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Wednesday, 21 September


The Hanging: The Public Body .01 at Artspace FBi Radio

thepublicbody0-1Untitled (detail), Sarah Lucas, 2012.

If you’re afraid of a little skin, this show may not be your cup of tea – but maybe, you’ll see there is nothing to be afraid of.

Public Body .01 is the first venture in Artspace’s three-part series on the concept of the body.

The human body is so often sexualized, exploited, idealised, fetishized and objectified. It can almost no longer be viewed without judgment or critique. Public Body .01 explores the rawness of physicality by depicting the body at its most bare. Flesh is exhibited in nearly every corner of the gallery space, represented in sculptures, music videos, performance works and photography.

The representation of the body in art has a long history in relation to the nude, where images of the body were constructed by and filtered through the male gaze. Public Body .01 attempts to reclaim the body through subverting the heteronormative narrative of art history and offering a spectrum of representations by artists from different contexts.

When you enter the exhibition, you walk smack bang into an array of penises and vaginas with a myriad of studio portraits plastered across the gallery wall. Aptly titled ‘Yearbook’, Ryan McGinley’s photographic series is the product of 7 years spent photographing individuals in what is often referred to as their most vulnerable state, their ‘birthday suit’.

Each individual has their own portrait about A3 in size, demanding equal attention to all bodies. Each normalise one another’s nakedness. With coloured backdrops, the wall is reminiscent of a stereotypical teenage bedroom covered in vintage playboy and magazine images, as McGinley shows the proliferation of the nude in mass media.

The exploration of the body cannot be without the connotation of sexuality. With works involving bedazzled vaginas and erect penises printed on silk scarves, the body and its sexuality is depicted in the exhibit as a vessel to accessorise and personalise. The exhibit contains so many different representations of the body to raise the question: who or what can qualify what is and isn’t natural or normal anymore?

Public Body 0.1 is tactile, much like the physical body. It subverts the elitism of the gallery space as the personal and private becomes public, making it feel like a safe space.

If you’re afraid of a little skin, this show may not be your cup of tea – but maybe, you’ll see there is nothing to be afraid of.

48a0719-720x480Installation view of The Public Body .01, curated by Talia Linz and Alexie Glass-Kantor, Artspace. Photo: Jessica Maurer.



Art We Heart: zin FBi Radio


Still from Each Other, LiveWorks Festival, Performance Space, October 2015.

“It’s like in Power Rangers. Our solo practices are almost unrecognizable from one another but when we collaborate, it clicks into something much bigger and better.”

zin partnerships is the love child of Harriet Gilles and Roslyn Helper. At first glance zin is a performance art duo that makes art about the Internet. But just like the algorithm used to sort your Facebook News Feed, zin’s art is complex and directly affected by your actions. zin may very well understand you better than you know yourself.

zin is “life art,” Roslyn says, because the duo “interrogate, break down, question and play with the social forms and structures that we all participate in.” Using the Internet and computers as their medium is the inevitable consequence of making socially engaged art in 2016, but zin don’t intend to be overly critical of the Internet, since for all the bad online, there’s also good. “You know – like humanity,” says Harriet.

zin are experts in disrupting existing social structures, activating their audiences through interactive artworks. It started as a means of shaking up the general political apathy they saw at university and giving their audiences a sense of ownership. As a result zin’s work is always fun, familiar and there are consequences to each of your actions.

Harriet and Roslyn also make theatre and art separately. “It’s like in Power Rangers,” says Harriet. “Our solo practices are almost unrecognizable from one another but when we collaborate, it clicks into something much bigger and better.”

They were both drawn to this world of experimental performance art because it gives them room for expression and experimentation. Roslyn sums it up with a Yoko Ono quote: “Artists are like politicians but they can say whatever they want.”

Their next project The internet is where innocence goes to die and you can come too explores internet surfing as a performative act and will be at the Melbourne Fringe Festival next week. But be sure to click ‘attending’ next time you see zin partnerships pop up on your News Feed.

Party Mode, Underbelly Arts Festival, 2013



Track Premiere: MAST ‘Transcendence/Loves Metamorphosis Theme’ [Alpha Pup Records] FBi Radio


  • MAST :: Transcendence / Loves Metamorphosis Theme


MAST is Tim Conley: composer, producer and jazz-trained multi-instrumentalist. The Philadelphia-raised, now LA-based artist is releasing his new album Love and War_ on October 7th via Alpha Pup Records. With guest spots ranging from Brainfeeder’s Taylor McFerrin to virtuoso bassist Tim Lefebvre and Philly 10-piece jazz outfit, the Fresh Cut Orchestra, it’s 17 tracks of exciting, challenging, world class composition.

Split across three ‘acts’, Love and War_ is an exploration of Conley’s tumultuous and event-filled love life over the past two years. Act 1 explores the beauty of a newfound love. And yes, you guessed it: Act 2 is about losing that love – through a series of substance abuse issues, deception and unhealthy coping mechanisms. For the finale, Act 3 comes a lesson in letting go, healing and eventually discovering a deeper, lasting love.

We’re fortunate enough to premiere the closing track in Act 3, ‘Transcendence/Love Metamorphosis Theme’. It’s a gentle, swirling, almost meditative masterpiece. Listen above.

Love and War_ was mixed and mastered by the godfather of LA’s flourishing beat scene, Daddy Kev. Recently nominated for a Grammy for his production work with Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus, Daddy Kev is the label head of Alpha Pup Records, and co-founder of the legendary Low End Theory club night.


ACT 1 – Love
1. Loves Metamorphosis Theme
2. The Rendezvous (feat Anwar Marshall)
3. You, every second minute hour day
4. The Temptation (feat Marta Bagratuni)
5. She’s Chasing the Dragon (feat Fresh Cut Orchestra)

ACT 2 – War
6. The Sorrow
7. The Breakup (feat Ryat)
8. The Night Drive (feat Tim Lefebvre and Josh Johnson)
9. The Downward Spiral (feat. Brian Marsella)
10. The Letting Go (feat. Taylor McFerrin)
11. On the Prawl again, again (feat. Louis Cole and Gavin Templeton)
12. Should’ve Swiped Left (feat. the Koreatown Oddity)

ACT 3 – Transcendence
13. A New Love
14. Feels (feat Nigel Sifantus)
15. Me and You (feat Andrée Belle)
16. The Liberation (feat Makaya McCraven)
17. Transcendence / Loves Metamorphosis Theme


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'Capiche' opening at aMBUSH gallery The Thousands: Sydney

Celebrating ambiguity and misinterpretation, the 'Capiche' group exhibition compelled 18 artists to tweak their usual practices in surprising ways. Michael captured the chockers opening. The show is up until Sunday 9th October.


Album of the Week – ‘Uplifting Beats’ by Afro Peruvian New Trends Orquestra 89.7 Eastside FM


This week we bring you an album that is full of life and energetic sounds, coming out of New York but taking sounds from the Spanish speaking parts of the world we are given an album that is bursting full of fresh Afro‐Peruvian Jazz with rhythms of Afro‐American Jazz. If you like tones to put you in the mood for some samba, rebalosa, festejo, bossa, and swing then this album is the one that you are looking for.

Released early this year it is another powerful project by the very talented Corina Bartra, known as the first vocalist to blend Afro Peruvian and Criolla music with Jazz she has given the world of Jazz her very own special touch which others have now followed. Being the artistic director of this new project we know that we are getting something that comes with the true sounds of Afro‐Peruvian Jazz, there is also some pieces which are Brazilian and Cuban influenced. Having worked on numourous amounts of albums and different projects such as her orchestras’, quartets’, Azu and Prisma project’s plus some solo recordings as well. It was her 2006 release ‘Bambu Sun’ that her part Jazz, part ethnic, part new – experimental vocals were picked up and she received an award at The Queens Council of the Arts award’s 2008.

The genre of Jazz is constantly being expanded as new unique touches are added and that is exactly what Bartra has done, bringing her home sounds of Peru to her talented work she is making Jazz even more international then it already is. With her Hispanic – American singing and her knowledgable composing it is really pleasing to hear sounds that are not too common. 

In this latest album ‘Uniting Sounds’ by Corina’s Afro – Peruvian New Trend Orquestra Bartra has taken a few tracks from her previous albums ‘Celebration’ (2009), ‘Son zumbón’ (2008), ‘Bambu Sun’ (2006), ‘Travelog’ (2003), ‘Sky Sandunguero’ (2011) or ‘Quartet’ (2012) and given us them again. Working across the 12 tracks with Corina is a host of talented musicians such as grammy nominated saxophonist Jay Rodriguez and multi award winning pianist Zaccai Curtis who are just some that are a part of this wonderful get together of a afro american jazz orchestra. Not only has Corina given us her distinct Afro – Peruvian Jazz sound there is even some Brazilian reggae sounding vibes on her track ‘More Than You Can Afford’, then we get some Cuban sounds in parts especially the very well arranged number Guajira Son...


The Hanging: Jonathan Jones – barrangal dyara FBi Radio

j-jones-program-1400x710barrangal dyara, Jonathan Jones, 2016

  • Jonathan Jones :: Interview with Alex Pye

Listen to Alex Pye interview Indigenous artist Jonathan Jones on Mornings. 

200 years ago, a palace that stood in the middle of the Royal Botanic Gardens burnt to the ground and was forgotten.

The Garden Palace was three times the size of the Queen Victoria Building and was home to Australia’s largest collection of indigenous artefacts. When it was burnt, these culturally significant items vanished from our history and over time the event has disappeared from our memory.

Today the artist Jonathan Jones has created a mammoth sculptural installation called barrangal dyara, meaning ‘skin and bones’, to breathe new life into this forgotten moment of Australia’s history.

The installation is made up of thousands of bleached white shields that mark out where the enormous structure once stood.

Unlike the ochre shields used in traditional celebrations, Jonathan’s shields are stark white, a reference to both the specific destruction of cultural heritage following the blaze as well as the larger, long term effects of colonialisation of Indigenous land.

Barrangal dyara shines light on the vulnerability of the Aboriginal community and what it means to have that literal and cultural shield of protection taken away from them. It is an acknowledgement of the past and a hopeful look at the future – Jonathan says he is “putting people back at the table to talk again.”

Importantly, the work is centred around the revitalisation of Indigenous language. As you move around the site, you hear singing, children chanting, and intricate spoken memories in eight Aboriginal languages. The exhibition looks at language as a way of knowing an object without having the object, emphasising how these memories are permanently ingrained within the land, its histories and its languages.

You can download the project 32 app and wander through the site to gain further insights from cultural leaders, historians, artists and writers, or you can catch Jonathan speaking about the work and the land every day at 12:30pm.

18_barrangal-dyara-childrens-hiliday-program_700x530barrangal dyara, Jonathan Jones, 2016



ALBUM REVIEW: Darren Cross – _Xantastic

Darren Cross made his name as a founding member of collage pop provocateurs Gerling but these days he’s one half of folk noir duo Jep and Dep and a solo artist trading in dark avant-folk. Surprisingly, this is Cross’ debut solo album and in many ways it embraces his past and present musical explorations with … Continue reading


ALBUM REVIEW: Josh Rennie-Hynes – Furthermore

Queenslander Josh Rennie-Hynes has backed up his debut album with another set of bittersweet Americana songs that sound more assured and worldly though sometimes lacking dynamics that could have elevated the songs into more emotionally heavy-hitting territory. Songs are filled with people and places from Rennie-Hynes’ constant touring and he’s mastered melancholy and a sympathetic … Continue reading


DYI biohacking rears its ugly head in Australia? "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Gene Ethics, 8 September 2016:

DIY biohack threat

US biohacker Ellen Jorgensen, of Genspace New York, toured Australia in Science Week to promote DIY gene hacking, in informal labs, and to encourage untrained nerds to do genetic manipulation. The OGTR promised to tell her audiences that Australian GM laws require training, contained labs and expert supervision, but did not. The OGTR has also failed to define new 'gene editing' techniques and their products as GM, so they remain unregulated. We advocate tough laws banning any DIY genetic manipulation of living things. Humans invented computer programs but they fail, are hacked and virus infected for fun. Untrained, risk-takers, aspiring to be the next bio-Gates or Jobs, must be stopped.

University of Sydney, Faculty of Science:

Biohacking events at Sydney Science Festival
Get down with DNA
10 am, Thursday 18 August, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Stage 6 biology students and their teachers will meet Dr Ellen Jorgensen and spend the day exploring exciting DIY bio techniques and the amazing things biohackers do. The DIY bio movement gives bio-entrepreneurs low-cost access to facilities for proof-of-concept experiments. Hands-on science workshops will be delivered by Sydney’s leading science organisations including the Royal Botanic Garden, Taronga Conservation Society, UTS Centre for Forensic Science and the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics. Students will also experience a behind the scenes tour of the Royal Botanic Garden’s Plant Pathology...


Conspiracy #11 w/ Chris Fleming and AJ Carruthers The Thousands: Sydney

Have you ever found yourself under the spell of binge-watching YouTube conspiracy theory videos, and then after 45-minutes snapped out of it and thought; what exactly is it that I am doing here and why am I compelled to do it? Well Minerva Gallery has been itching that itch for weeks now. In a series of talks that takes the conspiratorial format of people gathered in a shared room ‘as an act that constructs – consciously and non-consciously – new theories’, you are invited to 'conspire' with two featured guests. This week features talks from egg-heads Chris Fleming and AJ Carruthers. Unfortunately this will be the last ever in the Conspiracy series of talks, so soak it in while it’s here.

Marcus Whale 'Romantically Stripped Back' live at Golden Age The Thousands: Sydney

The Golden Age will be hosting an evening with Marcus Whale entitled 'Romantically Stripped Back'. Known for his work in Collarbones and Black Vanilla, Whale will be peeling back the abrasive facades and off-cuts from his solo album Inland Sea with a little help from double bassist Jacques Emery. If you’re familiar with Whale’s work this should be a treat, as beneath the commonly beat-heavy production is a gorgeous interplay between the harmonic elements and Whale’s voice.

Have a squiz at the video for ‘My Captain’:

EVE x Decisions, Jikuroux EP launch The Thousands: Sydney

Music label Decisions has been spittin’ out artists producing a new wave of harsh digital sounds and cold aesthetics of which Jikuroux’s debut EP Ruptured Pulse is the latest offering. Ruptured Pulse’s lead cut ‘Only U’ is three minutes of metallic pounding, glitches and trilling digital pulses that’s sure to get the blood moving. Jikuroux will be launching the EP down at the Red Rattler with mates Candlelyte, Air Max ’97, Waterhouse and Scam B2B APH.

Here’s a taste:

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Tuesday, 20 September


Holy Balm album launch with Enderie, Phone and Sex Havers DJs The Thousands: Sydney

Takes a special talent to get the rudest settings on a synth to work for you. Holy Balm have it. In fact their latest album Activity might just pitch-shift ya right into a glorious mind squiggle. Support from Enderie, Phone and Sex Havers DJs


Oz Paranormal & Spiritual Expo The Thousands: Sydney

Awoooooooooooooooo! Did I scare you? If so, then this may not be the outing for you. Casula Powerhouse – itself a fairly spooky re-appropriated building with apparent spirit sitings– will be taken over by market stalls, psychic services, medium demonstrations and an after dark ghost tour. For five bucks you can peruse vendors offering anything from skull-shaped candles to serious aura photography and then book yourself in for a reading with a psychic for roughly forty bucks, but if you really want the complete experience you can book a VIP package for a hundred bucks and give yourself over to other realms with a bunch of bonus shows and a showbag (!). Up to yoooooooooawwoooooooooooooooooou.


Craft Xcellence- Celebrating 110 years of craft! 89.7 Eastside FM

Craft Xcellence

The Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW is celebrating 110 years since their foundation in 1906 with a special exhibition at the Society’s gallery, Craft NSW– an artist-run gallery where visitors can meet the makers of a diverse range of high quality Australian craft.

As Australia’s oldest continuously running craft organisation, The Society has been located in The Rocks for the past 40 years.


To mark the event, Craft Xcellence will showcase unique works which push the boundaries of craft techniques in fine jewellery, textiles, glass, ceramics, wood and more. The exhibition also includes a display of work from previous decades.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday 20 September from 6 to 8 pm and from then on will be open everyday from 9.30 am to 5:30 pm until the 20 October!

Craft Xcellence 2

Pat Hayward, ceramic vessel

What: Craft Xcellence Exhibition

When: Tuesday, 20 September to 9 October, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (7 days a week)

Where: Craft NSW, 104 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney

For more information click HERE.

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Briggs, Tkay Maidza & More Join Huge Face The Music Lineup "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

Briggs, Tkay Maidza & More Join Huge Face The Music Lineup

Not only will the 2016 iteration of Melbourne’s national music conference Face The Music feature live music for the first time, but the list of speakers and performers is getting out of control.

Adding already to the the first round of speakers which includes music critic Anthony Fantano, Bandcamp’s Andrew Jervis, and triple j’s Zan Rowe, are a sensational list of local artists.

We’re of course excited to hear that Briggs will be joining the lineup. After dropping ‘January 26’ with his group A.B. Original, Briggs has become an almost household name as he has taken it upon himself to challenge Australia Day.

Joining the hip-hop sensation is another Aussie rap champ in Tkay Maizda, whose latest collab with Killer Mike is leaving everyone frothing for her forthcoming debut album. There’s more, too, as prodigious producer Japanese Wallpaper will be joining them, along with a slew of other great artists.

Face the Music will be held at Melbourne Music Week’s Hub, The State Library of Victoria, and is shaping up to be a great day for Australian music – and possibly the best Face The Music yet.

Face The Music Lineup

Anthony Fantano [The Needle Drop]

Andrew Jervis [Bandcamp]

Ricki Askin [VICE]

Zan Rowe [triple j]

Kim Ambrosius [Roskilde]

Robert Forster

Taylor Brode [Sacred Bones]

Lorrae McKenna [Remote Control]

Nai Palm [Hiatus Kaiyote]

Ben Marshall [Vivid Sydney]

Woody McDonald [Meredith Music Festival]

Nic Kelly [Night High Records]

Michael Hohnen [Skinnyfish Music]

Emma Barnes [Emma Jane Management]

Katie Stewart [Laneway Music Festival]

Myf Warhurst [Double J]

Samuel Wald [WME]

Johann Ponniah [I Oh You]


Tkay Maizda

Japanese Wallpaper

Jaime Gough [Native Tongue]

Emily York [Penny Drop]


Queerscreen Film Festival The Thousands: Sydney

Only twelve films make up the program for this great festival, but they're all doozies. Over five nights Queer Screen will be taking over Event cinemas on George street (and then moving on to Canberra and the Blue Mountains) and showing a neat selection of documentaries, shorts and features that add to the widening spectrum of LGBTQIA storytelling. Highlights include the coming-of-age heartbreaker 'First Girl I Loved', a documentary about the openly out, trailblazin' manager of The Ramones and Patti Smith 'Danny Says' and the Clea DuVall plus Natasha Lyonne-led comedy 'The Intervention'.


Big Screen: Louis Theroux – My Scientology Movie FBi Radio


Scientology is like the North Korea of religious organisations. No one really knows how they operate, but the more we learn, the more we realise that it’s bat-shit crazy.

Ex-members of Scientology are cut off from their families, harassed if they speak to the media and journalists get stonewalled for asking too many questions. So when Louis Theroux set out to make a documentary on Scientology, I was stoked to see what would happen.

Louis’ humble but inquisitive interview style seemed like the perfect contrast to a religion renowned for turning Tom Cruise into a couch-jumping maniac. However, there was one tiny hiccup – no-one from the Church of Scientology wanted to talk to Louis. So, Theroux decides to audition actors to re-enact the stories told to him by ex-Scientologists. That’s when things get weird.

The Scientologists retaliate by tailing Theroux’s car and sending film crews to hassle him – it becomes clear that they’ve no idea who they’re dealing with. I mean, this is Louis Theroux; at this point, name-calling and people sticking cameras in his face is practically part of his job. He’s so calm and reasonable during his responses that you almost feel embarrassed for the Scientologists. The problem that this creates for the film is that though it highlights the deep insecurities the Scientologists must have with their ridiculous belief system, it doesn’t give Louis much scope to do what he does best: drawing people out and get them talking about why they view the world in a particular way.

The rest of the film is Louis auditioning and casting amateur actors to play David Miscavage, the head of the Church of Scientology. It’s interesting seeing actors try to play the enigmatic leader, because when Louis compares their performances with the real footage of Miscavage, you realise that there are some types of crazy that you just can’t fake. I desperately wanted to see Miscavage make an appearance, to see who he was when he wasn’t just the Church leader.

The auditions are overseen by someone who knows full well how far Miscavage can go. Mark Rathbun, one of the highest-profile ex-members of Scientology, was Miscavage’s enforcer and only left the Church after he was repeatedly beaten by the Church leader and locked in a prison that was referred to as ‘The Hole’. Since escaping, Mark has spoken out strongly against Scientology – Louis uses those stories as the basis for his dramatic re-enactments. By involving Rathbun in the re-enactments, Louis tries to unpack why Rathbun would involve himself in an organisation that’s comfortable using violence to protects its secrets. The inference Louis keeps making is that Rathbun is complicit in the crimes of Miscavage. And even though at numerous points in the movie Rathbun admits that he used the same violent techniques himself, Louis’ questioning never hits its mark.

The flaw in Louis’ film is that the re-enactments only ever focus on Miscavage, so Rathbun never has to play the role of the assailant. It means that he always identifies as the victim of Scientology, maintaining an emotional distance from his role as its enforcer. And when he is eventually challenged on it, he’s not enlightened: he just thinks Louis is an asshole. The dramatic re-enactment is an interesting technique, but Louis bungles it. Instead of it being the fascinating character study I think Louis wanted it to be...


Tom Griffiths’ Art of Time Travel Me fail? I fly!

Tom Griffiths, The Art of Time Travel: Historians and their Craft (Black Inc 2016)

For transforming young minds there is probably nothing more powerful than history in the hands of a charismatic teacher.

1863958568.jpgThat’s a quote from Don Watson in the current Quarterly Essay, Enemy Within. It could have been an epigraph for The Art of Time Travel, which tells the stories of fourteen charismatic teachers, practitioners of the craft of history in Australia. Most of them are or were university lecturers; all of them, individually and collectively, have transformed minds both young and old.

From Tom Griffiths’ very readable, richly anecdotal and often personal accounts of these careers, there emerges a fascinating story of how the mainstream understanding of Australia has expanded, deepened and, yes, transformed over the last three quarters of a century. Australian history, which used to be seen as a short, derivative footnote to the history of England, or occasionally as a collection of beautiful lies that happen to be true(as in Mark Twain’s famous quote), is now something quite different. No one could have imagined 75 years ago, for instance, that the Sydney Morning Herald would be reporting on a local Council being called on to defend its refusal to acknowledge that the Council meets on Darug land. Griffiths offers this summary of the changes:

Australians discovered that the New World was actually the Old, and that the true ‘nomads’ were the colonisers. The nation continent was reimagined as a jigsaw of bioregional countries, which had for so long been its state. The biological cringe about ‘monotonous gums’, ‘songless birds’ and ‘fossil animals’ was replaced by a deep historical narrative about the continent’s southern organic genesis. Australian history became as much about ecological, social and technological discontinuities as about the political stability and continuity for which the European settlers first celebrated it. British colonisation was seen as both an invasion and an awesome social experiment; there was dancing with strangers and there was war. Historians ventured to the other side of the frontier and peered back at the ‘white men’s eyes’, and Aboriginal people were compelled – and some chose – to cross the beach in the other direction. In remote parts of Australia, the Indigenous inhabitants became the custodians of white history as well as black, because they stayed on country while the whites moved away. In the coastal cities Aboriginal people were found to have always been part of Australia’s modern urban history. Indigenous scholars studied the nation’s unending frontier and the intense colonial revolution into which they had been thrown.

Most literate Australians will be aware of these changes. This book gives something of the nuts and bolts of how they came about, through the changing concerns of historians, the new resources (such as carbon dating) available to them, and a shake-up of historians’ methods to include sources other than official written records...


This Week’s 13 Best Local Gigs Under $15 "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

This Week’s 13 Best Local Gigs Under $15

Loving live music isn’t just about attending music festivals and seeing an international artist’s massive arena show.

Even the biggest of big-name headliners started in the trenches, on the sticky carpets and bandrooms of your local bars and pubs – which is exactly where you should be if you want to discover your new favourite band or venue.

Here are our picks for this week’s best local gigs from Aussie talent – from Perth to the East Coast – and all for the price of a good meal.

Alex Lahey

Where: Hotel Steyne, Manly NSW
When: 9pm – 12am, Friday Sep 23
Why: Following the release of her killer debut record B-Grade University, Alex Lahey is hitting back with her first national tour. The gig is set to be one to remember and with support acts Betty & Oswald, it’s one you shouldn’t miss – oh and did we mention that it’s free?
Tickets & Info: Free, more info here.

Mall Grab & Christopher Port

Where: Ferdydurke, Melbourne VIC
When: 9pm – 5am, Saturday Sep 22
Why: $10 for a night of quality house and electronica? Yes please! Headlining the night is Mall Grab who is racking up millions of plays online, and joining him is Christopher Port, whose recent EP ‘Vehement’ was met with plenty of praise as well. You can’t really lose!
Tickets & Info: $10-15 more info here.

Dorsal Fins & Remi DJs

Where: Yah Yah’s, Melbourne VIC
When: 8pm – 5am, Saturday Sep 24
Why: Yah Yah’s is throwing a pretty great night this Saturday with Dorsal Fins headlining their first Melbourne show with a very late-night appearance from Sydney outfit Straight Arrows, coupled in with a Remi DJ afterparty – all for a ridiculously low 10 Dollarydoos.
Tickets & Info: $10, more info here.

The Cherry Dolls

Where: Cherry Bar, Melbourne VIC
When: 10pm, Thursday Sep 15
Why: Melbourne rock stalwarts The Cherry Dolls couldn’t have found a better spot to launch their second EP, Lone Palm, than Melbourne’s home of rawk, Cherry Bar. They’ll be backed up by...


Premiere: Melbourne Has A New Rap Talent To Keep An Eye On In Kudos "GroovUs Feed Afestivals"

Premiere: Melbourne Has A New Rap Talent To Keep An Eye On In Kudos

We’ve got a new Aussie hip hop talent to keep an eye on in Melbourne emcee Kudos aka James Tretheway, who has today dropped his first studio track, the curiously named ‘Plucker’.

Produced/mixed by Yuri Tobler and mastered/mixed by Ben Kramp (Illy, M-Phazes), it’s a satisfying opening volley that melds raw personal lyrics with velvet smooth beats loaded with chunky guitar.

“Plucker is the story of balance between taking time for yourself and giving time to others,” James says of the track.

“Acknowledging that we all should have the right to grieve and that our feelings are relevant to where we are standing, while at the same time recognising others grief in order to put our own into a healthy perspective.”

While this is only his first track, he hasn’t been sitting idle, instead honing his craft and being able to share the stage with Atmosphere, Spit Syndicate and Afrika Bambaataa in recent years, as well as featuring regularly with Tijuana Cartel.

Now, Kudos is embarking on his own East Coast solo tour in October, including a spot at Jungle Love festival on the Sunshine Coast, dates below.

Kudos Plucker Single Tour

Supported By DJ Lickweed

Thu 13 Oct – Melbourne, VIC – Workers Club
Thu 27 Oct – Brisbane, QLD – Milk Factory
Sat 29 Oct- Gold Coast, QLD – Dust Temple Spoken Word -W/ Luka Lesson
Thu 3 Nov – Sydney, NSW – Oaf Gallery
Fri 25th Nov – Brisbane, QLD – Jungle Love
Sat 26 Nov – Sunshine Coast, QLD – Solbar W/ Dubarray


Historic wedding dresses at Festival of Marriage in Hunters Hill’s Anglican Church this Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Wedding dresses that date back to the 1880’s will be on display at All Saints Anglican Church this Saturday. The historic dresses are part of a display of bridal wear from Hunters Hill’s heritage Anglican church for the Anglican Parish’s Festival of Marriage, to be celebrated inside the church from 10 am until 3 pm. […]


What You Should Know Before Mike Patton Returns Down Under "GroovUs Feed Afestivals"

What You Should Know Before Mike Patton Returns Down Under

In case you hadn’t heard, the headliners for next year’s MONA FOMA were announced earlier this month. It was arguably the quirky Tasmanian festival’s most impressive lineup announcement to date, and we don’t even know who else is playing yet.

It almost doesn’t matter, since the reaction to the news that Faith No More frontman Mike Patton and Maynard James Keenan’s Puscifer would soon be sharing a bill in Australia was enough to get fans excited and FOMO-ing all over social media.

But as Patton fans know, a tour announcement from the prolific vocalist, whose range rivals the likes of Mariah Carey, could mean just about anything. Recent Patton tours have involved everything from Faith No More to orchestral Italian pop music.

So what is tētēma?

As Patton recently explained to the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s the mind-bending collaboration between himself and Aussie composer Anthony Pateras and he’s not actually 100 percent sure the two of them can pull it off. “I can’t lie to you, I’m a little bit nervous,” he said.

“I don’t know how we’re going to pull this stuff off… To be honest – how should I say? – it’s a logistical nightmare.” Patton refers to the intricate and ambitious collaboration, which yielded the album Geocidal, as “world music from another world”.

The story behind the creation of the album is as much of a curveball as the music. It involved Pateras moving to a convent in rural France where he locked himself away for 10 days before emerging with a suite of left-of-field rhythmic soundscapes.

The album, in the making since 2009, was finalised in San Francisco over 48 hours. “The interesting thing about the record is that every element is recorded in a different country, and this gives the sound a displaced, almost vaporous intensity,” said Pateras in a statement.

“I moved country twice during its genesis as well… the whole Geocidal thing is about coming from no place, re-birthing, watching the place you are from be altered beyond recognition that you have nothing to do with it anymore.”

So those fans expecting to hear a rendition of ‘Epic’ are out of luck and should strap yourselves in for some seriously twisted and challenging sound art. But as Patton told the Sydney Morning Herald, more music from Faith No More is not out of the question.

“I don’t know whether or not we’re going to attack it,” Patton told the outlet, “but there is some stuff we wrote around the time of the last one and said, ‘Why don’t we save this for the next record?’ So we’ll see.”


Europe Is Going Absolutely Nuts For Tash Sultana Right Now "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

Europe Is Going Absolutely Nuts For Tash Sultana Right Now

Homegrown buzz magnet Tash Sultana is absolutely killing it in Europe right now. Her tour may have gotten off to a bumpy start thanks to a mixup with her airline, but if this breathtaking footage shot at a local Dutch radio station is anything to go by, it’s all smiles at the moment.

The triple j Unearthed feature artist recently wrapped a huge, completely sold-out national tour of Australia and her European trek has similarly sold out across the board, with the one-woman-band frequently taking to social media to share footage of at-capacity rooms around Europe.

Punters were struggling to get in the door of her packed out BIGSOUND showcase and Tash hit the ground running as soon as she got back to Melbourne, announcing a new six-track EP, scheduled to drop worldwide later this month, and the launch of her own record label, Lonely Lands Records.

The EP will include the triple j favourite ‘Notion’ as well as her brand new single, ‘Jungle’. The homemade video for ‘Jungle’ recently went viral, having accrued over 2 million views and more than 22,000 shares on Facebook in a week. Tash will also be playing Laneway 2017 next January and February.

Tash Sultana National Tour Dates

Thursday, 15th September 2016
The Borderline, London

Saturday, 17th September 2016
7 Layers Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sunday, 18th September 2016
Rotown, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thursday, 22nd September 2016
The Northern, Byron Bay

Friday, 23rd September 2016
Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Friday, 30th September 2016
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Thursday, 6th October 2016
Mojos, Fremantle

Friday, 7th October 2016
Settlers Tavern, Margaret River

Thursday, 13th October 2016
Baha’s Tacos, Rye

Friday, 14th October 2016
Torquay Hotel, Torquay

Saturday, 15th October 2016
Uni Bar, Adelaide

Thursday, 20th October 2016
Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Thursday, 27th October 2016
Sooki Lounge, Belgrave

Friday, 11th November 2016
Kings Arms, Auckland


Premiere: Sahara Beck Pays Homage To Quentin Tarantino With An Impressive New Clip "GroovUs Feed Afestivals"

Premiere: Sahara Beck Pays Homage To Quentin Tarantino With An Impressive New Clip

Sahara Beck admits that she has always loved the works of Quentin Tarantino, so when she got the chance to film her new music video for ‘Tapping On The Roof’, she lapped up the opportunity to pay homage to Tarantino’s first film – Reservoir Dogs.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino,” she says, “so when we were creating the idea for the ‘Tapping on the Roof’ music video Matt Jeston (Director) came up with the idea that we roughly base the video on the torture scene from Reservoir Dogs. It’s such a great movie and I’m so happy that I get to pay my respects to it through my own art.”

The clip was filmed at the Brisbane’s Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, which created the perfect backdrop to her uniquely gorgeous track, the click-clack of percussion echoing its title perfectly. The Tarantino influence definitely doesn’t end at the video either, as ‘Tapping On The Roof’ wouldn’t feel at all out of place on a Kill Bill soundtrack.

You’ll be able to catch Sahara live when she joins Brisbane’s Ball Park Music on their mammoth national tour with The Creases, as well on as her very own solo tour, which culminates with a show at Festival Of The Sun – dates below.

Ball Park Music National Tour Dates
w/ The Creases & Sahara Beck

Thursday 22 September

Studio 56 @ Miami Marketta, Gold Coast QLD

Friday 23 September

Solbar, Maroochydore QLD

Saturday 24 September 

The Triffid, Brisbane QLD (all ages)

Sunday 25 September 

The Triffid, Brisbane QLD (all ages)

Thursday 29 September 

ANU Bar, Canberra ACT

Friday 30 September 

Enmore Theatre, Sydney NSW (all ages)

Tuesday 4 October

The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Wednesday 5 October

Barwon Club, Geelong VIC

Thursday 6 October

Barwon Club, Geelong VIC 

Friday 7 October

170 Russell, Melbourne VIC 

Saturday 8 October 

The Uni Bar, Hobart TAS

Thursday 13 October 

The Gov, Adelaide SA

Friday 14 October

The Gov, Adelaide, SA (all ages)

Friday 21 October


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Monday, 19 September


Confluence Gala "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

You may (or may not) have heard of Confluence, the Festival of India in Australia. It’s a three month long cultural festival which is being supported by a number of organisations, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). That’s why I was invited to the Festival Gala, held last night at the Sydney Opera House.

And what a treat it was to be invited. The Gala combined traditional and contemporary music and dance from India and Australia in a way that spoke of genuine collaboration, involving performers from India, as well as local performers including those of Indian heritage, Indigenous performers, and a regular check list of some of all Australians from a range of cultural backgrounds. Best of all? Totally entertaining. Here are some photographs I snapped of the show.


dsc_3607 dsc_3612 dsc_3621 dsc_3627 dsc_3609
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The Whitlams’ Tim Freedman, Joyride & More Say ‘F**k You’ To Pokies "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

The Whitlams’ Tim Freedman, Joyride & More Say ‘F**k You’ To Pokies

Some of Sydney’s most notable artists and musicians have banded together to give a big F-U to the pokies. The Whitlams chief Tim Freedman, One Day-er Joyride, and more will help launch the new Proudly Pokies Free campaign with a one-off gig at the Oxford Art Factory.

“It’s time for the young people of Sydney to learn about the scale and harm of the pokies and to make better informed decisions regarding their nights out,” said Tom Lawrence, director of the Proudly Pokies Free campaign, in a statement.

“The pokies have become an unnecessary fixture of the Australian pub and we want to promote an alternative vision for our nightlife, one that thrives on innovation, live music and true hospitality.”

Proudly Pokies Free draws attention to and celebrates venues in Sydney who’ve decided to ditch or avoid the pokies, whilst highlighting and reducing “the massive harm that pokies cause in Australian communities”.

“I’m proud to be involved with the Proudly Pokies Free movement to hopefully encourage a mindset that rewards and encourages venues that show imagination in programming and curating their activities,” said Freedman.

“It’s time for the people of Sydney to push back against the pokies.” The Proudly Pokies Free campaign launch event will also feature appearances from Wild Honey, electronic duo Left., and Bad Deep DJs, as well as secret guests and special speakers.

Proudly Pokies Free Campaign Launch

Tim Freedman
Wild Honey
Bad Deep DJs

Plus: Secrets Guests & Guest Speakers

Sunday, 23rd October 2016
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Tickets: Moshtix


Aussie Post-Punk Legends The Sunnyboys Announce 2017 Tour "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Aussie Post-Punk Legends The Sunnyboys Announce 2017 Tour

Some 30 years after their initial disbanding, Aussie post-punk legends The Sunnyboys are getting back together again. The band reformed recently for sold out shows along the East Coast in 2013 and 2014, with a full scale 2015 tour proving fans are still hungry for more.

2017 will see the band reform again, but this time they will be playing their 1981 self-titled debut album in its entirety.

“What a thrill it will be to play our 1st album from start to finish,” says bassist Peter Oxley. “We have never ever done this before. Looking forward to ‘I Can’t Talk to You (reprise)!'”

As if that wasn’t enough for die-hard Sunnyboys fans, Sydney will also be treated to a rare showing of The Flaming Hands and The Shy Impostors as support, the first time all three acts have been on one bill together.

“When Peter Oxley called with the proposition of reforming the Flaming Hands for a gig with the Sunnyboys I jumped at the opportunity,” said Julie Mostyn of The Flaming Hands. “The two bands have a shared history both as friends and as contemporaries that played together in what was a golden era of Australian music.”

Interstate fans wont be missing out either, as the legendary X will be joining the band in Melbourne, while The Celibate Rifles and Ed Kuepper with Mark Dawson will be playing support in Queensland.

Check out the dates to what will no doubt be the feel good tour of the summer below.

Image credit: Kaye Harrison

Sunnyboys 2017 Tour Dates

February 3rd

Gold Coast, The Nightquarter (only Queensland show)

Special guests: The Celibate Rifles and Ed Kuepper with Mark Dawson.

February 4th

Sydney, Enmore Theatre

Special guests: Flaming Hands & Shy Impostors

February 10th

Melbourne, The Croxton

Special guests: X.


This Week’s 13 Awesome Jobs In Music That Could Be Yours "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

This Week’s 13 Awesome Jobs In Music That Could Be Yours

Some of the Australian music world’s biggest names often leave doors of opportunity ajar, just waiting for the right kind of professional music fan to come knocking.

Our regular Music Jobs column is the place where we’ll help you grab the proverbial handle and walk on through, as we take the pain out of scrolling through endless (and sometimes shady) job listings to provide you a selection of killer career opps in the music world.

No free work or internships here, just authentic chances to break into the music industry. So update your CV, brush up your cover letter writing chops, stop dreaming, and start doing what you love for a living.

Recorded Music Manager at Unified

Full-time / Melbourne, VIC

“UNIFIED is the soundtrack of good people working together to achieve extraordinary results. We exist as an artist services company; giving choice and freedom back to our artists on how they manage their career and music. One such way we achieve this is by creating artist owned and led record labels.

“The newly created position of Recorded Music Manager will oversee our artist led labels including ONETWO (Illy’s label), NLV Records (Nina Las Vegas’ label) and House of Beige (Remi’s label) as well as the other labels in our group – Hopeless Records and UNFD.”

More info can be found here.

Touring Coordinator at Unify Presents

Full-time / Melbourne, VIC

“UNIFIED’s newly created Touring Department, UNIFY Presents, was launched in 2016 and already boasts successful tours by artists like Bring Me The Horizon, Slipknot, The Amity Affliction, A Day To Remember, Northlane and many more.

“As the department expands, UNIFIED is looking to hire a co-ordinator to help operate its tours and build the brand awareness and social media strategy.”

More info can be found here.

Ecommerce Manager at Universal Music Australia

Full-time / Sydney, NSW

“As part of the wider eCommerce function, the eCommerce Manager champions an innovative and inclusive culture that seeks out new opportunities to develop digital marketing strategies to grow an engaged audience/fan base to maximise engagement.

“Plan, develop and deliver new online revenue generating opportunities across bespoke store plays along with ensuring existing online stores revenue/product development is maximized.”

More info can be found here.

Project Coordinator at Melbourne Uni (VCA & MCM)

Full-time / Melbourne, VIC

“The Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (VCA & MCM) offers programs in music, visual arts, performing arts and film to emerging artistic practitioners in the midst of one of the world’s most vibrant arts precincts at Southbank.

“You will be responsible for identifying and leading a program of key projects and business improvement initiatives across the Faculty to deliver process and system improvements in priority areas. You will be the Faculty expert in process improvement and liaise with the University’s Continuous Improvement Centre to adopt and train staff across the Faculty in Agile and Lean Six Sigma solutions. You will also act as the Executive Assistant to the Faculty Ex...


The Complete List Of Bluesfest 2017 Sideshows "GroovUs Feed Afestivals"

The Complete List Of Bluesfest 2017 Sideshows

Bluesfest is just around the corner, with a huge line up including the likes of Zac Brown Band, Patti Smith and The Lumineers to name just a few. With tickets to the festival not far off selling out, the crew are announcing sideshows for those fans who can’t quite make it out to Byron Bay next Easter.

Organisers have announced a slew of sideshows along the East Coast for some of Bluesfest’s biggest names, a boon for fans looking for a more personal time with the likes of Patti Smith and her band, The Lumineers, and Bonnie Raitt amongst others.

Check the list of all the currently announced Bluesfest 2017 sideshows below, and keep checking in for more updates, with more dates no doubt soon to be announced.

Patti Smith And Her Band Perform Horses

State Theatre, Sydney Nsw – Sun 9 April 2017

Hamer Hall, Melbourne Vic – Sun 16 April 2017

The Lumineers

Sydney Opera House, Sydney Nsw – Mon 17 + Tues 18 April 2017

State Theatre, Melbourne Vic – Wed 19 April 2017

Metro City, Perth Wa – Sat 22 April 2017

Bonnie Raitt

State Theatre, Sydney Nsw – Fri 7 April 2017

Canberra Theatre Centre, Canberra Act – Sat 8 April 2017

Hamer Hall, Melbourne Vic – Mon 10 April 2017

Snarky Puppy

Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne VIC – Sat 8 April 2017 *Two Shows Announced* 4pm + 7.30pm

Enmore Theatre, Sydney NSW – Mon 10 April 2017

Andrew Bird

Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW – Sat 15 April 2017

Melbourne Recital Hall, Melbourne VIC – Tues 18 April 2017


Crowded House Return To Sydney For Two ‘Encore’ Shows "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Crowded House Return To Sydney For Two ‘Encore’ Shows

In 1996 the world bid farewell to Crowded House on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. This November, nearly 20 years to the day, the trans-Tasman band are reforming for two anniversary encore shows on the 25th and 26th of November – their only shows for 2016.

The timing could not be any better, as November will also see the band’s back catalogue reissued in time for their induction into the ARIA hall of fame.

“I am excited to announce two ‘Encore’ performances on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House,” announced Nick Seymour, bassist and founding member of the group. “The shows will mark the 20th anniversary of our break-up concert. ‘Proper order!’

“So please join us for a f*ck off sing song, an off-piste jam session, a toast to absent friends and NO RAIN.”

The band’s back catalogue reissues will come packed with various unreleased material including rareties and demos, all set to be released on November 4th on just about every format you can think of, including 180-gram vinyl, just in time for the shows.

In an interesting pairing, Kirin J. Callinan will be playing support for both nights, Friday November 25 and Saturday November 26, with tickets on sale 10am Monday September 26.


The Complete List Of Falls Festival 2016 Sideshows "GroovUs Feed Afestivals"

The Complete List Of Falls Festival 2016 Sideshows

The summer festival season is almost upon us, Falls Festival is just around the corner, and Falls brass are still celebrating their Lorne and Byron Bay events selling out in record time.

With the Marion Bay and Fremantle festivals not far behind, there’s no better time than right now to drop some big-name sideshows on us and that’s exactly what they’ve gone ahead and done.

Organisers have gone and unveiled a whole string of sideshows from some of Falls’s biggest draws, including The Avalanches, Grouplove, Jamie T, and AlunaGeorge, with more incoming.

Check below for the full list of currently announced Falls Festival 2016 sideshows and make sure you keep checking back for more updates as they come.

The Avalanches

Tuesday, 3rd January 2016
Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne
w/Grandmaster Flash

Thursday, 5th January 2016
Enmore Theatre, Sydney
w/Grandmaster Flash

Saturday, 7th January 2016
Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide


Friday, 6th January 2016
The Corner, Melbourne


Tuesday, 3rd January 2016
Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Friday, 6th January 2016
Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne

Jamie T

Wednesday, 4th January 2016
Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Thursday, 5th January 2016
Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne

Modern Baseball

Wednesday, 4th January 2016
Metro Theatre, Sydney (Lic/AA)

Friday, 6th January 2016
170 Russell, Melbourne


Wednesday, 4th January 2016
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Friday, 6th January 2016
Howler, Melbourne

Catfish & The Bottlemen

Tuesday, 3rd January 2016
170 Russell, Melbourne

Friday, 6th January 2016
Metro Theatre, Sydney

Tuesday, 3rd January 2016
Metro Theatre, Sydney (AA)

Thursday, 5th January 2016
170 Russell, Melbourne


Friday, 6th January 2016
Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Saturday, 7th January 2016
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne



Monday 7am Bulletin "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

A report for the Australian National Audit Office has found The Immigration Department made mistakes in its handling of contracts for offshore detention centres.

A deal between fuel retailers and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will see South Australian drivers struggling to locate discount fuel around the state.

Australian Olympians’ Brett Robinson and Eloise Wellings have shared wins in annual Adelaide fundraising run City to Bay.

SA Health is currently re-testing over 2,000 women after manufacturer Siemens issued a re-call of their cytomegalovirus testing kit.

Adelaide’s Elder Park has hosted Oz Asia’s annual Moon Lantern festival.

In Sport…

Australian rugby team, the Wallabies bet Argentina in a 36 to 20 bonus-point win after Saturday night’s Rugby Championship showdown in Perth.

Crows captain Taylor Walker says he is disappointed with the Crows after their semi – finals loss against Sydney on the weekend.

Fifteen year old, Isis Holt, has received her second paralympics silver medal for Australia in the two hundred metre T 35.

News Reader: Chloe Holmes. Sports Reader: Georgia Roberts. Producer: Georgia Roberts. Web Editor: Jake Bell. Journalists: Chloe Holmes, Georgia Roberts, Jake Bell, Teagan Short.


Independent Artist Of The Week: The Pretty Littles "GroovUs Feed Aartists"


Cheeky Melbourne-based indie garage band The Pretty Littles create wistful, slow-burning, lo fi tunes to sing along with your mates to. With two albums already under their belt, the band have been releasing music since 2011. The Pretty Little’s third album Soft Rock For The Anxious came out on September 2, showcasing the latest Littles single ‘Sleeping In Water’

No stranger to political controversy, in June the band called out television personality Eddie McGuire and Sam Newman for their gendered remarks on sports journalist Caroline Wilson, with ‘Sam’s Mob‘. A song about disappointment with the status quo, it highlights the comments that were “innately violent and a gross insight into the redneck majority of Australia”.

The Pretty Littles kick off their Soft Rock For The Anxious album tour on October 22. Check out ‘Sleeping In Water’ below:

WHO: The Pretty Littles
WHAT: Soft Rock For The Anxious Album Tour
WHERE: Wollongong, Manly, Sydney
WHEN: 3-5th November
HOW MUCH: $12 more info here

Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!


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Sunday, 18 September


Homeground – Celebrating First Nations at the Sydney Opera House "GroovUs Feed Aartists"

For thousands of years, the land that Sydney Opera House is built on was a gathering place for the Gadigal and Eora people who danced and sang here. This October, Homeground celebrates the very best First Nations artists with free music, dance, food, workshops and markets over two big days.


During October 8th and 9th, artists from the very heart of Australia as well as from all around the world show their different contributions to this extraordinary event. Featured musicians include East Journey, the winners of the 2015 NT Song of the Year (Rock category), Dubmarine, the 15-year-old Mi-Kaisha Masella of Aboriginal and Tongan heritage, who already wowed audiences on The Voice Kids, and many more. Click HERE to find out more about the event’s music.

In terms of dance, the program offers a variety of interesting groups and single dancers, including Amrita Hepi and the Aboriginal Dancing groups Naisda and Naygayiw Gigi. Click HERE to see all performers.


But the best is yet to come: Dance Rites, the Sydney Opera House’s groundbreaking Indigenous dance competition, returns this year with even more communities across Australia preparing to compete on Sunday 9 October from 5 to 7 pm. A highlight of the Homeground program, Dance Rites aims to safeguard and revitalise vanishing cultural practices – language, dance, skin markings and instruments – to ensure they are shared from one generation to the next. In 2015, the standard of performance was incredibly high – convince yourself:

Moreover, Homeground offers free weaving and dancing workshops: A great option for both children and adults to connect to the country and its original inhabitants themselves.  No bookings required, just show up! The Homeground Arts Market and a food menu created specifically for Homeground by Clayton Donovan, Australia’s most acclaimed and only hatted Indigenous chef, complete the event.

What: Homeground festival

When: Saturday, 8 October and Sunday, 9 October

Where: Sydney Opera House

To register for free tours and Collisions and for more information, visit the website.

The post Homeground – Celebrating First N...


Rainbow Chan - Seaside "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

An intimate performance by Sydney artist Rainbow Chan. Filmed by Rose Chan. Help send her to Iceland by voting for her here: Free downloads here:

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Friday, 16 September


Bon Iver Recruited Aussie Singer Gordi For His Jimmy Fallon Performance "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Bon Iver Recruited Aussie Singer Gordi For His Jimmy Fallon Performance

It’s not often that our dreams become the real deal but in this case triple j-approved, Aussie-grown 22-year-old muso Gordi (Sophie Payten) bedazzled the people of America on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And that’s not the best part – Bon Iver recruited the Sydney singer to join the band in the big NYC.

You read it right, one of our Unearthed favourites turned US label artist was spied lending her vocals as part of the ‘Fallon Choir’.

Usually one would think scoring a gig like this would be one hell of a process, lucky for Gordi, Bon Iver is actually signed under the same US label, Jagjaguwar.

All it took was for management to reach out and pitch the idea, though a bleary eyed, post-Melbourne gig Gordi totally misinterpreted the offer at first.

“We’d just played a show in Melbourne and had quite a big night. Got home at 5am and my manager said ‘I just got this email from Bon Iver’s management’. I read it and I was like ‘what’s a Fallon choir?!” she told triple j.

After sleeping off the big night and sleeping on the proposition for a little more clarity, all arrangements and decisions were made quick smart.

Diving head first into flights, rehearsals and recordings, a nice tab was supplied for the Gordi and friends to enjoy the Jimmy Fallon Show which was to air a few hours after they left the studios.

Let’s hope the unexpected networking leads Gordi to a spot on Bon Iver’s album tour…

Bon Iver is due to release 22, A Million September 30th and Gordi’s EP, Clever Disguise, is out now.

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Thursday, 15 September


Diary of Death :: 17 – 23 Sept 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

diary of death_may2016

A life-threatening list of recommended events happening in Sydney and surrounds this week. 



– Dinorama: Twelve Point Buck, Fox and the Hound, The Knots, Rudigar, Tuppaware Party – Miranda Hotel – 6PM
Queerstories: Jordan Raskopolous, Paul Mac and Jonny Seymour, Amy Coopes, Kira Puru. Hosted by Maeve Marsden – Giant Dwarf Stories
Rainbow Chan, Moon Holiday – Newtown Social Club – Single launch
Harts – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Flowertruck Frank’s Wild Years, Thirroul
Northeast Party House, Polish Club, Twinsy – Metro
Now That’s What I Call Fuckfest: Passenger Of Shit, Fukno, Dislasystem, Hedonist, Defektro, Dave Psi, DJ Magic, Gelido, Tramstein, Midimachine, Earwax Jam, Casket Whine -Valve Bar
Fascinator, Jack Shit, Urby – Tokyo Sing Song – 11PM til dawn – FREE


– Dress Up Attack: The Grates, Custard, Bunny Racket, Benny Time, Angie Who – Sydney Portugal Community Club – Kimya Dawson cancelled. – 10AM. – All ages
Gai Bryant and Jeremy Sawkins – Community Gathering Space, New Clinical Services Building – Blacktown Hospital -12.30PM
Free Guided Tour of the Stencil Art Prize with Shanta (NZ) – 76 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Camperdown – Bookings essential. – 2PM – FREE – Art tour
The PBC 120/10 Ball: Dave Graney and the Mistly Petersham Bowling Club Tickets include multi-course dinner and drinks – Music/food
Harts – Oxford Art Factory
GL, Venus II Newtown Social Club
Eat That Question: Frank Zappa In His Own Words – Factory Theatre – Film
Zeahorse, Grinding Eyes, Shearin’ – Botany View Hotel – Single launch – FREE
King Tide – Lazybones Lounge

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Wednesday, 14 September


Modular synth wizardry: Elbee live on Future Face "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


  • Elbee :: Analogue Mix for Future Face

“This thing will consume any spare time you thought you had. And any spare cash you thought you had as well.”

It’s hard to mention modular synthesis without drawing confused looks. Curious folk are intrigued by the architecture of knobs, wires and flickering LEDs – but learning to master them is a whole different question. But that challenge hasn’t stopped Elbee. The Sydney producer talked us through the method behind his madness before playing a live set on Future Face.

Recently graduating from a course in Sound and Music Design at the University of Technology Sydney, Elbee has been seeking inspiration beyond the bounds of a computer. Dabbling in the world of live synthesis, his quest led him to the very hands-on, knob-laden Eurorack synth.

“The system I’ve got here today is a development I’ve been working on for the last couple of years,” he explains. “For anyone who has no idea: a Eurorack takes a lot of planning. This thing will consume any spare time you thought you had. And any spare cash you thought you had as well.”

“I’ve picked and chosen a whole lot of different bits and pieces that suit exactly what I want to get out of the synth. I’ve pretty much set up a custom performance environment for me to express ideas and experiment.”

Elbee crafts an array of immersive, minimalist sounds using a drum machine, gritty electronic components, and his beast of a synth.

Listen above and get a glimpse of his full setup below. Keep an ear to the ground for Elbee’s future wizardry.

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Friday, 09 September


Gregory Porter in Conversation "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Coming up on the 27 September, Gregory Porter will be live In Conversation with journalist Paris Pompor in a FREE, highly anticipated event. He will be talking on a wide variety of topics; from music: the art of songwriting and his creative inspirations, to growing up in Bakersfield with seven siblings and a mother who instilled in him strong ideas of social justice.


A Blue Note recording artist and Grammy-winning singer, Porter combines the gentlest of spirits with one of the most majestically powerful voices in contemporary jazz and soul. Whether it’s his moving, breakthrough Motor City protest single ‘1960 What?’ his collaborations with British electronic producers Disclosure or his new #1 jazz album ‘Take Me To The Alley‘, he continues to win over audiences while swinging effortlessly between hand-clapping gospel and seriously good jazz bop.

Following his standout set at Glastonbury Festival earlier his year, Porter announced dates for an “intimate” Australian tour for his new, internationally celebrated album which were quickly sold out. However, he will be returning again soon for the Byron Bay Bluesfest in April 2017.

During the live conversation, you can also ask Gregory Porter your own question by RSVPing to be in the audience by using the link below, and clicking on the ‘REGISTER‘ button.

Gregory Porter In Conversation is co-presented by Universal Music Australia, Eastside Radio, BluesFest, APRA AMCOS and Groovescooter for the 2016 Sydney Fringe Festival.


Who: Gregory Porter

What: Live – In Conversation

When: Thursday, 29 September, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Where: Play Bar Sydney – 72 Campbell Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

For more information and to Register CLICK HERE

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Sydney nightlife then & now: Phil Smart & Mark Dynamix talk two decades of club culture "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


  • Motorik :: Phil Smart and Mark Dynamix Interview 19.08.16
  • Mark Dynamix :: Guestmix for Motorik


“It’s really important to remember all the stuff that Sydney’s been through, despite the lockouts … Sydney’s scene is still kicking and doing great things.”

The last time Mark Dynamix and Phil Smart were together on the radio was in 1996. With two decades to catch up on, the two legendary Australian DJs caught up for Motorik on FBi Click, delving into stories Smart’s extensive international career.

Kicking off in San Francisco back in ’91, Smart fell in love with the city during a big weekend on the club circuit. San Fran ticked all the boxes: good vibe, good music, good people. It was here that Smart was influenced by early English rave, acid house, Chicago classics and West Coast breaks. These formative sounds would lead him to create some of the most innovative dance music in Australia’s history.

“That trip changed everything for me.”

These two DJs forged the way for Sydney’s early rave scene: Smart creating a name for himself through the Tweekin’ club nights, and Dynamix through his extensive Ministry Of Sound releases. Both continue to DJ around Sydney, most recently joining forces for a Jack The House party focused exclusively on music from 1988 – 1992.

Reflecting on how the scene has developed over the years, Dynamix and Smart commented on the present state of live music in Sydney.

“When I started to plug back in to Sydney about 4 years ago… I was really impressed by the way the scene was going,” Phil said. “There was a lot more collaboration between promoters, which was amazing… And that continues to this day. And I think this lockout thing has brought even more solidarity.”

“It’s important to remember from those days, in like ’96: (we were) struggling and fighting, kicking and screaming to get a decent sound system in a club. We’d always work hard to get the best sound (at our parties), but when you were in regular clubs, it was some half-arsed sound system. They’d spent $20,000 on the bar but skimped on the sound system.

“But now… when I played at SASH early on at the Abercrombie, they had Funktion-One on the terrace. And it was like – this is fantastic! Proper sound, punters who know what’s up. They’ve got access...


Thank Folk It’s Friday – 9th September "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was Releases This Week _Xantastic – Darren Cross Bandcamp Rowena Wise – Rowena Wise iTunes Signs of Light – The Head and the Heart iTunes Timber and Steel Recommends – Go To This Gig Chaika Sydney’s world music masters Chaika are putting on a […]


Kate Ceberano & Paul Grabowsky – Love Songs "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


Join one of Australia’s most cherished and acclaimed performers Kate Ceberano and close musical partner Paul Grabowsky for an unforgettable evening of love songs.

In this perfect pairing of Ceberano’s versatile voice and Grabowsky’s masterful piano playing, the duo performs faithful reinterpretations of some of the great love songs of the past 50 years.

From tales of love, to longing and heartbreak, the songs in the repertoire have been handpicked by both artists for their ability to connect on a deep emotional level and for the influence the songs have had on each of their lives.

Kate Ceberano has to be one of Australia’s best with an award winning career spanning 24 albums and a term as previous Artistic Director of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. With a wise, wonderful and whimsical approach to music making, Grabowsky’s contribution to Australian music is vast and deep. Her silky smooth vocals and charming personality make audiences feel warm, happy and as if she is talking directly to them. Cabaret is a conversation and Cebrano always manages to make it appear unscripted and genuine.

Paul Grabowsky is also a national treasure with his extensive and valuable contribution to the Australian jazz industry. The pair have worked together previously and the respect and appreciation for each other was clearly visible in their interactions.

Be swept up by an evening of music and song spanning the emotions of love itself!


Who: Kate Ceberano and  Paul Grabowsky

What: Love Songs Collaboration Concert

When: Saturday 22nd October, 8:00 pm

Where: City Recital Hall, 2 Angel Pl, Sydney NSW 2000

For more information and tickets CLICK HERE.

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Thursday, 08 September


Six shows to see at Sydney Fringe Festival "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Sydney Fringe Festival 2016

Picking what to see at Sydney Fringe Festival can be a little like having too many potential dates to the dance: you don’t know who to go with, then you end up staying home.

The breadth of shows can be pretty intimidating. There are over 100 acts performing across September, ranging from acrobatic feats, debut musicals, narrative-based dance performances and experimental theatre.

If you’re a little lost, we’ve whittled it down with six picks we think look pretty promising. It’s not a definitive guide, but these are good places to start.


Tilly Devine, May 1925, courtesy of State Reformatory NSW

Crocodile Tears

With more than 200 criminal convictions, Tilly Devine remains a notorious figure of Sydney’s underground. One of Australia’s wealthiest women, Tilly worked as a call-girl in the 1920s before running her own extremely successful (and illegal) brothel up to the ‘60s. In Crocodile Tears, playwright and actor Olivia O’Flynn examines Tilly beyond her crimes to look at her relationships, ambitions and desires.

WHO: Brevity Theatre
WHAT: Crocodile Tears by Olivia O’Flynn
WHERE: Tatler Sydney, 169 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst
WHEN:Wed 21st Sep, 7.30pm and Wed 28th Sep, 7.30pm and 9pm
HOW MUCH: $18-$22


Courtesy Roger McLassus/ 

Europe Won’t Fix You

Does anyone ever really ‘find themselves’ backpacking across Europe? Or, if you can, how do you hold onto ‘it’ – the new you – when you’re home? This play from Sydney-based The General Public Theatre Company is a look at post-holiday comedowns and questionable choices. Warning: may hit uncomfortably close to home.

WHO: The General Public Theatre Compan...


All Of Our Highlights From Day One Of BIGSOUND 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

All Of Our Highlights From Day One Of BIGSOUND 2016

BIGSOUND, Australia’s response to the gargantuan SXSW, is underway yet again in Brisbane. It’s the only time of year you’ll find Courtney Barnett casually chatting on one street corner and DZ Deathrays only a few metres further up the road, followed by a quick succession of other premium Aussie export acts in transit between venues.

Boasting a lineup far bigger than years prior, it was clear that BIGSOUND 2016 was going to offer an endless amount of incredible performances over two nights.

From Unearthed darlings Lastlings to the hype-loaded Mosquito Coast, our roving reporter Kyle Butcher caught as many acts as he could manage on night one of BIGSOUND 2016.



Let’s get something clear now. Seeing Buoy unleash her sonic talents on stage is something else entirely when compared to listening to the Sydney artist’s studio recordings. The minimal, intricate sounds you love about Buoy’s music are thickened live, rich with electronic tones and delicate vocal ambivalence.

That’s not to say her return to Bigsound was perfect, however. Buoy’s new single “Exit” was abruptly cut down the middle by jarring tech issues, which fortunately was the only hitch of the night. After a few moments, the track restarted, and Buoy took off, vocals in full flight, leaving the few awkward moments of silence...


Soulfest Promoter Ordered To Fork Over $400,000 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Soulfest Promoter Ordered To Fork Over $400,000

John Denison, the promoter behind several Australian music festivals including Soulfest and Supafest, has been ordered to pay $437,000 in compensatory and additional damages to APRA AMCOS.

In a press release, the Australian music royalties body stated that Mr Denison was ordered by Sydney’s Federal Circuit Court to pay the sum due to “flagrant infringement of the Copyright Act (1968)”.

According to APRA AMCOS, the promoter had accrued the six-figure debt over the last two years with festivals such as Soulfest, Supafest, and others tours and events.

“Judge Street made a number of important comments about the importance of APRA AMCOS, and that the evidence demonstrated that APRA AMCOS was willing to deal with this promoter even with all the difficulties he posed,” said Richard Mallett, Head of Revenue at APRA AMCOS.

“He said that it is to AMCOS AMCOS’ credit that it made so many genuine attempts to license the events so that it could promote live music while still protecting its membership.”

“And it was pleasing to note he also acknowledged APRA AMCOS’ essential role in promoting live music performances in Australia.”

“We maintain APRA AMCOS’ members are among the most vulnerable service providers when it comes to promoters like th...


Olivia Grbac, 'Shit People At Gigs' "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Melbourne and Sydney's live music scene may be an ideal place to nurture various breeds of local rockdog, but the crappy behaviour it often attracts will be recognised by gig-goers across the world. Olivia Grbac has noticed, and has compiled an illustrated catalogue of her least favourite offenders in the aptly-titled Shit People At Gigs.

Beautifully rendered by risograph fiends Helio Press, this zine is a potted etiquette guide with a hint of revenge fantasy thrown in, and hence the sight of a bigoted heckler being decapitated by a flying guitar has never looked so gorgeous. Reading it as a regular gig attendee will unavoidably provoke twinges of irksome recognition - I mean, what sort of prick haggles at a merch table? - but may also cause occasional pangs of guilt, if the conduct of these characters reflects your own past actions. I would therefore like to apologise publicly to anyone who has ever been in earshot of me tunelessly singing along to their favourite band, or within whiffing distance after an hour pogoing in a Yarra City sweatbox.

While some of the transgressions chronicled in SPAG are arguably minor irritations, there are also those that indicate larger issues of misogyny and entitlement that still permeate the local scene in 2016. Why are there bros that think it's fine to take their shirts off and barge into everybody? What sort of thug threatens to kick a band's amps in if they don't play all the songs he wants to hear? And is a scrap of setlist really worth getting into fisticuffs over? Punters, avoid these indiscretions and we may edge ever closer to full-on rocktopia.


Bruce Springsteen 2017 Australian Tour “Is On” "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Bruce Springsteen 2017 Australian Tour “Is On”

Rumours rock legend Bruce Springsteen may be making a return to Australian shores in the near future first surfaced last month and now further fuel has been added to the fire.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald‘s sources, the tour “is on”. The Boss will reportedly tour Australia in January/February next year, with dates possibly announced later this month.

The tour will be a mix of outdoor and arena shows, including a performance at Victoria’s Hanging Rock. According to Fairfax, there will not be any Perth or Adelaide shows.

And apparently a reformed Jet are set to be supporting the tour. The band were previously rumoured as supports for AC/DC, though this didn’t eventuate.

Frontier Touring chief Michael Gudinski first stoked the rumour mill after an appearance on Triple M, when he told the hosts and listeners to expect a “massive February and March of rock” and hinted at a 2017 Springsteen tour.

“That was an interesting visit from Michael Gudinski,” the official Triple M Hot Breakfast account tweeted. “We’ve been warmed up to expect a MASSIVE February/March of rock!” The tweet was post-scripted with the hashtag #TheBos...


Jet Reunion Is Happening In 2017: Report "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Jet Reunion Is Happening In 2017: Report

A report from the Sydney Morning Herald suggests Aussie rockers Jet are working on a reunion set to hit us early next year.

According to the Fairfax Media publication, the ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ hit-makers will reunite to support Bruce Springsteen on an upcoming Australian tour.

Australian music industry legend Michael Gudinski had previously teased that an Australian Springsteen tour was on the books for 2017.

According to Fairfax, the Boss tour is not only happening, but Jet will serve as support act on all shows except one performance at Victoria’s Hanging Rock.

There was talk of Jet potentially reforming to support AC/DC during their Australian tour last year, though these rumours never came to fruition.

“I think I’d prefer to get up [on stage] under our own steam but they’re an amazing band and I do love them very much,” Jet bassist Mark Wilson said at the time.

“I think it would be a tough gig to get up before them. I don’t think you’d have the crowd on your side necessarily.”

Wilson also said that relations between bandmates are positive. “We’re like brothers,” he said. “I text Chris all the time. Cam and I live around the corner from each other. We’ve been through a lot together.”


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Wednesday, 07 September


Women in the Arts: Feminist Identities and Contemporary Art "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Verge is hosting the third instalment of this superb series of feminist discussions. This round is all about Sydney's contemporary art scene and the identity politics and challenges feminists from diverse communities and practices face in its fold. Lead by writer Kelly Azizi and featuring insight from artists and curators, Emmeline Peterson, Okapi Neon and Samia Sayed.


Art We Heart: Leila El Rayes "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

My place is placeless, Leila El 2016

My place is placelessness, 2016

Leila El Rayes’ work is fiery red, intense and sensual. Her practice is an act of cross-cultural defiance: an affecting blend of punk culture and Eastern aesthetics.

Born and raised in Sydney from Egyptian and Palestinian descent, Lelia explores the notion of ‘biculturalism’ in her art. Recently, I was fortunate enough to meet with Leila in her honours studio at UNSW Art & Design.

Working in sculpture, installation, painting, photography, video and performance, Leila doesn’t limit herself with materials to refine how she creates. She has hand painted the Southern Cross on Papyrus paper, fashioned carpets from nails, and used party bunting to montage the words “camel rider”.

“I just sit down and use whatever is closest to me,” Leila says.

Drawing on her heritage and ideas of displacement, her work explores and critiques the notion that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’. Growing up with Islamic influence in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Leila addresses the realities of existing at the juncture between Eastern and Western cultures. As she puts it: “I have an arm in each field, with my body sitting in the middle.”

Honest and humourous, her work addresses the tropes of bicultural exoticisation with a playful, tongue-in-cheek approach. Leila works with motifs of serpents and traditional carpets, alluding to forbidden fruit and female sensuality. She references the image of t...

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Monday, 05 September


'What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like?' at Firstdraft "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Liquid Architecture hosted a two-night dive into contemporary feminist sound, performance, noise, dance and storytelling. Campbell captured the event's evolution from meditative harp listening to pumping nightclub.

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Friday, 02 September


Watch Alaska Orchestra perform ‘The Oloid’ for Ears Have Ears Live "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Photography: Britt Andrews

“In this day and age, where we’re tied to our computers and our phones and our emails, I think it’s really important to not be bound by time… to feel a release from that. For me, listening to this music gives me that sensation.”

The final edition of Ears Have Ears Live featured the eclectic, ever-evolving ensemble, Alaska Orchestra. Formed during a musical residency project at the Kings Cross car park gallery, Alaska Projects, the orchestra brings together a revolving cast of Sydney musicians, led by Megan Alice Clune.

Alaska Orchestra performed an original piece written exclusively for the event. Entitled ‘The Oloid’, it was inspired by a new shape that was discovered by Paul Schatz in 1929. Focused on 3 constant notes, the piece draws out the details and tones of each individual note. Through this semi-improvised composition, Alaska Orchestra explore an experimental aspect of classical music that is evolving in Sydney’s electronic music scene.

Sydney favourite Rainbow Chan then led a Q&A that delved into the creative process behind the piece and a broader discussion of Australian contemporary classical music. Watch the highlights below and listen to the whole performance and discussion on the...

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Thursday, 01 September


Middle Kids are heading to Iceland! Meet FBi’s 2016 Northern Lights comp winners "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Middle Kids 2016


  • Listen :: Middle Kids find out they've won FBi's Northern Lights competition


FBi’s music director Stephen Goodhew called Sydney band Middle Kids with some good news yesterday. It took a little while to sink in… they’ve won our Northern Lights competition!

Chosen from an impressive list of finalists, Middle Kids will join the official lineup of the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in Reykjavik this November, alongside PJ Harvey, Warpaint, Santigold, The Internet, Of Monsters And Men and more. They’ll get to network with international industry professionals and spend a day recording in Sigur Rós’s Sundlaugin Studio. Back in Australia, they’ll have three days recording, mixing and mastering at Sydney’s Studios 301.

The three-piece (Hannah Joy, Tim Fitz and Harry...

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Tuesday, 30 August


Bec Sandridge is Not A F**king Joke – On Glasgow, Blues and the Benefits of Busking "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"


  • Bec Sandridge :: Interview with Alex Pye
  • Bec Sandridge :: In The Fog, In The Flame

Discussing her path, it’s clear that Sandridge has had an interesting start to her career.

“I was playing in a really awful blues and roots band – I was playing guitar. I was too scared to sing outside of t...

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Sunday, 28 August


EP 175: Walken; SEIMS "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"



Recorded by Reuben Aptroot
Mixed by Branko Cosic
Recorded at Greenslopes Bowls Club as part of Sonic Masala Fest, Brisbane, 13th of August 2016.

Bursting out of Brisbane’s growing punk scene in 2014, Walken have wasted no time releasing music and playing shows. So far they have released three singles, two eps, toured the east coast, and supported some of Australia’s biggest names such as The Bennies, Tired Lion, and Brisbane’s own Screamfeeder. Sounding somewhere between 90’s Blink 182, and the heaviness of early offspring albums, Walken produce hard hitting alternative rock with textures of the sunshine they were written in.



Recorded by Reuben Aptroot
Mixed by Reuben Aptroot
Recorded at The Brightside, 4th of March 2016.

Created by Sydney based multi instrumentalist Simeon Bartholomew, SEIMS was originally a one-man studio project when he released the debut self titled album in 2012. The album was written, performed, recorded, and produced by himself, and after its release he received multiple requests for live performances of his bedroom symphonies. After recruiting members to fill the spots of trumpet/synth, guitar, and drums, while Simeon himself welded the bass and additional synths, SEIMS has been mesmerising audiences up and down the east coast. Their late...

Friday, 26 August


Thank Folk It’s Friday – 26th August "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

This Week in Folk All the News From The Week That Was – Sydney singer-songwriter Patrick James announced a solo tour this Spring. Details here – William Fitzsimmons announced details of his first live album. Details here – A new folk-punk festival, the Cutthroat Folk Festival, has been announced for Sydney featuring Cutthroat Folk Fest […]

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