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Tuesday, 14 August


ALBUM REVIEW: Halfway Rain Lover

Halfway have always seemed to operate in their own space within the Australian music industry. They tick both the Americana/alt-country box as accurately as they slot into the world of indie rock. On Rain Lover theyve combined those sonic qualities and more, blending them seamlessly into their own brand of heartwarming and heartbreaking melancholic rock. Continue reading


Watch us interview Australias Biggest Def Leppard Fan Tone Deaf

Rock legends Def Leppard are gracing our sandy shores this November to perform Hysteria in full, bringing hits like Pour Some Sugar On Me and Love Bites to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Hysteria is of course the record that followed the horrific injuries to drummer Rick Allen in a car crash, which cost him his arm and almost his career. Released four years on from Def Leppards third LP Pyromania, the long-awaited follow-up shot straight to #1 around the world, as Allen miraculously taught himself to play one-handed.

We put the call out to our faithful Tone Deaf readers in search of Australias Biggest Def Leppard Fan, hoping for a passionate music fan with a lot of love for Def Leppard. And we most certainly found them. Stuart from the central coast kindly invited us over to ask him all about his love for music, and his incredible collection of vinyl, cassettes, CDs and other memorabilia. Check it out below:

WATCH: Australias Biggest Def Leppard Fan


Australia's Biggest Def Leppard fan

We searched far and wide for someone to bestow this prestigious title upon, and would now like to introduce you to Australia's Biggest Def Leppard Fan, Stuart!

Tone Deaf

Def Leppard 2018 Australian tour

Tickets are on sale now via Live Nation

Friday November 2
Perth Arena



The Coffee Roaster 89.7 Eastside FM

Coffee The 21st Century Elixir.


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Yes, yes its true! Time and time again we hear that coffee helps you live longer.

But it doesnt stop there Reduced risk of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimers.

Weve rounded up 9 articles with the hows and whys; 

1) Nine studies suggests increasing coffee consumption may substantially reduce the risk of cirrhosis

2) Coffee consumption associated with 10% lower risk of all cause mortality

3) High intakes of coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and tea is associated with reduced risk of diabetes

4) Coffee drinking is associated with a reduced risk of liver cancer, endometrial cancer

5) This study found a trend towards a protective effect of caffeine on the brain and reducing Alzheimers 

6) Another study suggest that caffeine intake may be a protective factor for Alzheimers disease

7) Studies of three large cohorts s...


Arts Wednesday 15 August 2018 89.7 Eastside FM

Astrophysicist, Professor Geraint Lewis, is back for another series, this one entitled:The Science of Science Fiction. Episode 1 this week at 10:40 am, looks at the Science of Fiction.

My special guest at 11:00 am is education expert Chris Bonner, who joined me in conversation about equity and education. At a time when there is serious concern about the amount of  government funding to wealthy private schools, we discussed what is fair and how fairest models can be achieved.

Music draws on both of these conversations, starting and finishing with science fiction and education in the middle.

I look forward to your company!

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Creative Crush: Shireen Taweel FBi Radio

Image: from Broken Hill to Campbelltown.  

Shireen Taweels artworks shine. Literally.

Shireen works entirely with copper, using traditional decorative techniques to cut and manipulate these shining sheets of metal into sculptures and installations. Through her artworks, Shireen explores her experiences of being an Australian Muslim of Lebanese decent, and shares ideas of cultural exchange, sacred space and cultural hybridity.

We chatted to Shireen about what shes been up to and her upcoming participation in Campbelltown Art Centres exhibition were all connected to Campbelltown (one way or another)


Hey Shireen, how are you! Where are you today?

Im at my Parramatta studio and feeling like Im on a high after finishing a new artwork.

 Image: Shireen Taweel in her Parramatta Artist Studio

Tell us a bit about your practice?

Im an artist who works in sculpture and installation through experimentation with the material copper, most of my projects explore and unpack what is sacred space and notions of cultural hybridity. The processes and concepts I undertake in my work often stem directly from my experiences of being an Australian Muslim of Lebanese decent and how living between cultures and places create spaces of cultural exchange and harmony. Everything I develop in my studio is heavily process driven as I work solely with my two hands; its been amazing like that, the challenges Ive faced throughout developing each of my projects have taken me on a very long and creative journey, each time opening me up to new ideas and approaches to my material copper.

What have you been working on recently?

Ive been experimenting and exploring a new process called chasing for my most recent work from Broken Hill to Campbelltown  its a suspended sculpture made from 99 hand chased copper plates.


Monday, 13 August


Community Billboard 14th August 20th August 89.7 Eastside FM

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the future  Sydney 2030  making our city more green, global and connected.

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