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Monday, 21 January


Floorboard tabletops All in the Name of Liberty

Woodchips and a tabletop with filling

The same table after a sand, with pasteup dining table behind

A tabletop of many colours, kauri and other pines, red gum(?), assembled and sanded and waiting to have the cracks filled


Before sanding - floorboard crescent (its held together by...


Police bust Australia-China baby formula crime ring "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Six people have been charged after Australian authorities uncovered a multi-million-dollar crime syndicate stealing baby formula and vitamins from major retailers across Sydney for shipment to China, police said Monday.

Four members of one family and two other men have been arrested and charged over the organised criminal group that New South Wales Police believe has operated for several years.

Were thinking this is quite an expansive criminal group that was exploiting an overseas market at the disadvantage of the Australian public, NSW Police Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty told reporters in Sydney.

Premium baby milk formula, vitamins and honey from Australia are highly sought after in China

Premium baby milk formula, vitamins and honey from Australia are highly sought after in Ch...


RISE : Refugee Survivors and eX-detainees Invasion Day Solidarity Statement 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Chinese Translation

RISE: Refugees, Survivors and eX-detainees the FIRST self-determined advocacy and welfare organisation in Australia run by Refugees for Refugees makes a public call for a boycott of Australia Day, for the seventh year in a row.

We eX-detainees, Asylum Seekers and Refugees from RISE condemn any group or individual who claims to be pro-refugee but celebrates Australia Day on the 26th of January 2019. Instead, RISE encourages all Refugees, eX-detainees, Asylum Seekers and allies to support First Nations peoples in their actions against Australia Day.

RISE represents over 30 refugee community groups in Australia and is the first (and one of the few) self-determined, registered, non-profit refugee organisations in Australia governed and managed by eX-detainees, Asylum Seekers and Refugees. As eX-detainees, Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Australia, we acknowledge that the land we seek protection on is the land of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples whose sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

We believe the systemic abuse of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is a result of over 200 years of discrimination as part of the white colonial genocide strategy that continues to this day and this template is now being used against our own refugee communities. How can we dismantle the white Australian governments refugee torture camps built within and outside its colonial borders without addressing the root cause of this criminal abuse?

RISE fully supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples sovereignty and self-determination and stands in solidarity with them every day in our commitment to fighting for justice on this land on their terms.

Nationwide actions are being organised by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Activists. Below are the list of actions happening around Australia:


Woman Imprisoned for False Sexual Assault Allegations Sydney Criminal Lawyers

A former police worker has been sentenced to a minimum of two years behind bars after she pleaded guilty to falsely accusing her ex-partner of sexual assault. 28-year old Sarah-Jane Parkinson entered pleas in November last year to two counts of making a false accusation to police and two of public mischief, after claiming to

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The Offence of Threatening to Distribute Intimate Images in NSW Sydney Criminal Lawyers

National Rugby League (NRL) player Paul Carter has strenuously denied allegations that he leaked intimate images of former Sydney Roosters teammate Dylan Napa as part of an extortion campaign. It has been reported that Mr Napa and his lawyers met with the NRL Integrity Unit to discuss information that Carter received threats by way of

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1) Concern for villages amid conflict in Papuan Highlands AWPA Sydney News

1) Concern for villages amid conflict in Papuan Highlands
2) Revenue increase forecast from West Papua mine
3) Indonesian students protest Papua military action
4) Attorney says Skrypski forced to attend the trial

1) Concern for villages amid conflict in Papuan Highlands

From Dateline Pacific, 5:03 am today 

The United Liberation Movement for West Papua says it's deeply concerned about the welfare of innocent civilians in Papua's central Highlands....


Sydney Criminal Lawyers Weekly Rundown Articles from 14 to 20 January 2019 Sydney Criminal Lawyers

In case youve missed any of them, heres a rundown of the past weeks articles: Renewed Calls for Wage Theft to be Criminalised Revelations that the ABC underpaid up to 2,500 casual staff over 6 years has led to fresh calls for wage theft to be criminalised. Click here to read the article Man Acquitted

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Detention protest spreads nationally Refugee Action Coalition

Hundreds of immigration detainees in detention centres across the country have begun a hunger strike protest this morning, Monday 21 January.

Detainees in the Villawood, Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation (BITA) and Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) detention centres began their protest this morning, joining the detainees at Yongah Hill in Western Australia who are into the eighth day of protest.

Detainees at Villawood issued a statement with a list of human rights concerns addressed to the Department of Immigration and Australia Border Force.

The national protest comes as more video footage from MITA revealing brutality and intimidation at the hands of Serco guards.

The unaccountable use of force, arbitrary punishment, and the use of handcuffs (detainees are even handcuffed to hospital beds) rank among the major concerns of the detainees alongside the deliberate placement of detainees away from their families and the indefinite detention powers of the Minister to over-ride court and Tribunal appeal decisions.

An independent review of immigration detention is urgently necessary. The Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister for Immigration preside over a system within a system without checks and balances. Natural justice is suspended behind the fences of the detention centres; Ministers and guards are a law unto themselves, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

There is no justification for holding these people in detention. It is a product of mandatory detention and draconian powers handed to the Minister to cancel visas. People are being held in detention for periods longer than the sentence imposed on them by the courts.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

The post Detention protest spreads nationally appeared first on Refugee Action Coalition.


The crisis of the Murray-Darling river system must be properly addressed "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The sudden appearance of a mountain of blue green algae poisoned dead fish at Menindee in the north west New South Wales part of the Darling, has brought to public attention yet again, the fact that Australias biggest water system is very sick.

Video from 7 News Sydney

Dead fish in the Darling River at Menindee

Menindee: "It's not drought, unfortunately it is man-made. And I think someone needs to stand up and take accountability for what's happened. We've spoken to a lot of locals already today, and we've seen them crying" Tolarno Station farmer Kate McBride. "The Menindee lakes is like a nursery for these fishthey stock the Murray (River) as well." Tonight on 7 News at 6pm, the NSW Minister for Regional Water Niall Blair MLC speaks to us after his tour of the Darling River. #Menindee #DarlingRiver #7News

Posted by 7 News Sydney on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

This is not a new problem. We have known for years, that way too much water is being  pumped out. The problem has been continuous mismanagement. There have been other warnings, like the previous blue-green algae blooms and the drying up of the mouth near Adelaide in South Australia.


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Sunday, 20 January


The forgotten Iranian refugees trapped on Nauru "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Investigation in the Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age co-written with Saba Vasefi (with more details, photos and letters):

On the first day of the year in Nauru, Iranian refugee Bita* sent a damning letter to the Australian Border Force (ABF) accusing it of barbarism. She had been refused resettlement in the United States and demanded an end to being held indefinitely on the Pacific island.

Im fed up and Im not going to beg for settlement in Australia or reunion with my brother [in Australia] any more, she wrote to the ABF. Please let me know when would you let me seek asylum in another country which cares about humanitarian [sic].

The ABF is the government agency responsible for onshore and offshore border control.

Bita, a 30-year-old woman from an Arab minority in Iran, asked the agency why it refused to treat her depression, anxiety attacks, hand pains and sciatica. Was this a way of abusing her, she wondered? If so, please let me know when you are planning to stop harming and punishing me, she wrote.

Bita has sent a stream of increasingly anguished correspondence to the ABF for years, pleading for intervention. Medical specialists on Nauru have acknowledged her long mental decline. There is very little life in her, one International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) counsellor reported.

Bita was transferred to Nauru in 2014 after fleeing Iran due to state and family violence and travelling by boat from Indonesia to Australia. After more than five years in detention she lives without hope of immediate resettlement.

Testimonies of refugee women on Nauru show an acute situation of untreated illnesses, sexual abuse and degradation.

To what scripture have you taken oath, that I was bleeding from a dog attack, yet like a bloodthirsty monster you were smelling my blood? wrote Iranian refugee Sahar* to IHMS this year. You kept telling me my wounds were not serious Your oath is to the devil, not to God.

In 2017 Sahar was attacked by a dog in a Nauruan detention camp. After being bitten, her anxiety wors...


Meet the Gay Penguin Couple Raising Their First Baby "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Shortly after Australia emerged from a big battle about the legality of gay marriage, two Gentoo penguins, unaware of the potential political controversy surrounding their relationship, became a national symbol as they successfully brought a baby penguin into the world together.

Not only did the unlikely pair hatch and raise a baby penguin together, they did so far better than any other penguin pair in their colony. Gentoo penguins Sphen and Magic are part of a relatively young colony living in Australias Sydney Aquarium.

Parenting hasnt been the forte of most of the penguins in the young colony of 33. Most of them, despite having laid eggs, repeatedly found themselves too tempted by the desire to swim or play that their neglected eggs never hatched. While this behavior isnt unusual for inexperienced penguins, one pair stood out from the crowd.

Not only were Sphen and Magic the only gay pair in the colony, they were the only pair exhibiting signs of being prepared for parenting. All signs pointed to the pair being diligent and careful parents. In fact, they had already build a nest together and were sitting on it constantly.

In response to this extraordinary behavior, aquarium staff gave the couple a dummy egg. Sphen and Magic took to it immediately, giving the staff all the proof they needed to know these two were ready for the real thing. And so, the next time a heterosexual couple appeared poised to neglecting yet another egg, it was transferred to the care of Sphen and Magic.

An Unlikely Pair

Sphen, at 6-years-old, is elder of the two and hails from SeaWorld. Hes a quiet and serious male, less interested in playing with toys and humans than his counterparts. Magic was born in captivity at the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. At a playful 3-years-old, hes a regular aquarium star excitable and playful and greets visitors as he plays.

The two make an unlikely pair, but aquarium staff and penguin keepers cannot say what makes one penguin choose one mate over another. Whatever it may be that brought Sphen and Magic together is the real deal.

On a summer day at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, the two met and, in typical Gentoo form, the two began to bow to each other. Their relationship progressed as they began to bring carefully selected pebbles to each other, perfect for nest building. This act is a form of consent. If one penguin were not interested in the other, they would simply reject the pebbles by pushing them away with a beak. Instead of rejected the pebbles, they admired them.

Before long, Sphen and Magic began to sing. The two sang...


New Zealand Assemblies of God was run by three pedophiles for forty years- Frank Houston then Jim Williams then Wayne Hughes "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The writer of this blog-site Donald Elley of Bellingen.


The fruits of Frank, Brian and Joel Houston, the leaders of the three generations of the extremely corrupt Hillsong Pentecostal dynasty based in Sydney, Australia are the heretical Prosperity Gospel, pedophilia, cover-ups of pedophilia, serial adultery, acceptance of homosexuality and unrepentant homosexuals in their midst, rampant deceptions and financial pillaging of the Blessed Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, through out Australian, New Zealand and all other the world, where they have established churches in prominent cities.

These locations include London, New York City and Los Angeles, where many celebrities and unrepentant gays attend their churches.



So what caused the heat wave 80 years ago? "IndyWatch Feed"

Roads melted across Australia as temperatures soared into the 100s for the fifth consecutive day amid a record-breaking heatwave that has broken records

From The Daily Mail: more pseudo-evidence of global warming. Heres the start but read the whole thing. You would not want to live in Australia after what it says.

Roads melt and animals drop dead as Australia suffers through its most significant heatwave for 80 YEARS and temperatures top 120F

  • Australia is baking amid record-breaking heatwave with temperatures soaring as high as 120F in some towns
  • Town of Noona, in New South Wales, saw an overnight minimum temperature of 96.6F an Australian record 
  • Central Sydney saw fifth consecutive day above 86F for first time in eight years, while Canberra also baked 
  • Roads melted and animals dropped dead as fire crews fought more than 60 blazes across New South Wales 


January 20 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

1803 - Seems Charlie Grimes popped into Port Phillip (which wasn't Port Phillip at the time but probably labouring under its own moniker now long lost in the mists of time), cast his pithy baby blues over the Mornington Peninsula and declared, "I am soooo not redecorating this place!" before tattling to Gov King how he just didn't do sandy soil for settlements.
The lack of fresh water may have had some bearing on it, too.
Best not let on to the swarms of tourists and residents of the Mornington Peninsula that its unsuitable for settlement!

1803 - Louis Freycinet, in his ship Casuarina, sailing up the larger of South Australia's two gulfs, was in the vicinity of what is now called Moonta Bay.

1841 - Jorgen Jorgensen, The Convict King and claimant to the throne of Denmark and Iceland, popped his clogs, as all men do, in Hobart.

1842 - Tunnerminnerwait was Hanged at Melbourne for the murder of two whalers at Cape Paterson.
1842 - Maulboyheenner was Hanged at Melbourne for the murder of two whalers at Cape Paterson.
Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner were the first people to be hanged by the Government in the District of Port Phillip and were buried in an unmarked grave on the site of the now Queen Victoria Market, where there have been numerous reports of sightings of their ghosts.

1849 - The good,not Lollipop but Fortitude parked in Lower Level 2 space 3a at Morton Bay QLD with its cargo of 245 immigrants from Britain for Rev John Dunmore Lang's Cooksland cotton growing scheme. Its temporary headquarters were set up at Fortitude Valley, named after the ship which brought them there.

1854 - Fire destroyed a city block in Hobart, Tas.

1858 - The Wesleyan Chapel in Lydiard St , Ballarat, opened for business.

1863 - James Whyte replaced T.D. Champman as Premier of Tasmania.

1869 - Frederick Alexander, inventor of the Alexander Technique which takes too long to explain here in 25 words or less, was hatched in Tassie.

1880 - Andrew George Scott, better known as bushranger Captain Moonlite, was hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol.

1880 - Thomas Rogan (Bushranger) A member of the Moonlite Gang, was hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol for the murder of Constable Webb-Bowen at Wantabadgery.

1881 - Bushfires caused extensive damage to properties at Rookwood and Lidcombe in suburban Sydney.

1891 - Western Australia's first parliament opened under responsible government.

1898 - Patrick Durack, one of the Kings in Grass Castles, passed into the great beyond at Freo, Western Australia.

1898 - They had a proper knees up, Mother Brown at the Melbour...


Peak Stuff Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

Ive had an epiphany, and its making me uncomfortable. At 53, Ive reached peak stuff. And my backup plan for downsizing donating it to charities has hit a hurdle. They dont want most of my stuff. It all started with our holiday viewing of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. The show []


Indonesian military officer shot dead in Papua AWPA Sydney News

1) Indonesian military officer shot dead in Papua
2) The story of Nduga refugees: Mother died while giving birth to her 
3) Current conditions of Nduga refugees: getting sick, trauma and injuries
4) Rev. Nataniel Tabuni asks Military Spokesman to clarify his statement
5) Indonesias Rights Struggle: Deciding Which Candidate Is the Lesser Evil

1) Indonesian military officer shot dead in Papua
Reporter: Antara...


Holidaying "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

I have been off on a too short weekend trip to Sydney. That was last weekend and I am just catching up here now. Holiday mode and a heat wave are my reasons for not checking in sooner. Tim went back to work today after a month of leave and Hope will be back at school at the end of the month. Then it is back to routine. School has been a backbone of my routine since 1999 so it will be strange next year not to have that as Hope finishes school in October and she is my baby.

Darling Harbour

Anyway, onto the holiday. We had some great family time. Visiting with our son and his love. Got to see their new flat all decked out how they want it. Last time we saw it, it was a work site. Looks good now.

Had a wonderful evening with my sister, brother in law and my two nephews. They visited us last month so our turn this time. Darling Harbour was the backdrop and it didn't disappoint. I would rather it was less crowded but with the draw of fireworks, everyone wants to be there.



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Saturday, 19 January


1) Rights groups urge police to drop rebellion charge against KNPB activists AWPA Sydney News

1) Rights groups urge police to drop rebellion charge against KNPB activists 

News Desk

Human rights groups have called on the Papua Police to immediately and unconditionally drop the rebellion charge against three activists from the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and release them.
Amnesty International and Yayasan Pusaka issued a recent statement saying that the activists "were prisoners of conscience" who had not employed violence or hatred, and were imprisoned solely for expressing their political views in a peaceful manner.
The Indonesian authorities have used Article 106 of Indonesias Criminal Code, along with Article 110, to criminalize dozens of peaceful pro-independence political activists with the charge of rebellion in the last decade, said&nbs...


January 19 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1790 - The Second Fleet decided to play follow the leader with The First Fleet and, dragging 1,006 convicts along for the ride, set off on a Sunday sail from England.

1800 - John Washington Price, recently arrived on the ship Minerva, observes that Pummil-woy (who frequents Sidney & Paramatta) is known to say that no gun or pistol can kill him He has now lodged in him, in shot, sluggs [sic] and bullets about eight or ten ounces of lead, it is supposed he has killed over 30 of our people, but it is doubtful on which side the provocation was given.

1835 - The "last remaining" Tassie Aborigines were rounded up and put onto Flinders Island.
Apparently all those others in Tassie were figments of our imaginations.

1846 - Charles Sturt's 18 month expedition to open up inland Australia came to a crashing halt (coz the Simpson Desert and a severe drought just wouldn't play ball), so he took his bat and ball home to Adelaide.

1850 - Australian Philosophical Society (late the Royal Society of NSW) was formed in Sydney.

1863 - The Main Western Railway Line (NSW) was flung open for business from Kingswood to Penrith.

1869 - Ida Stanley, the first female school teacher in Alice Springs who was loved by both Europeans and Aborigines, was born.

1873 - Henry Burrell, known as The Platypus Man for his extensive research and study of our shy monotreme, was hatched.

1877 - Hmph! They didn't ask my permission...Construction began on the great hall and vestibule in the Victorian Parliament, costing 37,500 pounds.

1877 - Robert Kaleski, bushman and dog breeder who drew up the breeding standards for the Blue Heeler, Kelpie and other Aussie breeds, was pupped.

1886 - Australian wharf workers went back to work after an 18-day strike over wages.

1887 - Dust off your travelling rug and pick up your gloves Aunt Mildred...Victoria and South Australia were finally joined by rail when they finished their tea break and completed a section of track from Dimboola to Seviceton.

1887 - The railway line from North Creswick to Rocky Lead (Vic) opened.

1897 - The Sunday Times was first published in Perth, WA

1900 - Sydney excitedly discovered its very first case of the plague; in the following 8 months 103 people were carried off this mortal coil from the disease.

1906 - William Kidston became the Premier of Queensland.

1907 A tropical cyclone hit Cooktown, Queensland, killing six.

1925 - The Molong -Dubbo Railway...


In which the pond heeds the sage advice of Polonius ... "IndyWatch Feed"


The pond should start off by noting that it hasn't taken long for the reptiles to get back into peak form, rather like the Australian cricket team it's never too early in the year to get the fear-mongering into gear, what with an election just around the corner ...


And as sure as there's a heatwave, the reptiles will just as surely wheel out Bjorn, full of bland reassurance

There were other sightings too, the dog botherer was out and about and Helen of Dale was given a spot, but here's the thing

The pond has decided it wants a dollar each time that 'leets are mentioned, and two dollars when said perfidious 'leets cop a caning, in a rag flung together in the heart of Sydney town

There was the dog botherer railing at the 'leets at the end of his piece


The Weekly Times TWT 16th January 2019 The Weekly Times

The Weekly Times - TWT - is a campaigning, crusading, truth-seeking, death defying, Aussie battler-aligned, one-eyed-Tiger-led news organisation dedicated to Sydney's north west. This flip book - or digital edition/replica - is the 16th January 2019 edition of TWT. #TWT160119

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Friday, 18 January


US Blunders have made Russia the Global Trade Pivot "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The year 2019 had barely begun before news emerged that six Russian sailors were kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Benin. It was perhaps a foretaste of risks to come. As nations reel from deteriorating economic conditions, instances of piracy and other forms of supply chain disruptions are bound to increase.

According to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), 107 cases of piracy were noted during the first half of 2018 vis--vis 87 throughout 2017.  The 2018 tally included 32 cases in Southeast Asian waters and 48 along African shores representing 75% of the total. To put this figure into perspective, Asian behemoths India and China despite their vast shorelines recorded only 2 cases of piracy each during the study period. Russia had none. In terms of hostages taken, the IMB tally read 102 in H1 2018 vs 63 in H1 2017.

Piracy adds to shipping and retail costs worldwide as security, insurance and salaries are hiked to match associated risks in maritime transport. Merchant vessels will also take longer and costlier routes to avoid piracy hotspots.

A United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report in 2016 sums up the perils ahead:

As over 90% of global trade is carried out by sea, the economic effects of maritime crime can be crippling. Maritime crime includes not only criminal activity directed at vessels or maritime structures, but also the use of the high seas to perpetrate transnational organized crimes such as smuggling of persons or illicit substances.  These forms of maritime crime can have devastating human consequences.

Indeed, cases of human trafficking, organ harvesting, and the smuggling of illicit substances and counterfeit goods are proliferating worldwide in tandem with rising systemic debt and suspect international agendas.

Australia offers a case in point. While it fantasizes over a Quad of allies in the Indo-Pacific to save Asians from China criminal elements from Hong Kong, Malaysia to squeaky-clean Singapore have been routinely trafficking drugs, tobacco and people right into Sydney harbour for years, swelling the local organised crime economy to as much as $47.4 billion (Australian dollars presumably) between 2016 and 2017.

With criminal...


Pub sign All in the Name of Liberty

I'm making a hanging sign for the front of a pub out of some floorboards in a frame. 

The proof of the stencil to cut by one means or another, hopefully a laser

With a coat of blue


Router wasn't a goer sothe circular saw and a chisel had to make do.



WHEN GOOD SAMARITANS GO WRONG! How two idiots unwittingly led to police brutally manhandling Sydney icon Danny Lim "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

EXCLUSIVE: A woman who mocks the poor and thought the elderly man near the escalators was in the way, so called the police. A middle-aged man who works for a global management consulting firm and self-identifies as "politically incorrect" but nevertheless believed there was a "crazy Asian guy" nearby, and so he wrote about it to police over social media.


Keep Poppers Legal: An Interview With the Nitrite Groups Paul Kidd Sydney Criminal Lawyers

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) released an interim decision last year that would see amyl nitrite and other alkyl nitrite inhalants banned. This means these substances popularly referred to as poppers would be moved into schedule 9 of the Poisons Standard along with drugs like heroin. The use of nitrite inhalants is popular amongst gay and bisexual

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Aboriginal Elder Strip Searched on Busy Sydney Road Sydney Criminal Lawyers

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission announced at the end of October that it was launching an investigation into the use of strip searches by NSW police. The inquiry is in response to growing allegations that officers are abusing their powers. This was against a backdrop of a growing awareness that strip search use is increasing in

The post Aboriginal Elder Strip Searched on Busy Sydney Road appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Babies, Students & Migrants New Laws for 2019 Sydney Criminal Lawyers

At the start of every year, new state and federal laws come into effect across the nation. This year, babies, students, migrants, politicians and credit card users are amongst those most affected by laws which came into effect earlier this month. Heres a quick rundown of the new laws. Foreign political donations New laws have

The post Babies, Students & Migrants New Laws for 2019 appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Preventing Violence Against Women: An Interview With Girl Geek Academys Sarah Moran Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Last year, 69 women were killed violently across Australia. This brings the murdered women death toll in this country since 2012 to 506, according to Counting the Dead Women Australia project researchers from gender equality group Destroy the Joint. And in the overwhelming majority of these cases, the perpetrators were men who were known to their victims. The

The post Preventing Violence Against Women: An Interview With Girl Geek Academys Sarah Moran appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


January 18 On This Day in Australian Histor "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1788 - The first English settlers arrived in Australia's Botany Bay to establish a penal colony. They found the location unsuitable and Capt. Arthur Philip moved on to Sydney Cove. England sent the first sheep along with convicts to Australia.
Yep, somewhere between today and the 20th them wot wasn't invited rocked up and crashed the party.
NOT on the 'precious' 26th.

1794 - Members of the NSW Corps rioted on Norfolk Island following a play held for the Queen's Birthday.

1815 - A residential school for Aboriginal children was opened at Parramatta with six boys
and six girls.

1816 - The ship Fanny arrived at Port Jackson with 171 convicts and news of the Battle of Waterloo.

1818 - The Great Western Road between Parramatta and Emu Ford (Plains) opened.

1825 - Hume and Hovell returned from their successful exploration overland to Port Phillip.

1830 - James, James, Morrison, Morrison commonly known as, James Knight got hitched to 'is swee'heart called May Smith, going down in Oz History as the first married Europeans in the Colony of Westralia.
Aww, bless.
With or without the golden gown at the other end of the town.

1849 - Australia's first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, was dropped off by the stork in Glebe, Sydney.

1851 - The Union Bank of Australia opened in Lyttelton, NZ.

1863 -The Sydney to Parramatta railway extended to Penrith.

1878 - Get your backs into it boys! The Ghan Railway construction was begun.

1883 - William Burns was Hanged at Adelaide Gaol for the murder of Henry Loton at sea.

1901 - Jimmy Governor was Hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol for the murder of Helen Josephine Kerz at Breelong, on 20 July 1900. In the same incident he and Jackie Underwood also killed Mrs. Sarah Mawbey, Grace Mawbey, Percival Mawbey and Hilda Mawbey. Jimmy and his brother Joe also killed Alexander McKay near Ulan on 23 July, Elizabeth O'Brien and her baby son at Poggie, near Merriwa, on 24 July, and Keiran Fitzpatrick near Wollar, on 26 July.

1911 - A worldwide competition to design the national capital was announced.

1933 - The Aussie Cricket Board of Control was feeling slightly out of spin when they cabled the MCC to protest at the unsportsmanlike head-hunting bodyline bowling that "was likely to upset friendly relations existing between Australia and England".

1934 - Qantas Empire Airways was formed.
QANTAS Limited and Britain's Imperial Airways (a forerunner of British Airways) formed a new company, Qantas Empire Airways Limited (QEA).

1947 - Former war artist William Dargie won his fourth Arc...


Chaao Thai Siam ~ Thai - Haymarket / Chinatown B-Kyu

If it's one thing that gets our stomachs excited it is the thought of a restaurant hiding up a flight of stairs and serving up Thai food unlike most places in Sydney. Chaao Thai Siam ticks all those shiny, happy boxes. Walking through a Thai sweets shop, narrow and stacked high with plastic tubs of mango sticky rice and fire laden Thai dips, could be enough to get us excited. Heading


Yongah Hill hunger strike protest continues into fifth day Refugee Action Coalition

Around 350 immigration detainees are into their fifth day of hunger strike protest at Yongah Hill detention centre.

A list of demands was released by the Yongah Hill protesters on Monday, 14 January (see below).

The detainees will hold a protest in the yard of Hawke and Falcon compounds at 11.30am Perth time. The protesters have asked the media to come to Yongah Hill to see the protest and talk to the detainees themselves.

We want to show the media that Border Force is lying when they say there is no protest at Yongah Hill. We have been asking Border Force why we have been detained so long; what is happening to our cases, but they have no answers, one detainee told the Refugee Action Coalition.

A room search conducted this morning at 7.00am Perth time was just another way to try and intimidate the protesters.

The hunger strike protests last week at the MITA North and now at Yongah Hill have exposed the conditions inside the onshore detention system, and the routine abuses arbitrary arrest and punishment, use of handcuffs, lockdowns, assault that detainees are exposed to.

The government has tried to maintain a wall of silence around the onshore regime. There is no independent oversight of onshore immigration detention. Border Force and Serco guards act with impunity, said Ian Rintoul , spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

There are fundamental injustices associated with the use of immigration detention and Ministerial power that have to be addressed. Ministerial power to over-ride court decisions are a denial of natural justice and would not be acceptable in the criminal justice system. Border Force and the Minister are laws unto themselves.

The detention centres are a crime. They should be closed.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

Demands of the hunger strikers at Yongah Hill detention centre

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Media Release: The Economy Made Easy "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Real estate cycle expert Bryan Kavanagh says turnover and price declines in Sydney and Melbourne during 2018 indicate an economic recession in the 2019-20 financial year. The 2018 Kavanagh-Putland Index, released today, shows the total value of Australian real estate sales to GDP. Mr Kavanagh said the $50 billion pumped into markets by the Rudd-Swan []


1) Inalum target US$1.8 revenue from Freeport in 2022 AWPA Sydney News

1) Inalum target US$1.8 revenue from Freeport in 2022
2) A Highway Megaproject Tears at the Heart of New Guineas Rainforest
3) Rights lawyers challenge Indonesia detention of 3 activists
1) Inalum target US$1.8 revenue from Freeport in 2022
Jakarta   /  Wed, January 16, 2019  /  12:34 pm
State-owned mining holding company Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Inalum) president director Budi Gunadi Sadikin has said the revenue that the state will rec...

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Thursday, 17 January


Papuan villagers in Nduga being protected, says TNI AWPA Sydney News

Papuan villagers in Nduga being protected, says TNI

RNZI 4:20 pm today 
Papuan civilians in troubled Nduga regency are returning to their villages after recent conflict in the area, according to Indonesia's military.

Since late last year, a large joint operation by military and police has been underway in this Highlands region in pursuit of the West Papua Liberation Army.
The Liberation Army ...


Junior Lawyer Imprisoned for Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Sydney Criminal Lawyers

By Ugur Nedim and Sonia Hickey Sydney lawyer Brody Clarke came from a privileged background, benefited from a stellar education and was employed by investment banks Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan before turning his hand to law in his early thirties. But it all came undone when the now 36-year old engaged in an unsophisticated scheme

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Chinas Slowdown Hits Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Australia is referred to as the Lucky Country, and with good reason.

It has a relatively small but well-educated population and is endowed with abundant natural resources including iron ore, copper, gold, water, farmland, moderate weather and protected port cities.

Australia also earns huge amounts from foreign tourism.

The country has a solid rule of law, which makes it an attractive destination for direct foreign investment.

Australia has not had a recession since 1990 (the US has had three recessions in the same period).

Even the global financial crisis of 2008 did not slow the Australian economy enough to trigger a technical recession.


Your strategist at Sydney Harbour during a recent visit Down Under.

But the Australian economy does have an Achilles heel that is already causing a slowdown and may even tip Australia into its first recession in decades.

That weakness is Australias close and highly concentrated trading relationship with China.

Aussies hitched their wagon to the Middle Kingdom

Australia has been well positioned to be a major provider of natural resources to Chinas industrial and manufacturing juggernaut.

Australia supplies iron ore, bauxite and copper needed to build critical infrastructure and the ghost cities that dot the Chinese landscape.

Australia also exports liquid natural gas (LNG) to fuel Chinas voracious appetite for energy to keep its factories humming and keep the lights on.

At the same time as China is importing natural resources from Australia, it is exporting capital to purchase residential and commercial properties there.

Such interdependence is a boon when China is growing and Australia is booming to meet Chinese demand. But it is a headwind to growth when the gears are thrown into reverse.

Growth in the Chinese economy is dropping sharply.

This is due to a combination of excess debt, trade wars with the US and an overpriced Chinese yuan.

Reduced demand by China for resources needed for building (iron ore, copper, bauxite) as well as agricultural goods has been felt in Australia.

Even more damaging is the drying up of Chinese capital investment in Australian real estate. This has led to steep declines in Australian property prices.

These declines have not yet hit bottom because of a pipeline of pending projects...


Australian Government Causing Death and Disability with Mandatory Vaccination Policies "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

By Judy Wilyman

Important information in this newsletter:
1) A US CDC government medical expert confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism (video 11 mins) by Sharyl Attkisson
2) Healthy Triplets All Autistic within Hours of Vaccination (video 12 mins)
3) A US CDC scientist confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism was suppressed by the CDC and US government in the study that was published in 2004.(video 2 min)
4) Mary Holland JD, a human rights campaigner exposes the true story behind the media smearing of Andrew Wakefields research showing a link between MMR vaccine and autism.

Welcome to the first newsletter for 2019. I started these newsletters in 2012 when the mainstream Australian media started presenting false and misleading information about my university research to the public. This was a result of the Australian Skeptics Inc lobby groups and their offshoot SAVN and the Friends of Science in Medicine deceptively named well-funded lobby groups that are promoting pharmas interests in government vaccination policies (astroturfing).

If this wasnt the case in Australia then the government would not need to suppress my academic research from public debates and discussion and from court cases on vaccination. For those of you who have missed this suppression here is the conference that was held on the 30 June 2018 in Sydney titled The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia.

I would highly recommend that you listen to Elizabeth Harts presentation, Jamie McIntyres presentation and............


High Court Justice Tells Prosecutors to Appeal Lenient Sentences Sydney Criminal Lawyers

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim High Court Justice Virginia Bell ended 2018 on an incendiary note, when she publicly implied that some sentences being handed down are clearly too light, and the Crown should be appealing them rather than exercising the restraint that has been applied over recent decades. The comments were made during

The post High Court Justice Tells Prosecutors to Appeal Lenient Sentences appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


What lies beneath the cracks in Opal Tower and buildings across Australia "IndyWatch Feed"

Cracks in the compact city

The saga of Opal Tower, the 36-storey Sydney apartment building evacuated on Christmas Eve after frightening cracking, has helped to expose the deep cracks in Australias approach to building apartments.

The big lesson from Opal Tower is that badly built apartments arent only an issue for residents

Laura Crommelin, UNSW; Bill Randolph, UNSW; Hazel Easthope, UNSW, and...


1) Amnesty International calls for release of Papuan activists AWPA Sydney News

2) Solomons emphasises diplomacy with Indonesia on Papua
3) Mayor of Papua capital supports Gojek rollout

1) Amnesty International calls for release of Papuan activists

2) Solomons emphasises diplomacy with Indonesia on Papua

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Wednesday, 16 January


Mid north coast, NSW family holiday homes and caravan parks where everyone is easy going. Larktalk's Blog

Its always such an insight into cities when you go to small coastal places no matter where you are in the world. On Australias mid- north coast around Stuarts Point and Grassy Head where the Macleay River branches out into salt water lakes and the beaches are endless. Which is true of much the coastline as well.

Stuarts Point is a stand out as the old beach/holiday houses are so intact and there are so many wonderful DIY touches and details that are so personal and functional like the ones shown here.



Duttons Child Sex Offender Register Proposal Is Political Fodder Sydney Criminal Lawyers

As the nation was still recovering from the holiday season, Australian home affairs minister Peter Dutton announced a proposal to establish a national public register of child sex offenders, which would make information about convicted criminals available online. Describing it as the toughest crackdown on paedophiles in Australias history, Dutton told reporters on 8 January that

The post Duttons Child Sex Offender Register Proposal Is Political Fodder appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Sydney Talk: Dowsers Society of NSW "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Sunday 20th January 2019 in collaboration with the Dowsers Society of NSW at the Hunter"s Hill Community Centre starts at 2 pm.

The Community Hall, 44 Gladesville Road Hunters Hill NSW


Our major focus is on four skulls we have recently examined, two are still on site, two are in our possession. The unresolved problem that these skulls create is at least three have no Earthly equivalent.

Two skulls do not have foreheads, there is nothing above the eyebrow ridges, the skull cases slope backward at 180 degrees and greater, are semi-rectangular and both have massive eyes which are the largest ever seen. Another skull has no evidence of suturing which means it cannot be classified as hominin or sapiens.

Complementing these developments, some extremely compelling evidence has turned up that absolutely proves that the Standing Stones site is legitimate, and there was the first language on this continent that predates all other languages ever spoken.

Quite a few loose ends have been tied up, and even the Courier Mail will have to concede their official denial of the site, and the archaeologist was completely wrong and should be publicly retracted.


Sydney a tenant's market "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

New rentals ahoy

Sydney's apartment pipeline is now shrinking after its multi-year boom, but in the meantime there is plenty of new stock for tenants to choose from.

December is a seasonally weak month for the rentals market for obvious reasons, but Sydney had around 25,000 rental vacancies around Christmas according to the latest SQM Research figures, for a vacancy rate of 3.6 per cent (well up from 2.6 per cent for the prior corresponding period). 

Sydney's population is growing fast, but it's always going to take time to digest such a high level of rental supply coming all in a rush. 

At the sub-regional level, rental vacancies are especially high in the supply-responsive zones, such as within the Hills District of Sydney.

Source: SQM Research

Some of the suburbs where landlords are really likely to struggle have been flagged here often enough before, including as Wentworth Point (8.3 per cent vacancy rate in December). 

Despite the high level of supply unit asking rents increased in Sydney over the month. 

At the other end of the spectrum Hobart (0.4 per cent) had but a hundred or so vacancies, while Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth have consistently seen vacancy rates lower than a year earlier, so these markets are tightening.

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Tuesday, 15 January


Hunger strike protest spreads from Melbourne to Yongah Hill Refugee Action Coalition

Immigration detainees at two compounds of Yongah Hill (outside Perth) have begun a hunger strike (Monday 14 January) in protest against detention conditions.

On the night of Sunday 13 January, the Yongah Hill protesters rallied outside their accommodation blocks. On Monday, over 350 people began a hunger strike protest to draw attention to the conditions, the mistreatment and the abuses in Yongah Hill.

The Yongah Hill protesters have issued a statement (below) with a list of their concerns, raising many issues regarding long term detention injustice, visa cancellations, as well as abuse by Serco guards, and the arbitrary arrest powers and internal punishment regime that operates in immigration detention.

The routine use of handcuffs that has become part of Border Forces militarisation of detention is a particular concern. Below is a video clip of a detainee handcuffed in a Perth hospital after self-harm incidents.

In both MITA and Yongah Hill, protesters have disappeared into punishment cells inside the respective detention centres. One Yongah Hill detainee who staged a roof top protest was taken to the punishment cells on 9 January, and has not been seen since.


Meanwhile, the hunger strike at Melbournes MITA North detention compound has been suspended after Border Force met one of the detainees demands, providing TVs for the detainees rooms (see photo).

However, tensions remain; the TVs are only in one compound and as yet have no antenna connection. And the detainees are still waiting for chairs to be brought into the compound and for the midnight lockdown to be lifted.

And there other outstanding issues about detention conditions to be addressed. Two people in MITA have attempted suicide (one by eating a razo...


Summary of events in West Papua (16 December 2018- 15 Jan 2019) AWPA Sydney News

Australia West Papua Association (Sydney)

Summary of events in West Papua  (16 December 2018- 15 Jan 2019)

During the Indonesian security force operation taking place in the Nduga region, an article in The Saturday Paper (December 22) reported that the Indonesian military had employed airstrikes in West Papua during the operation and may have used the banned chemical weapon white phosphorus. White phosphorus is banned by the Geneva Convention for use against civilians. Reports of its use including images of burn victims have appeared on social media.

Indonesian authorities have denied the allegations of using white phosphorus on villagers in West Papua claiming, Indonesia possesses no chemical weapons.
In a RNZI report (24 Dec.) The New Zealand's government says it's seeking information on reports that the Indonesian military dropped chemical weapons in Highlands villages.

West Papuan support...

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Monday, 14 January


RISE Invasion Day Solidarity Statement : 14/01/2019 "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees the first self-determined advocacy and welfare organisation in Australia run by Refugees for Refugees calls for a boycott of Australia Day, for the seventh year in a row.

We Refugees, Ex-detainees and Asylum Seekers from RISE condemn any group or individual who claims to be pro-refugee but celebrates Australia Day on the 26th of January 2019. Instead, RISE encourages all refugees, ex-detainees, asylum seekers and allies to support First Nations peoples in their actions against Australia Day.

RISE represents over 30 refugee community groups in Australia and is the first (and one of the few) self-determined, registered, non-profit refugee organisations in Australia governed and managed by refugees, asylum seekers and ex-detainees. As refugees, asylum seekers and ex detainees in Australia, we acknowledge that the land we seek protection on is the land of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples whose sovereignty was never ceded.  Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

We believe the systemic abuse of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is a result of over 200 years of discrimination as part of the white colonial genocide strategy that continues to this day and this template is now being used against our own refugee communities. How can we dismantle the white Australian governments refugee torture camps built within and outside its colonial borders without addressing the root cause of this criminal abuse?

RISE fully supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples sovereignty and self-determination and stands in solidarity with them every day in our commitment to fighting for justice on this land on their terms.

Nationwide actions are being organised by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Activists. Below are the list of actions happening around Australia :

Donate / Amplify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples-led movements and organisations


Dining Table All in the Name of Liberty

Making a dining(?) table from an old cedar staircase and some offcuts I've been glueing and occasionally screwing together. Links to all the various woodwork I've been doing lately are here

I pushed out the blades on the makita plane and hacked away at all the timber and fill sitting too high and shattered a couple of weak pieces(mostly thinnish bits with the grain vertical), and knocked out a few others that had crappy glue bonds, or were not fully set .

Then I had a go with the big sander.

Anyway it starts to give an idea of what it will looked like finished and varnished


Spooks & Nukes Integrity Initiatives state-funded, pro-war information operations exposed by Anonymous "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

As I hear more about the Integrity Initiative (II), I am reminded of Julian Assange & Edward Snowden in 2013, on the militarised occupation of our private lives and the new great game.

Years later we would realise, with a bang, the purpose of the new great game.

Spying>Analysis>Persuasion. The Mi(6)ssion was not just to collect information about the inner core of our lives, but using big data AI analysis, to learn how we as a society and as individuals, would be most vulnerable to misinformation, and apt to consent. Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Chris Wylie, held a mirror to our nakedness in the face of such power, and to his companys for-profit information operations, within the context of elections.

As they appear, the Integrity Initiative revelations, as well documented here by Robert Stevens on the WSWS,< /> are steadily revealing that the same national security bodies, who amended or ignored constitutional laws and collected everyones confidential information, are behind years of misinformation, with a view to a war. WW3 it seems. Stevens enlightens us on IIs involvement in the Skripal reporting, and the licence it gave Teresa May to lash out at Russia.


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Sunday, 13 January


The Start of 2019 james o'brien

Its almost fourteen months since Reko Rennies beautiful artwork at Taylor Square was painted over so the building could be more attractive to rent out. The other night, wandering along Oxford Street, I noticed the For Lease sign was still there. A sad start to the new year, I thought, as I really love public


Photographs of Snow and Ice james o'brien

In the midst of a warm summer in Sydney, Ive been watching friends post photographs of snow in Europe. Their photographs have inspired me to go looking for photographs from the past where Ive experienced snow myself (which I love) taken in Sweden and Iceland.


The Lindt Caf Inquest 99 Ways to See Through It "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Louise Hope (photo hope radio 103.2)

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

[Editors note: In December last year was the fourth anniversary of the Sydney Siege. Below is the verbatim copy of the letter Mary Maxwell sent to the coroner before he completed his Inquest.]

The following Ninety-Nine Ways letter was sent to the NSW Coroners Court in 2016 and was acknowledged in a reply from Melissa Heris, solicitor for the Lindt Caf inquest. No changes have been made here, but bolding and boxed headings are added.

To Coroner Michael Barnes September 30, 2016

Your Honour:

I respectfully submit this as an interested citizen. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Inques...

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Saturday, 12 January


1) WHY? Because Koteka Is The Reason AWPA Sydney News

2) Indonesia arming up in the South China Sea

1) WHY? Because Koteka Is The Reason
Anith Adilah Othman / Khmer Times


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Friday, 11 January


MITA hunger strike continues: End the lockdown, provide chairs Refugee Action Coalition

The hunger strike protest by immigration detainees in MITA North that began on Tuesday 8 January, is now into its fourth day.

Detainees have also spent their third night outside their rooms, resisting the nightly midnight lockdown by refusing to enter their rooms. It is standard operating procedure in the militarised compound for detainees to be locked in their rooms between midnight and 7.00am.

Photos of detainees on the floor of MITA North boycotting the lockdown

At Yongah Hill detention centre, where a similar purpose-built compound has recently been commissioned, detainees are not locked down.

The disgust with the purpose built prison-like maximum security conditions saw detainees request to Border Force officials to re-open the previous high security Maribyrnong detention centre that the government declared closed on 1 January.

While Border Force has said they will consider the detainees demands over food, to end the lockdown, provide chairs and allow TVs in the detainees rooms, the officials have refused to put anything in writing.

The detainees are also waiting for action to be taken against the guards who assaulted two asylum seekers in MITA South on Tuesday night when one of them asked kitchen staff to pass him garlic sauce for his evening meal.

The arbitrary abuse of power by the Serco guards has to be addressed. The ABF refutes the claims of assault but typically there has been no investigation. An independent human rights audit of the detention centre is urgently needed. Border Force and Serco are a law unto themselves.

Guards that abuse their powers must be held accountable, although there will be no justice until the detention centres are closed, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713


The post...


TRUE OPINION: The family killer and the guns he should never have had "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

TRUE OPINION: Teenagers, Jack and Jennifer Edwards, were killed mid-last year at their Western Sydney home in what police say was a planned attack by their estranged father, John Edwards. There was also a third victim. Their heartbroken mother, Olga Edwards, committed suicide just a month ago, unable to face the trauma of living without her children. Questions are now being asked as to why the 68-year-old financial services worker was able to have possession of not one but two powerful handguns given his history and background, writes Tim Kent.


1) Christians build aid post to help Papuan refugees AWPA Sydney News

2) West Papuans charged with subversion

1) Christians build aid post to help Papuan refugees

Youth group offers lifeline to those who escaped military crackdown on rebels by fleeing into a forest

Women and children rest after fleeing their homes following the deployment of police and military personnel to Nduga district in Indonesia's Papua province, to hunt members of the military wing of the Free Papua Movement that claimed responsibility for killing 20 workers on Dec. 2, 2018. (Photo is supplied)

Benny Mawel, Jayapura  Indonesia  
January 10, 2019


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Thursday, 10 January


1) Not so clueless about Papua: an academic's call for more research on Papua AWPA Sydney News

2) Indonesia: Grasberg Copper Production Set to Plunge in 2019

1) Not so clueless about Papua: an academic's call for more research on Papua

Date 1/9/2019 8:19:07 AM

(MENAFN - The Conversation) Most people, including me, often perceive that Papua, Indonesia's eastern most region, is one of the most underdeveloped and dangerous islands in the archipelago. 
This is the result of a development policy during the New Order regime that neglected the eastern part of Indonesia for decades and only focused on building the island of Java , where more than half of Indonesia's 260 million population live . Such a policy has created economic inequality between the eastern and the western parts of Indonesia, and have caused a number of problems . These include poverty, lack of infrastructures development, poor bureaucratic performance, corruption, and separation movements. 


Almost Too Sick For The Doctor james o'brien

I have been away from work for the last two days with some kind of weird hayfever/summer cold kinda thing. In fact, I felt so shit I was on the verge of cancelling my planned visit to the doctor to have some potential skin cancer spots identified. It would be all too confusing I thought,


Hunger strike against prison conditions in Melbourne detention; video footage exposes guard thuggery Refugee Action Coalition

Around 200 detainees in MITA North, the new high security compound inside the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA), have begun a hunger strike in protest against the compounds prison conditions and guard brutality. The hunger strike began on Tuesday morning (8 January), and was continuing on Wednesday night.

Ironically, the hunger strike has exposed the sleight of hand behind the governments New Years Day announcement that it was closing Maribyrnong detention centre; it closed but a new high security detention compound was opened in MITA to replace it.

The new detention centre is worse than Maribyrnong, one of the hunger strikers told the Refugee Action Coalition. There are no chairs, no TVs in the rooms, no doors or curtain on the toilets. Detainees in MITA North are locked in their rooms between midnight and 7.00am.

There is only one communal TV that is essentially unwatchable because the only chairs available are metal stools bolted to the floor at the eating tables.

Confirming the detainees claims of guard brutality in MITA North, footage also emerged from MITA South of Serco guards physically abusing detainees in the mess room on Tuesday evening (see video footage). The detainee was attacked and forcibly removed from the mess room because he asked if there was sauce he could have with his meal.

There are no kettles allowed; and the hot water arrangement in the sink has not been working so there is no tea or coffee available.

One asylum seeker told the Refugee Action Coalition, I left my country because people were mistreated just like in here. They are worse in here than in my country. The guard who you can see in the video, has punched many people, but he has never been charged. There is no law in Australia.

The detainees protested against the daily midnight lockdowns on Tuesday night by refusing to go into their rooms. They intend to refuse to enter their rooms tonight (Wednesday) as well.

Extra guards have been mobilised on Wednesday, said to be being paid $40 an hour; money that could buy kettles or chairs.

The conditions in MITA are inhuman. Border Force control has created militarised detention centres that are worse than prisons, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

The should be a human rights inspection of the detention centres. The government must end the...


Typecast as a Drug Mule "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Maam, would you mind stepping over here so that I can test your bag?

The only time I get called maam in my life is when my bag is about to be tested for drugs.

I went willingly, a little annoyed. I have no drugs, I have never had drugs, and I would never bring drugs on a plane. Thats like wearing a Nazi costume to a dress-up party party: you technically probably could do it, but its essentially best for everyone if you refrain.

Arriving at Sydney and changing planes to go to Canberra, I was stopped again.

Excuse me, maam, would you mind stepping over here so that I can test you bags for explosives?

Holy shit! Dude, if there are explosives in my bag, even I wanna know about it.

Sure! I said, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, practically throwing my bag at him.

By the time I was stopped again at Sydney heading back to Wellington a week later, I had had enough.

Maam, please step this way and read this card which explains your rights, the big Australian official told me.

I didnt even read the card. I stood silently while they checked my bag, knowing they wouldnt find anything. By the end of the inspection, I was determined to get someone official who knew me, like my mum, to write me a hand-written note saying that I would always be drug-free on international flights. She could even stamp it with a little Mum Approved stamp.

The first time this happened to me, I was twenty and had landed in Vancouver.

Canadians are so nice, eh. Theyll be so good to you, eh. They love their Kiwis eh.

I had all of those stereotypes swirling in my head as I entered their arrival terminal full of large wooden Indigenous art pieces, while I waited for my suitcase, and while I was strolling away with my suitcase, about to enter the country that is essentially New Zealand on steroids.

The lady took the tall slim declaration card, saw the number that was scrawled on it, and indicated for me to walk into a different queue, away from the stream of people heading out the door.

That number should have been my first red flag. The passport officer asked m...


Au revoir construction cycle (KIBOSH!) "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Crunch time!

Back in November 2017 there were some 12,823 attached dwellings approved, but by November 2018 the equivalent figure has collapsed 5,921, an impressive swan dive of 54 per cent. 

On the one hand, as you may recall, the prior year figure was inflated by a record 6,512 unit approvals in Melbourne, when half of Footscray was apparently approved for high-rise apartment living. 

On the other hand, this is no time for complacency as even the apartment projects that are under construction are increasingly stalling or at risk of failing. 

The smoothed monthly trend figures show that house approvals also declined virtually throughout 2018. 

Furthermore, Sydney's unit approvals fell to a multi-year low in November, all the way back down to levels commensurate with under-building for the prevailing level of population growth, sowing the seeds of the next cycle. 

Annual unit approvals in Brisbane have fallen by well over 50 per cent from their peak of three years earlier, and are now tracking at the lowest level since 2013. 

Even in Hobart - which has record job vacancies and has experienced the tightest rental market imaginable - unit approvals have been running at close to zero sine the Royal Commission kicked off. 



Man acquitted of murdering his wife claims police ignored evidence "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The W.A. cops are a rough lot so this is all highly believable. Bashing Aborigines is their chief skill.  The Rayney affair is a huge scandal.  All the police involved should be dismissed

A man who was wrongly accused of killing his wife is calling for 'the injustice to end' and for investigators to find her killer.

Barrister Lloyd Rayney was awarded more than $2.6 million in damages against the Western Australian government last year in one of the state's largest defamation payouts.

The payout came after he was publicly named by police as the prime and only suspect in the death of his wife Corryn Rayney in August 2007.

Evidence has since come to light places two violent sexual predators within just blocks of the Rayney's home at the time of the murder.

Corryn Rayney, 44, went to a boot-scooting class on August 7, 2007 and never returned home. Her body was found days later in a sandy grave in Perth's King's Park.

In an interview with 60Minutes, Mr Rayney said there were holes in the investigation.  'It's now been 11 years, it's 11 long years, and someone has literally gotten away with murder,' he said. 'Nothing gets better until her killer is prosecuted.'

Convicted rapist Ivan Eades lived in the same suburb as the Rayneys and a cigarette butt covered in his DNA was found by police outside their house on the day Corryn disappeared.

Eades' cousin, violent paedophile Allon Mitchell Lacco,  lived in an apartment near the Bentley Community Centre, where Ms Rayney was last seen alive.

On the day that Ms Rayney disappeared, phone records show that Lacco had allegedly used the phonebooth near the home.

When Lacco was pulled over by police the day after Ms Rayney's body was found, police found sand in the boot of his car, as well as a knife.

A year later investigators tracked Lacco in Sydney, where they found a diary page for August 2007, the month Ms Rayney was killed, with map of Kings Park and the floor plan of the supreme court - where Ms Rayney was a registrar.

Lacco was interviewed by police but detectives did not take the investigation any further.

A resident of an apartment block near Kings Park also reportedly heard a loud scream from the park on the night Ms Rayney disappeared. Police reportedly discounted the claim.

Police based their case on Mr Rayney on the idea that his wife had been killed in their family home and driven in her body in her car to the park.

But their daughter was home at the time he supposedly killed her and their other daughter was expected home at any time.

Mr Rayney said the case made no sense but the public had formed the opinion that he was guilty base...

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Wednesday, 09 January


THEM NEWS CORP IDIOTS AT IT AGAIN! Daily Telegraph forced to apologise to high-profile lawyer Adam Houda after disgraceful lies about being the brother of dangerous alleged criminal "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

EXCLUSIVE: The silly and dangerous clowns over at News Corp have done it once again, this time forced to apologise to prominent Sydney lawyer Adam Houda after the Daily Telegraph this week published disgraceful lies he was the brother of a violent man arrested for allegedly shooting another man in the foot at a Western Sydney gym.


UWS Refugee scholarship Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group

The UWS Refugee Scholarship program targets students from refugee backgrounds. Read about two of the recipients, download the flyer with the information and selection criteria and download the application form. Applications close 22 February.


In which the silly season keeps on being silly ... "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

The silly season continues at the lizard Oz, with Adam doing a classic troll, the reptiles apparently discovering that the HUN loves to incite neo-Nazis, and the Paris treaty under threat yet again

The pond rarely bites with Adam, but that Anning thing? 

Was someone suggesting the entire HUN gang should be sacked for demonising the African Australian community in Melbourne for the past year or more?

Ah, never mind, it's just a crow eater thing, with Penberthy gone rogue, and the HUNsters are safe to carry on their demonising this year who knows, they might get 200 to the next get together celebrating the HUN's campaign about threatening aliens ...

As for news of Paris, the pond thought same old, same old, until it looked down the digital page and hang on, hang on, what's this?

The second eleven must be in charge - is there a first eleven anywhere in the land, send in some Sydney rain? - or perhaps they lowered the dose of the kool aid in the office water cooler, or perhaps all the coffees prepared by the world-class baristas of Surry Hills are at last having an impact on the 'leets


1) Polish man accused of treason in Indonesia refuses trial AWPA Sydney News

2) Why Indonesias military and police cant get along
3) Budget regulation causes delay on Papuan scholarship scheme

4) Secretariat occupied, KNPB files a summons against the police

1) Polish man accused of treason in Indonesia refuses trial

January 08 2019 11:57 AM


Listings down sharply in December "IndyWatch Feed Melbourne"

Vendors pull up the ladder

The end of the year is generally quieter for real estate, but stock on market fell more sharply than expected last month, especially in Sydney (-18 per cent) and Melbourne (-17 per cent). 

Figures elsewhere have also shown that the number of new listings is at the lowest level in 8 years, suggesting that most owners are simply sitting out the downturn, even if the total stock on market is higher due to slower selling times. 

Despite this listings are still more than 25 per cent higher than a year earlier in Melbourne, so there are some significant challenges there (in spite of the massive population growth down that way). 

Painfully slow transaction levels, though, whatever spin anyone tries to put on it.


The Weekly Times TWT 9th January 2019 The Weekly Times

The Weekly Times - TWT - is a campaigning, crusading, truth-seeking, death defying, Aussie battler-aligned, one-eyed-Tiger-led news organisation dedicated to Sydney's north west. This flip book - or digital edition/replica - is the 9th January 2019 edition of TWT. #TWT090119

The post The Weekly Times TWT 9th January 2019 appeared first on The Weekly Times.

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Tuesday, 08 January


'New chapter of persecution': Indonesia cracks down on West Papua separatists AWPA Sydney News

'New chapter of persecution': Indonesia cracks down on West Papua separatists
Helen Davidson  @heldavidson   
Email Tue 8 Jan 2019 16.03 AEDT

Headquarters trashed and three people charged with treason for holding a prayer meeting marking groups fifth anniversary

Indonesian forces have raided and allegedly destroyed the offices of the West Papuan liberation group, taking over one site in what lawyers for the group claim is an illegal occupation.
The raids, which have prompted threats of legal action, as well as several arrests and three treason charges, come amid an increased crackdown on the separatist movement and continuing violence in the decades-long insurgency against Indonesia.
Three headquarters of the West Papuan National Committee (KNPB) the domestic arm of the liberation campaign were raided by Indonesia police and military (TNI) in recent weeks, with two destroyed and the Timika office taken over for use as a joint military-police outpost...


Nobel laureate Ramos-Horta urges Indonesia-Papua dialogue AWPA Sydney News

Nobel laureate Ramos-Horta urges Indonesia-Papua dialogue
DILI, East Timor Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jose Ramos-Horta has urged Indonesias government to hold talks with the Papuan independence movement to help end a decades-long insurgency in the countrys easternmost region.
Ramos-Horta, joint recipient of the 1996 Nobel prize for efforts to bring independence and peace to East Timor, which suffered a brutal Indonesian occupation for nearly a quarter century, said he believes the Papua regions future is within Indonesia, not as a separate state.
Talk to the Papuans, the OPM (Free Papua Organization), but as brothers of Indonesia, Ramos-Horta said in an interview last week. The Papuans, they have to feel that the government, the people in Java, really care about them.
The conflict between Indonesia and the rebels, who number perhaps just several hundred, flared again last month when armed separatists in Nduga killed at least 17 people working on a trans-Papua highway construction site thats a key part of President Joko Widodos efforts to bring deve...

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Monday, 07 January


'Crooked cops' book removed from circulation "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Victoria Police is one of the state's most corrupt organisations, where the judicature has a vested interest at keeping that kind information under wraps, under whatever pretext possible.

While the media today may report on cases like Lawyer X (or Informer 3838), the true extent of Victoria Police's corruption is deliberately kept from the public domain.

In any interactions with police where criminal offences (which include driving offences) are alleged, Victoria Police cannot be trusted, under any circumstances, where it would be of benefit to the accused to have more than one witness and/or a recording device which streams to the 'cloud' should police unlawfully confiscate one's smartphone.

See article from The Sydney Morning Herald, published on the 7th of October 2010 of the following headline:

'Crooked cops' book pulled

A BOOK that claims to reveal significant corruption in the Victoria Police is being pulled from Victorian bookshops.

The Office of Public Prosecutions threatened the publisher of the book, written by former criminal lawyer Andrew Fraser who served five years in jail for importing cocaine, with an injunction.

Acting DPP Gavin Silbert, SC, says Snouts in the Trough: A True Story of the Underworld and the Brotherhood behind the Badge reveals the identities of several people who are subject to suppression orders in Victoria.

The book, which is the follow-up to Fraser's bestselling memoirs, Court in the Middle and Lunatic Soup, claims to reveal significant corruption in the Victorian police force. It relies on the testimony of former detective sergeant Malcolm Rosenes, the drug-squad officer who arrested Fraser and was himself later jailed for trafficking drugs.

Fraser, who stressed he had not set out to break the law, told The Age some of the suppression orders he was alleged to have breached had been in place for ''an eternity''.

''They are not meant to last forever One of the suppression orders I am alleged to have breached related to someone who's dead.''

Julie Pinkham, managing director of Hardie Grant Books, the publisher, said the company wo...


1) Support grows in PNG for an independence vote in West Papua AWPA Sydney News

2) Government urged to act on evidence of use of incendiary weapons in West Papua West Papua Action Auckland
3) Papuan KNPB activists questioned for alleged treason
1) Support grows in PNG for an independence vote in West Papua
By Natalie Whiting on AM
There's been renewed unrest and violence West Papua in recent months, and it's gaining attention across the border in Papua New Guinea.
People in PNG feel a strong connection to those on the other side of the island and there has been some renewed support for a referendum in the Indonesian territory.
The calls are also c...


1) West Papua group's office shutdown sparks fears AWPA Sydney News

3) Freeport`s Revenue will be Down in 2019: ESDM Ministry

1) West Papua group's office shutdown sparks fears
about 1 hour ago 

Fears are growing among the West Papua National Committee, or KNPB, as the group faces a crackdown on its offices by Indonesian authorities.
The KNPB said its headq...

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Sunday, 06 January


In which the pond does a Sunday meditation with the bromancer and a vacuum cleaner ... "IndyWatch Feed"

The pond has spent the entire weekend worrying about the fate of Xians, though the thunderstorm that broke over Sydney yesterday came a close second

In olden times, the pond might have spent its time worrying about spending time with witches (uppity women, feminists, the ones that dare to dance with joy, you know the kind), or perverted gays or irredeemable atheists, but happily they were never persecuted - they were just confined to solitary and assured of an eternity in hellfire for their damnable ways

Before beginning this lengthy meditation, the pond should perhaps point out that there are other things worth in reading and doing the pond for example, recently meditated on Peter Brown's A World Winking with Messages in the NYRB, but alas, it's inside the paywall, and so it can't contaminate the reptile paranoia with this sort of heresy

Rebillard shows that though they might be urged by their religious leaders,  in times of crisis, to stick to their Christian identity above all others, most early Christians were usually happy to get along in many roles unconnected with their religion - as members of families, as neighbours, as fellow workers, and as good citizens. The writings of the Early Church Fathers that urged a radical rupture with the pagan world lie heavy on the shelves of modern libraries. But at the time they represented the shutting of stable doors long after the horse had bolted.
This approach is particularly applicable to the study of early Christian art. In previous generations, the notion of the "Church of the Catacombs" predominated. Christians were thought to be frozen into a single, embattled identity. Christian art was held to reflect this defensive position 

But enough of heresies, it's off to the reptile battlements to person the defences, with the bromancer's EXCLUSIVE a good enough place to...

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Friday, 04 January


1) West Papua National Committee sends legal notice to Mimika Police AWPA Sydney News

2) Flood inundates residential area in Jayapura, Papua
3) 4.2-magnitude earthquake jolts Jayapura, Papua

1) West Papua National Committee sends legal notice to Mimika Police
News Desk The Jakarta Post

Jakarta   /   Fri, January 4, 2019   /   01:15 pm



Fabels at Moshpit All in the Name of Liberty

I got out and saw Ben and Hiske play at Moshpit last night, for the first time in ages.

One of my New Years resolutions is to 'go out more' (haha), like see some bands and maybe draw some of them, and also find some venues and galleries to show in.

I would have like to sketch Renee Falez and Dirk Kruithof etc's punk band, but when I went to shake Ben's hand after their set I dropped my piece of graphite amongst leads and foldback speakers, never to be seen again. I didn't have a spare, have to be better prepared.

I put all the links to my paintings and drawings of performers, with a heap of images, on my bands and performance page. It's been a while since I brought it up to date but I will soon


January 4 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1688 - Billy Boy Sooki-La-La Dampi-Pants (better known in serious history blogs as William Dampier) rocked up on the shore of King Sound in Westralia and pronounced the Aboriginal People as,
"The miserablest people in the world."
Giving him the royal birdie down the tunnels of history is the fact he's remembered best for his wankerish grasp of the English language and that his pithy evaluation delayed the colonialisation of Oz for a century.

1798 - The first land sale in Australia took place in the area now known as Bankstown. And I bet they were getting blood from a stone...just like today.

1802 - Lt John Murray was a bright lad, a chap who knew his onions and used his God-given grey matter between his ears so he knew exactly what he was eyeballing when he was at the opening to Port Phillip Bay....., Snodgrass, it wasn't the secret door to Narnia....wrong, Cedric Longbottom, it was not the hidden back passage to your fathers wine cellar....yes, finally, Crispin, you pulled your finger out of the dyke (sorry, Ma'am) and got a leg over in class!
It was, in fact, the entrance to Port Phillip Bay he'd found.

1804 - Lieut-Col. David Collins examined the site of Launceston, but, being a picky bugger, he decided to continue on to the River Derwent.

1808 - Not a great day for Lieutenant John Putland, son-in-law of Governor Bligh, who died on this day of tuberculosis at Government House and was buried in the grounds of Government House.
Then he got shifted all over the shop; next he was buried in a vault at old St Phillip's on Church Hill, but later relocated to Town Hall burial ground, then later relocated to St Stephens (headstone remains in present St Phillip's). Mary Putland had intended to have the body sent back to England, but was prevented by the outbreak of the rebellion.

1810 - Today saw Gov Lachlan Macquarie stamp his foot and get Roolly Cross with those naughty mischievous monkeys playing at the Rum Rebellion in the NSW Corps who had deposed Macquarie's predecessor poor old Gov Bligh; Lachlan cancelled all the land grants, bequests and trials, then dismissed all the trouble makers from authority.
He was cleaning out his closet.

1812 - They were all cock-a-hoop at the Notice of arrival of the ship Speedwell at Sydney filled to the gunwales with Shoalhaven cedar.

1814 - Things were looking up for Thomas West when he received a conditional pardon today in consideration of his general good conduct and character for sobriety and industry and in having erected a water mill for the grinding of grain at Barcom Glen within two miles of Sydney, being the first water-mill ever erected in the vicinity of Sydney.

1815 - The Frances and Eliza, en route to Australia with 123 convicts, were captured by US pr...

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Thursday, 03 January


Yen Surges After Apple Upsets the Currency Cart "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Traders point to a jump in activity on Japanese retail trading platforms, poor liquidity elsewhere in the market, and fragility of investor sentiment



Currency markets were thrown into a spasm early in Asia on Thursday, with the Japanese yen surging during less-than-liquid trading hours, following weeks in which market sentiment has soured.

The U.S. dollar fell by as much as 3.7% against the yen, immediately following a weaker-than-expected sales forecast from Apple Inc. that was issued after U.S. markets closed. The currency retraced much of its move in later trading, and was recently down 1.1% against the yen at 107.63 as European markets opened.

Traders pointed to a significant jump in currency trading volumes on Japanese retail trading platforms, poor liquidity elsewhere in the market, and the fragility of investor sentiment after a bleak and volatile end to 2018 as key factors behind the market moves.

Theres very thin liquidity, said Michael Turner, currency strategist at RBC Capital Markets, based in Sydney. It seems like everyones taking any cues to sell whatever they can.

The Apple result being poor, can you really blame that? he added, In ordinary times, people wouldnt bother with a theory like that, but in this sort of skittish environment anything can happen.

The yen tends to be popular as a so-called haven currency during times of economic or political turmoil. Japanese investors often repatriate overseas investments during weak market periods, driving up the value of the yen.

Other currencies were hit during Thursdays sharp repricing. The British pound was down 0.4% against the U.S. dollar at $1.255, while the Australian dollara common barometer of risk appetitedropped 0.3% to $0.696.

Moves against some other currencies were even l...

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Friday, 09 November


Coal Power Killing Australians. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Hi Keith,
We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 21 November 2018, EJA will be releasing a report we commissioned into the health burden from air pollution due to electricity generation in NSW. 

This is the first report of its kind in Australia, despite decades of pollution belching from coal-fired power stations throughout Australia. The report has implications for millions of Australians.  
Be one of the first to hear about the findings direct from the author, Dr Ben Ewald an epidemiologist. During November, Dr Ewald will address a series of public forums in NSW. For details and to confirm youre coming, click on the links below.
Sydney, 21 November, 6:30pm Glebe Town Hall 
Lake Macquarie, 22 November, 6:30pm Club Macquarie  
Newcastle, 26 November, 6:30pm Newcastle Town Hall 
Lithgow, 28 November, 6:30pm Uniting Church Parish Hall Lithgow  
Central Coast, 29 November, 6:30pm Wyee Community Hall

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Wednesday, 27 June


SWOP in Marrickville "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Check out the action at the last SWOP at Addison Road Street Food Markets in Marrickville. It was cold and rainy, but that didnt stop us InnerWesties from getting our swap on.


SWOP Marrickville

SWOP (Swap wearables and plants) at Addison Road Street Food Markets. Thanks to Pilar from Green Living Centre for the video.

Posted by Sydney Community Forum on Thursday, 7 June 2018


Thanks to all who joined us!

Were keen to do it again soon, so LIKE Sydney LETS and Sydney Community Forum Facebook pages if you want to get updates.

Thanks to Pilar from Green Living Centre for the groovy little stop motion video.


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Monday, 07 May


The Sharing Map "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

SydneyLETS and a whole bunch of other sharing initiatives have been highlighted in The Sharing Map.

This map interactive helps people locate sharing initiatives and engage with collaborative economy in order to save time and money, while connecting with others in the community.

If you youre curious about different ways to share clothes, toys, cars, skills, bikes and spaces check out the The Sharing Map online and follow The Sharing Map on Facebook.

The map itself was created at a MapJam which gathered people together to share their knowledge about sharing resources around Sydney. Watch the video below to learn more:



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Friday, 04 May


MP travel claims and elections: Were the rules broken or stretched? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

In a series of Deirdre Chambers-like coincidences, at least three parliamentarians made claims for travel and travel allowances that coincided with election activities in Queensland and NSW towards the end of 2017.

Labor MP (and former Treasurer) Wayne Swan and Pauline Hanson One Nation Senator Brian Burston made claims for tax payer funded travel to or around Queensland on the weekend of that states election in November 2017.

The following week, Nationals Senator for NSW, John Williams, claimed travelling allowance for an overnight stay in Tamworth on the evening of the by-election in New England that saw Barnaby Joyce returned to Parliament after his disqualification in the High Court.

Travel rules for Commonwealth MPs, while quite generous, do provide some sharp cut offs around business that cant be characterised as parliamentary, executive or official business, but rather takes on a patina more consistent with that of party activity.

The Handbook in effect for the relevant period says of claims for travel:

Senators and Members are responsible for ensuring that any travel at Commonwealth expense is undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, that is, in most circumstances only for Parliamentary, electorate or official business, but not party business

Swan Song

Former Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, spoke at a Melbourne ALP event on the evening of Friday 24 November to honour Jenny Macklins contribution to the election of the Rudd Government in 2007 10 years before.

Swans speech on the occasion is a generous encomium to Ms Macklin.

According to The Australian, Anthony Albanese reportedly characterised this Macklin event as a party fundraiser similar to one he was holding a week later in Sydney.

However, with polling day in Queensland on Saturday, November 25, Swan returned to Queensland. This he did with an $1025 flight from Melbourne to Brisbane on election day.


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Sunday, 08 April


The Paris Seamstress and Brandenburg Quartet Arts Monday "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Bestselling Australian author, Natasha Lester, weaves sweeping stories of strong women succeeding in a male dominated world at key historical moments. Her latest book, The Paris Seamstress, shows just how much a young Parisian seamstress, Estella Bissette, will sacrifice to make her mark in New Yorks fashion scene of the 1940s. Then, seventy- five years later, as her granddaughter, Fabienne Bissette, learns more about her grandmothers past, she uncovers a story of tragedy, heartbreak and secrets and the sacrifices made for love. Crossing generations, societys boundaries and international turmoil, The Paris Seamstressis the fascinating, transporting story of the special relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter as they attempt to heal the heartache of the past.

Author, Natasha Lester, is my guest today.

The Paris Seamstress by Natasha Lester, is published by Hachette Australia.

The Brandenburg Quartet brings together the four principals of the multi ARIA Award-winning Orchestras string section: violinists, Shaun Lee-Chen and Ben Dollman; violist Monique ODea; and cellist, Jamie Hey. Performing exclusively on gut strings, the group seeks to explore and shed light on little-known works and composers, in addition to well-loved quartets of the classical repertoire. The Brandenburg Quartet are bringing the unique sound world of the Brandenburg in their debut performance at the Independent Theatre with a program of exquisite classical quartets played on period instruments.

Violist, Monique ODea, is my guest today.

Brandenburg Quartet | Saturday 14 April 2018 at 7pm

The Independent Theatre, 269 Miller Street, North Sydney

DURANTE Concerto for Strings in G Minor | ROMBERG String Quartet in F Major, Op.1/3

HAYDN String Quartet in D Minor, Op.76/2.

More Info:


I look forward to your company 10.30am 12.00pm





New App Lets You Help First-Responders in Terror Attacks "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A witness to the Barcelona attack in August 2017 (Photo: PAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Images)A witness to the Barcelona attack in August 2017 (Photo: PAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Images)

A new app being developed will turn a smartphone into an intelligence-gathering device during a terror attack or other emergency situation, The Weekend Australian reported.

The app will allow citizens to collect information through audio or video recordings and send it to a centralized cloud platform so that police, first responders and the like can get accurate information during an attack.

The idea for the app came after the attack at the Lindt Caf in downtown Sydney in 2014 where a terrorist held 18 people hostage. During the 16-hour siege that ensued, first responders did not have access to real-time information from the hostages themselves, greatly hampering their ability to act.

The citizen-centric app, which is being developed by The Citadel Group in Australia, can also be used to crowdsource information in the event of car-jackings, kidnappings and the like.

Now emergency services can see what people are seeing, hear what people are hearing and understand whether its a single incident or coordinated attack, said Citadel CEO Daren Stanley.

Instead of three separate incidents being called in separately and treated individually, the in-built analytics of this platform determines that there are three incidents reported within two kilometers of each other which are atypical and may be a coordinated attack. Traditionally that sort of insight may take hours to develop this app makes it seamless.

The fact that the information is stored on a cloud platform means that you can do it at a pace and at a cost that you could never do using traditional platforms, Stanley added.

Citadel also plans to use the app as a prototype to develop similar apps in the fields of wel...


Culture Guide: 9 April 15 April: #allthefeels, Women In Shadows, The Flick and more "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
Brought to you by the City Of Sydney

The post Culture Guide: 9 April 15 April: #allthefeels, Women In Shadows, The Flick and more appeared first on FBi Radio.


Hard science can be undertaken on 'anomalies.' "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Dear readers,

I note that tomorrow, Sydney researcher Bill Chalker and abductee Peter Khoury are speaking in my home town of Melbourne at a VUFOA sponsored event. I am looking forward to going along as a silent observer. I am hoping that the duo may be providing some updated information about the physical evidence aspects of Peter's experiences. For readers who may be unaware of these details, which involve DNA analyses here is a link.

The 'Ata' anomaly

Coincidently, DNA analyses of an apparently anomalous skeleton, which some have suggested is extraterrestrial, features in a US CNN report dated 22 March 2018. 

A mummified skeleton was found 15 years ago in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The recent Dr Steven Greer documentary 'Sirius' which featured this skeleton, strongly proposed that the skeleton was of an extraterrestrial 'alien.' 

However, an article just published in the scientific journal 'Genome Research' reveals that this unusual skeleton is actually human, with multiple bone disease-associated mutations, thus giving it a very unusual appearance. Here is hard science at its best.

The 'Starchild' skull

A second recently published hard science analysis, including DNA work, reports on an unusual 900 year old skull found in the 1930's in Mexico. US researcher Lloyd Pye initiated work on this skull between 1999 and 2014 looking for evidence as to the possibilit...


April 8 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1658 - Abraham Leeman van Santwits was the first officer and navigator of Waeckend Boey and he and 13 sailors were marooned on an island off the coast while trying to find survivors of the Gilt Dragon. They ate seabirds and seals to survive and dug a small well from which surprisingly they obtained reasonably fresh water to drink. Leeman urged his men to make repairs to the boat including a make shift sail of seal skins. Today in 1658 they began their voyage home to Batavia.

1800 - Today saw the first recorded public performance of a Shakespearean play in Australia.
The popular historical drama Henry IV Part 1 was performed at the Theatre Sydney according to a playbill advertising the event which is held in the Mitchell Library, State Library of NSW.
Margaret and David gave it 4 stars.

1802 - Matthew Flinders - that well-trained servant of the famous cat Trim - was pottering about the coast when he happened upon a French explorer chappie by the name of Nicholas Baudin today; being the polite, well-mannered souls that they were they sat and shared a coupla scones, a pot of tea, and various charts, maps and where-you-can-find-fresh-water knowledge as those explorer peeps are wont to do.
Matthew must have enjoyed the conversation greatly for he dubbed the spot Encounter Bay.

1814 - William Shelley scribed some fan-mail, dated Parramatta, 8 April 1814, to Governor Macquarie, about the civilisation of the natives, their relations with European women and a plan for an institution segregating boys and girls and educating them.

1816 - Wave your little wooden leg with gay abandon!
The patients were transferred from the old hospital to the new General Hospital in Sydney on this day.

1817 - Mary Reibey had a spare sitting room gathering dust in her house at Macquarie Place so a gaggle of Sydney merchants, with a nod and a wink from Gov Macquarie himself, started the Bank of NSW from her parlour. It changed its moniker to Westpac in 1982.

1822 - Charles Throsby wrote to Alexander Berry re the Shoalhaven cedar venture, the bearer of the letter being a native named Broughton who had been born at Shoalhaven.

1826 - Tired of reading tram timetables by torchlight, the first street lamp in Oz sprung to life in Macquarie Place, Sydney.

1829 - Charles White was hanged at Sydney for the murder of Thomas Murphy at Luskintyre.

The Colonial Times, published at Hobart Town, has put forth a lengthy and sensible article under this head, which the talented editor has followed up by two others on the same subject. It is a production worthy the consideration of the public, and an honor alike to the head and heart of its author. The humane feelings of a true Englishman recoils at the inhuman practice of bin...

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Saturday, 07 April


Regent Honeyeater in the spotlight "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Regent Honeyeater - Capertee 
A dazzling combination of vibrant colours explodes from a cluster of pink mugga ironbark flowers. A Regent Honeyeater attacks the flowers with gusto before another, then another, bird appears. An estimated 1012 honeyeaters are present, flitting between ironbarks and yellow box trees on a grassy woodland slope in Capertee National Park, on the western fringe of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in NSW.
Regent Honeyeater adult & juvenile - Capertee
I had seen the critically endangered Regent Honeyeater just three times over close to 50 years of birding - once at Storm King Dam near the NSW-Queensland border; once at Stanmore in south-east Queensland; and once at Glenbrook, west of Sydney. To see them again at Capertee was a joy. What was particularly encouraging was that two recently fledged juveniles were among the group, so they had nested successfully in the area. In another part of the Capertee Valley the next day, I found a second group of 3-4 birds, so my life tally of encount...


April 7 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1780 Jorgen Jorgensen, he who would become King of Iceland and claim the throne of Denmark but, in the end, would die homeless and penniless on the streets of Hobart as a convict, was pupped on this day.

1790 - Supplys trawling nets were deployed; about four hundred- weight of fish being brought up, it was issued to the English.

1805 - After 3 weeks the spear was extracted from the Cow Pastures (Camden) leader Cogy. Despite his wound, Cogy was well enough to take part in a punishment trial at the Hawkesbury River.

1815 Bathurst, New South Wales was founded following its discovery by George Evans.

1819 - The NSW Govt-built schooner (that's a ship not a beer glass) Prince Regent, intended as a gift for the King of the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) was launched with spectacular gusto today; having taken over 3 years to build it was a bit of a let down when Lord Bathurst sent a text from the Colonial Office to Macquarie suggesting the ship would make a fully sick boat for Lieut. King in which to gallivant about the continent.But King wanted a roolly fully wicked ship so he flashed the cash and bought himself another boat so the Prince Regent toddled about doing donkey work until she was finally sailed off into the sunset towards Hawaii and taken possession of by King Liholiho on May 1st 1822.

1835 - Major Thomas Mitchell set out on his second expedition, determined to discredit the discoveries made by Sturt.

1841 Edward John Eyre became the first European to cross the Nullarbor Plain, arrived in Western Australia.

1851 - William Tom and John Lister were a tad bored so they went out, played in the creek at Ophir and dug up some GOLD!
Edward Hargraves did not, I repeat, did NOT discover the gold.
He was just a very greedy boy.

1881 - George Adams knew the worth of 2 flies crawling up a wall and so he held the first Tattersall's Sweep on the Sydney Cup neddy race. This was the first of Tattersall's lotteries, run from the Tattersall's pub in Sydney.

1887 - The Main North Railway Line (NSW) was opened from Hornsby - Jct (Start Boronia No 5 deviation) to Jct (Start Boronia No 5 deviation) - Jct (End Boronia No 5 deviation) to Jct (End Boronia No 5 deviation) - Hawkesbury River.

1891 - Brilliant cartoonist who lampooned Hitler and created Colonel Blimp, Sir David Low, was born in New Zealand. His cartoons were published when he was only 15 and The Bulletin invited him onto their staff, in Australia, when he was 18.

1893 - Today saw the ever-so-ungainly collapse of the Commercial Bank of Oz when the cocks came home to roost after the silly 'Land Boomers' had done their dough, done other peoples' dough and some had done the 10 feet dash at the end of a rope after the huge land speculation chicanery....

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Show me the money: unravelling the web of Australian charities "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The wealth of the various religious denominations active in Australia is a point of interest in the wake of the Royal Commission into the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, yet the true financial worth of religions in Australia remains something of a mystery.

According to a six-month investigation by journalists for The Age:

Many researchers have attempted to estimate the wealth of the church in Australia and globally, but the efforts have been stymied by a lack of reliable financial data.

Making no secret of their refusal to bow to the expectations of a modern democratic society, the Catholic Church was a major critic of the introduction of the charities regulator, putting the new agency under threat of abolition at one point.

Im well aware that Sydney lobbied the opposition very hard on this issue, says Senator Stephens. They got to Kevin Andrews early.

Fairfax has linked the obfuscatory culture of religious institutions with historical abuse.

Special issues were often discussed, internally, in conjunction with asset protection strategies.

In its findings, the royal commission slammed such secrecy: It is clear to us from those minutes that the purpose of not recording information was to protect the assets of the archdiocese in the event of a claim being made against it.


It would be interesting to know why the investigations carried out by Fairfax and The Age querying the worth of religious organisations makes no mention of the ACNC data. Having said that, the information I am about to present is the result of several months work, an effort which is not to be taken on lightly, nor easily dismissed.

In this blog post I will introduce what the data published by the charities regulator can tell us about the wealth of religious charities in Australia. This data comes from Annual Information Statements which are required from all registered charities with the exception of what the...


Bluesfest 2018 Music Highlights "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Eastside FM volunteer Paula Towers was one of thousands who attended this years Bluesfest musical feast held over Easter at Byron Bay. She outlines some highlights.

CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers

Image: Marc Stapelberg

Ageless Nile Rodgers at 65 years young and having survived two battles with cancer  burns up the dance floor with the energy of someone half his age. As he recounted to the audience how a local paper referred to Chic as a covers band, he feigned indignity amusingly declaring: I wrote all those hits! And numerous they are as well as the soundtrack for many a (misspent) youth. With pop hits such as Le Freak and Get Lucky, this multi-award winning composer, arranger and guitarist, has produced for Diana Ross, David Bowie, Sister Sledge, INXS and Madonna as well as collaborated with Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk. No surprise that this music legend had the crowd on their feet and a perfect lead in to the next performer, Lionel.

Lionel Richie

Gonna see Lionel? Better get in early! was the cry around BluesFest. Not really requiring an intro, music icon Lionel Richies exhaustive list of achievements include 100 million albums sold worldwid...


Ancient Origins of Viruses Discovered "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Research published today in Nature has found that many of the viruses infecting us today have ancient evolutionary histories that date back to the first vertebrates and perhaps the first animals in existence.

[...] The researchers discovered 214 novel RNA viruses (where the genomic material is RNA rather than DNA) in apparently healthy reptiles, amphibians, lungfish, ray-finned fish, cartilaginous fish and jawless fish.

"This study reveals some groups of virus have been in existence for the entire evolutionary history of the vertebrates -- it transforms our understanding of virus evolution," said Professor Eddie Holmes, of the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases & Biosecurity at the University of Sydney.

"For the first time we can definitely show that RNA viruses are many millions of years old, and have been in existence since the first vertebrates existed.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


US to Back Poland with Guns and Money "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The ASX might not be doing much right now but there are some big spending decisions still being made.

The Australian Financial Review reports this morning that AMP Capital has begun constructing its Quay Quarter Tower in Sydney. Cost: $2.7 billion.

If the picture in the paper is anything to go by, it sure will be something to look at when its finished in 2021.

But even a skyscraper looks cheap compared to whats happening in Russia right now.

The worlds biggest gas company Gazprom is constructing a pipeline thats 3,000 kilometres long across Siberia and into China.

The bill here: US$55 billion. Its due to be finished in December 2019.

As Ill explain below, Russia has no choice but to pivot to China

Why Poland holds most favoured nation status

Its a tough gig building a Siberian pipeline.

The workers putting it together have to battle temperature swings of 80 degrees Celsius and wild bear attacks, as well as dealing with rivers, swamps and permafrost.

But its the overarching geopolitics of it all that makes for fascinating observation.

Russia is trying to diversify its oil and gas revenue away from Europe, which remains heavily influenced by the US.

It makes sense from the numbers alone. China is the worlds biggest energy importer. Russia has the largest natural gas reserves.

Its a match made in heaven.

But relations between Russia and China havent always been friendly. Though thats changing as a matter of necessity.

Russian strategists will be eyeing their Western flank with more trepidation now than they have before.

Poland has signed a US$4.7 billion contract with US company Raytheon for its Patriot missile defence system.

This follows on from Donald Trumps visit to Poland in 2017 to sort out a new energy deal for the US. Reuters reported in February that US LNG, crude oil and coal is now contracted for export to Poland.

Not only that, but Poland wont be renewing a contract it has with Russias Gazprom after it expires in 2022.

Naturally, this will further diminish the revenue Russia receives from oil and gas. Thats already hurting as competition and low prices bite.

Poland will continue to hold a favoured nation status with the US for the foreseeable future.

As the perfect place for the US to hold a wedge in Europe, expect all sorts of technology transfers, military assistance and dollars to shower Poland............


April 6 #OnThisDay in #Australian #History "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

1806 - Report on Aborigines massacred at Twofold Bay. The report tells of weeks of tension ending in a confrontation between 11 sealers from the stranded whaler George and a tribal group which resulted in the death of nine Aboriginals. The report is silent on the cause of the tension however sealers were notorious for their treatment of Aboriginal people in Tasmania and the abduction of Aboriginal and Maori women

1816 - The Principal Superintendent of Convicts William Hutchinson announced on 6th April that 'a quantity of female prisoners' had arrived on the Alexander and those colonists desirous of a housekeeper should apply to his Office.

1822 - Francis Murphy hanged at Sydney for burglary from the house of Nicholas Devine (former Superintendent of Convicts) at what is now Erskineville.

1822 - William Harris hanged at Sydney for robbery of James Cribb on the Parramatta Road.

1832 - Thomas Brennan  was shot by military firing squad at Dawes Battery, Sydney. A private soldier of His Majesty's 39th Regiment of Foot, Brennan had fired at his sergeant with the intent of killing him.
1831 - Charles Cowper was appointed clerk to the commissioners for managing the affairs of the church and School Estates.

1844 John Gavin was the first European settler to be legally executed in Western Australia. He was executed for murder at the age of fifteen.

1853 - Charlie La Trobe was not a happy charlie (nor a well boy) but on this day the Colonial Office finally accepted his resignation as Gov. of Victoria.

1860 - John McDouall Stuart was trudging along during a sunny amble when he happened across a sandstone monolith today ; near to the South Oz and NT border he named the monolith Chambers Pillar to honour the wealthy pastoralist who'd bankrolled his strolls about the Fair Isle of Oz.

1864 - Anthony Fernando, one of the earliest Aboriginal activists, was born. He picketed, protested and traveled widely around the world on behalf of all aborigines.

1885 - The railway line to the Williamstown Racecourse (first site) (Vic) was opened.

1892 - The railway line from Lancefield to Kilmore (Vic) opened.

1895 - The Premier of Queensland was enjoying a hearty banquet at the North Gregory Hotel in Winton, QLD today when Sir Herbert Ramsay began to warble an unknown song; Waltzing Matilda had made its debut.

1896 - Today saw the NEW! Olympics begin in Athens, Greece and it turned out to be Gold! Gold! Gol....BRONZE!  Oz had just the one bloke representing at the Games, Edwin Flack, and he "only" managed to snaffle 2 gold medals in the 800 meters and 1500 meters athletics races, failed to place in the marathon (he collapsed while in the lead with only 3 kms to go) and singles tennis but finished...

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Australia wont pay attention to its best musicians is it because theyre from Western Sydney? "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The music coming out of Western Sydney sits alongside the sounds Australians have embraced from the USA it is divergent, politically magnetic, dangerous and fun. Rappers like Lil Spacely, Elijah Yo, L-FRESH The LION, and Kwame are making music in places like Blacktown and Parramatta.

Their sounds are trappy and transcendental, polished, cheekily autotuned, the beats are nasty. It sounds like the type of music we would vote number one in triple js Hottest 100 it sounds like Kendrick or Kanye, Drake, Macklemore but its Australian. So why arent Australians paying attention?

The hip-hop scene in Western Sydney has the black magic of a cultural hub, its a community that is both flourishing and burgeoning. Yet its importance and influence has remained largely ignored by the mainstream. Western Sydney is not lauded as a cultural hub in the same way Australia gazes lovingly upon gentrified inner city hubs like Newtown, Fitzroy and Surry Hills.

So why dont we care about Western Sydney? Why are we not paying attention? There is a festival next Saturday in Parramatta Live and Local showcasing all these artists. Will you be attending?

Looking out into the world, we have become a nation that will accept artists that dont fit the mould we dont demand they be white, we dont demand a cookie cutter sound, we dont demand they keep it light, or apolitical. Internally its a different story.


Western Sydney is coming to be the nexus point for this music, also with thriving hardcore scenes and pop artists, and if you look at the population for this community, the prolific output makes complete sense.

The 2016 Census data puts the population of Western Sydney at 2,232,661, which is about 9% of the Australian population. Its a marginal electorate with an enormous population; a political battleground, which every four years becomes a high stakes territorial pride marker for politicians.

Politicians flood the community, in their tailored suits, with their...


Middle Kids have just dropped their awesome new tune, On My Knees "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Sydneys Middle Kids are getting geared up to release their debut album, Lost Friends, at the start of May, and now theyve just teased us even more with the release of their newest single, On My Knees.

Middle Kids have had a pretty stellar couple of years, releasing the gorgeous Edge Of Town in 2016 ahead of the release of their eponymous EP. Now, as their debut album creeps ever-closer, Middle Kids have already released tracks like Mistake, but theyve now upped the ante again with On My Knees.

Getting its debut airing on triple j on Wednesday morning, On My Knees has been kept in the vault for quite some time now, with the band having played the tune during their Austin City Limits performance in the US last year.

In a time where a lot of division is growing, we want to be part of the conversation that unites people around certain ideals that are universal, like hope and love, frontwoman Hannah Joy said to triple j of the new album.

Thats so much a thread throughout this album: Even though things are tough, its worth believing in something good and in the idea that we can heal. And in some ways, I wanted the music to be beautiful and a respite from whats going on.

The new, heartfelt number is another moment of brilliance for Middle Kids, so if you start drafting up your Hottest 100 votes now, you might help the group finally crack the full 100 this year.

Middle Kids Lost Friends is slated for release of May 4th. While we wait for this instant classic to drop, check out their new single below.

Check out Middle Kids On My Knees:

Middle Kids Lost Friends Album Tour

Wednesday, May 9th
Rosemount Hotel, Perth, WA

Thursday, May 10th
Mojos Bar, Fremantle, WA

Friday, May 11th
Fat Controller, Adelaide, SA

Friday, May 18th
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane, QLD

Friday, May 25th...


Govt Mule Rocking the House at The Metro Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Bringing their southern rock sound to The Metro Theatre stage in Sydney, Govt Mule performed to beloved fans during this years BluesFest.

With their fans knowing them as Mule, band members Warren Haynes, Matt Abts, Danny Louis and Jorgen Carlson didnt disappoint with several classic songs and instrumental solos that made the crowd go wild.

Attendees at the Metro Theatre were not only fueled by Mules musical talent but it worked the other way around. With every cheer and chant gave Govt Mule all the more reason to play the music the crowd knew and loved.

Opening for Govt Mule was the California native band Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real.

The Metro Theatre is a great establishment to enjoy some music, a cold beer, and a great time with your mates.

Click the link here to see what shows are coming up!

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Doubts over water recovered from basin "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Protesters against the NSW state governments mishandling of water from the Murray-Darling Basinin 2017 outside the State Parliament in Sydney. AAP Image/David Moir.


There is growing concern that targets to ensure a healthy Murray Darling Basin are not being met, a South Australian royal commission issues paper says.

The Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission paper, released on Thursday, says its doubtful estimates of 2106 gigalitres of water being recovered by buybacks and infrastructure investment are accurate, due to figures being compromised by illegal take.

There are varying reports as to whether the basin plan, since 2012, has achieved any of its objectives of improving the health and resilience of the eco-systems and ecological functions of the Murray Darling Basin, the paper says.

The commission, established by South Australian government in January, will visit communities across the nation after first hearing from the states Murray Bridge residents last month.

The commissions terms of reference require it to investigate matters and inform itself of issues across the entire basin, the paper said.

Senior counsel assisting Richard Beasley said it was important for the commission to hear from people who rely on the basin as a water source.

We anticipate this will be a significant part of the commissions inquiry and will provide important information from local communities, he said.

The commission was established after reports emerged of widespread water theft upstream and its report is expected to be handed down on February 1, 2019.

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Lottoland offers profit deal to newsagents "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


Lottoland Australia is offering a profit-sharing deal to 4000 newsagents across the nation in return for in-store promotion of the online betting giant.

Its touting commissions of 20 per cent of the profits generated from bets by punters who nominate their local newsagent when they register with Lottoland.

Lottoland does not offer bets on Australian lotteries but only on overseas lotteries, which means we do not compete directly with newsagents, CEO Luke Brill said on Thursday.

The offer, which is being made on an opt-in basis, comes after talks last year with the newsagency industry.

Its being touted as an improvement on the initial idea to share Lottoland revenue from secondary lottery betting.

In return, newsagents will be asked to advertise Lottoland in-store with promotional materials, such as posters and flags, for betting on international lotteries.

We are proposing a model that puts cash back into small businesses, Mr Brill said in an open letter to newsagency operators released on Thursday.

The federal government in March introduced legislation to ban so-called synthetic lotteries, in an effort to protect newsagents and state and territory revenues generated by the traditional form.

South Australia has already banned synthetic lotteries and the Northern Territory has banned betting on Australian lotteries, while Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and WA are considering introducing legislation.

Although nothing has eventuated, the NSW government is concerned punters believe they are taking part in a lottery when they were actually betting on the outcome of a draw.

Lottoland Australia is the local arm of the Gibraltar-based global group and has more than 650,000 registered customers in Australia.

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