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Thursday, 22 September


Learning to Live (Die) with Your Disease "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 22nd, 2016 By Tracy Kolenchuk Guest writer for Wake Up World Have you heard the latest âŹÜmedical wisdomâŹ"? ItâŹ"s become a mantra for chronic diseases, from arthritis, to diabetes, to depression to dementia. âŹSLearn to live with your disease.⏠But itâŹ"s a lie. What is really being said is âŹSAccept the fact that you are ...Continue Reading - Learning to Live (Die) with Your Disease


Pivot to Asia: Ongoing U.S. Militarization of Pacific an Alarming Trend "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 22nd, 2016 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World The Pivot to Asia, which is really the US militarization of the Pacific Ocean in preparation for war with China and Russia, is a highly disturbing trend. Not so much attention has been paid to it, yet it is an arena which will determine the future ...Continue Reading - Pivot to Asia: Ongoing U.S. Militarization of Pacific an Alarming Trend


Time and Space Are Not What You Think "IndyWatch Feed National"

800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ...


The ‘Legal Name’ Game – and How It’s Used Against You "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 22nd, 2016 By Pao L Chang Guest writer for Wake Up World The legal name game is one of the greatest âŹScon games⏠ever invented. The controllers of the New World Order use the legal name to trick you into (unknowingly) consenting to give away your natural rights, to federal government. Once you do this, everything that ...Continue Reading - The âŹÜLegal NameâŹ" Game ⏠and How It's Used Against You

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IndyWatch Sydney NSW All Topics Summary Today.

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Wednesday, 21 September


Concerning HoaxteadResearch.WordPress.Com and Their Agents Provocateurs "IndyWatch Feed National"

Look, let me point the OBVIOUS out. Angela Power Disney- Sabine McNeil- Neelu Berry- THESE ARE ALL BAD GUYS working DIRECTLY with HoaxteadResearch to seek out survivors and kill their support. They ingratiate themselves into victims lives- do all kinds of crazy stupid shit- which the Hoaxtead people then LOUDLY PROCLAIM- and suddenly ALL THE VICTIMS SUPPORT DISAPPEARS. Angela whined after I blocked her- but let me tell you why.

She would Skype me- and she ALWAYS wanted me to talk about Aquino. Two things happened at the end. She called me on Skype but I didn’t answer with video- basically because I was sitting on the toilet and didn’t want to be on video taking a shit. As a result- she FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. Second- she suddenly wanted to get me in touch with Doug Dietrich.

Dietrich and Aquino were best friends. Aquino wouldn’t give me the public debate that I was asking for- so I then focused on Dietrich. Yeah- he might mention my name- but what he DOESN’T say is that he REFUSED to publicly debate me. So anyone who thinks this guy is “supporting” me and my efforts is a moron.

So I did my interview with Shatter Boys UK and GUESS WHAT GROUP HAS SUDDENLY GONE OUT OF THEIR WAY TO INGRATIATE THEMSELVES INTO THEIR LIVES. These men are actually DOING SOMETHING- and MAKING A DIFFERENCE. OF COURSE this group of government trolls would like to fuck that up. But the Shatter Boys UK men aren’t stupid- and I have already explained to them in detail my concerns.

So for those of you who are wanting to reach out to this group- DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. And when the shit goes down- and you find yourself standing alone- just remember one thing- I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO.


Ghastly parody honours French presidential pariah François Hollande as 'World Statesman' "IndyWatch Feed National"

The nonsense is flowing thick and fast from the mainstream news media. Still haunted by the psychopathic performance of Samantha Powers screaming that Russia was to blame for what America had done in Syria, next I hear that the US is categorically blaming Russia for explosive attacks on aid trucks to Syria. Now I have discovered that François Hollande, possibly the most unpopular French President ever,[1] an undignified, unrepresentative globalist, anti-socialist socialist, and general little fat fraud, has been awarded (not by the French of course) but in New York, the 'World statesman Award' by the Appeal of Conscience Foundation. Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, 1999 World Statesman honoree, delivered an address and the laudation at the Awards Dinner." (See

This is probably the best that Hollande can hope for before he loses the next election. A prize from world bullies for Hollande's odious actions in depriving his countrymen of their hard-won civil and industrial rights.

Comments from the French about the award demonstrate disbelief. Here is a typical one from Hennir33: "Grotesque! It is as nonsensical as it would be to give the Nobel Peace Prize to the president of North Korea." See

But then, dear me, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Barack Obama, who has gone on to pulverise the Middle East and taunt Russia. So why not to Kim Jong-un, who says, anyway, that he's only responding to the threat from U.S. military bases all around South Korea.

As an indication of Hollande's outrageous perfidy, he was recently spotted slipping a 'legion d'honneur' to Saudi Prince Mohamed ben Nayef, the Crown Prince responsible for the terrible war on Yemmen.

"The awarding by François Hollande two days ago of the Légion d'honneur to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed ben Nayef, was roundly criticised by several politicians.

It was condemned particularly by the far right but also by the socialist deputy of Haute-Garonne, Gérard Bapt, who wrote that 'political-commercial realism should not lead to two different speeds on moral positions.' Mediapart journalist, Laurent Mauduit, condemned the award of the medal and, at the same time, new arms deliveries from Paris to Ryad."[2]

Who's Who among the self-appointed world statesmen

"The invocation [for François Hollande's award] was delivered by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York and the benediction by Archbishop Demetrios, Primate of Greek Orthodox Church. Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman of News Corporation, Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO of Blackstone, and Jerry Speyer, Chairman of Tishman Speyer, are the Chair...


Dr M Is Right – Sirul Is Too Scared To Reveal All "IndyWatch Feed National"

How do you tell a man, detained for almost two years in Australia for entering the country for not telling the authorities that he is a convicted murderer, that in Australia, the individual can decide his own fate by the things he does in mitigating the circumstance of the crime he had committed? How do […]


Australia, Canada, UK Issue New Travel Advisories for India "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mumbai airport. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mumbai airport. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Delhi: Australia, Canada and the UK have issued fresh advisories to their citizens travelling to India to avoid visiting parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and the India-Pakistan border, barring the Wagah border.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the UK and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also warned their citizens about the recent Cauvery dispute-related violence.

On September 16, the FCO updated its travel advisory cautioning its citizens “against all travel to Jammu and Kashmir with the exception of travel within the city of Jammu, travel by air to Jammu and travel within the region of Ladakh.” It also advised “against all but essential travel” to Srinagar and travel between the cities of Jammu and Srinagar on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway.

The advisory said, “The tourist destinations of Phalgam, Gulmarg and Sonmarg fall within the areas to which the FCO advises against all travel.”

The same day, Global Affairs Canada also advised its citizens against travelling to “Jammu and Kashmir, with the exception of Ladakh via Manali or by air to Leh, due to sporadic terrorist activity and violent demonstrations.” Besides, “areas within the immediate vicinity of the border with Pakistan, in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab, due to the possibility of landmines and unexploded ordnance, as well as unmarked border areas.”

It said, “The Wagah border crossing and towns farther from the border, such as Amritsar in Punjab and Bikaner and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, are excluded from this advisory.” FCO also kept Wagah out of the advisory.

In the case of the north eastern state, the countries’ advisories have asked their citizens to either cancel or reconsider their visit to these states citing recent militant attacks: the shooting of 14 people in a market in Assam’s Kokrajhar district this past August and the killing of 18 soldiers in Manipur’s Thoubal district last year.

Global Affairs Canada advised against “non-essential travel” to “Manipur and the areas of Arunachal Pradesh that border with Myanmar, due to the threat of insurgency” besides advising travelers to also avoid areas in Assam bordering Bangladesh and Nagaland bordering Myanmar “as they are significantly affected by insurgency.”

A large number of tourists from these three countries visit the north east every year, particularly Assam’s Kaziranga National Park, home to the one-horned rhino.

In 2013, a similar travel advisory was issued by Australia. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said, “We continue to recommend Australians to exercise a high degree of caution in India overall because of the risk of terrori...


Our safety betrayed by ugly cover-up over refugee program "IndyWatch Feed National"


Rioters’ ethnicity must be exposed

Andrew Bolt writes: SATURDAY night’s race riot at Moomba proves our refugee program has made our streets unsafe, and the police and media cover-up must end. Read More


Trump Might Adopt Many Canberra Politicians If He’s President "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Dee McLachlan The idea that Donald Trump might become President of the United States frightens most Australians. I was at a script meeting last week, and during a brief segue from our fictional story, someone mentioned Trump. When asked, I suggested that both Presidential candidates were a poor choice, but I’d reluctantly tick “Trump.” […]


Woonona shooting "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

police 2INVESTIGATIONS are continuing after a man was shot in Woonona today.

Emergency services were called to Mountain Avenue just after 2.30pm after a man reported he had been shot.

Police believe the man was shot in nearby Joanne Street before getting into his car and driving to Mountain Avenue.

He suffered severe facial injuries and was airlifted to a hospital in Sydney. He is currently in a serious but stable condition and his injuries are not considered life threatening.
Wollongong detectives are investigating the incident and believe it was targeted. They are urging anyone with information to come forward.


1) UN General Assembly’s Papua Discussion Should Prompt Indonesia to Reflect "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Families Urge UN Special Rapporteur to Visit Victims of Paniai Shootings
3) Government Seen Not Serious in Addressing Papua Human Rights Issue 
4) Solomon’s urges Indonesia to allow Papua scrutiny

5) FLJS Policy Brief Calls on UK to End Political Conflict in West Papua

1) UN General Assembly’s Papua Discussion Should Prompt Indonesia to Reflect
20 September 2016
Jayapura, Jubi – The submission of Papua human rights and political issues to the UN General Assembly’s plenary meeting is a historical fact that can not be avoided and should be a self-reflection for the Government of Indonesia, said the Chairman of Evangelist Church Synod in Papua the Rev. Benny Giay on Sunday (18/9/2016) in response the widespread of Papua issues in Pacific and the enforcement of the Pacific coutries leaders to take the West Papua issue to the UN General Assembly.
“For me, when the issue of Papua get to the UN General Assembly by the Pacific countries leaders, it justifies the view that it is the time for change,” said Giay, who also argued that after 50 years Papua in the hands of Indonesia, it’s time to change history.
“I think the voices of struggle of Free Papua is finally get to the UN General Assembly Plenary Meeting is natural. It should be. Because we are in the church believe that every 50 years the history must be reflected, as well as the Indonesian Government to reflect their action and progress of their civilization for 50 years th...


The Deep State Institutions That Couldn’t Care Less Who You Vote For "IndyWatch Feed National"


By Dylan Charles

The American people are again fully enthralled in the puppet show of national elections, and while arguments grow ever-more heated and partisan, the fact remains that no matter which way we vote there will remain a deeper state which represents the real and unchanging forces driving the destiny of this country and of the world.… Read More


Study in Australia with 2 Years Post Study Visa! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Do you want to study in Australia with 2 years post study VISA or other countries like Canada, UK, USA, UAE and New Zealand? You can start your own inspiring journey to success by attending the PFL International Education Exhibition in October 2016. Do not miss this opportunity to meet one on one with seasoned […]


First Peoples workshop with Minister Scullion "IndyWatch Feed National"

Today National Congress of Australia's First Peoples and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peak Bodies met with Minister Scullion to workshop progressing the Redfern Statement. The meeting provided an opportunity to develop a greater degree of understanding and mutual appreciation of the complexity of the Indigenous Portfolio which requires a whole of government approach.  

First Peoples called on the next steps to include:

  • A meeting between the Prime Minister and the leading signatories of the Redfern Statement;
  • At least an annual National Summit with the Prime Minister and his cabinet to share knowledge between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Government representatives;
  • A whole of Government approach to co-construct policies to ensure that our pathway forward is co-designed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the Government; and
  • A commitment from the Government to develop intergovernmental mechanisms to ensure First Peoples have a voice at the highest levels of Government to ensure the Government’s focus reflects our values and priorities.


Pip 6 pics from around Australia! "IndyWatch Feed National"

We’ve had a huge response to our callout to Pip Readers to show us their Pip Issue 6! It’s not too late to share your pic: use the hashtag #pipmag6 and you’ll go into the draw to win a fab pack of Honey Bee Wraps. We’ll be picking the winner soon though, so hop to it!

Thanks to these wonderful folk who’ve shared their beautiful snaps so far…

14269250_1033581703406673_1332644681_n 14145316_250823261985333_1868918501_n14294781_1063144150405325_1142422065_n 14027165_659349960880331_1475602484_n ...


The Hanging: The Public Body .01 at Artspace "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

thepublicbody0-1Untitled (detail), Sarah Lucas, 2012.

If you’re afraid of a little skin, this show may not be your cup of tea – but maybe, you’ll see there is nothing to be afraid of.

Public Body .01 is the first venture in Artspace’s three-part series on the concept of the body.

The human body is so often sexualized, exploited, idealised, fetishized and objectified. It can almost no longer be viewed without judgment or critique. Public Body .01 explores the rawness of physicality by depicting the body at its most bare. Flesh is exhibited in nearly every corner of the gallery space, represented in sculptures, music videos, performance works and photography.

The representation of the body in art has a long history in relation to the nude, where images of the body were constructed by and filtered through the male gaze. Public Body .01 attempts to reclaim the body through subverting the heteronormative narrative of art history and offering a spectrum of representations by artists from different contexts.

When you enter the exhibition, you walk smack bang into an array of penises and vaginas with a myriad of studio portraits plastered across the gallery wall. Aptly titled ‘Yearbook’, Ryan McGinley’s photographic series is the product of 7 years spent photographing individuals in what is often referred to as their most vulnerable state, their ‘birthday suit’.

Each individual has their own portrait about A3 in size, demanding equal attention to all bodies. Each normalise one another’s nakedness. With coloured backdrops, the wall is reminiscent of a stereotypical teenage bedroom covered in vintage playboy and magazine images, as McGinley shows the proliferation of the nude in mass media.

The exploration of the body cannot be without the connotation of sexuality. With works involving bedazzled vaginas and erect penises printed on silk scarves, the body and its sexuality is depicted in the exhibit as a vessel to accessorise and personalise. The exhibit contains so many different representations of the body to raise the question: who or what can qualify what is and isn’t natural or normal anymore?

Public Body 0.1 is tactile, much like the physical body. It subverts the elitism of the gallery space as the personal and private becomes public, making it feel like a safe space.

If you’re afraid of a little skin, this show may not be your cup of tea – but maybe, you’ll see there is nothing to be afraid of.

48a0719-720x480Installation view of The Public Body .01, curated by Talia Linz and Alexie Glass-Kantor, Artspace. Photo: Jessica Maurer.



Premiere: Oliver Downes Impresses With His Thoughtful Baroque Pop Debut ‘Ultraviolet’ "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Premiere: Oliver Downes Impresses With His Thoughtful Baroque Pop Debut ‘Ultraviolet’

We’re happy to bring you Ultraviolet, the debut solo release from Melbourne singer-songwriter Oliver Downes. An impressive and eccentric work of baroque pop, it packs soaring melodies and sharp wit in equal measure, underpinned by intricate and eclectic chamber instrumentation.

The record’s unique sound is partially the product of his collaboration with instrumental art-folk trio The String Contingent, which includes the talents of Graham McLeod on electric guitar, Chris Stone on violin and Oliver’s sister Holly Downes on double bass.

Oliver has called upon a roster of talent for the album, which was recorded by Jimi Lloyd-Wyatt (Gossling), mixed by Richie Belkner (Sarah Blasko, Ngaiire), and features guest appearances from Sydney’s Elana Stone and Brian Campeau.

Ultraviolet by oliver downes
“I really wanted to navigate these ideas of constraint and escape,” he says of the record’s themes, “how much wriggle room we have within our circumstances, whether there’s any real way of escaping who we are and whether we should really want to.”

Downes is frank about where his work sits in a music scene dominated by two opposing poles.

“Although I’m not the only person making art music using pop forms, or making alternative with small chamber-style groups rather than a more traditional band, I think it’s an unusual thing to do in Australia, where rock and punk are such huge forces over one side of the table and sleek commercial pop weighs down the other.”

It’s evident that, despite a long process leading to the record’s release, working with this array of talent helped to reinvigorate Oliver and imbue the tracks with a new energy.

“Having spent such a long time living with some of the songs, they can become stuck in a groove far too easily. Inviting superb instrumentalists in to create their own parts was a good way to shine some new light on each track and render them somehow new to me.”

To bring the album to you in a live setting, Oliver will be launching it this Friday at the Wesley Anne, before heading out on a national tour with folk pop chanteuse Jess Locke in support, dates below.

Photo credit: Yana Amur

Oliver Downes Tour Dates

September 23 – Melbourne, Wesley Anne, w/ Jess Locke
October 16 – Katoomba, Hotel Blue, w/ Hinterlandt
October 20 – Sydney, Django Bar, w/ Hollie Matthew
October 21 – Canberra, Smith’s Alternative, w/ Hinterlandt


Party Starters Visions Announce Free Telegram Tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Party Starters Visions Announce Free Telegram Tour

Visions recently solidified their reputation as Australia’s premier party starters with their King St Crawl in Sydney’s Newtown and their sold-out expansion into Melbourne, which kicked off at Fitzroy hotspot Yah Yah’s.

Now, they’ve announced the second instalment of their touring arm by welcoming a free tour from UK buzz magnets and NME and BBC 6 Music favourites Telegram, who’ll be playing three totally free shows along the East Coast next month.

The London four-piece come from the same circles that gave us the likes of The Horrors, Temples, and Palma Violets and released their eagerly anticipated debut album, Operator, earlier this year to rave acclaim.

Effortlessly combining a love of Roxy Music, Syd Barrett, kraut-rock, and late proto-punk, don’t miss your chance to see one of the UK’s most swiftly rising acts. Check below for all the dates, details, and awesome supporting acts.

Visions: Telegram Australian Tour Dates

Wednesday, 5th October 2016
The Foundry, Brisbane
w/ Tiny Migrants and Max Chillen

Friday, 7th October 2016
Waywards, Sydney
w/ Matrick Jones and Hair Die and Deep Sea Arcade DJs

Saturday, 8th October 2016
Yah Yah’s, Melbourne
w/ Matrick Jones and Deep Sea Arcade DJs


Zarautz: Karlos Arguinano "IndyWatch Feed National"

Get there: Mendilauta Kalea 13
Cost: About €1.80 for a Spanish-tasting coffee. That’s all we bought.

You might think that a review of an obviously-placed waterfront cafe signals the beginning of the end for Global Hobo’s edge. Hold your horses, discerning readers. As you will know, the #digitalnomad lifestyle can be a hard one to sustain. The search for a venue with both reliable wifi and accessible powerpoints is liable to see you visiting McDonald’s every time you need to circle-jerk over each other’s Instagrams. Zarautz has no McDonald’s, but we found the next best thing – Karlos Arguinano (jk, he’s actually a Spanish celebrity chef). Lunch with the well-dressed locals, survey the beach-goers and practise your Spanish/Basque/social skills with the staff as you work on your latest protein-powder-sponsored vlog. Di nada.

Back to Zarautz


Zarautz: Gran Camping Zarautz "IndyWatch Feed National"

Get there: Calle Monte Talai-Mendi
Cost: €7.10 a night for a 2-person tent. A more comprehensive price list can be found here.

Don’t let accommodation in Basque country bleed you drier than a dead dog’s foreskin – trade the hostels for glamping at Gran Camping Zarautz. There’s surfer babes of myriad nationalities, hot showers, and the cleanest toilets you’ve seen in a while (toilet paper included – your bikini bottoms need not stink of urine any longer!). Perched atop the headland, Gran Camping offers sunset and ocean views far superior to those at any hotel you can afford. Zarautz beach is a leisurely scenic stroll down the hill, and the waves are appropriate whether you’re actually talented or just wobble around on a longboard trying to keep your tits in your bikini. The walk back up to camp is treacherous, but the calf-burn provides an excuse to stop for surf-backed selfies. Stay away from the BoardX surf camp plot, those cheeky groms are mostly jailbait.

Back to Zarautz


Under capitalism, even atheist artists have saints "IndyWatch Feed National"

It was 6 August, the inaugural Feast Day of Santonatron, the artist’s saint. Largely unheard of outside a small group of artists in Puebla, Mexico, the saint has already sparked controversy. Despite historically being known as a bastion of conservatism, Puebla already has its fair share of unofficial folk saints, with the Catholic Church often condemning their followers as heretics at best, cults at worst. At first glance, Santonatron may look no different.


Taking Back Sunday Expand 2017 Australian Tour "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Taking Back Sunday Expand 2017 Australian Tour

Taking Back Sunday recently announced they are set to return to Australian shores next March, and they’ve now been forced to add a second Melbourne show to meet the overwhelming demand.

The band’s seventh studio album, Tidal Wave, dropped earlier this month and is yet another reinvention for the band, who are currently at the peak of their powers.

The album marks the first time the band wrote in the studio as they recorded. “We could come up with an idea, perform it and then listen back to it immediately,” said frontman Adam Lazzara.

“We really can’t wait for you to hear it. Everyone is working hard to categorize where this music fits and all we can say is we wrote from the heart and did the best work we could.”

Meanwhile, Taking Back Sunday still remain a formidable force on the live stage. Check below for all the dates and ticketing details of the band’s upcoming 2017 Australian tour.

Taking Back Sunday Australian Tour Dates

Friday, March 17th
Enmore Theatre, Sydney (Lic/Aa)

Saturday, March 18th
The Triffid, Brisbane (18+)

Sunday, March 19th – SOLD OUT
170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)

Tuesday, March 21st – NEW SHOW
170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)

Wednesday, March 22nd
The Gov, Adelaide (Lic/Aa)

Thursday, March 23rd
Metro City, Perth (18+)


Crows "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Some crows I've been drawing



Barnaby Joyce, acting PM "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Barnaby Joyce has been scratching his head in preparation for the big move to Armidale


DMA’s Share Heartbreaking Music Video For ‘Step Up The Morphine’ "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

DMA’s Share Heartbreaking Music Video For ‘Step Up The Morphine’

DMA’s have barely had a moment to catch their breath since dropping their highly anticipated debut full-length effort, Hills End, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Ahead of their latest Australian tour (see below for dates and details), they’ve unveiled their touching new music video, directed by Errol Rainey, along with a heartfelt note from guitarist Johnny Took.

“About two and a half years ago I flew back from Adelaide and wrote this song after my grandma’s passing. I’d like to share a very personal video beautifully directed by Errol Rainey. It, like the song, is a celebration as much as a reflection of life,” Took writes.

“Losing someone close to us is a very personal thing but something we all inevitably have to experience. This video is an honest collection of moments between a father and his two youngest daughters directed by his youngest son, for anybody who has lost someone.”

DMA’s National Tour Dates

Thursday, 6th October 2016 – SOLD OUT
The Croxton, Melbourne (18+)

Friday, 7th October 2016 – SOLD OUT
The Croxton, Melbourne (18+)

Saturday, 8th October 2016 – SOLD OUT
The Gov, Adelaide (18+)

Friday, 14th October 2016
Enmore Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)

Saturday, 15th October 2016 – SOLD OUT
The Triffid, Brisbane (18+)


500 Test Matches… and a Heap of Mediocrity "IndyWatch Feed National"

A stroll through the statistics of India’s performances over history.

The Indian test team following their match against West Indies in August. Credit: BCCI

The Indian test team following their match against West Indies in August. Credit: BCCI

India goes into its 500th Test match tomorrow against a combative but not frightening New Zealand XI. The national expectation is that Virat Kohli and his lads will win, making it India’s 130th Test victory. A cooperative pitch is expected to play its part: it’s not called “home advantage” for nothing. In Indian cricket at least, ‘atithi devo bhavah‘ – the Upanishadic principle that says the guest is God – is blithely ignored. It’s more like ‘Ashwin devo bhavah’, in homage to India’s sharpest spin bowler.

India’s being at number one in the International Cricket Council’s Test rankings from November 2009 to August 2011 has led the younger generation of fans to be starry-eyed about their team in Tests. The team was briefly number one again in January, February and August of this year; and but for last month’s foul weather in Port of Spain – and the fouler drainage at the ground – it would still be at the top. India currently sits in second place, a point behind Pakistan, and would return to pole position if it beats New Zealand in the forthcoming series.

Recent Test performances should not blind us to the truth that India has historically been a mediocre, and often poor, Test side. It has a better head-to-head record against only four out of the nine other Test-playing countries. Two of those are Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, teams largely undeserving of their Test status. Sri Lanka and New Zealand are the other sides against which India has prevailed more often than it has lost; but of those two, the Kiwis have the worst overall win percentage – 20.68%  – of any major Test team, so they don’t provide a basis for a boast. And Sri Lanka’s total win percentage against all sides is actually better than that of India. So while India is superior head-to-head, the islanders fare better on average, against everyone else, than India does.

The point of this short piece, therefore, is an appeal for modesty. Let us not thump our chests in the modern Indian manner, but remember that for long stretches of its Test history, India has been a soft opponent. Its overall percentage of victories is a mere 25.95%, the second-worst among the major Test nations (comprising England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). Only New Zealand has a poorer record. Australia has won a dazzling 47.20% (or nearly half) of its Tests and every other team has won a third, or thereabouts. India wins only one match in four.

We need a word, here, about the West Indies, and the manner in which its recent decline has inflated India’s Test record. The two have played each other in 94 Tests since 1948, of which the West Indies has won 30 and India 18 (with the rest drawn). But a whopping 11 of those Indian wins have come after 2002, the last time the West Indies won a Test series against India. Put aside the single Test India won in...


Red Ice Live – First Ever All Hijab Show at New York Fashion Week "IndyWatch Feed National"

Henrik & Lana discuss the hysteria over the first all hijab runway show during New York Fashion Week and the push to get White European women to wear a hijab.… Read More


Art We Heart: zin "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


Still from Each Other, LiveWorks Festival, Performance Space, October 2015.

“It’s like in Power Rangers. Our solo practices are almost unrecognizable from one another but when we collaborate, it clicks into something much bigger and better.”

zin partnerships is the love child of Harriet Gilles and Roslyn Helper. At first glance zin is a performance art duo that makes art about the Internet. But just like the algorithm used to sort your Facebook News Feed, zin’s art is complex and directly affected by your actions. zin may very well understand you better than you know yourself.

zin is “life art,” Roslyn says, because the duo “interrogate, break down, question and play with the social forms and structures that we all participate in.” Using the Internet and computers as their medium is the inevitable consequence of making socially engaged art in 2016, but zin don’t intend to be overly critical of the Internet, since for all the bad online, there’s also good. “You know – like humanity,” says Harriet.

zin are experts in disrupting existing social structures, activating their audiences through interactive artworks. It started as a means of shaking up the general political apathy they saw at university and giving their audiences a sense of ownership. As a result zin’s work is always fun, familiar and there are consequences to each of your actions.

Harriet and Roslyn also make theatre and art separately. “It’s like in Power Rangers,” says Harriet. “Our solo practices are almost unrecognizable from one another but when we collaborate, it clicks into something much bigger and better.”

They were both drawn to this world of experimental performance art because it gives them room for expression and experimentation. Roslyn sums it up with a Yoko Ono quote: “Artists are like politicians but they can say whatever they want.”

Their next project The internet is where innocence goes to die and you can come too explores internet surfing as a performative act and will be at the Melbourne Fringe Festival next week. But be sure to click ‘attending’ next time you see zin partnerships pop up on your News Feed.

Party Mode, Underbelly Arts Festival, 2013



Latest Research from the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Vol. 34, No. 1 2016 of the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing is now available free online :

Feature articles include

* Nurse empathy and the care of people with dementia
* Access to healthcare services for people living with HIV experiencing homelessness.
* Stoma and shame: engaging affect in the adaptation to a medical device.
* Flooded with evidence: using a 'spillway' model to improve research implementation in nursing practice.
* A mental health nursing transition program for enrolled nurses at a forensic mental health hospital.


Track Premiere: MAST ‘Transcendence/Loves Metamorphosis Theme’ [Alpha Pup Records] "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


  • MAST :: Transcendence / Loves Metamorphosis Theme


MAST is Tim Conley: composer, producer and jazz-trained multi-instrumentalist. The Philadelphia-raised, now LA-based artist is releasing his new album Love and War_ on October 7th via Alpha Pup Records. With guest spots ranging from Brainfeeder’s Taylor McFerrin to virtuoso bassist Tim Lefebvre and Philly 10-piece jazz outfit, the Fresh Cut Orchestra, it’s 17 tracks of exciting, challenging, world class composition.

Split across three ‘acts’, Love and War_ is an exploration of Conley’s tumultuous and event-filled love life over the past two years. Act 1 explores the beauty of a newfound love. And yes, you guessed it: Act 2 is about losing that love – through a series of substance abuse issues, deception and unhealthy coping mechanisms. For the finale, Act 3 comes a lesson in letting go, healing and eventually discovering a deeper, lasting love.

We’re fortunate enough to premiere the closing track in Act 3, ‘Transcendence/Love Metamorphosis Theme’. It’s a gentle, swirling, almost meditative masterpiece. Listen above.

Love and War_ was mixed and mastered by the godfather of LA’s flourishing beat scene, Daddy Kev. Recently nominated for a Grammy for his production work with Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus, Daddy Kev is the label head of Alpha Pup Records, and co-founder of the legendary Low End Theory club night.


ACT 1 – Love
1. Loves Metamorphosis Theme
2. The Rendezvous (feat Anwar Marshall)
3. You, every second minute hour day
4. The Temptation (feat Marta Bagratuni)
5. She’s Chasing the Dragon (feat Fresh Cut Orchestra)

ACT 2 – War
6. The Sorrow
7. The Breakup (feat Ryat)
8. The Night Drive (feat Tim Lefebvre and Josh Johnson)
9. The Downward Spiral (feat. Brian Marsella)
10. The Letting Go (feat. Taylor McFerrin)
11. On the Prawl again, again (feat. Louis Cole and Gavin Templeton)
12. Should’ve Swiped Left (feat. the Koreatown Oddity)

ACT 3 – Transcendence
13. A New Love
14. Feels (feat Nigel Sifantus)
15. Me and You (feat Andrée Belle)
16. The Liberation (feat Makaya McCraven)
17. Transcendence / Loves Metamorphosis Theme


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'Capiche' opening at aMBUSH gallery "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Celebrating ambiguity and misinterpretation, the 'Capiche' group exhibition compelled 18 artists to tweak their usual practices in surprising ways. Michael captured the chockers opening. The show is up until Sunday 9th October.


New Report Says Key to Environmental Sustainability in U.S. Is Reduced Immigration "IndyWatch Feed National"

“It’s completely disingenuous for anyone who is truly concerned about this nation’s sustainability and carrying capacity to continue to ignore the jet engine driving U.S. population growth: immigration.†- Dan Stein, President of FAIR

(September 20, 2016, Washington, D.C.) – One of the most important factors in achieving environmental sustainability in the U.S. is to reduce immigration, finds a new report,“U.S. Immigration and the Environment,†by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  America’s rapidly growing population is one of the biggest impediments to meeting critical environmental goals, and immigration is by far the largest factor driving U.S. population growth.


“It’s completely disingenuous for anyone who is truly concerned about this nation’s sustainability and carrying capacity to continue to ignore the jet engine driving U.S. population growth: immigration,†said FAIR President Dan Stein. “Immigration fueled more than half of U.S. population growth in the last 50 years, and will generate three-quarters of it in the next 50 years,†he added.


The U.S. has the largest ecological footprint in the world, measured by emissions of greenhouse gases and resource consumption. Adding to that footprint is the growing number of human feet, largely a result of mass immigration, which continues to undermine our efforts to minimize America’s impact on the global environment. All of the gains that have been made through conservation and improved efficiency have been wiped out by continued immigration-driven population growth. 


“It is simply impossible for t...


Album of the Week – ‘Uplifting Beats’ by Afro Peruvian New Trends Orquestra "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


This week we bring you an album that is full of life and energetic sounds, coming out of New York but taking sounds from the Spanish speaking parts of the world we are given an album that is bursting full of fresh Afro‐Peruvian Jazz with rhythms of Afro‐American Jazz. If you like tones to put you in the mood for some samba, rebalosa, festejo, bossa, and swing then this album is the one that you are looking for.

Released early this year it is another powerful project by the very talented Corina Bartra, known as the first vocalist to blend Afro Peruvian and Criolla music with Jazz she has given the world of Jazz her very own special touch which others have now followed. Being the artistic director of this new project we know that we are getting something that comes with the true sounds of Afro‐Peruvian Jazz, there is also some pieces which are Brazilian and Cuban influenced. Having worked on numourous amounts of albums and different projects such as her orchestras’, quartets’, Azu and Prisma project’s plus some solo recordings as well. It was her 2006 release ‘Bambu Sun’ that her part Jazz, part ethnic, part new – experimental vocals were picked up and she received an award at The Queens Council of the Arts award’s 2008.

The genre of Jazz is constantly being expanded as new unique touches are added and that is exactly what Bartra has done, bringing her home sounds of Peru to her talented work she is making Jazz even more international then it already is. With her Hispanic – American singing and her knowledgable composing it is really pleasing to hear sounds that are not too common. 

In this latest album ‘Uniting Sounds’ by Corina’s Afro – Peruvian New Trend Orquestra Bartra has taken a few tracks from her previous albums ‘Celebration’ (2009), ‘Son zumbón’ (2008), ‘Bambu Sun’ (2006), ‘Travelog’ (2003), ‘Sky Sandunguero’ (2011) or ‘Quartet’ (2012) and given us them again. Working across the 12 tracks with Corina is a host of talented musicians such as grammy nominated saxophonist Jay Rodriguez and multi award winning pianist Zaccai Curtis who are just some that are a part of this wonderful get together of a afro american jazz orchestra. Not only has Corina given us her distinct Afro – Peruvian Jazz sound there is even some Brazilian reggae sounding vibes on her track ‘More Than You Can Afford’, then we get some Cuban sounds in parts especially the very well arranged number Guajira Son...


2016 Annual General Meeting "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Annual General Meeting of the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 2 pm at  Springwood Sports Club, 83 Macquarie Rd Springwood All positions will be declared vacant. You must be a member to vote or nominate. Read more for Agenda and nomination form


The Hanging: Jonathan Jones – barrangal dyara "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

j-jones-program-1400x710barrangal dyara, Jonathan Jones, 2016

  • Jonathan Jones :: Interview with Alex Pye

Listen to Alex Pye interview Indigenous artist Jonathan Jones on Mornings. 

200 years ago, a palace that stood in the middle of the Royal Botanic Gardens burnt to the ground and was forgotten.

The Garden Palace was three times the size of the Queen Victoria Building and was home to Australia’s largest collection of indigenous artefacts. When it was burnt, these culturally significant items vanished from our history and over time the event has disappeared from our memory.

Today the artist Jonathan Jones has created a mammoth sculptural installation called barrangal dyara, meaning ‘skin and bones’, to breathe new life into this forgotten moment of Australia’s history.

The installation is made up of thousands of bleached white shields that mark out where the enormous structure once stood.

Unlike the ochre shields used in traditional celebrations, Jonathan’s shields are stark white, a reference to both the specific destruction of cultural heritage following the blaze as well as the larger, long term effects of colonialisation of Indigenous land.

Barrangal dyara shines light on the vulnerability of the Aboriginal community and what it means to have that literal and cultural shield of protection taken away from them. It is an acknowledgement of the past and a hopeful look at the future – Jonathan says he is “putting people back at the table to talk again.”

Importantly, the work is centred around the revitalisation of Indigenous language. As you move around the site, you hear singing, children chanting, and intricate spoken memories in eight Aboriginal languages. The exhibition looks at language as a way of knowing an object without having the object, emphasising how these memories are permanently ingrained within the land, its histories and its languages.

You can download the project 32 app and wander through the site to gain further insights from cultural leaders, historians, artists and writers, or you can catch Jonathan speaking about the work and the land every day at 12:30pm.

18_barrangal-dyara-childrens-hiliday-program_700x530barrangal dyara, Jonathan Jones, 2016



The spread of superbugs that are resistant to all known drug treatments. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Antimicrobial resistance is on the rise, and in the future, many infectious diseases will once again be untreatable, forcing more people into poverty and costing nations dearly, a World Bank-led study warned.


Premiere: Big White’s Nicholas Griffith Drops A New Pop Single As Bourgeois Earth "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Premiere: Big White’s Nicholas Griffith Drops A New Pop Single As Bourgeois Earth

Bourgeois Earth is Nicholas Griffith’s brain-child, born into this world upon returning home from a U.S. tour with his other band, Big White.

The tour obviously filled him with musical inspiration, as ‘Concrete Love’ enchants us with its very jangly guitar sounds, tasteful touches of minimalist synths, and charming, almost nonsensical lyrics. The overall effect is something akin to ’90s indie rock group Pavement, while the video, is pretty much the definition of ‘grass roots’.

If you’re also a fan, you can hear this one live at the ‘Concrete Love’ single launch on Friday 23rd September at Sydney’s Union Hotel, with strong supports in No Local and Oral-B.


Ghost Stories "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Spooky times have hit the State Theater Center with the arrival of their latest production ‘Ghost Stories.’

The British psychological thriller has petrified audiences in London and Sydney, and has blended the best of live theater and horror films.

The play features BAFTA-winning actor, director and producer Stuart Brennan who joined Kylie on the Mag.

Play Ghost Stories at State Theater Center


Henry Rollins Just Dropped By One Of Melbourne’s Best Record Stores "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Henry Rollins Just Dropped By One Of Melbourne’s Best Record Stores

Punk icon and all-round legend Henry Rollins has admitted to having more than a mild addiction to vinyl records. A self-described “vinyl cat lady”, Rollins buys at least one record every day and takes time out whilst on tour to hit up his favourite brick-and-mortar spots.

Apparently that includes Melbourne’s beloved Greville Records, which is also a haunt favoured by esteemed UK singer-songwriter PJ Harvey. Harvey recently hit up the Prahran record store with good mates Mick Harvey and Bruce Milne, founder of legendary Aussie label Au Go Go Records.

Rollins, meanwhile, stopped by Greville as he makes the rounds of his current Australian tour (check the dates below) to buy up some vinyl from two superb homegrown acts. In a photo shared by the Greville Records Facebook, Rollins stands with releases by Metronomes and Taipan Tiger Girls.

In a March instalment of his regular column for LA Weekly earlier this year, entitled ‘I Went All the Way to Australia to Get a Thee Oh Sees Record‘, Rollins not only detailed his visit to two of Australia’s best record stores, but described his ardent love for Australia.

“I was so happy to finally be in Australia,” Rollins, who’s made more than 30 trips here, wrote of his first visit Down Under back in 1989. “That afternoon, I decided I wanted to visit Australia as often as possible. I have never reacted to a country this way before or since.”

“The last few days here in Sydney, I feel like I have won the lottery. I am where I am supposed to be,” he said of his most recent trip, which saw him linking up with Rice Is Nice operative Julia Wilson and hitting the town for some “food, caffeine and vinyl”.

The duo first hit up Repressed Records in Newtown, where Rollins was introduced to the likes of “Nun, Tyrannamen, Thigh Master, Red Red Krovvy, Brando’s Island, Terry, [and] Cured Pink, to name a few” by store co-owner Chris Sammut.

The two spent the rest of the day “hitting store after store”, including “the very sturdy Red Eye Records”, which Rollins described as “Well stocked and assiduously curated, it is a mandatory visit”.

Henry Rollins Australian Tour Dates

Thursday, 22nd September 2016
Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre
Tickets from, phone (08) 8443 5255 or in person at all Ticketmaster outlets.

Friday, 23rd September 2016
Perth, Regal Theatre
Tickets from or phone (08) 9388 2066

Saturday, 24th September 2016
Perth, Regal Theatre
Tickets from or phone (08) 9388 2066



The New Music You’ll Be Hearing On Triple J Next Week "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The New Music You’ll Be Hearing On Triple J Next Week

Each week, triple j give us a heads up on the new music they’ll be pumping through our stereos, so we thought we’d pass the news on to get you geared up.

This week, rock-reggae outfit Sticky Fingers have nabbed the feature album slot with their new one Westway (The Glitter & The Slums), which we’re excited to hear in full. On the single front, favourites DZs and Jagwar Ma will be getting some play, as will the return single from Sydney’s genius electronic trio Seekae, and a new choon . Rap stalwart Pez will also be popping up with his return single, which he’s put together with Paul Dempsey.

With plenty more talent stuffed into the rotation, here’s the full list of all the new music you’ll be hearing on triple j next week.

Feature Album

Sticky Fingers – Westway (The Glitter & The Slums)

Full Rotation

Birds Of Tokyo – ‘Brace’

DZ Deathrays – ‘Pollyanna’
[I OH YOU/Mushroom]

Fazerdaze – ‘Little Uneasy’

Jagwar Ma – ‘Give Me A Reason’
[Future Classic]

Leikeli47 – ‘Money’

Phantogram – ‘Cruel World’

Tigerilla – ‘Tulips (Ft. Gill Bates)’
[Night High Records/EMI]

Willow Beats – ‘Dvarka Pt. II’

Zack de la Rocha – ‘Digging For Windows’
[Sombra Sounds]

Spot Rotation

Confidence Man – ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’

Jess Kent – ‘The Sweet Spot’

Seekae – ‘Turbine Blue’
[Future Classic]

Communions – ‘Don’t Hold Anything Back’
[Fat Possum/Inertia]

Pez – ‘Calling Out (Ft. Paul Dempsey)’


City Calm Down Are Already Working On A New Album "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

City Calm Down Are Already Working On A New Album

Melbourne outfit City Calm Down have had a pretty big year, finally unveiling their debut album, the acclaimed In A Restless House, and they’re currently in the midst of a huge national tour which wraps up at the end of the month.

But according to the boys, they’re wasting no time in capitalising on the wave of momentum they’re currently riding. According to The Music, during a recent Perth performance, the band confirmed they’ve already begun work on album number two.

The band then treated the sold-out audience to a newly penned song, which will hopefully get an airing during the remaining shows of their national tour. City Calm Down still have stops in Sydney, Wollongong, and two shows in Melbourne on the agenda.

The tour comprises the band’s biggest capital city shows to date and continues the success the last 12 months has yielded for the group, who scored a triple j Feature Album spot earlier this year, as well as accolades from the likes of NME and Beats 1.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room "IndyWatch Feed National"

In order to do this we need to look at what it takes to be a writer, and admit that some writers advantage from a ridiculous amount of privilege, while upholding several myths around being a writer – myths that help us all pretend that the writing world has an open-door policy, even as it shuts the majority of people out.


ALBUM REVIEW: Darren Cross – _Xantastic "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Darren Cross made his name as a founding member of collage pop provocateurs Gerling but these days he’s one half of folk noir duo Jep and Dep and a solo artist trading in dark avant-folk. Surprisingly, this is Cross’ debut solo album and in many ways it embraces his past and present musical explorations with … Continue reading


ALBUM REVIEW: Josh Rennie-Hynes – Furthermore "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Queenslander Josh Rennie-Hynes has backed up his debut album with another set of bittersweet Americana songs that sound more assured and worldly though sometimes lacking dynamics that could have elevated the songs into more emotionally heavy-hitting territory. Songs are filled with people and places from Rennie-Hynes’ constant touring and he’s mastered melancholy and a sympathetic … Continue reading


Birds Of Tokyo Return With The Epic Title Track From New Album ‘Brace’ "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Birds Of Tokyo Return With The Epic Title Track From New Album ‘Brace’

A few hundred lucky Birds of Tokyo fans gathered at Sydney’s famous Carriageworks last night. Those fortunate enough to be there were treated to the entirety of the band’s new album, Brace, but you can now hear the title track for yourself.

“When we were writing and recording we kept talking about how we wanted to make a really dark and intense rock record that would be great to play live,” said frontman Ian Kenny. “So we figured the only appropriate way to lift these tunes for the first time was to smash them out at a gig.”

“We’ve never actually done a show that was all just one album from start to finish but it was fitting for the first airing of this one to be a live performance because that’s exactly how it was conceived – like a setlist,” added guitarist Adam Spark.

‘Brace’ is the epic new song from the world-beating Perth band, who’ve dominated radio over the past five years thanks to smash singles like ‘Plans’, ‘Wild At Heart’, ‘Lanterns’, ‘This Fire’, and ‘Anchor’. Their latest cut, meanwhile, is like a cross between The Cure and Muse.

It makes sense, seeing as the 10-track album was produced in collaboration with Canadian David Bottrill, who’s manned the boards for the likes of Tool, Muse, and Silverchair. Brace has the same level of ferocious power as the aforementioned bands and is set to drop 4th November.


More than half NSW solar homes headed for FiT shock: survey "IndyWatch Feed National"

A survey by the NSW pricing regulator has revealed some interesting data about rooftop solar households in the state, and has confirmed what the battery storage industry has been predicting for months now – that the market for residential energy storage is set to boom in NSW as a huge percentage of solar households come of premium feed-in tariffs.

The survey – conducted by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal in 2015 and the results published on Tuesday – found that an average of 20 per cent of NSW homes had installed rooftop solar.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-10-08-19-am

The highest uptake of rooftop PV in the state was in the state’s Riverina and North Coast regions, with penetration as high as 30 per cent in those areas. Uptake was recorded to be lowest in eastern Sydney, at just 12 per cent of households.

Interestingly, a vast majority – 75 per cent – of NSW’s solar systems were found to have been installed more than 18 months before the 2015 IPART survey.

And of all the households that have solar in the state, between 40 and 60 per cent of NSW them were found to be on a subsidised feed-it tariff of somewhere between 20c/kWh and 60c/kWh under the now closed state Solar Bonus Scheme. According to IPART, “significantly  more  households said they received 60c/kW than 20c/kWh.’

It is this sort of statistic that Australia’s battery storage industry has had its eye on, with many players predicting a surge of residential battery adoption in the state as these households come of the premium FiT and experience the shock of getting just 5-6c/kWh for their solar exports, after years of getting paid as much as 60c/kWh.

(As a side note – and as you can see in the chart below – an alarming proportion of the IPART survey respondents “didn’t know” what rate they were getting for the solar they exported to the grid, ranging from 22 per cent in Eastern Sydney to 9 per cent on the North Coast.)


The IPART survey notes, those NSW solar households not on the premium FiT – between 22 and 43 per cent of households – are receiving a voluntary unsubsidised tariff of between 6-8c/kWh.

As RenewEconomy has reported, NSW has the dubious honour of having some of the lowest solar FiTs in Australia after a series of cuts by IPART, taking the voluntary recommended retail rate to as low as an average 4.8c/kWh in August last year.

This rate was nudged up by IPART in June this year, however, from 4.7-6.1c/kWh to 5.5-7.2c/kWh – a rate that is still not compulsory and that is...


FixedIt – Murder is not protection. Abuse is not a relationship. Rape is not sex. "IndyWatch Feed National"

With a single headline, The Daily Mail turns an alleged child murderer into a loving father protecting his son, and an alleged child abuser into a romantic lover.


Killing to “protect” someone is self defence, killing a child to cover up your son’s crime is murder.

Rape is not sex.

Abuse is not a relationship






Liberal Democrat politician says schools should be able to suggest PROSTITUTION as a career to pupils "IndyWatch Feed National"


  • Dennis Parsons compared prostitution with accountancy at a conference
  • He questioned why schools are not mentioning prostitution as a career
  • Lib Dem leader Tim Farron distanced himself from what Mr Parsons said 

A Liberal Democrat councillor has told a party conference that schools could suggest prostitution as a career to pupils.… Read More


Australia will take Central America refugees-PM "IndyWatch Feed National"

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbul.(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbul.(AP Photo/Rob Griffith)


Australia will take refugees from Central America as part of a US-led program, and maintain its plan to increase overall resettlement numbers to almost 19,000 in two years.

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull will make the announcement during a speech to US president Barack Obama’s invitation-only high-level summit on refugees and migration in New York on Tuesday.

The initiative will be revealed alongside a commitment by Australia to maintain its increased refugees resettlement intake at 18,750 from mid-2018, up from about 14,000 now.

‘We will also participate in the US-led program to resettle Central American refugees currently in a resettlement centre in Costa Rica,’ Mr Turnbull will say, on the sidelines of a United Nations meeting.

Australia will also commit a further $130 million dollars over three years to support peace building and assistance to refugees, forcibly displaced communities and host countries.

This will build on an already announced $220 million commitment to humanitarian and resilience needs in Syria and its neighbouring countries.

In his speech, Mr Turnbull will urged world leaders to do more to address the underlying causes of displacement, including providing more assistance in home countries.

He reiterated Australia’s successful attempts to halt stop asylum seekers trying to reach the country by boat, saying it paved the way for one of the world’s most generous humanitarian regimes.

‘Allow public trust to erode and the mutual trust that binds us will similarly falter,’ he will say.

‘As leaders, we must always choose laws and policies that develop strength and unity over weakness and division.’

Australia’s humanitarian intake will to rise to 18,750 in 2018-19, in addition to 12,000 places from Syria and Iraq.

The government doesn’t have medium term plans to increase that figure, but could if circumstances change.

President Obama wants the gathering to agree to increasing funding for humanitarian organisations and global appeals by at least 30 per cent, boost resettlement options and increase opportunities for refugees through education.

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Wednesday 9am Bulletin "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to announce that Australia will be taking refugees from Central America.

MP John Gardner says Montacute road in the Adelaide Hills must be fixed before fire danger season.

Legislation has passed through South Australia’s Lower House to create a children and young person’s commissioner.

An inquiry into South Australia’s greyhound racing industry will be established in the state’s Upper House today.

Young carer’s are alarmed they will become a burden after the Government’s welfare plan announcement on Tuesday.

Australia’s lead provider of Energy and Emissions Market Analysis, RepuTex, has said that Australia’s emissions won’t drop by 2030 without further action.

In Sport…

Australian Women’s cricket team, Southern Stars, will be playing in next year’s World Cup after a seventy eight run victory in the second one-day international against Sri Lanka.

Geelong player Jimmy Bartel has received a vote of confidence from coach Chris Scott ahead of the preliminary final against Sydney on Friday night.

Woodville-West Torrens are said to be looking forward to playing their second grand final in a row at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday.

News Reader: Chloe Holmes. Sports Reader: Teagan Short. Producer: Georgia Roberts. Web Editor: Jake Bell. Journalists: Chloe Holmes, Georgia Roberts, Jake Bell, Teagan Short.


PM’s ‘frank meeting’ with Saudi crown prince "IndyWatch Feed National"

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Naif. Photo EPA/Jason Szenes

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Naif. Photo EPA/Jason Szenes


Malcolm Turnbull has had a ‘frank discussion’ with Saudi Arabia’s deputy prime minister about how to fight Islamic State and its propaganda machine.

The prime minister and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif discussed IS during a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the United Nation’s general assembly in New York on Tuesday.

Mr Turnbull raised the need to challenge extremist propaganda, especially on social media.

The discussion also focused on the difficulties of creating a clear path towards a political settlement in Syria.

The prime minister also reiterated Australia’s commitment to negotiating a free trade agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Earlier, Mr Turnbull told reporters he would be discussing a range of issues with the crown prince.

“In recent times I’ve had very detailed, frank discussions with President el-Sisi of Egypt, President Erdogan of Turkey,” he added.

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Video: Whistleblower Edward Snowden interview "IndyWatch Feed National"

Interview by filmmaker Gen Greenwood in Hong Kong shortly before Snowden escaped capture.  

The post Video: Whistleblower Edward Snowden interview appeared first on The Pen.


Bishop cautious on Syria aid bomb blame "IndyWatch Feed National"

A handout picture made available by Syria Civil Defense volunteer group (The White Helmets) shows the remains of the humanitarian convoy organized by the Red Crescent and the Red Cross that was bombed in an air-strike a day before, Urum al-Kubra town, Aleppo, Syria, 20 September 2016

A handout picture made available by Syria Civil Defense volunteer group (The White Helmets) shows the remains of the humanitarian convoy organized by the Red Crescent and the Red Cross that was bombed in an air-strike a day before, Urum al-Kubra town, Aleppo, Syria, 20 September 2016


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says there’s no point in prematurely pointing the finger of blame over the deadly bombing of a United Nations aid convoy in Syria.

The UN has suspended all aid missions in the beleaguered nation after 21 people died in what UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called a ‘sickening, savage and apparently deliberate attack’ on vehicles delivering aid.

Ms Bishop said the incident was appalling and shocking.

‘However, as was indicted by Russia and the United States, we must allow investigations to take their course – there’s no point in making accusations until the facts are known,’ she told Sky News on Wednesday.

The minister represented Australia at the International Syria Support group meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations in New York on Tuesday.

The sit-down, co-hosted by US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, comes after the Syrian army declared an end to a week-long ceasefire.

It also followed significant air strikes in Aleppo and the bombing of an aid convoy carrying UN-supplied food.

‘There was a unanimous view in the room that the ceasefire must hold in Syria,’ she later told reporters.

Ms Bishop said there was an acknowledgement some people in Syria want to see the ceasefire fail.

‘However, there was an absolute resolve of all present that we must do whatever we can to cease hostilities in Syria so that humanitarian work can be undertaken.’

She said Australia’s view was all options should be on the table to ensure a ceasefire is in place so humanitarian relief can be supplied.

The group will reconvene later in the week to put a plan in place.

Mr Kerry and Mr Lavrov met prior to the broader gathering and resolved their differences so there was an united front to support the cessation of hostilities, Ms Bishop said.

As investigations into recent attacks get underway, neither was laying blame at the other, she added.

Americans blame Russia

Two Russian Sukhoi SU-24 warplanes were in the skies above the aid convoy at the precise time it was struck, two US officials now say, citing US. intelligence that has led them to conclude Russia was to blame.

Russia has denied its aircraft or those of its Syrian government allies were involved in the incident.

The strike appeared to deal a fatal blow to Syria’s fragile week-old ceasefire.

The post...


The Anarchists of Athens "IndyWatch Feed National"

The first thing I notice about Athens is the dogs. They roam the streets in packs while old men sit in front of souvlaki shops drinking coffee and arguing. In Monastiraki, African migrants offer bracelets and flowers in the name of “peace and love”. They also want money. People park wherever they feel and the streets are filled with politically charged street art. The police just stand around smoking and chatting to women. Anarchists rule these streets, or so I’ve heard.

The sun was setting on a warm spring day when I met Athens university students Anny, 20, and Nefeli, 18, at a rooftop bar of a dingy hostel in Monastiraki. The former is a political science student and the latter is a journalism student. Both are disillusioned with the present economic crises plaguing Greece; both are Greek goddesses with iPhones. We chatted over some cheap beers.

The current eco-political climate is spawning a generation of politically disenchanted Athenian youths – some are quietly disgruntled while others actively gather to fight the powers that be. I had heard of a place in particular where the more radicalised youths congregate – the “anarchist district” of the city. After a few beers at the rooftop bar, I decided to ask the girls if they knew anything about this supposed anarchist district. “Exarcheia,” they both responded in unison. Apparently it was well known. Apparently it was only two stops away on the metro. Apparently it was best to stay away.

We finished our beers and headed for the notorious neighbourhood. It was dark by now and the girls seemed nervous, more for me than for themselves. I strode confidently, figuring it couldn’t be that bad. After all, I’d been to Broadmeadows before. As we walked from the metro station we passed a few interesting pieces of street art. One wall particularly grabbed my eye, it featured the face of a young boy.

Aalexios (1)

“Here, on 6th of December of 2008, the youthful smile of innocent 15-year-old Alexios Grigoropoulos was eliminated by the bullets of unrepentant killers,” says Anny, solemnly translating the Greek script. “That’s why cops don’t come here,” adds Nefeli. “Exarcheia is the place where Alexis was shot and killed by police for no reason,” she adds. I ask Anny to translate another piece of graffiti. She examines it for a while and looks me in the eye. “The police will pay with blood.”

The slaying of Alexis triggered massive protests in Exarcheia which soon escalated into riots in many Greek cities. Demonstrations were held in other cities across the world as far reaching as Sao Paolo. The Greek newspaper Kathimerini labelled the riots: “The worst Greece had seen since the restoration of democracy in 1974.” The shooting of Alexios was the spark the anarchists needed to start actively voicing their discontent at the economic woes afflicting the country. The protests turned violent as demonstrators confronted police with Molotov cocktails and trashed the streets. The protesters were fighting blatant corruption within the country’s state institutions and a rising youth unemployment rate.

“Every 6th of December people demonstrate for Alexios,” Nefeli tells me. The protests are rarely peaceful and it is not uncommon for local stores to get trashed amongst the clas...


Footy Finals Fever with Rob Coyne "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The first preliminary final kicks off this Friday at the MCG, with Geelong taking on Sydney in what is shaping up to be a ripper of a game.

Our sports correspondent Robert Coyne joined Jennie to talk about this and other sports news.

Produced: Nick Wilton

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons



What cities are we creating for the future? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following article by Jed Smith first published on, came to us via Friends of Public Housing Australian cities are becoming segregated along lines...

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McIvor Farm Grass & Graze 2016 "IndyWatch Feed National"

McIvor Farm Grass & Graze 2016 Come along to learn about how we grow GRASS at McIvor Farm and farm our pigs to regenerate the land. Then come and GRAZE with us on our delicious products plus scrumptious salads by Masons of Bendigo.


Wednesday 8am Bulletin "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Labor senator Stephen Conroy has spoken out for the first time since his announcement to retire from parliament.

Young carers have become alarmed they are to become a burden after the Government’s welfare plan announcement on Tuesday.

An inquiry into South Australia’s greyhound racing industry will be established in the state’s Upper House today.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to announce that Australia will be taking refugees from Central America.

Issues of civil liberties have been addressed by Acting Police Ombudsman Michael Grant in an annual report tabled for state parliament today.

Legislation has been passed through South Australia’s Lower House to create a children and young person’s commissioner.

In Sport…

Geelong player Jimmy Bartel has received a vote of confidence from coach Chris Scott ahead of the preliminary final against Sydney on Friday night.

Woodville-West Torrens are looking forward to playing their second grand final in a row at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday.

News Reader: Chloe Holmes. Sports Reader: Teagan Short. Producer: Georgia Roberts. Web Editor: Jake Bell. Journalists: Chloe Holmes, Georgia Roberts, Jake Bell, Teagan Short.


Tiahleigh’s foster dad to face Qld court "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tiahleigh Palmer. Photo Newscorp

Tiahleigh Palmer. Photo Newscorp

GOLD COAST – 21/09/2016 07:12:17 AM [AAP]

Murdered schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer’s foster father is still expected to face a Queensland court, accused of killing the 12-year-old, despite being hospitalised after his arrest.

The foster father was arrested on Tuesday, but admitted to hospital in the night with an undisclosed, non-life-threatening medical condition.

The 56-year-old’s condition improved overnight and he will either appear at the Beenleigh Magistrates Court or be subject to a bedside hearing on Wednesday, police say.

Tiahleigh was last seen alive on October 30 when she was dropped off at Marsden State High School, south of Brisbane.

A missing person alert was only issued six days later, hours before an unidentified body was found by three fishermen on the banks of the Pimpama River.

Her foster father was one of the pallbearers at her funeral and a registered foster carer at the time.

Three other people, including Tiahleigh’s foster mother, were also taken into police custody on Tuesday.

A 20-year-old man related to the foster parents was arrested on charges of perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The foster mother, 54, was in custody on Tuesday night and later charged with perjury and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

‘She will be a key witness,’ Detective Inspector Damien Hansen said earlier on Tuesday.

‘All three of them are expected to be witnesses.’

A 19-year-old man was also arrested on the same charges as well as one count of incest.

Police knew Tiahleigh was planning to meet someone on the morning she disappeared but the breakthrough in the case happened last week when they seized a blue Ford sedan for forensic examination.

The revelation that the car was previously owned by Tiahleigh’s foster father came after her biological mother Cindy Palmer posted about it on Facebook.

The investigation was described by Det Insp Hansen as one of the most difficult cases he had ever worked on.

‘It was a real ‘whodunnit’ type of investigation,’ he said.

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Qld court hears Dufty ‘withered away’ before disappearance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Gregory John Dufty was last seen in Ashmore on the Gold Coast in July last year. Photo: Queensland Police Service

Gregory John Dufty was last seen in Ashmore on the Gold Coast in July last year. Photo: Queensland Police Service


A friend of Greg Dufty says the father of two physically ‘withered away’ in the weeks leading to his disappearance and suspected murder in July last year.

Mr Dufty’s body has never been found, despite a search at a property at Rappville, south-west of Casino.

Brothers Lionel and Nelson Patea were on Tuesday committed to stand trial for the suspected killing of Mr Dufty in July on the Gold Coast.

The Pateas are among six people who have been charged with murdering the 37-year-old, and faced Southport Magistrates Court on Tuesday in a brief committal hearing.

Reece Price, a friend of Mr Dufty’s for more than a decade, told the court while he never witnessed Mr Dufty use drugs, his appearance and behaviour had changed dramatically.

‘I noticed he was looking a bit skinnier and drawn,’ Mr Price said.

Police suspect Mr Dufty was murdered over an unpaid drug debt.

Mr Dufty’s de-facto partner Sharni Miller said she had once witnessed Mr Dufty using the drug ice.

Ms Miller said she’d split with Mr Dufty after leaving their Darwin home last January and had also witnessed a change in the time leading up to his disappearance.

‘He wasn’t sick but he wasn’t the way he used to be,’ Ms Miller said.

Tuesday’s committal means four of the six accused are now set to stand trial.

The remaining two accused – Aaron Crawford and Ethan Clarke – have had their matters adjourned until later in the year.

Lawyer Campbell MacCallum said outside court the Pateas intended to fight their charges and would most likely seek a separate trial from their co-accused.

‘Our view is the evidence against the Patea boys is particularly weak,’ Mr MacCallum said.

‘It relies on statements given by others who are obviously in a position where they’re trying to get sentences for their involvement which would be lighter than normally imposed on them.’

A date for the Pateas trial at Brisbane’s Supreme Court is yet to be determined.


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1) West Papua rally: ‘We want to be free people!’ "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Teachers condemn West Papua injustices
1) West Papua rally: ‘We want to be free people!’
By TJ Aumua -  September 20, 2016

The crowd in Jayapura, West Papua. They marched in full support of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua and Pacific Islands Coalition on West Papua to bring West Papua in to the UN decolonisation committee. Image:Free West Papua Campaign
Thousands of people have rallied across West Papua this week demanding independence and their right to self-determination.
The Free West Papua Campaign (FWPC) stated those that took part in the peaceful demonstrations marched with a clear message: “We want to be free people”.
People of West Papua are calling on the United Nations to support their fundamental right to self-determination and a resolution for an internationally supervised vote for independence.
FWPC reported that some demonstrations around the country were blocked by the Indonesian police and 68 peaceful protestors were arrested in Merauke, West Papua.


MoD says RAF Reaper drones used in Deir ez-Zour airstrike that killed 62 Syrian troops "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ministry of Defence confirms British involvement in US-led airstrike that killed at least 62 Syrian government troops RAF Reaper drones were involved in the weekend airstrike that killed at least 62 Syrian government troops and threatened the fragile truce in the country, the Ministry of Defence has said. An unspecified number of weapons were fired from the drones capable of firing 500lb laser guided bombs and Hellfire missiles, it added. The British military said it was cooperating fully with an investigation by the US-led coalition into the incident, which led to dozens of soldiers being killed and injured, according to Syrian government reports. Australian, Danish and US air forces were also involved in the raid.


Meet Australia — America’s Latest Pawn on the Syrian Battlefield "IndyWatch Feed National"


(ANTIMEDIA) Over the weekend, the United States did the unthinkable and targeted Syrian troops on the battlefield, killing over 60 servicemen and injuring at least 100 others. Outraged, Russia demanded a full explanation, noting that the aerial bombardment conveniently coincided with an ISIS offensive, further confirming to the Russian establishment that ISIS and al-Qaeda receive air support from the United States coalition.

Making the story even more unseemly, it was revealed shortly after the attacks that the planes conducting the strikes on Syrian targets were not only American and British — the bombing campaign also employed Australian jets.

Due to its support for U.S.-led wars in the region, Australia has experienced some blowback in the form of lone terror attacks. One could argue, therefore, that it is understandable why Australia would want to partake in the current military activity led by the United States — so they can eradicate the threat ISIS poses to Australian national security.

If that is the case, however, one is forced to ask how on earth Australian jets ended up bombing Syrian troops who were fighting against ISIS. The Australian air force essentially acted as air cover for ISIS militants battling the Syrian army, running absolutely contrary to the coalition’s stated goals and risking an all out war with Syria, Russia, China, and Iran.

What is Australia really doing in Syria? Are they merely a pawn of American foreign policy?

No one really knows the answer to these questions, but there is one person who is determined to find out. Kellie Tranter, a lawyer and human rights activist, is investigating Australian involvement in Syria based on the notion that Australians should have the right to know why their troops are fighting inside that country. She acknowledges that the Australian government’s decision to carry out airstrikes in Syria in September of 2015 was made without any U.N. Security Council mandate. Tranter decided to issue a Freedom of Information request to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to find out how this has happened.

The department responded by issuing some heavily redacted documents, which, in turn, pointed to a somewhat summarized explanation of Australian motives in Syria...


Huge sinkhole leaks waste into Florida drinking water, concealed for weeks "IndyWatch Feed National"

Huge sinkhole leaks waste into Florida drinking water, concealed for weeks

A large sinkhole has caused contaminated wastewater to flow into an aquifer in Polk County, Florida in the US.

The sinkhole appeared at the Mosaic phosphate fertilizer plant about three weeks ago, and 215 million gallons of water containing sulphate, sodium and gypsum, which contains low levels of radiation have drained into the aquifer since then, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

The aquifer is the state’s main source of drinking water.

The 45 foot wide sinkhole appeared under a “gypsum stack” of Mosaic waste material, which is created during the process of producing fertilizer from phosphate.

Mosaic claims there is no risk. “Groundwater moves very slowly,” David Jellerson, Mosaic’s senior director for environmental and phosphate projects said. “There’s absolutely nobody at risk.”

The company says it started to divert the water as soon as the alarm was raised. The company became aware of the the sinkhole in late August, but kept it from the public as they said there was no risk. It did inform the Florida Department of Environmental Protection(DEP), but the DEP did not tell the public either.

“The department’s focus at this time is on the oversight of Mosaic’s first-response efforts in order to safeguard public health and the environment,” DEP spokesperson Dee Ann Miller told the Tampa Bay Times.

Mosaic, the world’s largest phosphate mining company,says it has been draining the contaminated water from the aquifer.

Locals say Mosaic – who only last year paid...


Denmark is also bombing in Syria--along with the rest "IndyWatch Feed National"

"British, Danish and Australian warplanes took part in the U.S.-led coalition's airstrike Saturday that reportedly killed more than 60 Syrian government troops and threatened to unravel the "cessation of hostilities," military officials said Monday." (thanks Amir)


Here’s how much forest we’ll have to destroy to feed our growing junk food addiction "IndyWatch Feed National"

Junk food consumption is on the rise around the world, even though processed foods that are low in essential nutrients and high in salt, refined carbohydrates, and fat aren’t necessarily part of a healthy diet. And as it turns out, junk food like cookies, ice cream, and potato chips isn’t very good for forests, either. A key ingredient in junk food is vegetable oil, and 60 percent of edible vegetable oil is produced from oil palm and soybeans — crops that are currently associated with massive deforestation in Southeast Asia and South America, respectively, as well as the loss of biodiversity and release of sequestered carbon that comes with that forest destruction. “Often when agricultural development occurs at the expense of tropical forests, food security is used as a reason to support such development,” Princeton University’s Janice Lee, the lead author of a study published earlier this month in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, told Mongabay. “However, food security encompasses more than just food availability and must take into consideration food nutrition.” Lee and a team of researchers from Princeton, Adelaide University in Australia, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore estimated the amount of land — and the potential amount of forests — required to produce the palm and soybean oil used in junk foods, “which have little or no nutritional value to people,” as Lee noted. “Therefore, our findings highlight a problem in our global food system, where land is used in a manner that is…


An “Update” for the Order "IndyWatch Feed National"

As a child- I was designed to be a shell. So that when the day came when I was needed- I could house what was to inhabit me. But Shamanism showed me how to transform myself from a shell into a DOORWAY. And I have opened that which can never be shut. How do you fight someone who can go on the other side- seek out your victims- and enlist them to completely fuck you? Because THAT is EXACTLY what I have done. And since the doorway is ALWAYS open and NEVER shut- they are able to come and go at will- with the one provision that they are too inflict as much pain and humiliation upon you as possible. Let me remind all of you that what you are fighting are PRINCIPALITIES- and this just happens to involve ALL OF HEAVEN. You are all completely fucked- and the most humorous aspect in all this for me is that YOU ALL KNOW IT! Mean- manipulative- overbearing- with no idea how fucking stupid sons of bitches you all really are. Deny what you taught me all you want- it will not change the truth. And it CERTAINLY won’t change the fact that I am going to completely fuck you in more ways than you could ever imagine- AND HAVE ALREADY.


Lone Waikato DHB board member says no to fluoride "IndyWatch Feed National"

A health board member has broken ranks to accuse his colleagues of pushing through what he calls a “rubber-stamp” statement supporting water fluoridation.

Andrew Buckley unsuccessfully opposed the re-adoption of the Waikato District Health Board’s position statement on fluoridation, dubbing it “flawed decision-making”,  but chairman Bob Simcock said the board was simply following the science and Buckley was a lone voice.

Local councils, not the health board, decide whether or not to put fluoride in the water. But many, including Hamilton City Council, have been the subject of campaigns to remove it and have looked to the DHB for a stance on it when making their decision.

The government has signalled a move to give the decision to DHBs and Waikato’s current policy is based on Ministry of Health guidelines.

Buckley claimed the policy was presented at a recent board meeting without any supporting evidence.

“I was elected to the board [for the first time] in 2010 and the first challenge I faced was when I asked for discussions around [fluoridation],” Buckley said.

“But I was told that it had already been discussed before and that was that. We were told we were not there to discuss it, we were there to endorse it.

“I believe that attitudes and statements like this are a serious threat to our democracy and move us closer to a place where faceless bureaucrats make major decisions without taking into account the voice of the community.”

Simcock said the policy was not pushed through and the board clearly took a position reflecting the consensus of health science.

“The reality is that there was some debate. The board members were very clear about re-supporting that position.

“I’m not sure if rubber-stamping meant that people don’t agree with him (Buckley), well, if it does then that’s the case.

“They were obviously of the view that that is the policy statement of the board and they’re comfortable with it. If they weren’t they would not have voted for it.”

“People of Hamilton have also expressed a similar view,” said Simock in reference to the 2014 city referendum where 70 per cent of respondents backed fluoridation.

The Waikato DHB resolved to “support fluoride, at accepted safe levels being introduced into non-fluoridated reticulate drinking water supplies to increase access to fluoridated water. Fluoride should be maintained in already fluoridated supplies.”

DHB’s director of public and organisational affairs, Lydia Aydon, said a renewed position statement was needed as it had expired and it gave the public health team the ability to advocate on the issue in the name of the DHB.

In April, Health Minister Jonathan Coleman said putting water fluoridation decisions in the hands of district health boards, rather than local councils, should lead to more water supplies being fluoridated.

And in the same month, Hamilton City Council agreed to provide fluoride-free water at the Taitua Arboretum and the Claudelands Events Centre. The tap at the events centre cost $70,000.

The most comprehensive survey of research on fluoridation yet done was released in Australia this month and found it was safe.

The report from Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council found fluoridation reduced tooth decay by 26-44 per cent in people in areas where it was conducted, with the only side effect minor tooth discolouration in some.


DYI biohacking rears its ugly head in Australia? "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Gene Ethics, 8 September 2016:

DIY biohack threat

US biohacker Ellen Jorgensen, of Genspace New York, toured Australia in Science Week to promote DIY gene hacking, in informal labs, and to encourage untrained nerds to do genetic manipulation. The OGTR promised to tell her audiences that Australian GM laws require training, contained labs and expert supervision, but did not. The OGTR has also failed to define new 'gene editing' techniques and their products as GM, so they remain unregulated. We advocate tough laws banning any DIY genetic manipulation of living things. Humans invented computer programs but they fail, are hacked and virus infected for fun. Untrained, risk-takers, aspiring to be the next bio-Gates or Jobs, must be stopped.

University of Sydney, Faculty of Science:

Biohacking events at Sydney Science Festival
Get down with DNA
10 am, Thursday 18 August, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Stage 6 biology students and their teachers will meet Dr Ellen Jorgensen and spend the day exploring exciting DIY bio techniques and the amazing things biohackers do. The DIY bio movement gives bio-entrepreneurs low-cost access to facilities for proof-of-concept experiments. Hands-on science workshops will be delivered by Sydney’s leading science organisations including the Royal Botanic Garden, Taronga Conservation Society, UTS Centre for Forensic Science and the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics. Students will also experience a behind the scenes tour of the Royal Botanic Garden’s Plant Pathology...


How millions of trees brought a broken landscape back to life "IndyWatch Feed National"

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The Doctor Behind Autism MMR Vaccine Controversy Speaks Out "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 21st, 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World Dr. Andrew Wakefield is largely known for the firestorm created by his 1998 Lancet paper, which found evidence of a possible association between the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, inflammatory bowel disease and autism. Critics of Dr. Wakefield are quick to point out ...Continue Reading - The Doctor Behind Autism MMR Vaccine Controversy Speaks Out


Why a Healthy Gut is Essential to Your Wellbeing – and How to Restore It! "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 21st, 2016 By Katrin Geist Contributing writer for Wake Up World Shit Happens, Easily ⏠Or Does It? It may come as a surprise: your intestines play a vital role in your good health. If somethingâŹ"s amiss there, youâŹ"ll know it. Sometimes malfunction expresses as mere inconvenience, other times it points to severe imbalance ...Continue Reading - Why a Healthy Gut is Essential to Your Wellbeing ⏠and How to Restore It!


Why The Law Forbids The Medicinal Use of Natural Substances "IndyWatch Feed National"


September 21st, 2016 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World According to the FDAâŹ"s legal definition, a drug is anything that âŹSdiagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.âŹÂ The problem with this definition is that there are numerous substances, as readily available and benign as found on our spice racks, which have been ...Continue Reading - Why The Law Forbids The Medicinal Use of Natural Substances


Conspiracy #11 w/ Chris Fleming and AJ Carruthers "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Have you ever found yourself under the spell of binge-watching YouTube conspiracy theory videos, and then after 45-minutes snapped out of it and thought; what exactly is it that I am doing here and why am I compelled to do it? Well Minerva Gallery has been itching that itch for weeks now. In a series of talks that takes the conspiratorial format of people gathered in a shared room ‘as an act that constructs – consciously and non-consciously – new theories’, you are invited to 'conspire' with two featured guests. This week features talks from egg-heads Chris Fleming and AJ Carruthers. Unfortunately this will be the last ever in the Conspiracy series of talks, so soak it in while it’s here.

Marcus Whale 'Romantically Stripped Back' live at Golden Age "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

The Golden Age will be hosting an evening with Marcus Whale entitled 'Romantically Stripped Back'. Known for his work in Collarbones and Black Vanilla, Whale will be peeling back the abrasive facades and off-cuts from his solo album Inland Sea with a little help from double bassist Jacques Emery. If you’re familiar with Whale’s work this should be a treat, as beneath the commonly beat-heavy production is a gorgeous interplay between the harmonic elements and Whale’s voice.

Have a squiz at the video for ‘My Captain’:

EVE x Decisions, Jikuroux EP launch "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Music label Decisions has been spittin’ out artists producing a new wave of harsh digital sounds and cold aesthetics of which Jikuroux’s debut EP Ruptured Pulse is the latest offering. Ruptured Pulse’s lead cut ‘Only U’ is three minutes of metallic pounding, glitches and trilling digital pulses that’s sure to get the blood moving. Jikuroux will be launching the EP down at the Red Rattler with mates Candlelyte, Air Max ’97, Waterhouse and Scam B2B APH.

Here’s a taste:

Tuesday, 20 September


A Gentle State of Mellow "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Life is gentle and mellow at the moment. After a fairly tumultuous few years, it’s a joy to be able to kick back and take things a bit easier. Big Boy and I have started walking each morning – it’s amazing how interesting and beautiful our neighbourhood is at ground level… My aim is to get 8,000 steps a […]


Syria Solidarity Movement Statement on the US Attack against the Syrian Army at Deir ez-Zour "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Syria Solidarity Movement unequivocally condemns and denounces the vicious US bombing attack on the Syrian army defending Deir ez-Zour, and we wish to make the following observations.

The attack killed at least 62 Syrian soldiers and wounded more than 100. This is larger than the number of casualties inflicted in any US bombing on any terrorist target in Syria since the US announced its "war on ISIS".

The bombing inflicted no known casualties on ISIS, which the US says was its intended target.

The US has produced no evidence that it notified its Russian counterparts, as required by agreement. In fact, joint action against ISIS was not expected for another two days. This leads to suspicions that the US attack was intended to preempt the provisions of the agreement.

Syrian soldiers report seeing reconnaissance drones the previous day.

ISIS fighters were poised to begin fighting the Syrian army units as soon as the US bombing raids ended. How did they know what constituted the end of the bombing?

Although the Russian military presence in Syria is legal because it came at the invitation of the sovereign Syrian state, the US presence is illegal and was never approved, either by the Syrian government or by the United Nations. All US military actions in Syria therefore constitute an illegal invasion of Syrian territory, and must end now.

We find the US explanation of "unintended" targets, and especially the belligerent performance of Ambassador Samantha Power at the United Nations Security Council, to be false, disingenuous and counterproductive. The only credible explanation is that the US attack on Deir ez-Zour was intentional. The US has never seriously tried to fight ISIS other than to defend Kurdish fighters, with rare and largely ineffectual attacks against ISIS fighters in their strongholds, and none during the ISIS campaign against Palmyra, when they were very vulnerable by air.

We believe that the US intention is to dismember the sovereign Syrian state, and that the Syrian army base at Deir ez-Zour constitutes an obstacle to this plan, and is therefore a US target. In accordance with this plan, the US does not mind if ISIS continues to occupy a large portion of the Syrian Euphrates valley, and in fact prefers to maintain ISIS as a destructive force that weakens Syria and is available as a proxy fighting force for other US regional designs, in partnership with their Israeli allies.

We are doubtful that the US intends to honor its agreement with Russia, and implicitly with Syria. US strategists are seeking to weaken and threaten Russia and not to form cooperative and mutually beneficial agreements. Accordingly, the only option may unfortunately be to make the cost to the US too high to be acceptable, and thereby to force a change in its priorities.

There is another and more constructive alternative, as follows.

The US should immediately issue a formal apology to the government of Syria and offer restitution for damages, both to the Syrian government and to the families of the dead and wounded.

The US should withdraw completely from all Syrian territory and end its support for all fighting forces there.

The US should enforce its end user agreements on the use of its arms supplied to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and other countries, to prevent their use in non-defensive roles outside their territories, and in particular to prevent supplying them to subversive forces in Syria.

The US should use its influence in international banking and commerce to prevent the transfer of funds to ter...


Syria: Did U.S. Airstrike intend to help Daesh? "IndyWatch Feed National"

On 18 September US-Australian-Canadian-Danish airstrikes killed 80 or more Syrian Arab Army soldiers who were attempting to combat ISIS from a Syrian military base. There seems little doubt that this was a war-crime, but it has already been displaced by media-saturation cover of a single act of terrorism in Manhattan where 29 people were injured. Well, the western media may believe it can hide the truth, but Eastern media and the alternative media cannot let this go. Inside this article there are two video debates on the motives and consequences of the US-Australian-Canadian-Danish airstrikes that killed 80 Syrian Arab Army soldiers two days ago. In the first video, "U.S. Bonus for Terrorists," Press TV conducts an interview with Brian Becker, with the ANSWER Coalition from Washington, and Frederick Peterson, a US congressional defense policy advisor from New York, to discuss these US airstrikes in Syria. This debate was originally published by Iranian Press TV at on Sunday, September 18, 2016.

In the second video debate, "Tenuous Truce" [see video below] there was another debate on the same matter conducted with Scott Bennett, a military expert and former US army psychological warfare officer from San Francisco, and Michael Lane, the founder of American Institute for Foreign Policy from Washington, to discuss the failed ceasefire brokered by the United States and Russia in Syria. This was originally published at

How does the international community handle a rogue-state U.S.A.?

What can we do when the United States keeps on pulling more and more shocking stunts in the Middle East. It seems to be proving that it is the maddest and the baddest, and that anyone trying to stop it would risk a nuclear war. And Australia and other countries are stupidly being sucked in. Scott Bennett in the second debate, suggests that the world needs to demand a UN inquiry into the US airstrike as a war-crime and that the alternative media and the non-western media - like Rt and Press TV - have to try to raise the profile of that demand to get through the block of fizz that issues from the mainstream western media, which simply puts any challenge to US warmongering to one side:

SCOTT BENNETT: "Secretary Kerry and Obama and the political powers right now, I think, [...] they're off the chain. I think the military is doing its own thing in its own time in order to create fires that the next administration will have to put out. They're seeding their own future job applications. But the facts are - if you're arguing this in court - if you were arguing this to the United Nations Criminal Court - you simply could say, 'The United States engaged in targeting operations and the Russian intelligence forces will provide the appropriate electronic surveillance that will prove that the United States was engaged in chatter and conversations in targeting that resulted in the murder of 80 Syrian military personnel. In order to roll back the Assad military that was attempting t...


With Concerns About Jacob Wetterling and My Father- Jacob’s Abductor… "IndyWatch Feed National"

You know- it JUST occurred to me that, although they may have “solved” the Jacob Wetterling abduction- the Ricky Chadek old case abduction and murder has YET to be answered for- and since that is MUCH CLOSER TO HOME- and it would be WAY OBVIOUS if I began speaking about this case and IT TOO got solved immediately after- I have realized that THIS CASE needs to be my new focus.

Esp. considering when I went to Det. John Pankonin who worked at the Nebraska State Patrol in the cold case department and demanded that he take my DNA and compare to the DNA that was left in Ricky’s murdered corpse- he sent his sister Tru Pankonin into BOTH mine and my sister’s lives. Interesting- isn’t it- that after going after this case- SUDDENLY the detective in charge’s SISTER would befriend my family?

Guess the ball is in MY COURT NOW.


Shatter Boys UK on and "IndyWatch Feed National"

Shatter Boys UK is a group of men who have come together because they have had enough of being silenced by taboos that exist in society myths that exist and the universal misconception that this doesn’t happen to boys and men.

We came together because we knew we would be stronger together as Survivors and unity was key a collective voice needed to smash this thing apart.

We knew from our own experiences that there is a distinct lack of support services for adult male Survivors of Childhood sexual and adult male rape.

This had to change as people are dying out there. People we knew, our peers , have taken over doses and committed suicide because they had no where to go.

We realized that mutual aid was the key what worked for us was one Survivor helping another.

We decided to plant Peer support groups across the UK so support would be available for free and accessible to men.

We are all about supporting men to empower them selves to move forward with there lives and have a voice.

We understand unity is the answer we aim to plant Peer support groups across the UK in areas where there is no support of which there are many.


A Sneak Peek at the Planning of a 1996 Massacre (Satire) "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB How did Australia get to where she is today?  I’ll play-act three scenes here of some 1990s “planning meetings.” The setting for this is a foreign land. I’ll pretend I am the boss, giving out assignments for an event to take place in Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996. […]


Restrictions for foreign journalists in Papua questioned "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Restrictions for foreign journalists in Papua questioned

Area Dipa The Jakarta Post
Tangerang, Banten | Tue, September 20 2016 | 05:23 pm
    The Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), an international network of media assistance groups, is drawing attention to the Indonesian government’s policy to restrict foreign journalists from covering Papua. This concern is related to Indonesia’s appointment as the host country for World Press Freedom Day in 2017.
    “Papua is actually one of the issues that is on the list of issues that could be addressed, in which all access of foreign reporters should be better. Actually, it’s very interesting that local authorities are more nervous about journalism than authorities at the central government,” GFMD chairman Leon Willems said after the opening of the 2016 Jakarta World Forum for Media Development at the Nusantara Multimedia University in South Tangerang, Banten, on Tuesday.
    He said the presence of journalists in a country or area is important to help the public in carrying out social control. In a democratic system, public control through media is a fundamental prerequisite, he went on.
    Speaking on restrictions for the presence of journalists in a country or area, Willems said: “[With such restrictions] you cannot have accountability, you cannot have human rights, press freedom, freedom of expression or citizen rights to express themselves.”
    Willems further said international cooperation and pressures against restrictions of journalists to ruling governments could become an important part of efforts to realize the freedom of the press.
    He referred to the arrest of Khadija Ismayilova, a Free Europe Radio journalist who also worked for Azerbaijan Liberty Radio. She was arrested by her country’s government in December 2014 for airing corruption-related news involving Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev’s family. Since her release in the middle of 2016, Ismayilova had not been permitted to travel abroad until today.


    Anzacs and War – Considering a Syrian Perspective "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Anzacs and War – Considering a Syrian Perspective  by Susan Dirgham, July 2015 PART ONE Introduction Australians have had a connection with the people of Syria since the First World War, when…

    Source: Anzacs and War – Considering a Syrian Perspective


    Vaccine manufacturers paying out millions to victims while still claiming they’re ‘safe’ "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Vaccine injury


    (NaturalNews) Think about it: If vaccines are perfectly safe, then why does a federalVaccine Injury Compensation Program exist, and why are pharmaceutical companies paying out millions of dollars to vaccine victims?

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    Credit where it’s due: How distributed energy could save $1bn on grid costs "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    One Step Off The Grid The introduction of regulatory measures to reward local energy generators for their contributions to the grid could unlock savings of more than $1 billion in avoided network costs, a major Australian study has found. The study – which was led by the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures, and funded […]


    THE WAR ON REALITY "IndyWatch Feed National"

    War on reality

    (NaturalNews) Dear fans, supporters and citizens of the world: It’s time to reclaim your mind from the globalist social engineers who are filling your skull with false narratives rooted in the failed philosophies of Big Government and social obedience.

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    Wollongong just got a little bigger "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    MINISTER for Local Government Paul Toole today welcomed the decisions of the Land and Environment Court in relation to five council merger proposals.

    The court entirely dismissed Shellharbour Council’s action regarding its opposition to merging with Wollongong City Council. The court also dismissed the opposition to the merger of Hornsby Shire and Ku-ring-gai councils and Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde councils.

    Shellharbour has until September 27 to consider an appeal.

    The proposal puts to bed an unsuccessful attempt in the 1990s for the reinstatement of the former Bulli Shire Council, and for the northern suburbs to sucede from Wollongong. Shellahrbour will now join with Wollongong, and the northern beaches to form one major Illawarra local government area.

    “The Court noted that the complaints common to the five were without foundation,” Mr Toole said.

    Regarding the action brought by Mosman and Strathfield councils, the court found that the Delegate did not adequately consider one and two of 11 factors outlined by the Local Government Act respectively, meaning the proposed mergers remainin the hands of the Delegates.

    “The Government will closely examine the findings in relation to these Delegates’ reports,” Mr Toole said.

    The NSW Government proclaimed 19 new councils on May 12. Bayside Council was proclaimed on September 9 following the conclusion of legal action brought by the former Botany Bay council.

    A further three merger proposals remain subject to decisions of the courts.

    “The 20 new councils in NSW are already getting on with the job of delivering improved services and better infrastructure to their ratepayers,” Mr Toole said.



    Holy Balm album launch with Enderie, Phone and Sex Havers DJs "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

    Takes a special talent to get the rudest settings on a synth to work for you. Holy Balm have it. In fact their latest album Activity might just pitch-shift ya right into a glorious mind squiggle. Support from Enderie, Phone and Sex Havers DJs


    Trip to Newcastle "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Trees from mum's backyard


    Waiting for a train to leave Sydney

    Corella and wood doves feeding


    Oz Paranormal & Spiritual Expo "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

    Awoooooooooooooooo! Did I scare you? If so, then this may not be the outing for you. Casula Powerhouse – itself a fairly spooky re-appropriated building with apparent spirit sitings– will be taken over by market stalls, psychic services, medium demonstrations and an after dark ghost tour. For five bucks you can peruse vendors offering anything from skull-shaped candles to serious aura photography and then book yourself in for a reading with a psychic for roughly forty bucks, but if you really want the complete experience you can book a VIP package for a hundred bucks and give yourself over to other realms with a bunch of bonus shows and a showbag (!). Up to yoooooooooawwoooooooooooooooooou.


    1) Papuan rallies across Indonesia stopped by police "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    2) Benny Giay: Indonesia Should Reflect on Papua Human Rights Issue  

    3) How the UN Failed West Papua


    1) Papuan rallies across Indonesia stopped by police

    Thousands of Papuans rallying yesterday across Indonesia were reportedly dispersed by police and at least 75 were arrested.

    Photo: Supplied/ Whens Tebay


    Besides USA, UK ,Denmark & Australia involved in the illegal airstrike which killed 60+ Syrian soldiers "IndyWatch Feed National"

    US-Led Strike on Syrian Army Included British, Danish, Australian Jets British, Danish and Australian warplanes took part in the U.S.-led coalition’s airstrike Saturday that reportedly killed more than 60 Syrian government troops and threatened to unravel the “cessation of hostilities,” military officials said MondayFiled under: Al Qaeda, Australia, Denmark, ISIL, Syria, UK, US Congress, US […]


    Craft Xcellence- Celebrating 110 years of craft! "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    Craft Xcellence

    The Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW is celebrating 110 years since their foundation in 1906 with a special exhibition at the Society’s gallery, Craft NSW– an artist-run gallery where visitors can meet the makers of a diverse range of high quality Australian craft.

    As Australia’s oldest continuously running craft organisation, The Society has been located in The Rocks for the past 40 years.


    To mark the event, Craft Xcellence will showcase unique works which push the boundaries of craft techniques in fine jewellery, textiles, glass, ceramics, wood and more. The exhibition also includes a display of work from previous decades.

    The exhibition opens on Tuesday 20 September from 6 to 8 pm and from then on will be open everyday from 9.30 am to 5:30 pm until the 20 October!

    Craft Xcellence 2

    Pat Hayward, ceramic vessel

    What: Craft Xcellence Exhibition

    When: Tuesday, 20 September to 9 October, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (7 days a week)

    Where: Craft NSW, 104 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney

    For more information click HERE.

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    Briggs, Tkay Maidza & More Join Huge Face The Music Lineup "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    Briggs, Tkay Maidza & More Join Huge Face The Music Lineup

    Not only will the 2016 iteration of Melbourne’s national music conference Face The Music feature live music for the first time, but the list of speakers and performers is getting out of control.

    Adding already to the the first round of speakers which includes music critic Anthony Fantano, Bandcamp’s Andrew Jervis, and triple j’s Zan Rowe, are a sensational list of local artists.

    We’re of course excited to hear that Briggs will be joining the lineup. After dropping ‘January 26’ with his group A.B. Original, Briggs has become an almost household name as he has taken it upon himself to challenge Australia Day.

    Joining the hip-hop sensation is another Aussie rap champ in Tkay Maizda, whose latest collab with Killer Mike is leaving everyone frothing for her forthcoming debut album. There’s more, too, as prodigious producer Japanese Wallpaper will be joining them, along with a slew of other great artists.

    Face the Music will be held at Melbourne Music Week’s Hub, The State Library of Victoria, and is shaping up to be a great day for Australian music – and possibly the best Face The Music yet.

    Face The Music Lineup

    Anthony Fantano [The Needle Drop]

    Andrew Jervis [Bandcamp]

    Ricki Askin [VICE]

    Zan Rowe [triple j]

    Kim Ambrosius [Roskilde]

    Robert Forster

    Taylor Brode [Sacred Bones]

    Lorrae McKenna [Remote Control]

    Nai Palm [Hiatus Kaiyote]

    Ben Marshall [Vivid Sydney]

    Woody McDonald [Meredith Music Festival]

    Nic Kelly [Night High Records]

    Michael Hohnen [Skinnyfish Music]

    Emma Barnes [Emma Jane Management]

    Katie Stewart [Laneway Music Festival]

    Myf Warhurst [Double J]

    Samuel Wald [WME]

    Johann Ponniah [I Oh You]


    Tkay Maizda

    Japanese Wallpaper

    Jaime Gough [Native Tongue]

    Emily York [Penny Drop]


    Queerscreen Film Festival "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

    Only twelve films make up the program for this great festival, but they're all doozies. Over five nights Queer Screen will be taking over Event cinemas on George street (and then moving on to Canberra and the Blue Mountains) and showing a neat selection of documentaries, shorts and features that add to the widening spectrum of LGBTQIA storytelling. Highlights include the coming-of-age heartbreaker 'First Girl I Loved', a documentary about the openly out, trailblazin' manager of The Ramones and Patti Smith 'Danny Says' and the Clea DuVall plus Natasha Lyonne-led comedy 'The Intervention'.


    Turnbull can’t hide Australia’s shame – Nauru fathers arrested following kids’ protest "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Nauru’s detention regime has plunged further into crisis with the announcement that Connect will not re-tender to provide refugee services on the prison island. But the announcement is just one small symptom of a dysfunctional regime.

    The daily protests in the family camp have continued since 20 March and escalated on Sunday night, 18 September.

    Four men, fathers of asylum seekers and refugees, were arrested by Nauruan police last Sunday night following a protest by children who put rubbish on the road and threw stones at a bus going along the road between the family compound RPC 3 and the refugee camp, Anuiju.

    Around 25 Nauruan police descended on the family compound to arrest the children but after determined resistance from pregnant wives and families in the RPC 3, and children chanting, “Stop Torture. Freedom Forever”, police left the children, but arrested four men.


    Nauruan police car in Anuiju

    Refugee and asylum seekers who attempted to take videos or photographs of the police were threatened with arrest.

    It is understood that the men were released on the Sunday night after they signed an undertaking at the police station.

    “The incident points to the far wider issue of Nauru and offshore detention. In the guise of service providers, Connect has already been complicit in Australia’s systematic mistreatment of asylum seekers on Nauru. Connect have often used the police themselves rather than protect refugees from the arbitrary and often brutal treatment of an unaccountable police force,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition

    “But many refugees see the Connect decision as the end game that started when they were arbitrarily separated from family and other asylum seekers on Christmas Island in 2013.

    “Despite Turnbull and Dutton’s posturing in New York, the government will finally be faced with the need to bring all the asylum seekers and refugees to Australia. The sooner, the better.”

    Refugee groups in Australia will hold solidarity vigils and protests to coincide with 200 days of protest on Nauru on 5 October.

    Sydney Solidarity with Nauru rally, Wednesday 5 October, 5.30pm. Town Hall. Supported by Refugee Action Coalition, Mums 4 Refugees, Teachers for Refugees, Doctors 4 Refugees, Australian Women Supporting Women on Nauru, Grandmothers Against the Detention of Children, People Just Like Us, Love Makes A Way.

    For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

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    Seawall at McCauley’s "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"


    storms 2016 c

    Beach storm damage after the last big surf at Bulli

    THERE’S still time to have your say about the proposed design of a seawall at McCauley’s Beach, Thirroul.

    Wollongong City Council is seeking feedback on a proposal to protect the embankment at the end of Corbett Ave which is eroding due to coastal wave action and storm events.

    Work to stabilise the embankment is now required to protect the road and maintain safe access to the public reserve and private property.

    Council has proposed constructing a gently sloping seawall of armour rock that will dissipate wave energy and allow seawater to percolate through the wall. The design has been reviewed by an independent coastal engineer and is not expected to impact the surf break. The wall will be above mid tide on the beach and will not be at the water’s edge in normal weather.

    Council’s Director of Infrastructure and Works, Mike Hyde, said the proposed design is not final and people are encouraged to have their say before submissions close on 30 September.

    “The work is designed to protect community assets not private property,” he said. “However, we have been liaising with local property owners due to the proximity of the works.

    “The work will also include constructing a permanent stairway from the public reserve to McCauleys Beach.”

    Once the design is finalised, it’s anticipated work will take about six months depending on tide, swell and weather conditions and will not commence until 2017.

    Council has liaised and satisfied the requirements of a number of Authorities including the NSW Department of Primary Industries (Crown Lands) and the Regional Coastal Panel.

    For more information or to view the plans visit Council’s website.



    There’s nothing better than a beautiful day out on the hillside, unless it’s a beautiful day out with lots of lovely people planting trees.


    This year we had the wonderful team from Justin Borevitz’s lab at ANU, along with another hundred yellow box  (eucalyptus melliodora) that they raised from seed, genotyped and either pampered or subjected to all sorts of tests (drought strtrees-in-truckess, various sprays etc).  In the last two years we have planted 30 to 50 of these which despite some setbacks in the way of frost, not to mention last autumn’s endless dryness, have been doing well.   The main challenge is transporting the big pots (this year big sections of pipe) up to where they’ll be planted. The rest of our plants come from Murrumbateman Landcare, Greening Australia or Damian DiMarco’s nursery on Wallaroo Road, making as wide and balanced a range of species as we can manage.

    In the past few weeks we’ve been planting sections of this year’s big project – a new windbreak on Esdale.  Last weekend the army of pink covers finally peered over the hill where we can see them from the house.

    section-3-over-the-edge ...


    Credit where it’s due: How distributed energy could save $1bn on grid costs "IndyWatch Feed National"

    The introduction of regulatory measures to reward local energy generators for their contributions to the grid could unlock savings of more than $1 billion in avoided network costs, a major Australian study has found.

    The study – which was led by the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures, and funded by ARENA – found that paying ‘local network credits’ to local generators for their role in reducing overall investment in the electricity network could reduce network expansion costs by 59 per cent, representing an overall positive economic benefit of approximately $1.2 billion by 2050.

    The findings are based on the results of five virtual trials conducted by the ISF in five different locations around Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, which modelled the benefits of local network credits and local energy trading (also known as virtual net metering).


    As we reported in May, early results from the modelling found that the current National Energy Market structure not only offered little financial incentive to export distributed energy generation, but created a strong incentive for customers and product developers to keep generation “behind the meter”, and a “perverse” incentive to duplicate network infrastructure.

    The final findings, published on Tuesday, tell much the same story: “Results of four out of five virtual trials of Local Network Charges and Local Electricity Trading completed to date indicate there is potential for distributed generation to meet local consumption, which is unlikely to be realised under current market conditions,” the ISF says.


    The Willoughby trial results, in particular, said the ISF, “demonstrate that even a relatively low Local Network Charge can send a meaningful signal to operate dispatchable generation when the network is most likely to need support.”

    The report finds that offering a Local Network Charge for the cases investigated would keep solar and other distributed generation on the grid, “in an era of increasingly locally derived supply.”

    Such an incentive would also maintain the network charges paid by the proponent, the report notes, “relative to a significant increase in behind the meter consumption using a private wire approach, even taking into account payment of the Local Network Charge itself.”

    The result, it says, leaves the proponent and other customers better off, due to the fact that money is not wasted on more and more poles and wires.



    Big Screen: Louis Theroux – My Scientology Movie "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"


    Scientology is like the North Korea of religious organisations. No one really knows how they operate, but the more we learn, the more we realise that it’s bat-shit crazy.

    Ex-members of Scientology are cut off from their families, harassed if they speak to the media and journalists get stonewalled for asking too many questions. So when Louis Theroux set out to make a documentary on Scientology, I was stoked to see what would happen.

    Louis’ humble but inquisitive interview style seemed like the perfect contrast to a religion renowned for turning Tom Cruise into a couch-jumping maniac. However, there was one tiny hiccup – no-one from the Church of Scientology wanted to talk to Louis. So, Theroux decides to audition actors to re-enact the stories told to him by ex-Scientologists. That’s when things get weird.

    The Scientologists retaliate by tailing Theroux’s car and sending film crews to hassle him – it becomes clear that they’ve no idea who they’re dealing with. I mean, this is Louis Theroux; at this point, name-calling and people sticking cameras in his face is practically part of his job. He’s so calm and reasonable during his responses that you almost feel embarrassed for the Scientologists. The problem that this creates for the film is that though it highlights the deep insecurities the Scientologists must have with their ridiculous belief system, it doesn’t give Louis much scope to do what he does best: drawing people out and get them talking about why they view the world in a particular way.

    The rest of the film is Louis auditioning and casting amateur actors to play David Miscavage, the head of the Church of Scientology. It’s interesting seeing actors try to play the enigmatic leader, because when Louis compares their performances with the real footage of Miscavage, you realise that there are some types of crazy that you just can’t fake. I desperately wanted to see Miscavage make an appearance, to see who he was when he wasn’t just the Church leader.

    The auditions are overseen by someone who knows full well how far Miscavage can go. Mark Rathbun, one of the highest-profile ex-members of Scientology, was Miscavage’s enforcer and only left the Church after he was repeatedly beaten by the Church leader and locked in a prison that was referred to as ‘The Hole’. Since escaping, Mark has spoken out strongly against Scientology – Louis uses those stories as the basis for his dramatic re-enactments. By involving Rathbun in the re-enactments, Louis tries to unpack why Rathbun would involve himself in an organisation that’s comfortable using violence to protects its secrets. The inference Louis keeps making is that Rathbun is complicit in the crimes of Miscavage. And even though at numerous points in the movie Rathbun admits that he used the same violent techniques himself, Louis’ questioning never hits its mark.

    The flaw in Louis’ film is that the re-enactments only ever focus on Miscavage, so Rathbun never has to play the role of the assailant. It means that he always identifies as the victim of Scientology, maintaining an emotional distance from his role as its enforcer. And when he is eventually challenged on it, he’s not enlightened: he just thinks Louis is an asshole. The dramatic re-enactment is an interesting technique, but Louis bungles it. Instead of it being the fascinating character study I think Louis wanted it to be...


    On the Next Act on of the Global Political Game in Vientiane "IndyWatch Feed National"

    3453452342342After Beijing staged the G-20 Summit political show (which is becoming increasingly popular after superseding the long defunct political number a.k.a the G-7 Summit), the wandering troupe of political actors of various levels of importance and talents moved on to Vientiane, the capital of Laos.

    What caught the attention of these masters of the global political game and drew them to this more humble place? The fact is that on September 6 through 9 this year, it was here where a few equally interesting and dramatic performances were scheduled (with elements of a particular sense of humor), which invariably included the ASEAN acronym.

    The aforementioned acronym denotes the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which includes ten nations in the region and is increasingly becoming the center of attention in real world events. It is in this reality that the participants of these world games try to respond to the event mentioned above, as well as other political platforms.

    Firstly, Vientiane hosted the regular summit of the member-countries of ASEAN itself. Secondly, several summits were held in the format of ASEAN + 1, where the world’s leading players, including China, Japan, India, participated as “plus ones”. It is worth recalling that the last ASEAN + US summit (with its grand entourage) took place in February this year at the Californian ranch, Sunnylands.

    Following this, there was the ASEAN + 3 summit, which included China and Japan, as well as South Korea. Finally, the holding of the 11th summit of the ASEAN + 8 forum was the apotheosis of the series of events held in Vientiane. The United States, China, Russia, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea and New Zealand all participated. This forum is also referred to as the East Asia Summit (EAS).

    All the events of recent years at various international platforms (including the most important one in New York) can be reduced to the following maxim: it isn’t the official well-attended events on stage that are important but the negotiations amongst the actors that take place on the sidelines on the eve of the big performance and during its breaks.

    As a rule, an outside observer can only guess the content of such negotiations. But they are the ones that are motivated by the realities of life and define the really important parts of the final documents that are formulated at the end of official events.

    The essence of the real events in Southeast Asia and in the South China Sea in the region can be reduced to the fact that it is here that the global political game waged by the world powers is being stoked....


    Proposed Anti-Discrimination Changes And "Don't Mess With Marriage" "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    This is the second consecutive government to try to amend the fabric of free speech in the state.  The previous Labor/Green government introduced particularly extreme changes which were fortunately thrown out by the Legislative Council.  The latest proposals are nowhere near as concerning but they still raise some serious issues about the fair and clear application of the law to a range of differing beliefs.

    There are two main backgrounds to the proposed changes.  The first is the complaint by Martine Delaney against the Catholic Church over the circulation of a booklet entitled Don't Mess With Marriage, a modestly worded but in places highly insulting defence of supposed church creed against same-sex marriage.  The complaint attracted high-profile attention and at times was frothed about in the opinion sections of the Australian on a more or less daily basis.  In fact, all that happened was the complaint was sent to conciliation as quite clearly required by the law, and we never found out whether the booklet actually breached the law because the complaint was dropped after the conciliation stage.

    The second is a possible plebiscite on allowing same-sex marriage and concerns that the current Act would not allow the anti-same-sex marriage side to say their piece without breaking the current law by insulting people on the basis of their sexual orientation.

    In my view, most of the proposed changes are improvements.  The one that is not an improvement is the core change: the proposed addition of a "religious purpose" test, in which a person who is "in good faith" "conveying, teaching or proselytising a religious belief" becomes exempt from the Act.  It is not made explicitly clear that this also applies to someone discussing an anti-religious belief or a belief against a particular religion.  If this is the case, it may as well be called the Discrimination Act.


    Comments on Draft Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill 2016

    by Dr Kevin Bonham

    Personal background

    I am writing this submission as a public commentator and political analyst with strong views on a range of issues.  In the life of the previous State Parliament I lobbied against some of the extensions to section 17 that were proposed by the former Government, on the grounds that they went much too far.  The proposed...


    Tom Griffiths’ Art of Time Travel "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    Tom Griffiths, The Art of Time Travel: Historians and their Craft (Black Inc 2016)

    For transforming young minds there is probably nothing more powerful than history in the hands of a charismatic teacher.

    1863958568.jpgThat’s a quote from Don Watson in the current Quarterly Essay, Enemy Within. It could have been an epigraph for The Art of Time Travel, which tells the stories of fourteen charismatic teachers, practitioners of the craft of history in Australia. Most of them are or were university lecturers; all of them, individually and collectively, have transformed minds both young and old.

    From Tom Griffiths’ very readable, richly anecdotal and often personal accounts of these careers, there emerges a fascinating story of how the mainstream understanding of Australia has expanded, deepened and, yes, transformed over the last three quarters of a century. Australian history, which used to be seen as a short, derivative footnote to the history of England, or occasionally as a collection of beautiful lies that happen to be true(as in Mark Twain’s famous quote), is now something quite different. No one could have imagined 75 years ago, for instance, that the Sydney Morning Herald would be reporting on a local Council being called on to defend its refusal to acknowledge that the Council meets on Darug land. Griffiths offers this summary of the changes:

    Australians discovered that the New World was actually the Old, and that the true ‘nomads’ were the colonisers. The nation continent was reimagined as a jigsaw of bioregional countries, which had for so long been its state. The biological cringe about ‘monotonous gums’, ‘songless birds’ and ‘fossil animals’ was replaced by a deep historical narrative about the continent’s southern organic genesis. Australian history became as much about ecological, social and technological discontinuities as about the political stability and continuity for which the European settlers first celebrated it. British colonisation was seen as both an invasion and an awesome social experiment; there was dancing with strangers and there was war. Historians ventured to the other side of the frontier and peered back at the ‘white men’s eyes’, and Aboriginal people were compelled – and some chose – to cross the beach in the other direction. In remote parts of Australia, the Indigenous inhabitants became the custodians of white history as well as black, because they stayed on country while the whites moved away. In the coastal cities Aboriginal people were found to have always been part of Australia’s modern urban history. Indigenous scholars studied the nation’s unending frontier and the intense colonial revolution into which they had been thrown.

    Most literate Australians will be aware of these changes. This book gives something of the nuts and bolts of how they came about, through the changing concerns of historians, the new resources (such as carbon dating) available to them, and a shake-up of historians’ methods to include sources other than official written records...


    This Week’s 13 Best Local Gigs Under $15 "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    This Week’s 13 Best Local Gigs Under $15

    Loving live music isn’t just about attending music festivals and seeing an international artist’s massive arena show.

    Even the biggest of big-name headliners started in the trenches, on the sticky carpets and bandrooms of your local bars and pubs – which is exactly where you should be if you want to discover your new favourite band or venue.

    Here are our picks for this week’s best local gigs from Aussie talent – from Perth to the East Coast – and all for the price of a good meal.

    Alex Lahey

    Where: Hotel Steyne, Manly NSW
    When: 9pm – 12am, Friday Sep 23
    Why: Following the release of her killer debut record B-Grade University, Alex Lahey is hitting back with her first national tour. The gig is set to be one to remember and with support acts Betty & Oswald, it’s one you shouldn’t miss – oh and did we mention that it’s free?
    Tickets & Info: Free, more info here.

    Mall Grab & Christopher Port

    Where: Ferdydurke, Melbourne VIC
    When: 9pm – 5am, Saturday Sep 22
    Why: $10 for a night of quality house and electronica? Yes please! Headlining the night is Mall Grab who is racking up millions of plays online, and joining him is Christopher Port, whose recent EP ‘Vehement’ was met with plenty of praise as well. You can’t really lose!
    Tickets & Info: $10-15 more info here.

    Dorsal Fins & Remi DJs

    Where: Yah Yah’s, Melbourne VIC
    When: 8pm – 5am, Saturday Sep 24
    Why: Yah Yah’s is throwing a pretty great night this Saturday with Dorsal Fins headlining their first Melbourne show with a very late-night appearance from Sydney outfit Straight Arrows, coupled in with a Remi DJ afterparty – all for a ridiculously low 10 Dollarydoos.
    Tickets & Info: $10, more info here.

    The Cherry Dolls

    Where: Cherry Bar, Melbourne VIC
    When: 10pm, Thursday Sep 15
    Why: Melbourne rock stalwarts The Cherry Dolls couldn’t have found a better spot to launch their second EP, Lone Palm, than Melbourne’s home of rawk, Cherry Bar. They’ll be backed up by...


    Premiere: Melbourne Has A New Rap Talent To Keep An Eye On In Kudos "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    Premiere: Melbourne Has A New Rap Talent To Keep An Eye On In Kudos

    We’ve got a new Aussie hip hop talent to keep an eye on in Melbourne emcee Kudos aka James Tretheway, who has today dropped his first studio track, the curiously named ‘Plucker’.

    Produced/mixed by Yuri Tobler and mastered/mixed by Ben Kramp (Illy, M-Phazes), it’s a satisfying opening volley that melds raw personal lyrics with velvet smooth beats loaded with chunky guitar.

    “Plucker is the story of balance between taking time for yourself and giving time to others,” James says of the track.

    “Acknowledging that we all should have the right to grieve and that our feelings are relevant to where we are standing, while at the same time recognising others grief in order to put our own into a healthy perspective.”

    While this is only his first track, he hasn’t been sitting idle, instead honing his craft and being able to share the stage with Atmosphere, Spit Syndicate and Afrika Bambaataa in recent years, as well as featuring regularly with Tijuana Cartel.

    Now, Kudos is embarking on his own East Coast solo tour in October, including a spot at Jungle Love festival on the Sunshine Coast, dates below.

    Kudos Plucker Single Tour

    Supported By DJ Lickweed

    Thu 13 Oct – Melbourne, VIC – Workers Club
    Thu 27 Oct – Brisbane, QLD – Milk Factory
    Sat 29 Oct- Gold Coast, QLD – Dust Temple Spoken Word -W/ Luka Lesson
    Thu 3 Nov – Sydney, NSW – Oaf Gallery
    Fri 25th Nov – Brisbane, QLD – Jungle Love
    Sat 26 Nov – Sunshine Coast, QLD – Solbar W/ Dubarray


    This is not a memoir: the c-word in women’s writing "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Having your work of journalism sidelined into a memoir – a genre, nonetheless, worthy of good writing – still demonstrates that women’s personal writing cannot be commercially seen as journalism or ‘serious’ documentation. When women writers seek to share 'truth' – not confessions – it shouldn’t be sold off as memoir when those stories are about collective human experiences.


    Sisters of St Joseph celebrate 150 years of community service "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    HUNTERS HILL’S Sisters of St Joseph are celebrating their sesqui-centenary this week. The Josephite Sisters were founded by St Mary McKillop in 1866 and their hospice at St Joseph’s Aged Care in Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill was purchased by Saint Mary McKillop a few years after the Order’s foundation at the request of The Vatican. […]


    Hunters Hill shocked by Ryde Mayor’s speech "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    BY OUR CIVIC ROUNDSMAN A shocked Coalition representing Hunters Hill ratepayers has accused Ryde’s new Mayor Clr Bill Pickering and his Liberal team of putting politics before people. Mayor Pickering was elected to his second term in Ryde’s top job on Friday night and his victory speech declared Baird’s forced merger of Ryde, Hunters Hill […]


    Controversy at Ryde City Council election night "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Ryde Liberal leader Bill Pickering was elected as Mayor of City of Ryde last Friday night with Liberal Clr Jane Stott elected as Deputy Mayor. Barely five minutes after being elected by seven votes to five, Mayor Pickering controversially described BairdÕs proposed forced amalgamation of Ryde, Hunters Hill and Lane Cove as ‘inevitable’ and said […]


    Puzzles and Paints in Field of Mars Reserve "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Ryde Hunters Hill Flora & Fauna Preservation Society Activities committee have organised a Family Afternoon this Sunday September 25 in the Field of Mars Reserve, Pittwater Road, Gladesville from 2pm to 4pm. Bring the children along to Puzzles and Paints – fun activities for kids of all ages. Activities will include Treasure Trove: Follow clues […]


    Epping Boys High cater for Karonga Party "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Epping Boys High School students personally catered for Karonga Special School students at their annual Musical Concert entertainment at the school last Wednesday. The Epping Boys High volunteers made and prepared the after concert party refreshment with the help and guidance of their teacher Nadine Koff.  PICTURED in the Karonga School kitchen serving refreshments are […]


    Victor Dominello reveals kindy fees discount "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Ryde MP Victor Dominello has welcomed an additional $115 million in funding to make early childhood education more affordable for local families and reduce fees by an average of 30 per cent. Mr Dominello said the funding will reduce preschool fees for four and five year olds and remove nearly all fees for children from […]


    Teaching new sailors how to sail on famous Sydney Harbour "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    To The POINT with ANDREW CURTIN MY INVOLVEMENT with the Hunters Hill Sailing Club began over ten years ago when I met Bruce Lucas, former Hunters Hill Mayor and Club Life member, by the flag mast down by the water at Clarkes Point. He explained how I could start my eldest boy in a Learn […]


    Helping Clean-up World Day "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Bennelong MP John Alexander OAM was on hand last Saturday morning helping the Clean up the World effort on the Parramatta River at Meadowbank pictured with Austin Kim and Kenny Lee.


    Laxale put people before pomp "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    City of Ryde’s former Mayor – Councillor Jerome Laxale – has hit back at Liberal allegations he let Ryde down by abandoning the city’s mayoral pomp and ceremony. Liberal voters were angry that Mayor Laxale didn’t wear the Mayoral robes and chains at citizenship ceremonies which has prompted new Mayor Bill Pickering to declare that […]


    Historic wedding dresses at Festival of Marriage in Hunters Hill’s Anglican Church this Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

    Wedding dresses that date back to the 1880’s will be on display at All Saints Anglican Church this Saturday. The historic dresses are part of a display of bridal wear from Hunters Hill’s heritage Anglican church for the Anglican Parish’s Festival of Marriage, to be celebrated inside the church from 10 am until 3 pm. […]


    What You Should Know Before Mike Patton Returns Down Under "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    What You Should Know Before Mike Patton Returns Down Under

    In case you hadn’t heard, the headliners for next year’s MONA FOMA were announced earlier this month. It was arguably the quirky Tasmanian festival’s most impressive lineup announcement to date, and we don’t even know who else is playing yet.

    It almost doesn’t matter, since the reaction to the news that Faith No More frontman Mike Patton and Maynard James Keenan’s Puscifer would soon be sharing a bill in Australia was enough to get fans excited and FOMO-ing all over social media.

    But as Patton fans know, a tour announcement from the prolific vocalist, whose range rivals the likes of Mariah Carey, could mean just about anything. Recent Patton tours have involved everything from Faith No More to orchestral Italian pop music.

    So what is tētēma?

    As Patton recently explained to the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s the mind-bending collaboration between himself and Aussie composer Anthony Pateras and he’s not actually 100 percent sure the two of them can pull it off. “I can’t lie to you, I’m a little bit nervous,” he said.

    “I don’t know how we’re going to pull this stuff off… To be honest – how should I say? – it’s a logistical nightmare.” Patton refers to the intricate and ambitious collaboration, which yielded the album Geocidal, as “world music from another world”.

    The story behind the creation of the album is as much of a curveball as the music. It involved Pateras moving to a convent in rural France where he locked himself away for 10 days before emerging with a suite of left-of-field rhythmic soundscapes.

    The album, in the making since 2009, was finalised in San Francisco over 48 hours. “The interesting thing about the record is that every element is recorded in a different country, and this gives the sound a displaced, almost vaporous intensity,” said Pateras in a statement.

    “I moved country twice during its genesis as well… the whole Geocidal thing is about coming from no place, re-birthing, watching the place you are from be altered beyond recognition that you have nothing to do with it anymore.”

    So those fans expecting to hear a rendition of ‘Epic’ are out of luck and should strap yourselves in for some seriously twisted and challenging sound art. But as Patton told the Sydney Morning Herald, more music from Faith No More is not out of the question.

    “I don’t know whether or not we’re going to attack it,” Patton told the outlet, “but there is some stuff we wrote around the time of the last one and said, ‘Why don’t we save this for the next record?’ So we’ll see.”


    Conceptual Polyamory: the social and political weight of keeping options open "IndyWatch Feed National"

    It was 2011 and I was in the Hunter Valley. I’d just had a very expensive indulgent meal and was ungrateful, scribbling furiously in my journal about how my family didn’t understand me. This is pretty standard fare for a seventeen year-old nearing the end of their high school life and dating a girl living …

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    Justice Reinvestment: Giving kids a life not life in prison "IndyWatch Feed National"

    ANTaR, national advocacy organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights, today called on all governments to listen to First Peoples in order to address crisis levels of incarceration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. 

    National Campaigns Manager, Ms Jane Powles said that “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders have been calling for the implementation of Justice Reinvestment since 2009 to address high incarceration rates.” 

    “It's about time governments started to listen” 

    Last night’s episode of ABC’s Four Corners featuring one of the first Justice Reinvestment trial sites in Australia, highlighted the common sense approach that Justice Reinvestment supports.

    “Driver licence programs that keep young people and the roads in Bourke safe make a lot of sense,” said Ms Powles

    In NSW, over half the children in jail are Aboriginal. This costs $800 per child per day. In 2014 NSW taxpayers spent an average of $293,200 on each child in custody.

    “Bourke is showing us that there is a much better way to invest tax payers money that will create stronger and safer communities.” 

    Despite multiple reports and inquiries into the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the justice system incarceration rates continue to rise. It’s time to think differently to address this crisis and create sustainable solutions.     

    “Last night we saw a whole community stepping up and collectively developing practical solutions that address the drivers of crime.”   

    Ms Powles said “With youth detention on the next Council of Australian Governments agenda, the Prime Minister has the opportunity to take the lead on developing a nationally co-ordinated approach to addressing the incarceration crisis and forging a collective commitment to Justice Reinvestment.”

    “It’s time for governments to act, and start listening to and working with First Peoples so we don't lose another generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people to the justice system.”

    To learn more and take action visit our Justice campaign page.


    Rider awareness campaign spreads "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    Joe Rider Motorcycle Awareness Month

    The success of the Joe Rider motorcycle awareness campaign initiated by the Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT is now spreading throughout NSW.

    Riders wearing “Joe” one their vests to alert drivers to the presence of riders on the road is once again a major part of the ninth annual Motorcycle Awareness Week held by the MRA ACT from October 15-22.

    MRA ACT president Jen Woods says Canberrans have gradually become aware over the past nine years of the Joe Rider awareness campaign.Joe Rider Motorcycle Awareness Month

    She says their aim during Motorcycle Awareness Week is to “boost awareness of motorcycling by other road users so they drive accordingly”.

    The Joe Rider campaign asks other road users who see Joe to email with the location and have their name go in the helmet for a chance to win a prize.

    The campaign was under the spotlight when ACT Government ran their inaugural Road Safety Forum last September and invited, among others, Road Safety Officers from NSW.

    “One of the things the RSOs were interested in was the Joe Rider campaign;  it’s a cost-effective way of making motorcycle and scooter riders more visible on the roads, spreading the road safety message,” Jen says.Joe Rider Motorcycle Awareness Month

    “News of Joe Rider has spread and this year, for the first time, Road Safety Officers in the Councils surrounding the ACT have been provided funding to run this rider awareness campaign in October,” Jen says.

    As part of the awareness week, MRA ACT will also again conduct the Pink Ribbon Ride, raising funds for the Breast Cancer Network Australia.



    Victory! Australia Bans Cosmetic Animal Testing Nationwide "IndyWatch Feed National"

    By Amanda Froelich via True Activist

    Starting July 2017, Australia will ban cosmetics which have been tested on animals as well as any products containing ingredients that have been tested on animals.

    There's something powerful happening down under. First, New Zealand banned cosmetic animal testing in 2015, and now, Australia is passing a similar ban which will go into effect July 2017. The nation will join the ranks of the European Union, Israel, Norway, and Turkey, all of whom have passed similar measures to cut down on animal testing.

    Thanks to the insistence of community groups such as #BeCrueltyFree campaign, cosmetics which have been tested on animals or any products containing anything that has been tested on animals will be banned next year.

    Humane Society International relays that Australia's Liberal-led government drew support for the bill across the aisle. Ken Wyatt, Australia's Assistant Health Minister, says:

    "We no longer need to test cosmetics on animals and many countries, including the European Union, have banned the use of cosmetic ingredients tested on animals."

    "Testing the ingredients of cosmetics on living creatures is a completely unnecessary cruelty and it's time Australia joined a growing number of communities by banning it," he added.

    This news shouldn't come as a surprise, considering that 85% of Australians oppose animal testing, relays a 2013 poll.

    Spokesperson for the #BeCrueltyFree Australia campaign, Hannah Stuart, told the press:

    "Using live animals to cruelly test new ingredients for cosmetics such as hair dyes and skin cream is ethically unjustified, so we're thrilled that following motions recently passed by both the Senate and the House, the Government has now promised specific legislation to ban cosmetics cruelty. There is a growing global trend towards eliminating the sale of newlyanimal-tested beauty products and their ingredients, and today's announcement will put Australia on the map as the next country to say NO to cosmetics cruelty."

    Stuart mentioned that activists with the campaign look forward to working with the government to "develop meaningful legislation" that eliminates...


    Video: Police attack new anti-labour law protestors "IndyWatch Feed National"

    From Telesur Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets across France on September 15 and were met by riot police as the trade...

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    Europe Is Going Absolutely Nuts For Tash Sultana Right Now "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    Europe Is Going Absolutely Nuts For Tash Sultana Right Now

    Homegrown buzz magnet Tash Sultana is absolutely killing it in Europe right now. Her tour may have gotten off to a bumpy start thanks to a mixup with her airline, but if this breathtaking footage shot at a local Dutch radio station is anything to go by, it’s all smiles at the moment.

    The triple j Unearthed feature artist recently wrapped a huge, completely sold-out national tour of Australia and her European trek has similarly sold out across the board, with the one-woman-band frequently taking to social media to share footage of at-capacity rooms around Europe.

    Punters were struggling to get in the door of her packed out BIGSOUND showcase and Tash hit the ground running as soon as she got back to Melbourne, announcing a new six-track EP, scheduled to drop worldwide later this month, and the launch of her own record label, Lonely Lands Records.

    The EP will include the triple j favourite ‘Notion’ as well as her brand new single, ‘Jungle’. The homemade video for ‘Jungle’ recently went viral, having accrued over 2 million views and more than 22,000 shares on Facebook in a week. Tash will also be playing Laneway 2017 next January and February.

    Tash Sultana National Tour Dates

    Thursday, 15th September 2016
    The Borderline, London

    Saturday, 17th September 2016
    7 Layers Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Sunday, 18th September 2016
    Rotown, Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Thursday, 22nd September 2016
    The Northern, Byron Bay

    Friday, 23rd September 2016
    Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

    Friday, 30th September 2016
    The Corner Hotel, Melbourne

    Thursday, 6th October 2016
    Mojos, Fremantle

    Friday, 7th October 2016
    Settlers Tavern, Margaret River

    Thursday, 13th October 2016
    Baha’s Tacos, Rye

    Friday, 14th October 2016
    Torquay Hotel, Torquay

    Saturday, 15th October 2016
    Uni Bar, Adelaide

    Thursday, 20th October 2016
    Newtown Social Club, Sydney

    Thursday, 27th October 2016
    Sooki Lounge, Belgrave

    Friday, 11th November 2016
    Kings Arms, Auckland


    Premiere: Sahara Beck Pays Homage To Quentin Tarantino With An Impressive New Clip "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    Premiere: Sahara Beck Pays Homage To Quentin Tarantino With An Impressive New Clip

    Sahara Beck admits that she has always loved the works of Quentin Tarantino, so when she got the chance to film her new music video for ‘Tapping On The Roof’, she lapped up the opportunity to pay homage to Tarantino’s first film – Reservoir Dogs.

    “I’ve always been a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino,” she says, “so when we were creating the idea for the ‘Tapping on the Roof’ music video Matt Jeston (Director) came up with the idea that we roughly base the video on the torture scene from Reservoir Dogs. It’s such a great movie and I’m so happy that I get to pay my respects to it through my own art.”

    The clip was filmed at the Brisbane’s Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, which created the perfect backdrop to her uniquely gorgeous track, the click-clack of percussion echoing its title perfectly. The Tarantino influence definitely doesn’t end at the video either, as ‘Tapping On The Roof’ wouldn’t feel at all out of place on a Kill Bill soundtrack.

    You’ll be able to catch Sahara live when she joins Brisbane’s Ball Park Music on their mammoth national tour with The Creases, as well on as her very own solo tour, which culminates with a show at Festival Of The Sun – dates below.

    Ball Park Music National Tour Dates
    w/ The Creases & Sahara Beck

    Thursday 22 September

    Studio 56 @ Miami Marketta, Gold Coast QLD

    Friday 23 September

    Solbar, Maroochydore QLD

    Saturday 24 September 

    The Triffid, Brisbane QLD (all ages)

    Sunday 25 September 

    The Triffid, Brisbane QLD (all ages)

    Thursday 29 September 

    ANU Bar, Canberra ACT

    Friday 30 September 

    Enmore Theatre, Sydney NSW (all ages)

    Tuesday 4 October

    The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

    Wednesday 5 October

    Barwon Club, Geelong VIC

    Thursday 6 October

    Barwon Club, Geelong VIC 

    Friday 7 October

    170 Russell, Melbourne VIC 

    Saturday 8 October 

    The Uni Bar, Hobart TAS

    Thursday 13 October 

    The Gov, Adelaide SA

    Friday 14 October

    The Gov, Adelaide, SA (all ages)

    Friday 21 October



    RedFlow names accredited installers for ZCell home battery "IndyWatch Feed National"

    With its first shipment of residential battery storage systems set to be delivered to customers in October, RedFlow has announced the first round of accredited installers for the ZCells.

    The Brisbane-based company has revealed an initial list of seven companies in states around Australia who are trained and approved to install the 10kWh zinc bromine flow battery.


    Further installer training sessions are being conducted – as we reported last month, these are being done by RedFlow CEO Simon Hackett, himself – for a number of additional companies, which will be added to the website as they are approved.

    The companies named on Tuesday include Geographe Electrical Communications (WA), Off-Grid Energy Australia (SA, VIC, ACT, NSW, TAS and southeast QLD.), SolarQuip (VIC), Standard Solar (national), Suntrix (SA, VIC, NSW, QLD), The Solar Depot (SA, NSW) and WES Group (QLD, NT, WA).

    The ZCell, which was officially launched to the market in March, is described as a flow battery that can ‘timeshift’ solar power from day to night, store off-peak power for peak demand periods and support off-grid systems.

    Some of the benefits of the battery chemistry and design – which are both Australian made – include a long cycle life, reusable parts and a better depth of discharge and storage capability than some of its main competitors, including lead acid and lithium-ion batteries.

    “ZCell has natural advantages over lithium in terms of its recyclability and reusability, better depth of discharge and storage capability,” said Ian Grayson – managing director of newly accredited installer WES Group, a Sunshine Coast-based electrical and mechanical contracting company.

    “I believe energy storage will be a long-term growth story, like solar PV, and it will also be a game changer for the major electricity suppliers, especially with the advent of aggregation,” Grayson said.

    Another ZCell installer, Troy Ryan from Solar Depot described the ZCell as a low maintenance and long-life battery system that would integrate easily into the company’s projects.

    “ZCell’s well-suited for grid-hybrid and larger standalone applications and also answers safety concerns that plenty of people have about lithium batteries,” Ryan said.

    The full list of ZCell installers can be found here.

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    Newsletter 129 Open Letter (3), University of Wollongong, Correcting UOW Academic’s Comments on Immunisation "IndyWatch Feed National"

    The Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health
    University of Wollongong
    19 September 2016

    Dear Professor Alison Jones,
    As I await your response to my previous email (16 September 2016)  I would like to address the comments about immunisation that have been promoted by the University of Wollongong (UOW) on its website. I note that you have signed your name, with 60 other academics, to the personal opinion made by Heather Yeatman in her professional capacity. However, it is necessary to point out that Heather Yeatman’s expertise is in nutrition, as President of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA), and not immunisation, and she has made misleading and unsupported statements about immunisation in her comment.

    Heather Yeatman’s comment was published on the UOW website on the 18 January 2016 – one week after my PhD was published on the UOW website. My PhD is a critique of the Australian government’s immunisation policies and yet her comment does not address the evidence I have presented in my in-depth study of Australia’s immunisation policies. I also note that you have supported her comment without reading my thesis. You have stated:

    From what I’ve seen of the thesis it doesn’t represent the views of a science evidence-based approach” (Australian Skeptics Inc lobby group website).

    Again, you have not provided any evidence for your claim that my research is not evidence-based and this is contradicted by the examiners and professors supporting my research. I will outline below the unsupported statements made in Heather Yeatman’s personal opinion of immunisation that you have supported. Unless these comments can be supported with evidence UOW academics are endangering human health by signing their names to this comment. This political strategy of UOW in promoting this comment has enabled lobby groups, such as the Australian Skeptics Inc group, to promote personal opinions of immunisation instead of researched information.

    Here are the incorrect or unsupported statements made by Heather Yeatman (in bold below). The evidence for my comments is provided in my PhD thesis:

    1. Immunisation protects children and saves lives” . This generalisation is incorrect. Some children do not gain immunisation from vaccines and the adverse events (AE’s) to vaccines are under-reported in the population (PhD thesis Chapter 7). Until an accurate figure of AE’s is determined this statement is misleading and harmful to children’s health.
    2. For more than 50 years children have been immunised and it is one of our best success stories in public health”. This is incorrect. Vaccination campaigns started 50 years ago but they were voluntary and only recommended for one or two diseases at the time (PhD thesis Chapter 2 and 3). The schedule gradually increased but the government did not begin enforcing vaccination campaigns for multiple diseases until 1990 – after the diseases were controlled (Professor Fiona Stanley – Australian of the Year 2003) and childhood chronic illness increased at the same time as the use of vaccines increased. Correlation is not causation but this...


    Tuesday 9am Bulletin "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton have defended Australia’s border protection policies at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.

    Social Services Minister Christian Porter has declared that a ‘revolutionary change’ must occur to break the ongoing cycle of welfare dependency across Australia.

    Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has dismissed calls for an upheaval of Australia’s current inflation-targeting regime.

    South Australia Police have revealed that 12 drivers tested positive to illicit drugs near schools yesterday.

    3 Eden Hills residents have been arrested and charged with fraud.

    Adelaide City Council has resisted a push from the State Government to redevelop some of North Adelaide’s landmarks and institutions.

    In Sport…

    The Paralympics have come to a close with festivities highlighted by a giant conga-line of athletes dancing to Brazilian funk music.

    An all-Sydney AFL grand final is looking imminent, if the Sydney Swans and Greater Western Sydney Giants make it through their preliminary finals this weekend.

    Sturt Football Club has made a remarkable turnaround after finishing in 8th place last season to now scoring a spot in the 2016 SANFL grand final.

    News Reader: Chloe Holmes. Sports Reader: Teagan Short. Producer: Georgia Roberts. Web Editor: Jake Bell. Journalists: Chloe Holmes, Georgia Roberts, Jake Bell, Teagan Short.


    Video: Bayer admits giving AIDS to kids "IndyWatch Feed National"

    A Video clip from NBC and posted by Awareness Act Company records showed that medications were contaminated. They were used in countries outside the United...

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    Australian jets involved in US-led air strike "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Contributed by Joe Montero So the Defence Department has admitted Australia’s involvement in a bombing incident that caused the death of between 62 and 83...

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    Syrian ops continue despite botched raid "IndyWatch Feed National"

    A RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet. (AAP)

    A RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet. (AAP)

    Australia will continue its air operations in Syria, despite a review into how coalition forces allegedly killed more than 60 Syrian troops in a bombing raid.

    RAAF aircraft were involved in air strikes on what was believed to be an Islamic State fighting position in eastern Syria on Sunday.

    The strikes were called off when Russian officials told air operations controllers the targets may have been Syrian military personnel.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Australia regretted the loss of life and injury to Syrian personnel.

    “It is a very complex environment and as soon as the coalition commanders were advised by the Russians that Syrian forces were being affected, the operation discontinued,” he told reporters in New York.

    He said it remained to be seen whether it impacted on the already brittle ceasefire.
Defence Minister Marise Payne said Australia would never intentionally target a known Syrian military unit or actively support Islamic State.

    She said Australia would cooperate with an international review, however operations would continue.

    “We will continue in an appropriate and measured way with the international coalition to do what is required, but there has been no hold put on Australia’s activity,” she said in Sydney on Monday.

    “Our commitment is to eliminate the threat of Daesh.”

    She said Australia was seeking an end to hostilities, access for humanitarian aid and a path to a political solution in Syria.

    The minister declined to say what Australian aircraft were involved, but it is known the RAAF operations involve Super Hornet bombers, a refuelling aircraft and a Wedgetail early warning and control aircraft.

    RAAF personnel would not be exposed to any legal action as the target had been assessed as legitimate under the laws of armed conflict, Senator Payne said.

    A Pentagon spokesman said Russian officials had not voiced any concerns about the operation, in the Dayr Az Zawr area, when first notified of it.

    Acting Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said the loss of Syrian soldiers is tragic but the greater tragedy would be letting Islamic State extremists win.

    “We have to make sure we beat these people.”
Australia Strategic Policy Institute director Peter Jennings said he did not recall a similar incident over the past two years.

    “We’ve been extremely careful over two years to make sure that we don’t engage in any strikes which lead to civilian deaths or the deaths of non-combatants.”

    He said a communications failure was the likely cause, as the Russians had issued their advice half an hour into the air strikes.

    “I think this is the result of the lack of trust which seems to be created between the Russians and in particular the US right now.

    “We have come to the end of the ceasefire as a viable moment in the war.”

    The Greens and South Australian senator Nick Xenophon have called for a separate, independent review into Australia’s role.

    “We need to know what went wrong and why because if we don’t learn from the mistakes of this botched operation then there is a risk it may be repeated,” Senator Xenophon said.

    Independent MP Andrew Wilkie said it was in the publ...


    Reef spill payout ‘inadequate’: activists "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Conservationists have slammed a $40 million fine levied against a Chinese company that polluted the Great Barrier Reef. Photo AAP Image/Supplied by Greenpeace, Dean Miller)

    Conservationists have slammed a $40 million fine levied against a Chinese company that polluted the Great Barrier Reef. Photo AAP Image/Supplied by Greenpeace, Dean Miller)

    The federal government’s acceptance of less than a third of what it was seeking in compensation for a coal carrier accident on the Great Barrier Reef has left conservationists outraged.

    Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg this week announced the government had reached a $39.3 million out of court settlement from the operators of the Shen Neng 1, which ran aground 100km east of Rockhampton at Douglas Shoal in 2010.

    The money will be used to remove polluted rubble in a clean-up operation expected to begin next year.

    But the government had been seeking at least $120 million from Shenzhen Energy Transport Co Ltd.
Greenpeace Australia say the settlement is inadequate.

    “While we welcome the end of this six-year saga, it has to serve as a reminder that accidents happen,” spokeswoman Shani Tager said.

    “It’s clear that coal and the reef don’t mix and the government needs to do more to protect this precious place.”

    Maritime insurer The London P&I Club again expressed regret over the spill and said it had always wanted to reach a “fair and justifiable settlement”.

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    Aussies are using technology to tone-up "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Exercise is becoming high-tech. (file pic)

    Exercise is becoming high-tech. (file pic)

    Personal trainers are being traded in for tablet workouts with the simple click of a button an easy and cheap means for fitness inspiration, new research has found.

    More than half of Australians surveyed by nbn say they would use the internet to help improve their training techniques, research nutrition and map out their fitness progress.

    Almost two thirds of those who hop online for fitness inspiration watch online video tutorials and 48 per cent find themselves drawn in to researching the latest fitness trends.

    Whether it is a stiletto aerobics workout streamed in from Brazil or the latest Hollywood trend in soul-cycling, Aussies are opting for a wealth of online information ready at their fingertips.

    The research also found 62 per cent of Aussies prefer to train in their own living room than at the gym, with the majority admitting cost is a major influence.

    Broadband network nbn is teaming up with fitness expert and chiropractor Tim Robards to create a series of virtual trainer training films.

    The 30-minute long routines, ranging from animalistic moves to Bollywood inspired dancing, are designed to be streamed from the comfort of home living rooms.

    “The workouts are designed to give busy, on-the-go Aussies no matter where they are, the chance to connect with health and fitness expertise online from the comfort of their home,” Mr Robards said.

    “They will get you growling, stretching and sweating all at the same time.”

    Yoga, weight training methods and pilates are the top three online fitness clicks with millennials, survey respondents aged 18-34, the most inclined to get their hearts racing with technology.

    Mr Robards said the workouts are fit for any age and are adaptable for all fitness levels.

    “Whether you’re stuck behind a desk all week long, you’re an exercise novice or fitness junkie, there’s something for everyone to adapt to their own level.”

    “The most important thing is to keep challenging your body with new skills and routines, as well as keeping it fun and fresh in ways that work for you.”

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    The Flaw in Being Fearless "IndyWatch Feed National"

    All I could think to do was cup my hands over my head as I tumbled around in the ever-changing rotations of the waves. The saltiest water I’d ever tasted was rushing into my mouth and painfully stretching my sinuses. I was increasingly sure that this was too risky, that I needed to breathe that instant, that this might even be the end. A short way out from Old Man’s Beach in Canggu, Bali would be the place of my imminent death; any minute now a blow to the back of the head and the bright turquoise would become black.

    I was probably underneath the surface for a total of about six seconds.

    A moment earlier I had been perched on a chunky beginners’ foam board trying to take a group selfie with a borrowed GoPro. Determined not to be the frightened little girl from England, I hadn’t taken much convincing that trying an hour’s surf lesson was a good idea. I’d even convinced myself I’d be good at it. Filled with visions of myself sporting the beach hair and body I don’t have, I saw myself slicing up enormous waves in images that looked suspiciously like old RipCurl adverts.

    It wasn’t until I was ankle deep in water that I realised just how far from the beaches of Cornwall and South Wales I had come. The force of the waves wasn’t anything I’d experienced before, and it was fucking terrifying. When I broke the surface with a panic-filled, fish-like gasp (or 12), I collapsed onto my board and felt exhausted. I suddenly realised I’d spent my first week in Bali piling first upon first, and in the pursuit of valuable new experiences and traveller’s cool points, I had spent a good percentage of that time nervous enough to soil my knickers too.

    But no one really talks about the fear involved in travelling. I’d spent the week in a hostel dominated by 30 or so other twenty-something crunchy nomads. In amidst the swapping of stories, retelling of crazy experiences, and general spirit of one-upmanship, if fear was ever mentioned it had simply become something funny. That time you were “absolutely bricking it” as the police chased you through the streets of Hanoi, or you were “totally freaking out” when your shroom guy pulled a knife because your haggling skills weren’t working, or that “pretty fucking crazy” time you were hospitalised for internal bleeding. You can tell all these stories with a cheeky grin on your face and the assurance that all your new mates know precisely how intrepid, wild and cool you are.

    Very quickly, the interactions with other travellers can start to feel like high school – particularly when you’re dealing with young travellers and those who weren’t raised in the British spirit of prim suburban hedges, mortgages, and conservatism. The currency is coolness and rebelliousness, two things I have never been particularly rich in. And when I try them out, I find that life deals me a swift reminder: remember how that RipCurl surfer babe morphed into a kneeling, screaming, and inevitably face-planting mess?

    There are, of course, those who just don’t feel afraid when they travel. Not phased by severing ties with home cooking and the-devil-you-know, these lucky ones get to skip the fun pre-trip activity of reading through each clause of your travel insurance policy and gaining a hundred new ideas of creative ways you could die. But the real danger comes when this nonchalant crowd joins forces with those just feigning fearlessness. Suddenly, us fearful ones are left feeling like the worthiness of our trips and our ballsiness (or lack thereof) are in direct correlation.

    The encouragement we receive from other travellers often requires a lot of boldness: to immerse ourselves in local cultures, to tr...


    New plan to break the welfare trap "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Australians stuck in the welfare trap could soon be forced into new rules and programs to help them break the cycle of dependency.

    A long-awaited report into the impact of long-term welfare reliance is set to be released on Tuesday by the federal government.

    The result of years of analysis, it will show how 4370 young parents will remain on benefits for long periods of time because they will have more kids, costing the taxpayer some $2.4 billion over their lifetimes.

    Most of those young mothers getting welfare for the first time had a parent who also received benefits at some stage of their life.

    On students, the report shows that almost 30 per cent of those who have received study payments will draw on the system at some point over the next 60 years.

    About 594 students who have moved onto payments such as unemployment benefits straight out of study will continue to seek benefits each year for the rest of their lives.

    On young carers, almost half of the 11,000 getting welfare are predicted to remain on benefits over the next 70 years, costing $5.2 billion.

    Social Services Minister Christian Porter, who will release the report at the National Press Club in Canberra on Tuesday, is set to use the data to call for a revolution in the way social security is paid.

    While welfare has long been considered a helping hand to those in times of need, it wasn’t good enough that passively giving money to people turned some into dependents.

    “For too many people inside the system the money flows but nothing changes and lives are not improving,” he said.

    No longer would welfare be a “set and forget” payment.

    “Instead we will target new programs and rules and then measure rigorously what works and what doesn’t,” he said.

    “The helping hand of welfare should wherever possible be a helping hand out of the system, not help that sees people stay in the system for life.”


    The post New plan to break the welfare trap appeared first on Echonetdaily.


    Trump could ‘disrupt’ Aust-US alliance: US "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. AP Photo/Evan Vucci

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. AP Photo/Evan Vucci

    Donald Trump as US president could unleash a trade war, plunge the US economy into recession and disrupt alliances with nations including “longtime ally Australia”, according to new analysis by a Washington DC-based think tank.

    The Peterson Institute for International Economics report released on Monday assesses the trade agendas of presidential candidates Mr Trump and main rival Hillary Clinton.

    Both are criticised for their opposition to the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal between 12 nations including Australia, the US, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and Singapore.

    But Mr Trump’s “belligerent trade policies”, according to the report’s analysis, would devastate viable American businesses and be disastrous for US economic well-being and national security.

    “Make no mistake, the proposed trade policies of both Hillary Clinton and Donald J Trump, the 2016 Democratic and Republican Party candidates for president, would deeply harm the American economy,” Adam Posen, president of the self-described non-partisan Peterson Institute, wrote.

    Mr Trump has threatened to “rip up” existing free trade agreements with Australia and 19 other nations and “make really good ones” and slap a 35 per cent tariff on Mexican imports and 45 per cent on China’s.

    “Withdrawal of support for TPP is bad enough but the ramifications of Trump’s trade policies go much farther, threatening to inflame relations with China and disrupt existing alliances with free trade partners, including South Korea, Singapore, a critical partner in Southeast Asia, and longtime ally Australia,” the report states.

    Export-reliant US industries that manufacture machinery used in the information technology, aerospace and engineering sectors are forecast as being worst hit by a trade war incited by Mr Trump.

    “Trump goes much farther than Clinton on trade and investment policies,” according to the report.

    “He threatens to slap punitive (and possibly even firm-specific) tariffs on products imported from China and Mexico, withdraw from the World Trade Organisation and abrogate existing preferential trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement.

    “If implemented, these proposals would provoke retaliation by US trading partners, unleashing a trade war that would send the US economy into recession and cost millions of Americans their jobs.”

    Ms Clinton’s proposed trade and international economic policies “would damage American well-being” primarily due to her opposition to TPP.

    “While Clinton’s stated trade policy would be harmful, Trump’s stated trade policy would be horribly destructive,” the report states.

    The report’s release comes as Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week and lobby US leaders to move forward on the TPP.

    The post...


    Game of Thrones breaks record at Emmys "IndyWatch Feed National"

    Lena Headey appears in a scene from

    Lena Headey appears in a scene from “Game of Thrones.” (AAP)

    Game of Thrones has conquered the Emmy kingdom, honoured as top drama for the second consecutive year and becoming the most honoured TV series ever on a night of surprises.

    Veep repeated as best comedy series and its star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, won a record-breaking sixth Emmy as best comedy actress.

    Jeffrey Tambor’s trophy as top comedy actor for Transparent also was his second.

    But the top drama acting trophies were far from predictable: Rami Malek of Mr. Robot and Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black were the winners, both overcoming heavyweight competition.

    “Oh, my God. Please tell me you’re seeing this too,” said a stunned Malek, who plays an emotionally troubled engineer caught up in a dangerous hacking conspiracy.

    Games of Thrones, the fantasy saga based on George R.R. Martin’s novels, received a total of 12 awards and at last weekend’s technical arts ceremony for a cumulative 38, beating Frasier by one to claim most prime-time series awards ever.

    The Emmys proved more adroit than the Oscars at recognising and honouring diversity in Hollywood’s top ranks, with trophies going to minority actors and behind-the-scenes artists including writers Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang of Master of None.

    But Viola Davis of How to Get Away with Murder failed to repeat her 2015 best drama actress win, the first for a woman of colour.

    Tambor, who plays a transgender character on Transparent, called on Hollywood to make him the last non-transgender actor to get such a role.

    A shaking Louis-Dreyfus ended her speech by dedicating the trophy to her father, who she said died on Friday. Before that, she honed in on GOP contender Donald Trump’s campaign.

    “I’d also like to take this opportunity to personally apologise for the current political climate,” she said.

    “I think that Veep has torn down the wall between comedy and politics. Our show started out as a political satire but it now feels more like a sobering documentary.”

    Her victory gave her six best comedy wins – five for Veep, one for The New Adventures of Old Christine – and broke her tie with Candice Bergen and Mary Tyler Moore.

    Maggie Smith was honoured as best supporting actress in a drama series for the final season of Downton Abbey.

    It was her third win for playing the formidable dowager but she did not attend the awards.
Australia’s Ben Mendelsohn of Bloodline won as best supporting drama actor and also was a no-show.

    John Oliver captured the top variety talk series award for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, beating competitors including Jerry Seinfeld and host Jimmy Kimmel – who received barbed consolation on stage from Matt Damon, his longtime faux nemesis.

    The loss “makes a lot of sense,” Damon said.

    The People v. O.J. Simpson, which earned the second-highest number of nominations, converted five to trophies.

    Louie Anderson was honoured as best supporting actor in a comedy series for his portrayal of a loving but tough mum in Baskets.

    The post...


    Tuesday 8am Bulletin "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

    Social Services Minister Christian Porter has declared that a ‘revolutionary change’ must occur to break the ongoing cycle of welfare dependency across Australia.

    Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has dismissed calls for an upheaval of Australia’s current inflation-targeting regime.

    A Whyalla man is to be released on parole without supervision with a high risk of re-offending.

    3 Eden Hills residents have been arrested and charged with fraud charges.

    Adelaide City Council has resisted a push from the State Government to redevelop some of North Adelaide’s landmarks and institutions.

    New research suggests that Australia’s eucalypt population could decrease by NINETY PERCENT over the next SIXTY years as a result of climate change.

    In Sport…

    An all-Sydney AFL grand final is looking imminent this year, if the Sydney Swans and Greater Western Sydney Giants make it through their preliminary finals this weekend.

    The paralympics closing ceremony took place in Rio yesterday with festivities highlighted by a giant conga-line of athletes dancing to Brazilian funk music.

    Sturt Football Club have made a remarkable turnaround after finishing 8th place last season to scoring a spot in the 2016 SANFL grand final.

    News Reader: Chloe Holmes. Sports Reader: Teagan Short. Producer: Georgia Roberts. Web Editor: Jake Bell. Journalists: Chloe Holmes, Georgia Roberts, Jake Bell, Teagan Short.


    “Burkini” and French Imperialisst Mind "IndyWatch Feed National"

    In Europe, oppression is never really called by its true ugly name. It is constantly concealed by lofty slogans such as culture, even tolerance. Repression, discrimination and harassment are administered in order for the ‘entire society to be free’.

    Or so at least the official narrative goes.

    In France, a recent and ugly row over so-called burkinis, a swimsuit used by many Muslim women all over the world, has demonstrated how little tolerance there really is in today’s Europe for other cultures and for different ways of life.

    Recently, France’s highest administrative court has ruled that “burkini bans” being enforced on the country’s beaches are illegal and a violation of fundamental liberties. Still, more than 90 percent of French people are supporting the ban, which is thoroughly illogical and philosophically as well as ethically indefensible.


    What is suddenly so shocking about a woman wearing a wetsuit on some French beach? And let’s face it: burkinis are nothing else but a wetsuit, which is commonly used on countless beaches of California, Australia, and Europe, in fact all over the world, by surfers and other water sport enthusiasts.

    Just compare these images and these. Can you really tell much of a difference?

    According to Wikipedia, a wetsuit is:

    … A garment, usually made of foamed neoprene, which is worn by surfers, divers, windsurfers, canoeists, and others engaged in water sports, providing thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy.

    If courts manage to resurrect the ban (and actually some municipalities have already declared that they will uphold it no matter what), are the French police going to interrogate women on public beaches, while trying to determine whether they are wearing these plastic garments simply because they are planning to go surfing, or because of their religious beliefs? Would the first reason be allowed, while the other one forbidden?

    Are we heading towards an era when people will be forced to confess to the authorities, why they are choosing to cover their bellies and shoulders? And is this going to re-define the meaning of ‘freedom’?


    Who would be free to cover and who would not? Would the French state be permitted to decide what is the legitimate menace from which a woman should be allowed to protect herself from?

    For instance, would the cold be okay? Imagine Paris, in January or February; 100 degrees Celsius below zero… Most of the women you pass on the streets (Christian, Muslim and atheist) are “fully covered”, aren’t they? What can you see of them? Nothing, almost nothing! Their entire bodies are covered; their heads are covered, even their feet and hands are covered (unlike the hands and feet of women wearing burkinis). You travel to Grenoble in the winter, and the chances are that women will even be covering their faces with scarves. You know why, right? Because they are cold! Is this reason OK, or should the French authorities demand that they expose their bellybuttons or shoulders or legs, in order to prove how “European”, how “French” they are?

    Fine, so covering yourself up from the cold is most likely admissible; it is not ‘un-European’.

    But what about the heat; is it OK to protect yourself from sun? In almost the entire Southeast Asia, but also in some parts of Latin America and the Sub-Continent, women want to be as white as possible. Unlike Western women, they hate suntan. I used to live in Vietnam and in Indonesia, as well as in many parts of Latin America, so I know… In the...


    DZ Deathrays Drop Killer New Single, Unveil National Tour Dates "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

    DZ Deathrays Drop Killer New Single, Unveil National Tour Dates

    Hot on the heels of a much talked-about BIGSOUND performance and still riding a wave of momentum from this year’s mammoth WACO tour with Dune Rats and Violent Soho, Bundaberg’s favourite sons, DZ Deathrays, are back with a new single and fresh tour dates.

    ‘Pollyanna’ is the latest killer number from the Queensland duo, who are now set to hit the road this December for their biggest headline tour to date, playing a string of all ages and 18+ shows around the country with their good mate Ecca Vandal.

    Ecca Vandal hit the stage with DZ Deathrays during BIGSOUND for a raucous performance of the Beastie Boys classic ‘Sabotage’. Everyone who was there agreed it was a highlight of the conference and everyone who wasn’t was having some serious FOMO.

    The band’s latest Australian tour also comes just weeks after they announced a co-headline tour of North America and Europe with buddies Dune Rats. Rest assured, the pair’s live chops will be sharper than ever when they make their way back to Aussie shores.

    Check below for all the dates and details.

    DZ Deathrays National Tour Dates

    Friday, 9th December 2016
    The Triffid, Brisbane (AA)

    Saturday, 10th December 2016
    YMCA HQ, Leedervile (Under 18s)

    Saturday, 10th December 2016
    Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth (18+)

    Thursday, 15th December 2016
    The Factory, Sydney (AA)

    Friday, 16th December 2016
    Uni Bar, Adelaide (AA)

    Saturday, 17th December 2016
    The Croxton, Melbourne (Under 18s)

    Saturday, 17th December 2016
    The Croxton, Melbourne (18+)


    Reaction to Adani Federal Court case "IndyWatch Feed National"

    From Kelly O’Shanassy, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Conservation Foundation Since we launched our campaign to stop Adani’s mine and protect the reef, thousands...

    The post Reaction to Adani Federal Court case appeared first on The Pen.


    More WADA leaks: British Olympic champion Mo Farah, Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal outed as doping cheats "IndyWatch Feed National"

    The hacker group known as 'Fancy Bears' has released its latest list of WADA drug test results of well-known athletes, including those from Great Britain, Denmark, Australia, Spain and Germany. The most high-profile names on the list are Great Britain's 'double-double' Olympic champion Mo Farah and Spanish tennis great Rafael Nadal. They appear on a 26-name list alongside athletes from Argentina, Belgium, Burundi, Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary and the USA. The country that features the most athletes is Great Britain with eight, including Farah and Rio 2016 golf gold medalist Justin Rose.

    More WADA leaks: British Olympic champion Mo Farah, Spanish tennis star Rafael were given 'exemptions' to take performance-enhancing drugs "IndyWatch Feed National"

    The hacker group known as 'Fancy Bears' has released its latest list of WADA drug test results of well-known athletes, including those from Great Britain, Denmark, Australia, Spain and Germany. The most high-profile names on the list are Great Britain's 'double-double' Olympic champion Mo Farah and Spanish tennis great Rafael Nadal. They appear on a 26-name list alongside athletes from Argentina, Belgium, Burundi, Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary and the USA. The country that features the most athletes is Great Britain with eight, including Farah and Rio 2016 golf gold medalist Justin Rose.


    British Air Force Admit To Helping America Bomb Syrian Army "IndyWatch Feed National"

    The British Air Force has admitted to helping the US conduct airstrikes on the Syrian army, which Russia say has ignited World War 3 in Syria.  Britain’s military helped the US to kill 60 Syrian army troops, by deploying a MQ-9 Reaper drone in eastern Syria. reports: The strike in the area of Deir el-Zor was originally attributed to Australian, US and Danish forces operating as part of the US-led coalition but the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) tweeted on Monday that it had been involved. MOD statement on involvement in recent #Syria air strike. — Ministry of Defence (@DefenceHQ) September 19, 2016 An MoD spokesman said: “We can confirm that the UK participated in the recent coalition air strike in Syria, south of Dayr az Zawr on Saturday, and we are fully cooperating with the coalition investigation. Today’s Defence news includes coverage of air strikes in Syria and IHAT — Ministry of Defence (@DefenceHQ) September 19, 2016 “The UK would not intentionally target Syrian military units. It would not be appropriate to comment further at this stage.” On Monday afternoon Defence Command Denmark, the headquarters of the Danish military, also admitted it’s involvement in the deadly [...]

    The post British Air Force Admit To Helping America Bomb Syrian Army appeared first on Your News Wire.


    Britain needs a new vote on Syria, suggests former Syria Ambassador "IndyWatch Feed National"

    By Tapestry

    MQ-9 Reaper drone © U.S. Air Force / Tech. Sgt. Ricky Best

    UK participation in strikes on Syrian troops: ‘The buck must stop with Theresa May’

    British PM Theresa May must take responsibility for the crass blunder when UK troops got involved in US-led coalition airstrikes that hit Syrian government troops and the truth must be revealed, says former British ambassador to Syria Peter Ford.

    RT: The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed to RT it took part in the deadly coalition airstrikes in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province on Saturday. Earlier Australia and Denmark did the same. The US is investigating with all of these countries involved. Will it be difficult to identify who was actually responsible for the strikes that lead to the killing of over 60 Syrian troops? Will we ever get to the bottom of what went wrong?

    Peter Ford: I am doubtful we will get to the bottom of it. But what is clear is that there has been an enormous blunder. Those of us who opposed Britain’s involvement in the bombing of the so-called ISIS from the beginning have been vindicated, as mistakes in judgment and professionalism have occurred on a massive scale. If Britain and America wanted to help ISIS they would not have gone about it any other way than doing what they have done shamefully in Deir ez-Zor. If Britain and America wanted to undermine the ceasefire painfully negotiated and teetering already on the brink, they would not have gone about it any other way than doing what they did. What should be first and foremost on the part of the British government – an open disclosure of the facts, a formal apology to the Syrian government and people, an offer of reparations to the hundreds of family members now left bereft, the whole thing reeks of being a shambles.

    RT: Should the buck stop with the US, as they are leading this coalition?

    PF: The buck must stop with Theresa May. She is the British commander-in-chief; Americans like to call that head of the government. As the commander-in-chief, she must take responsibility for this crass blunder. The truth must be given to the public.

    RT: There were some harsh words coming from US officials who accused Russia of exaggerating the problem. The US Secretary of State even went on to say that it’s Russia and Syria that should take the ceasefire seriously. Was it a suitable response for him, do you think?

    PF: The Americans are trying to mask the fact that they have failed to deliver clients for the ceasefire. They were supposed to put pressure on the jihadists and other Islamists to respect the ceasefire. That has not happened. Almost all the ceasefire violations have been from the jihadi side, virtually none from the side of the Syrian government. The Russian government did apply the necessary pressure; but that has not been reciprocated. The ceasefire now is probably in its last hours. I don’t see how it can recover from the mortal road in Deir ez-Zor.

    RT: What’s your prognosis for the ceasefire in Syria? Do you think it is going to last?

    PF: I am very doubtful now after what has happened and the absence of signal from the American-Islamist side that they are going to respect the ceasefire…

    ‘Syrian army location was known, the...

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