supply position was so critical that same evening Phillip called a Governor-in-Council meeting.

1790 - Sydney: Phillip called all the officers of the settlement, civil and military to Government House in Bridge Street where:
His Excellency laid before every one present the Situation of the Colony.[and] pointed out the Great Necessity there was for an immediate Reduction of the Present Rations. Every persons opinion was asked respecting how Robbing Gardens cd. be prevented & what was the best made [sic] ye. cd. be adopted for procuring fish to make a saving of the Salt provisions.

1790 - Gov Phillip thought some of the convicts were getting a little too well padded for Survivor-style fun on the Isle of Oz so he invented The Biggest Convict and cut rations even further.

1816 -  As wider conflict broke out, Cogie (Gogy) again took refuge at Charles Throsbys farm at Glenfield, near Liverpool, or goes fishing with his friend William Charles Wentworth, son of Surgeon DArcy Wentworth. Charles Throsby letter to D'Arcy Wentworth re proposed reprisals against attacks on white settlers by Aborigines.

1818 - The Batavia anchored in Sydney Cove . Lieut. Elgee of the 34th. Regt. commanded the Guard of Soldiers on board, consisting of detachments the 34th. 46th. & 48th. Regiments.

1824 - The first Attorney General (Sax Bannister, Esq.) arrived in the Hibernia, with the new Charter of Justice.

1824 - Arrival in Sydney on board the Hibernia of first Colonial Treasurer William Balcombe.

1827 - Appointment of John Thomas Campbell as Acting collector of customs N.S.W.

1830 - Stephen Smith and John Hawes were hanged at Sydney for the axe-murder of fellow convict William Davis at Moreton Bay.

1831 - The Earl of Liverpool arrived in Port Jackson on Tuesday with 88 female prisoners. She had the distinction of being the first brig to ever bring prisoners to the colony.

1833 - The Freemans Journal reported on this day that 56 free settlers, wives and children of convicts in New South Wales, were embarked from the Penitentiary house in Cork on to the Caroline at Cove and on the following morning 120 female convicts from the same establishment were conveyed on the Waterloo steamer to the Caroline. Their appearance and conduct was said to be highly creditable.

1841 - Powder your wig along with your nose, the first Supreme Court had its first get together in Melbourne.

1841 - Michael Bradley was hanged at Newcastle for the murder of Catherine Harrison near Morpeth.

1842 - Thomas Horner was hanged at Newcastle for the murder of his overseer....


Building approvals swing to commercial "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Approvals shift

Apartment approvals are now declining quite quickly in Sydney, while confidence is picking up off the mat in Brisbane, especially for tonwhouses and semi-detached dwellings.

The latest ABS figures relate to the month of February, but with more and more new apartments failing to value up at completion it's only a matter of time before unit approvals in Sydney decline further. 

Approvals for houses are generally mirroring internal migration trends, with Brisbane and Melbourne attracting the most migrants from elsewhere in Australia, but Perth having experienced an outflow of residents. 

Totting it all up, there is little evidence yet of a bust in residential construction, with more than 221,000 dwellings approved over the year to February 2018, although we are now well off the peaks.

The high-rise apartment sector has also calmed down a bit now, with a notable shift towards more approvals for family appropriate dwellings, such as terraces, semi-detached homes, townhomes, and low-rise apartments. 


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Wednesday, 04 April


Australia: Exiled captain Steve Smith "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By Andrew Wu

Exiled captain Steve Smith will not be challenging his 12-month ban for his involvement in the ball tampering crisis.

Smith is the first of the banned trio to make a decision on whether to accept or challenge the punishments handed out by the Cricket Australia board.

Image result for steve smith, weeping, Photo: Janie Barrett

Smith was given a 12-month ban from domestic and international cricket and stripped of the captaincy. He will not be eligible for any leadership position for two years.

While many believe the sanctions were harsh, including the players union the Australian Cricketers Association, Smith issued a statement on social media on Wednesday afternoon saying he would not fight the ban.

The group also wants an independent review of the culture of cricket in Australia, as well as a second look at the punishments on Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft.

I would give anything to have this behind me and be back representing my country. But I meant what I said about taking full responsibility as Captain of the team. I wont be challenging the sanctions. Theyve been imposed by CA to send a strong message and I have accepted them, Smith said.

A distraught Smith made an emotional apology last Thursday after his arrival in Sydney, saying he had let down Australian cricket and its fans.




Tough time to be a department store "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Retail fightback

On the face of it a better result for retail trade in February 2018, with a +0.6 per cent increase in turnover, and the January result revised up slightly to +0.2 per cent. 

Under the hood, though, this was another soft result, with department stores clearly under intense pressure.

Total retail turnover in February was $26.45 billion in seasonally adjusted terms, so a marginal +0.2 per cent higher than we saw in November when the i-Phone X was unleashed and Black Friday spiked the results.

And the February figures for Sydney and Melbourne would have been enhanced with Chinese Lunar New Year falling later this year than last.

Click the graphics to enlarge them. 

Looking through the monthly noise, retail turnover in trend terms is +2.7 per cent higher over the year. 

The monthly rebound in turnover was driven by New South Wales (+1.1 per cent) and Victoria (+1.1 per cent), offset by a decline in Western Australia (-0.6 per cent). 

Amazon arrives


Science, art and history! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Even the building of the Australian museum represents the historical and artistic beauty of the country. For tourists and people who have just arrived in Sydney, the Australian museum should be written in capital letters on your to-do list. From just walking into the big entrance hall, its obvious, that there is a lot to see and experience.

At first, the history of Australia gets up close and personal with a detailed look at aboriginal art and culture. Can anything be more significant when it comes to a nations history than the habits and cultural background of its earliest residents? There are many interesting pieces like colourful masks, old treasures, and traditional clothes. There is so much to learn about the long journey of the Australian people and their cultural development throughout time.

After passing the giant first hall with its cultural treasures, there is a great collection of animals. It doesnt matter, if they are already extinct or still present on our planet the great diversifaction of flora and fauna in Australia is displayed in the museum. It even gets dangerous, showing the most poisonous animals in Australia. From giant sharks to tiny insects, you get a real impression of the natural beauty of the country.

The final highlight of the tour is the exposition of various dinosaur skeletons, fossils, and different minerals and stones. Even if you are a resident in Sydney and have been your whole life, the Australian museum is always worth a visit and a place where you can learn more about the incomparable nature and culture of Australia.




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Rainbow Chan - The Cardigans "Lovefool" Cover "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Download track for FREE here - A cover of The Cardigans' "Lovefool" by Sydney musician, Rainbow Chan. Filmed by e c h o (


April 4 On This Day in Australian History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1789 - Smallpox (or it is suspected now it was chickenpox) decimated the Aboriginal population of Port Jackson, Botany Bay and Broken Bay. The disease spread inland and along the coast.

1801 - Governor King ordered Aboriginal people gathering around Parramatta, Georges River and Prospect Hill "to be driven back from the settler's habitation by firing at them".

1817 - Macquarie was able to report to Earl Bathurst that all hostility on both sides has since ceased. He commented therein on the success of the military campaign, though omitted its more barbaric and brutal elements, including the massacre at Appin on 17 April 1816 of a tribe comprising 15 men, women and children, carried out by soldiers under cover of darkness. No accounts survive by Aboriginal people of their view of the campaign, and none was sought by the English at the time.

1820 - The foundation stone is laid for what later became the magnificent Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.

1821 - Today saw the Gov. and Mrs Macquarie having a delightful sail on the good ship Midas about the Southern Settlements to have a Captain Cook at how things were going.

1821 - Sir John Jamieson, Merchant Browne, William Cox, James Smith, Robert Cowper, James Jenkins, et al, obtained permission to cut cedar at Illawarra.

1834 - Hope you've been saving those pennies for the first land sales in Albany, Westralia.

1844 - The cutter America was wrecked in the Torres Strait with the sole survivor, 16 yr old Scottish Barbara Thompson wife of the captain, adopted by the local Aboriginal People until she was found by the survey party from HMS Rattlesnake in 1849.

1846 - The first payable gold discovery in South Australia, gives rise to the first Australian gold mine, five years before the official discovery of gold in Australia at Bathurst.

1848 - As they farewelled the 7 horses, 20 mules and 50 bullocks from Roma, QLD - who were accompanied by Ludwig Leichhardt and 6 other blokes - no one realised the mothership/Yowie/bunyip/rogue black panther/ was waiting for them somewhere in the vast Aussie outback, and that they'd never be seen again.

1865 - Maitland Brown was a bloke on a mission - to find the missing (believed dead) explorers Panter, Harding and Goldwyer in the Kimberley. Today in 1865 he was holding an Aboriginal law-man, Karimba, as a prisoner and guide, but Karimba began leading Brown's search party in the wrong direction whilst trying to set up an ambush.

1866 - W.O. Hodgkinson commenced publication of the newspaper the "Mackay Mercury".

1874 - The Abandonment of Gilberton, was reported in The Queenslander.

In 1874, the missionary Reverend E. Fuller travelled to Cardwell with the ambition of establishing a....

Tuesday, 03 April


Melbournes flooded Brunswick Hotel is holding a fundraiser gig this week "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Beloved Melbourne venue The Brunswick Hotel have announced a fundraiser gig next weekend which aims to assist their dedicated staff who have been affected by the nightspots recent closure.

Just under a fortnight ago, the Sydney Road venue was forced to close after some genius fresh out of driving school took it upon himself run over the fire hydrant in front of the venue, causing a deluge of water to pour directly into our beloved pub. The structural damage caused by the incident has caused the venue to pull up stumps for the time being, with all of its staff currently out of work.


Due to some idiot mounting the kerb and flooding the venue from above with a fire hydrant, The Brunswick Hotel will be

Posted by The Brunswick Hotel onWednesday, 21 March 2018

However, in hopes of easing the stress put on their staff, the Brunny has decided to put on a fundraising event this weekend at the nearby RUBIX Warehouse featuring a number of local music acts.

While forced remodelling is underway through the help of insurance, bar staff, sound engineers, bussies and security guards are all now struggling to pay the rent, fill their bellies and find new jobs to keep them busy while The Brunny is repaired, the venue explains. Thats where Flood Aid comes in!

Featuring the likes of China Beach, Flyying Colours, Australian Kingswood Factory, The Balls, and GIANT, Flood Aid hopes to make things a whole lot easier in that time between remodelling taking place and the hotels eventual reopening.

Tickets to the event are on sale now through Eventbrite, and will be available at the door on the night. Check out the events Facebook page for more info, and be sure to come on out to make sure some of Melbournes hardest-working venue staff get the help they need during this frustrating time.

Check out Flyying Colours Running Late&#821...


In the Park with Hutchings "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sydney indie-folk artist Jamie Hutchings had a chat with Benj Ramsay during Mondays Out to Lunch about his upcoming tour and Bedsit.

Play Out to Lunch Jamie Hutchings Interview


Roundup April 3 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Tom Switzer in the Sydney Morning Herald on Peter Reith and the dockside drama of 1998. On the same theme, the myths that sustain the Labor tradition of trashing human rights, employment and productivity for the benefit of the bloody aristocracy of labour.

These views are deeply entrenched in the mythology and the ethos of the labour movement and in the community at large because they have been propagated in standard histories and in works of fiction (novels, films, songs, plays, and other works of art) and in folklore generally. As a result, most of them, if not all, would gain practically universal assent, even among people who deplore the abuses of trade union power and influence in modern times.

A person who used a combination of historical research, sound economic principles and clear reasoning to demolish each and every one of those eight assumptions deserves to be well known and well read, indeed he or she ought to be a household word in up to date and progressive intellectual circles. The person is William Harold Hutt (1898-1988).

Social Justice. 10 things to learn from Jordan Petersen.

Over the past year and a half I have transformed from an avowed militant-Marxist with a penchant for writing violent-uprising-fantasy poetry into a moderate Classical Liberal. It all began with an attack.

I was kicked several times, my beer was forcefully turned over in my hand, and I was threatened with death, in-person, by a group of women who recognized me at a bar in Highland Park. They took issue with the name of a contemporary art gallery I had operated for two years called Egyptian Art & Antiques. It was the name of the previous occupants business and an intentional throw: we showed only contemporary artists, no antiques.

Liberty Quote

Big Brother is Watching. The nightmare coming closer to reality in China. We got a hint of this on a train in China last year. Strangely the message was broadcast in English, like the warning of upcoming stations. It....


Sydney listings up, up, up "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sydney stock up

Sydney listings have finally risen from depressed levels seen over recent years.

Sydney now has 34,901 listings, well up from 28,336 a year earlier, according to SQM Research.

Sydney's listings are up by 23.2 per cent year-on-year.

Hobart saw a seasonal +7.8 per cent increase in listings in March, but at just 2.479 listings are still way lower than a year ago.

Nationally listings were -3.8 per cent lower than a year earlier at 338,113, in part thanks to annual declines in Melbourne, Perth, and Darwin. 

Asking prices for houses in Melbourne have soared and are now over $1 million, while in Sydney they were +2.3 per cent higher over the year at $1.37 million. 

Asking prices for units were higher year-on-year in both Sydney (+6.2 per cent) and Melbourne (+14.3 per cent).

Find SQM's media release here


Asians stocks fall tech stocks lead decline trade war with China worries loom "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

BEIJING (AP) Asian stocks fell for a second day Tuesday amid jitters about U.S.-Chinese trade tensions and mounting public scrutiny of technology companies.

Markets in China, Japan, Australia and South Korea all declined while the Japanese yen rose against the dollar as currency traders looked for a safe haven.

The Shanghai Composite Index lost 1.1 percent to 3,129.55 points and Tokyos Nikkei 225 dropped 0.9 percent to 21,199.98. Hong Kongs Hang Seng lost 0.9 percent to 29,828.46.

Investors worry Chinas decision to raise tariffs on $3 billion of U.S. goods including pork, apples and steel pipe raises the risk of a broader conflict that might depress global trade.

The amount of goods affected is a small share of Chinas $150 billion in annual imports of U.S. goods. But investors see a bigger fight looming over U.S. President Donald Trumps approval of possible higher duties on $50 billion of Chinese goods in response to complaints Beijing steals or pressures foreign companies to hand over technology.

The risk of a downward spiral to tit-for-tat trade measures has appreciably increased, said Weiliang Chang of Mizuho Bank in a report.

Chinas foreign minister tried to reassure companies and investors that Beijing, the No. 1 trading partner for all of its Asian neighbors, wasnt closing its markets.

Despite the rise of protectionism in the world, China will remain committed to openness (and) will open wider to the rest of the world, said Wang Yi at a news conference.

Elsewhere in the region, Sydneys S&P-ASX 200 shed 0.1 percent to 5,752.70. Seouls Kospi retreated 0.6 percent to 2,429.18. Benchmarks in Taiwan and Southeast Asia also declined.

The dollar edged down to 105.87 yen from Mondays 105.89 yen as currency traders shifted money into the Japanese currency, seen as a have...

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