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Wednesday, 14 November


Annual General Meeting 2018 FBi Radio


Free Broadcast Incorporated (FBi Radio) will hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 6:30pm on Wednesday 5th December, 2018 at FBi Radio, 44-54 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015.

The AGM is the instrument through which members most actively influence the way FBi is managed. The AGM sets broad station policy and elects the Committee who will represent the members in the ongoing management of the station.

The nature of the business proposed to be transacted at the AGM is as follows;

Opening, Quorum & Apologies
Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
Business Arising
Presidents Report
Treasurers Report
Election of Committee Members
Other Business

Nominees for committee membership and any submission of resolutions for discussion at the AGM must be submitted to the Managing Director of FBi Radio 14 days before the meeting (that is, by 6:30pm 21st November 2018).

In accordance with Clause 19 of FBis Constitution, nominations of candidates for committee election must be made in writing, signed by 2 financial supporters of FBi and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of nomination).

The nomination form and proxy form can be found below.

There are 4 positions open for nomination:

Programming Adviser (Ordinary Member)
Ordinary Member
Ordinary Member

Only existing Financial Supporters at the date of this notice are entitled to vote at the AGM. New supporters who join or renew after this date are welcome to attend and participate in discussion.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the upcoming AGM please email FBi Radios Managing Director Nikki Brogan,

2018 FBi AGM- Nomination for FBi Committee
2018 FBi AGM Proxy
FBi Radio FY17 AGM minutes
FBi Radio Constitution- Updated December 2016
FBi Radio Annual Report FY18

The post...


ALBUM REVIEW: Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit  Live From The Ryman

Theres that age old conundrum with live albums  its never going to be as good as actually being there but you get to hear different versions of songs and and the nuances within them. Jason Isbell released a live EP back in 2008 and the Live From Alabama album in 2012 so its clear hes Continue reading


Public Poetry Picnic at Observatory Hill 89.7 Eastside FM

The Sydney Poetry Bookers Picnic is a celebration of poetry. The reading event recognises the significance of the coordinators of poetry who organise the regular readings in Sydney and the greater regions of the city. The annual event acknowledges the efforts undertaken throughout the year by the organisers of poetry in forging poetry communities and developing support of the art form. Representatives are invited to attend, speak of the event and read. There is also an open reading section.

Now in its sixth year, the reading will feature three-time winner of the Nimbin World Cup of Poetry and co-founder of Bard Flies, one of Sydneys first spoken word events, Tug Dumbly as MC. Music will be provided by George Washingmachine, who has been involved in the entertainment industry since last century. He has worked in television, theatre & film.

From the more established events through to the emerging, performative and the competitive such as the Australian Poetry Slam organised by Word Travels, to the underground word-gypsies of Caravan Slam, through to presentations of the Avant-garde in Avant Gaga at Sappho Books Cafe & Bar. Sydney poetry events feature, local, regional, national and international poets and collaborators across a range of different venues, from libraries, galleries, museums to pubs and clubs.

What: Public Poetry Picnic

Where: The Rotunda At Observatory Hill

When: 15 December 3pm

For More Information Click Here

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Video Premiere: The epicness of Harley Mavis Magnolia FBi Radio

Photo: Maya Luana  

Harley Mavis stunning sophomore single joins the pantheon of great songs entitled Magnolia (see also: Gang of Youths; Playboi Carti).

The follow-up to the Sydney songwriters outstanding debut single, No Chance, opens with some evocatively strummed, faraway guitars and Harleys earthy vocals singing of how she needs to find [her] answers in tiny cities beneath these woodland streets. For the first half, Harley constantly plays on the verge of the anthemic, threatening to reach for the ease of epicness but always subverting expectations, such as with this wonderful little twist in the first chorus where her vocals fall instead of rising.

But then, about halfway through, these atmospherics are overtaken by a bustling beat which breaks through and introduces a newfound sense of energy. From there, the song doesnt let go as a near-overwhelming rock-cophany floods the track. Its a masterclass in captivating songwriting, unfurling out from the centre in all different directions. One of those songs where you can hear everything every piece of emotion and backstory behind it.



Directed by Maya Luana, the visuals cast Harley in a world of pastel-coloured rooms in the midst of Australiana bushland. The charmingly sweet narrative follows Harley as she attempts to fix her world through a series of small, here-and-there, mostly superficial alterations before resolving to tear the whole fucking thing down.

Its simple but it also captures something surreal about how overwhelming and daunting it can seem to try and find your place as a young person in big cities, in the face of big, capital-I Institutions, all the while knowing that maybe its all fake and meaningless anyway, or maybe you spent too much time stressing over stuff thats not...

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