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Wednesday, 07 November


Tom Sewell & The Lads Society ~versus~ Nathan Sykes & The Australia First Party "IndyWatch Feed National"

Tom Sewell & The Lads Society For those of you coming in late, Tom Sewell is a 20-something, New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based neo-Nazi activist. With a background in right-wing nationalist politics, Sewell emerged onto the political landscape in April 2015 at Continue reading


MACKAY Mackay court news "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 07, 2018 at 09:34AM ,

Mackay court news

November 07, 2018 at 09:34AM ,

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Arctic Monkeys add extra Sydney and Melbourne shows to Aussie tour "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

The Arctic Monkeys have expanded their Australian tour, following immediate sell-outs in Sydney and Melbourne.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Arctic Monkeys announced a long-awaited tour of Australia the bands first since 2014. Clearly, fans were eager to catch the Sheffield rockers on local shores, with two of the bands shows selling out almost immediately.

Now, the band have announced extra dates for Melbourne and Sydney to help cope with the stunning demand.

The band will touring the country off the back of their boozy, chamber-pop drenched sixth record, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Its arguably the bands most sonically ambitious album to date, so we can only imagine how the sultry, slow-burner will translate live with Arctic Monkeys inimitable bravado.

The band will be bringing Los Angeles indie-pop trio Mini Mansions along for the ride, a band led by Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Michael Shuman.

Tickets to these new shows and the original tour dates are on sale now, so be quick to ensure you dont miss out on one of the most exciting live shows to hit Aussie shores this summer.

Check out the Arctic Monkeys Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino:


Arctic Monkeys Australian Tour 2019

With special guests Mini Mansions

Saturday, February 23rd
RAC Arena, Perth, WA

Tuesday, February 26th (Sold Out)
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, VIC

Wednesday, February 27th (New Show)
Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, VIC

Friday, March 1st (Sold Out)
Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney...


Fairy Meadow man arrested "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Police carA MAN has been arrested following a stand-off with police at Fairy Meadow this morning.

Wollongong police went to a house on the Princes Highway following reports of a domestic dispute about 9am. On police arrival a 23-year-old man retreated into the house, allegedly armed with several knives.

Police secured a perimeter and negotiations commenced with the man.

Just before midday police discharged an electronic control device and the man was arrested. He has been taken to Wollongong Hospital for assessment.

Inquiries are continuing.


Corbyn more scary than Brexit "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

It is Wednesday, so a truly short blog. We have to proof read the final copy edit of our Macroeconomics textbook by the end of the next fortnight. Tough ask. But apart from a music journey today, the richest people living in Britain are planning journeys as I write (they certainly are not sleeping) because they are scared witless about what Jeremy Corbyn will do to them once he is elected. This fear is even greater than anything Brexit will bring and the proponents of this narrative have also admitted that Brexit will not alter Britains position as a global wealth hub. Pity about that. I was hoping they would take all their banks and dodgy financial companies with them. Anyway, I am an Australian, as I am being increasingly told these days by those who claim I should stay out of British debates. Primer: I am not uncertain about my nationality. And, I am fast becoming a major critic of Modern Monetary Theory read on.

MMT is crazy stupid

On the Macroeconomics text, I wonder why it has been even written.

I think I am going to become a major critic of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) in the coming period.

I am starting to believe that it has become so flaky when you consider what it omits, although I havent been bothered reading much of the literature.

I stick to Twitter that is as deep as one needs to go to see how vacuous MMT is.

These MMT types claim that fiscal policy is very powerful.

They rave on about monetary sovereignty but it is obvious the government cannot build cities on Neptune, much less Mars?

The MMT academics have never considered resource issues that would be required to get to Neptune.

So we can easily conclude that the government is not sovereign because it cant do everything, including ensuring all teams in the football win each week.

What? A team has to lose for another to win?

My you are an unpleasant person. I am going to block you immediately.

What? A currency-issuing government like Australia can buy whatever is for sale in its own currency, including all idle labour?

Ha, what happens if they want to buy a BMW car? Then they are screwed arent they?

They would have to stump up euros and everyone knows they dont print those.

What? You saw BMW cars are for sale in shops in Australia with AUD price tags?

That doesnt mean the Australian government can buy one of them with its currency does it?

What? It does?

BMW cars are from Germany. Australia is Australia. How do they get here? Answer that one.

MMT academics have never considered that have....


70% of the Worlds Remaining Wilderness Can Be Found in Just 5 Countries! "IndyWatch Feed National"

There has been a great deal of discussion lately surrounding the impact that human civilization has had on the natural environment, specifically including the destruction of the natural environment around us. Just how extensive has this destruction been?

A report recently released by the World Wildlife Fund revealed some startling facts, including the fact that the human population is responsible for the destruction of approximately 60% of the worlds wildlife over the last 4 decades. Its a clear indication of the negative impact that our daily activities have on the rest of the world, including overhunting, climate change, pollution and more.

This report sounds a warning shot across our bow. Natural systems essential to our survival forests, oceans, and rivers remain in decline. Wildlife around the world continue to dwindle, advised President and CEO of WWF-US Carter Roberts in a statement.

Articles discussing the report have taken social media by storm, once again igniting heating debated about our role in the destruction of the natural world, and the responsibilities that we, as a population, hold for its conservation. The natural world is crumbling around us and its a trend that isnt going to change or slow down without drastic action.

The world is changing at a rapid rate. A recent report in the journal Nature revealed that more than 77% of the land (excluding the continent of Antarctica) and 87% of the worlds oceans have been changed in some way as a direct impact of the human population and our activities. This includes forestry, large farming operations, industrial fishing, growing settlement, pollution, and more. As a result, approximately 1.27 square miles of natural wilderness, or an area larger than the country of India, has been lost just in the period of time from 1993 to 2009.

The report, written by a team of scientists at the University of Queensland and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) raises the important question Whats left? The team mapped out the worlds remaining natural wilderness around the globe, including both land and water, and they discovered the surprising fact that over 70% of the remaining wildlife is located in just 5 countries Russia, Canada, Australia, the United States, and Brazil.



Migrante Australia welcomes Sister Pat back to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Migrante Australia

Sister Pat arrived back in Australia amidst a crowd of Filipino and Australian friends coming from various  organisations,  like Migrante Australia and the Philippines Australia Solidarity Association (PASA), bearing placards and streamers welcoming her, thanking her for her genuine service to the poor and oppressed Filipinos, whilst protesting President Dutertes harassment and attacks on critics and those who oppose his fascist and dictatorial rule.

Seventy-two-year-old Sister Pat has lived in the Philippines for 27 years. She has worked among the poor, the peasants and the underprivileged Filipinos, shared their hardships and supported them in their struggle for survival, dignity and justice.

She understood that it is not fate that has made them poor and powerless, rather it is the neoliberal and anti-people policies and practices of the Philippine Filipino migrants in Australia are among the millions of Filipinos outside who left the Philippines to seek a better life for their families.

The Philippines, despite being a very rich country with bountiful natural resources and fertile, arable land cannot feed its own people, provide decent jobs with decent wages and guarantee human rights of the Filipino people. The forced migration of Filipinos will not stop unless the root causes of poverty is substantially addressed.

Yet government after government especially the current government allowed the Philippines natural resources to be exploited by foreign companies and has made a mockery of the Filipino peoples desire for progress, for peace, freedom and justice. Those who fight are massacred, tortured, detained, persecuted, arrested and like Sister Pat, branded undesirable alien and forced to Sister Pat understood and embraced the aspirations of the struggling Filipino people.

At the airport, Sister Pat called on Australians to start taking responsibility on what is happening over We are inspired by sister Pats dedication, we thank her and salute her and look forward to standing together with her in our fight for justice and lasting peace for Filipinos here and in the Philippines.

The post Migrante Australia welcomes Sister Pat back to Australia appeared first on The Pen.


ALBUM REVIEW: James Ellis & The Jealous Guys  It Aint Texas (But It Aint Bad) "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Australian country music can stay true to its American roots and also sound like a product of its antipodean environment. While the big names chase the sales figures and follow well-worn formats there others that carve out a sweet niche of inner city honky tonk and heartworn laneways. James Ellis imagination was captured on a Continue reading


GALLERY: FBi Turns 15 in Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Sampa The Great // Photo: Tim Da-Rin 

What. A. Day. Hugs 4eva to our unstoppable community of party people for making FBi Turns 15 such a perfect expression of what we love about this town. The artists, the crew, the volunteers, the sponsors and especially as always our supporters and listeners who came out in force



Beg, borrow or pay overdue fines "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

I like that Narrandera Library offers piracy as a language during self-checkout


Scott Morrison's bus tour. Minus bus. Plus plane. "IndyWatch Feed National" JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, youre on the bus tour. Why are you flying? PRIME MINISTER: Well the bus is going all the way up to Rockie and thats where it was always planning to go. I mean, its a big state and I need to cover as much of it...


Manus rejections more proof of failure of US resettlement deal "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Yesterday, Tuesday 6 November, 32 people on Manus Island received answers to their applications for resettlement in the US.

Only nine of the 32 were accepted four Rohingyans, three Afghans, one Tamil, two Pakistanis.

The only Iranian in this most recent list was rejected by the US. There were no Somalis, or Sudanese on the list.

The rejection of the Iranian refugee continues this years pattern of the US rejecting Iranian refugees from Manus and Nauru.

What stands out from this particular list, that also indicates the exhaustion of the US resettlement deal, is that 72 per cent of refugees have been rejected.

A total of 467 refugees 300 from Nauru and 167 from Manus have so far been resettled in the United States. Around 20 Manus refugees are in Port Moresby waiting to go to the US, and a similar number are waiting in Nauru. But this leaves over 1000 people in offshore camps who have no resettlement options.

It is ludicrous for Scott Morrison to continue to say the government is relying on the US deal, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, It is just as ludicrous for Labor to pretend that it has third country resettlement options.

With the US deal all but finished, New Zealand is the only third country option and it is offering to take just 150 people.

It is obvious that the conditions on Nauru and Manus have created as much of a medical emergency among the adult refugees as among the children. There is an urgent need to evacuate both offshore detention camps and bring all the refugees and asylum seekers to Australia for medical assessment and protection.

The Refugee Action Coalition has called a protest at 5pm, Tuesday, 20 November, 5.00pm, Customs House, Circular Quay to call for First the Kids, Now, Everyone Off Nauru and Manus.

The protest will coincide with teacher walk-off actions in Melbourne and Sydney on the same day the deadline set by the World Vision #KidsOffNauru campaign for the government to have all children and their families off Nauru.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

The post Manus rejections more proof of failure of US resettlement deal appeared first on Refugee Action Coalition.


"A Look to the Namibian Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Namibia has some of the darkest nights visible from any continent. It is therefore home to some of the more spectacular skyscapes, a few of which have been captured in the below time-lapse video. We recommend watching this video at FULL SCREEN (1080p), with audio on. The night sky of Namibia is one of the best in the world, about the same quality of the deserts of Chile and Australia. 

Visible at the movie start are unusual quiver trees perched before a deep starfield highlighted by the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. This bright band of stars and gas appears to pivot around the celestial south pole as our Earth rotates. The remains of camel thorn trees are then seen against a sky that includes a fuzzy patch on the far right that is the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite galaxy to the Milky Way. A bright sunlight-reflecting satellite passes quickly overhead. Quiver trees appear again, now showing their unusual trunks, while the Small Magellanic Cloud becomes clearly visible in the background. Artificial lights illuminate a mist that surround camel thorn trees in Deadvlei. In the final sequence, natural Namibian stone arches are captured against the advancing shadows of the setting moon. This video incorporates over 16,000 images shot over two years, and won top honors among the 2012 Travel Photographer of the Year awards.


Death of Racing Horse Sparks Fresh Calls for Reform "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim Its been dubbed the race that stops a nation. For less than 4 minutes every year, many Australians drop everything to watch the Melbourne Cup the countrys most famous horse race. For most of them, its an afternoon to celebrate. This year was no different; that is, until

The post Death of Racing Horse Sparks Fresh Calls for Reform appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Fallout from Pridgeons Case: Any Doctors Want To Stand Up and Be Counted? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pediatric Residents in Minnsesota

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Dear Members of the Medical Licensing Board of the State of New South Wales

Greetings from New Hampshire, USA

My late husband George Maxwell, MD (Edinburgh) was the founding professor of Child Health (later called Paediatrics) at the University of Adelaide.

He was a particularly good m...


A matter of public importance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Our next steps will be difficult but worthwhile. I have received a 6 page, 2,000 word document from the Registrar of the NSW Local Court setting out a broad range of exquisitely detailed requirements I have to satisfy to advance the private prosecution. I am now diligently working through each...


Don Dale pressure cooker boils over as NT Government drags its heels "IndyWatch Feed National"

Don Dale is ablaze almost one year since the Royal Commission recommended it be closed.

While the Northern Territory Government accepted all 226 recommendations from the Royal Commission and promised to institute "the most comprehensive overhaul of youth justice and child protection in NT history," Shahleena Musk, senior lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that the Gunner Government has been all words, yet little action.

"The Gunner Government cannot just sit on its hands. The notorious iron gates of Don Dale should be closed for good. The future of youth justice in the Northern Territory must be in supporting children to thrive, with their families and in their communities," said Ms Musk.

Dylan Voller, whose torturous treatment, revealed on ABCs Four Corners, sparked the Royal Commission, said that we need to hear from the children inside.

"I know that this is a cry for help from the kids locked away. Kids dont act up for nothing they act up when they are scared and they cant be heard. If Four Corners taught the Government anything, its that kids should be given what I was denied the opportunity to grow up supported and with freedom," said Mr Voller.

Since the fire broke out, around 24 children have been moved to the Darwin police watch house in holding cells specifically designed for adults to be detained before going to court. Most of the children are awaiting a trial and have not yet been convicted.

"These children have been through a lot they have been locked in isolation, tear gassed, and denied their basic rights. Forcing them to move from one unsafe facility to another is not the answer. Children on remand should be with their families or in therapeutic alternatives, like bail hostels or treatment facilities not holed up in a police cell," said Ms Musk.

The Gunner Government has been on notice for months about degrading conditions in Don Dale and Alice Springs youth jails. It is currently being sued in the Federal Court facing allegations of ongoing poor treatment and denial of childrens rights including treating children in a cruel and inhuman way. Just last week the Royal Commissioners were in the Northern Territory again urging the Government to implement the Royal Commissions recommendations. 

"The Gunner Government must act today and fix this horrible mess. Children and staff within the centre are being placed at risk. The answer is not in more razor wire and prisons, but in community-based support programs that help kids succeed in life," said Ms Musk.

For interviews call:

Michelle Bennett, Director of Communications, Human Rights Law Centre, 0419 100 519


There's no show without Punch! "IndyWatch Feed National"

"On your big announcement day, he's not here... this empty chair next to you just speaks volumes to the voters who do want change..." - @SarahHarris to @PaulineHansonOz #Studio10 Studio 10 (@Studio10au) November 7, 2018 Here's one they prepared earlier! And this is the sort of stuff that...


King Leer "IndyWatch Feed National"

A particular production of King Lear is in the headlines at the moment because a tabloid newspaper reported on the sexual harassment of the young actor playing Cordelia. The famous actor playing Lear is the alleged perpetrator. [...] It is not the purposes of this piece of writing to analyse that particular incident. Rather, it is to take focus on the body of Cordelia at this moment and to consider this body and Lears tragedy in the contemporary moment.


Our Urban Village "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

I came home recently to find teenagers on our back deck, using our wifi. Dont worry, they had permission. The internet had gone down at their house, so theyd hot-footed it across the road to use ours. The fact that we werent home didnt make any difference. And for the umpteenth time since we moved []


Texas Regulator Issues Cease and Desist Order to Cloud Mining Company "IndyWatch Feed National"

Texas regulators have issued a cease and desist order to an Australian cloud mining company for selling unregistered cloud mining power contracts, among other alleged offences


R.I.P. Roy Hargrove On Air Special "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Hello out there in the radioland,

Trumpeter Roy Hargrove died last week at the tragically-young age of 49, from substance abuse-related system failure. This Saturday I plan to do a two hour special on the music with which he left us. A master of all areas of black music including modern jazz, dance, rap, cuban, big band and much more.

Please tune to on Saturday 2-4pm or pick it up any time thereafter from my station blog.

The post R.I.P. Roy Hargrove On Air Special appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


Keppie Coutts The Mysteries of Mad River: A Swamp-Folk Operetta "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Award-winning songwriter Keppie Coutts presents The Mysteries of Mad River: A Swamp-Folk Operetta, an eccentric, Freudian, and sparkling piece of musical theatre, that is one-part cabaret, one-part murder mystery. The Mysteries of Mad River revolves around the character of a lovable (but deranged) primary school teacher, singing her way through a town cursed with disappearing children. Coutts breaks the barriers of conventional songwriter performance, by stepping fully into the dark and riotous world of the characters she has created aided by the wonderful (and slightly macabre) drawings of Fiona McCabe. The swampy, honky-tonk, blues-folk narratives call on a musical ancestry that includes Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Leonard Cohen. Having won the praise of peers and fans in the US (including a song produced by John Mayer), Coutts has joined forces with Anna Jahjah of Theatre Excentrique to bring the stories and characters to life (and death), in this dark comedy. A beautifully costumed and theatricalized musical performance you will not want to miss.

Couttss songs marry soul and folk so gorgeously, youll cheer when they get stuck on endless repeat on the jukebox in your brain. The Boston Globe.

Doors open at 6pm. The In-flight Bar & Diner will open at 6pm so you can enjoy a drink and delicious snacks.



Background information on the Ahmadiyya community - and why they deserve your support "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is the BBC's report. Why Pakistan's Ahmadi community is officially detested By Mohammed Hanif BBC News, Karachi More than 80 Ahmadis were killed last months in two atacks in Lahore When a Pakistani Muslim applies for a passport or national ID card, they are asked to sign an oath...


The Ethics of Covert Operations: An Interview With Ex-Undercover Operative Dr Clive Harfield "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The purpose of covert operations is for law enforcement agents to obtain evidence that would not otherwise be accessible using conventional investigatory methods. This secretive acquiring of evidence is meant to be done in a lawful manner, so that it is not liable for exclusion as illegally or improperly obtained evidence under section 138 of

The post The Ethics of Covert Operations: An Interview With Ex-Undercover Operative Dr Clive Harfield appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


PERTH Bail controversy: Anthony John Valentino arrested after failing to appear in court "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Bail controversy: Anthony John Valentino arrested after failing to appear in court .

November 06, 2018 at 06:03PM .

Stephen Heath, and the detectives who had been waiting in court for his appearance, then made a hasty exit from Perth Magistrates Court. .



PERTH WA Police bungle ends with alleged Maddington gunman Anthony Valentino arrested "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

WA Police bungle ends with alleged Maddington gunman Anthony Valentino arrested .

November 06, 2018 at 11:59AM .

Late on Tuesday, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Mr Valentino when he failed to appear in Perth Magistrates Court on unrelated charges. .



Nice gesture from Australia's Ahmadiyya (mainly Indian) Muslim community for Armistice Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

For mainstream Islamists the end of World War One marked the end of the Ottoman Empire and the destruction of the last Islamic Caliphate (which was finally nailed around 1924). It's not generally seen as a cause for Islamic commemoration - so it's fantastic to see our Ahmadiyya friends making...


Pill Testing, Not Penalties: An Interview With Take Controls Kieran Palmer "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Two young people died after taking drugs at the Defqon.1 festival in September. At the time, there was saturation policing at the music festival. There were 194 police officers deployed at the event, some of whom were accompanied by drug detection dogs. The tragedy sparked renewed calls for the roll out of pill testing trials in NSW.

The post Pill Testing, Not Penalties: An Interview With Take Controls Kieran Palmer appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Investment law expert slams investor rights to sue government (ISDS) "IndyWatch Feed National"

7 November 2018: George Kahale III, an internationally recognised expert on ISDS, in the keynote speech to an investment arbitration conference in Prague, has described the system as a weapon of legal destruction. He says that ISDS is increasingly used to claim not only millions but billions of dollars of compensation for legitimate government public interest regulation using dubious methods to calculate future claimed losses. He notes that the US and Canada have agreed to end ISDS in the United States-Canada-Mexico agreement which will replace NAFTA and urges other governments to withdraw from or cancel existing agreements containing ISDS. Read the full speech here.


Two Synagogue Attackers Was there a Slush Fund? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Allegedly James Polite, and guards at the historic Union Temple Brooklyn Synagogue

[On Friday afternoon, 2 November, police in New York arrested 26-year-old James Polite, a Brooklyn man accused of vandalizing a synagogue with anti-Semitic graffiti.]

by G5

Robert Bowers, a graduate of an FBI and CIA training facility, has been charged with the Pittsburgh Synagogue Mass Murder of 27 October 2018. He is still alive.

James Polite, also...


Julien Baker announces 2019 Australian tour "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Tenessees acoustic emo luminary Julien Baker has just announced a slew of Australian shows for 2019. This will be Julien Bakers first full Australian tour since the release of her phenomenal sophomore record Turn Off The Lights. Shell be bringing along Sydneys own Gordi. Were very ready to cry. Ticket details and dates below.

Watch: Julien Baker  Appointments


with special guest Gordi Presented by Love Police

Pre-sale tickets available 9:00am November 7 November 10
General on sale 9:00am November 13
*with Gordi +with Julia Jacklin

Feb 17
Moorbel Hall, Canowindra, NSW

*Feb 19
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW

+Feb 21
Perth International Arts Festival W.A

*Feb 23
The Foundry, Brisbane, QLD

*Feb 24
The Byron Theatre, Byron Bay, NSW

*Feb 26
The Croxton, Melbourne, VIC


Melbourne floods: More rain in 2 hours than September and October combined, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A slow-moving storm system dumped heavy rain over parts of southeastern Australia on November 6, 2018, causing power outages and traffic chaos. The city's northwestern suburbs suffered worst of the storm. Thousands of homes and businesses were left without power...... Read more


Propaganda is the art of overwhelming logic "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:
by Jon Rappoport November 6, 2018 (To join our email list, click here.) One type of mind control involves defeating logic as a method of thinking. Modern formulations of basic logic begin with the statement: You can"t have A and not-A. Which is a way of saying contradictions


Video: Public response forces moving of the children of Nauru "IndyWatch Feed National"


Immigration officials are secretly shifting asylum seeker families from Nauru to Adelaide as part of an operation to remove all children from the islands regional refugee processing centre.

Its about time.

Video from One Term Tories


State of Play on Nauru

(1-1/4 mins) Immigration officials are secretly shifting asylum seeker families from Nauru to Adelaide as part of an operation to remove all children from the islands regional refugee processing centre. It's about time. This video gives us an insight into the conditions on Nauru that most refugees have had to endure for five years. It shows the perils they face by having no idea what their future holds.The Howard Government quitely returned refugees after it introduced offshore processing in October 2001. Between 2001 and 2008, a total of 1,637 people were detained on Nauru and Manus Island, including 786 Afghans, 684 Iraqis and 88 Sri Lankans. Of these, 1,153 (or 70%) were ultimately resettled to Australia or other countries, 705 of these in Australia. Others were resettled in New Zealand (401), Sweden (21), Canada (16), Denmark (6) and Norway (4), while 483 left voluntarily and one person died. It took Kevin Rudd to abolish the Pacific Solution, but Julia Gillard re-introduced the practice to Nauru on 14 September 2012 and to Manus Island on 21 November 2012. It was at this point I resigned my near twenty year membership of the ALP. When Rudd was returned to the Prime Ministership he simply didn't have the guts to cancel the offshore operation so close to the looming election which saw Tony Abbott as Prime Minister reminding us all about the perceived loss of control ofour borders, and a whole bag of dirty tricks aided and abetted by Scott Morrison who famously refused to speak about on-water operations.At the moment, it seems that transferred families ARE being kept together. The government is saying nothing, but it appears higly likely Nauru Airlines planes have been chartered by the Australian government, and Adelaide has been cho...


Prayer- How to overcome lifes problems in prayer "IndyWatch Feed National"

The writer of this blog-site Donald Elley of Bellingen. Has encountered no situation in life that cannot be overcome with the help of the Lord.

People falling to pieces from negative life events 

Many people, when they get hit by traumatic life events, go to pieces and end up on the floor, sometimes literally in a foetal position.

My son Joseph shared about tough macho young soldiers in the Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan, when he was there on tour eight years, who hear news from home that their young wives have left them with the children, and gone back to their home town, stripping all the $100,000 the soldier had earned on tour from the family bank account. And how the tough macho young soldier is found in the barracks huddled in the foetal position crying.

I read in Australian media yesterday how a 56-year-old New South Wales policeman has been charged with making threatening calls to an Australian female politician while drunk, and has...


Young Greek-Australian doctor killed by a shark in Great Barrier Reef "IndyWatch Feed National"

A young Greek-Australian doctor was fatally mauled by a shark in the Whitsunday Islands Cid Harbour and died short time later after submitted to a local hospital. 33-year-old Victorian doctor Daniel Christidis worked as a research fellow in the urology department at Austin Health in Melbourne. It was believed that Dr Christidis had only recently

The post Young Greek-Australian doctor killed by a shark in Great Barrier Reef appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


1) Polish tourists case submitted to Attorney Office "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Saving One of the Last Biodiversity Hot Spots

1) Polish tourists case submitted to Attorney Office

Published 21 hours ago on 6 November 2018 
By pr9c6tr3_juben

                 JF when going to Wamena Prison from Jayawijaya District Attorney Office-Jubi / Islami

Wamena, Jubi  Papua Regional Police hand over the case of a Polish tourist Jakup Fabian Skrzypski (JF) who arrested a few months ago to Jayawijaya District Attorney on Friday (02/11/2018) be...

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Tuesday, 06 November


Vale, dear friend "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Dear Birdie, Weve been friends since the beginning of high school, over 48 years ago now. We went through university together, then on to see each other become wives with loving husbands, and mothers of our beautiful children. Throughout the years, though we were soon separated geographically, we never lost touch. We shared the events Continue reading Vale, dear friend


Flash flooding as massive deluge hits Melbourne, Australia - More rain in 3 hours than in all September and October together "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thousands of Victorians were left power after a slow-moving storm caused flash flooding in Melbourne, with half of the city's November rainfall arriving in just three hours. More than 30mm of rain fell after 9am on Melbourne Cup Day, causing train delays and soaking racegoers at Flemington. Flooding has caused chaos along the Kingsway, at the tunnel entrance onto the CityLink, as well as in parts of Southbank, Rowville, Balwyn North, Windsor, Hawthorn, Ashburton and Narre Warren.


Fairy Meadow Maccas aftermath "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

police 2A COMPANY has been sanctioned for allowing two unsafe vehicles to be driven in the wake of a serious crash at Fairy Meadow on Monday.

Officers from the NSW Police Traffic & Highway Patrol Traffic Task Force with the assistance of Roads and Maritime Inspectors, began inspecting the vehicles from the companys fleet at the RMS Wetherill Park Inspection Station this morning.

The operation resulted in the companys fleet of 10 heavy vehicles being inspected, where all vehicles received a defect notice ranging from issues with defective brakes and bald tyres to issues with seatbelts.

Traffic & Highway Patrol Command, Assistant Commissioner Julie Middlemiss said these operations are conducted to ensure the safety of all road users.

It doesnt matter what kind of vehicle it is if it is found to be unsafe then it has no place on our roads, Acting Assistant Commissioner Middlemiss said.

We will continue to work with Roads and Maritime Inspectors to inspect trucks that are on our road and issue defect notices and infringements to any owner or operator that is using an unsafe truck or dangerous driver.

Authorities make no apologies for issuing sanctions against drivers and operators that think its okay to put peoples lives at risk by cutting corners when it comes to safety,

Roads and Maritime Services Director of Compliance Roger Weeks said the 10 defect notices issued for the 10 trucks inspected was not encouraging.

The results are a reminder that while most operators are doing the right thing, some are willing to risk the lives of people on our roads, Mr Weeks said.

All of these...


MACKAY REVEALED: Identity of accused change room filmer "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY November 06, 2018 at 02:30PM ,

REVEALED: Identity of accused change room filmer

November 06, 2018 at 02:30PM ,

Matthew James McDonald fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday. The 23-year-old will likely apply to be released from custody on bail during

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


John Macris: CCTV footage shows the moment of assassination in Athens "IndyWatch Feed National"

Footage from CCTV shows how the 46-year-old Greek-Australian John Macris was shot down outside his home in Voula suburb of south Athens on October 31st 2018. Macris is in his car when a man approaches and fires at him from the co-passenger side. The man wears a jockey cap,a two-colored jacket, black trousers and black

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ALBUM REVIEW: Lost In The Woods Campfire Radio "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Its been nine years between albums for Sydneys Lost In The Woods. A reinvigorated lineup has seen them gigging more often and slowly but surely working towards the release of their third record. Campfire Radio finds the expressive and emotive group adding a rich palette of colour and detail to the songs of Brian Yatman. Continue reading


CENTENARY of ARMISTICE "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

REMEMBRANCE DAY this Sundaycommemorates the centenary of the signing of the Armistice at 11am on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918 which [more]

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Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas "IndyWatch Feed National"

Twitter user @Jay09784691, in a tweet dated today, tweeted that:

"Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies released a newsletter in 2010 that links BAASS with a 'Nuclear Materials Group.'"

@Jay09784691 provided a link to a seven page PDF file.


The PDF file was a copy of the Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Spring 2010 Newsletter titled "HRCeNews -2010, Spring." Page three carried a short item which read:

"The Nuclear Materials Group (lead: Dr Thomas Hartmann) has established a formal collaboration with the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). The collaboration provides analytical assistance to BAASS for characterizing solid phases and precipitates."


@Jay09784691 posed a question in his tweet:

"Do we know if BAASS studied normal issue, or were specifically tied to phenomena?"

My thoughts on this question are reflected in a statement on the Bigelow Aerospace website of September 2008.

"Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), a sister company to Bigelow Aerospace, is a newly formed research organization that focuses on the identification, evaluation and acquisition of novel and emerging future technologies worldwide as this specifically relates to spacecraft. BAASS is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada."

A search of Nevada State records reveals that BAASS was created in January 2008. In September 2008 BAASS received a contract as a result of its bid arising from the 18 August 2008 Defense Intelligence Agency's solicitation for work on its Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP.) 


Saudi Regime Survives but Enters the Time of Troubles "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downers disclosure completely transforms the narrative about Khashoggis death and it is bound to be hugely consequential.


IPCC 1.5C report needs to inform Moreland's transport strategy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

I attended the Brunswick Town Hall, for a special hearing by Moreland Council considering oral presentations to submissions on the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy and the Moreland Parking Policy. I was number 19 on the list of presenters as I had made a submission on behalf of Climate Action Moreland (Read it here). Many of the presenters spoke on the personal circumstances of traffic,


Australia - LETTERS: Don't force fluoride on us "IndyWatch Feed National"

Don't force fluoride on the population
THIS is not about fluoride, rather it's about our right to choose how we live.
Does the community have the right to force the ingestion of a substance many of us don't want and don't need?

Fluoride won't stop tooth decay any more than a reduction in our sugar intake and good oral hygiene will.
The fact is for every expert who lauds fluoride there is one who decries it!
No, not really surprising this is normal when it comes to experts.
If people really want to ingest fluoride there are many ways they can do so, without the need to enforce their will on the rest of us.
The 'right' to mass medicate is a slippery slope which leads, who knows where?


Chinas Trade Olive Branch Cant Dispel Fears of Clash With U.S. Both sides still think they have the upper hand. "IndyWatch Feed National"

  • Top Xi deputy says China still wants trade talks with Trump
  • Kissinger warns conflict would destroy hope for world order
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the Communist Party leadership was coming to terms with a fundamental shift toward a more assertive China policy in Washington. Henry Kissinger who helped broker the U.S.s 1970s rapprochement with China said he was fairly optimistic a wider clash could be avoided, but warned that failure would destroy hope for world order.
China Stands Firmly Against Unilateralism, Trade Protectionism, VP Wang Says

A top Chinese officials offer of trade talks with the U.S. on Tuesday did little to assuage concerns that the worlds two largest economies were headed for a confrontation that could disrupt the global order.

Chinese Vice Pres...


Mehreen Faruqi - compare and contrast - Muslims & animals v. civilisation & animals "IndyWatch Feed National"

Islam's big day out for our animal friends Australia's Big Day Out Mehreen Faruqi wants to stop the Melbourne Cup Michael Smith News (@mpsmithnews) November 5, 2018


Revealed: Big Pharma can access My Health Record "IndyWatch Feed National"

Originally posted on TOTT News:
Your health, all in one digital location. Photo: NGCM Pharmaceutical companies will be allowed to apply to access data from the controversial My Health Record system, a Senate committee hearing has been told. BACKGROUND The My Health Record is a digital health record for Australians where personal health information can


HPV vaccines: My daughters lost years "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Fiona Mackenzie, Cromdale, Grantown on Spey, Highlands of Scotland

Chelsea: HPV vaccine survivor from Scotland

Chelsea had 2 injections of Cervarix in the fall of 2012 before we went to Australia. A few months after we returned, we took her in for the third jab.  The GP practice stated that they didnt stock Cervarix any longer, but would check whether they could use Gardasil to finish the series.   The next week in May 2013 she had her final vaccination, but it was Gardasil, not Cervarix.  I did not question this because I trusted the doctor to protect her health. However, looking back I had so little information to go on at the time, I certainly should have questioned the decision to mix the two HPV vaccines.  Until after the third injection, Chelsea was a normal healthy girl.

In late August of the same year, she started complaining of back pain. At first, I discounted it but 3 weeks later it had become so serious we had to take her back to the doctor.  She was referred for physio, but it did not help.  As time went on, Chelsea b...


Australia central bank raises economic growth forecast "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australias central bank on Thursday said the economy was performing well and lifted its growth outlook while keeping interest rates at a record low but warned there were concerns about global trade.

The announcement comes as worries also begin to emerge about the countrys once booming housing market, which has slowed in recent months.

The Reserve Bank of Australia said this G20 economy continues to chug along and should expand around 3.5 this year and next, a fraction up from its previous forecast and continuing a global record 26 years of continuous growth.

AFP/File | Australians have looked increasingly jittery, with consumers tempering their spending and confidence steadily ebbing this year

Its main cash rate was left unchanged at 1.50 percent to stimulate consumer and business spending.

But it said there were doubts prompted by the direction of international trade policy in the United States, with Donald Trump having embarked on a protectionist agenda sparking standoffs with key partners including China and the European Union.

Meanwhile, at home consumers have looked increasingly jittery, with Australians tempering their spending and confidence steadily ebbing this year.

And a drop in house prices may be good news for renters, but it could hit the broader economy with recent buyers saddled with assets worth less than they paid for.

It wouldnt be too much of a concern yet, in the near term, Jason Yek of Fitch Solutions told AFP. But I do think housing prices are going to go down over coming quarters.

House prices in Sydney and Melbourne have increased by around 70 percent this decade, with wage growth lagging well behind, despite low unemployment rates.

Many Australians already find balancing the household books tougher despite the booming market and household debt remains at one of the highest levels of all OECD.

Some analysts predict household finances will only get tighter as a rash of interest-only home loans granted in 2015 end a five-year grace period.

By 2020, Yek said, many Australian home owners will have to start paying down the principle too.

According to NABs Consumer Anxiety Index the cost of living is still the biggest driver of Australian consumer angst.



The States Where Theres Still Progressive Hope In The American Midterm Elections "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the next 48 hours, US politics may once again markedly change the world we live in. Thomas J. Adams, a lecturer in history and American studies at the University of Sydney, breaks down the states to watch.

It may be a clich that American political life has become a global reality sideshow, but nevertheless it bears a good deal of truth.

Horrifying, outlandish, disturbing, occasionally hilarious, entirely predictable, and utterly and completely absurd, Donald Trumps presidency has enraptured a global audience with all the hallmarks of a great middlebrow piece of mass entertainment. Plot twists, schadenfreude, sex, dastardly villains, backstabbing, unabashed lies, tragic martyrs, porn stars, and the possibility of the fall of empire, Gibbon-style. Game of Thrones eat your heart out.

For those who follow American politics whether within the United States or from 12,000 kilometres across the Pacific the nearly two years of Donald Trumps presidency has made it harder than ever to focus ones attention on the slow and arduous processes required to build an actually existent progressive politics.

American political analysis especially that which reaches Australia or occurs within its ever-narrowing media confines tends to be of the handicapping and horserace variety. Such myopia can obscure the substantive shifts on the ground that are important not just for resisting Donald Trump, but building a real alternative grounded in redistribution, a robust defence of democratic rights and equal protection, and a less imperial global posture.

US president, Donald Trump. (IMAGE: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)

If the last two years (or more to the point, the last 50 years) of American life have made anything clear, it is the simple fact that there is no left in the United States worth speaking of. That is, there is no mass progressive and anti-imperial institutional structure capable of mounting a credible challenge for power at the national level of American governance.

As the first major democratic referendum on Trumps America approaches, its hard to remove oneself from all the narrative plots, liberal hand-wringing, and Trumps constant self one-upmanship of offense, lies, and attacks on the Constitution. Making fun of a sexual assault survivors memory? Lets raise it by a horde of economic refugees on foot and w...


White Hippies and Cultural Appropriation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Photo by Senghak Lee

I sit in a rustic wooden house adorned with ornaments from South Asia in the middle of the wilderness in Bulgaria. It is a chilly night but inside, the atmosphere is warm. I sit in a circle with twelve new Bulgarian friends. Everyone has brought a vegan dish to this Friday night gathering. There is no wine or weed in sight. We all hold hands and OM for several long minutes before we eat.

I have decided to volunteer in the home of a young Bulgarian family for one month. The nearest road is kilometres away and we are surrounded by thick green forestry. The mother of the house spent five years travelling around the world, before deciding that she wanted to settle down and have babies. These were her exact words to me. She talks about Nepal like she encountered a talking Yeti there, and I am 90 per cent sure that my Nepali ethnicity is the only reason why they accepted me as a volunteer.

The father barely speaks and spends seven hours a day making digeridoos although he has never been to Australia. I wonder if he knows the deep cultural significance of the instrument. They have two cats who like to bring me dead mice as gifts and play with their prizes on my bed. They live with their friend who is an assistant to a shaman in Peru who does ayahuasca ceremonies. She parades around proclaiming words of healing and love, but I learn in time that she is actually a deeply insecure and mean woman.

The family has radical beliefs. They do not believe in vaccination and take the baby to the doctor in Sofia every month to fake his vaccinations. The mother had a home birth in a kiddie pool, which is illegal in Bulgaria, and then ate the placenta blended into a smoothie.

At least eight of my twelve new friends have been to Nepal multiple times. When I introduce myself as Nirvana from Nepal, their eyes widen and they sing to me, Ohhhhh I love Nepal. Nirvana, we have been searching for you our entire lives. I politely laugh, because I know this gives them pleasure.

After we eat, everyone takes an instrument and make beautiful music together while I sit and gawk. Usually in such a situation, I would be overcome with gratitude a...


Face a feminine uprising in Uncanny Valley Girl "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Angela Goh, Uncanny Valley Girl. Image Bryony Jackson


Uncanny Valley Girl by Angela Goh presented at this years Liveworks plucked us from this world, and repositioned us in a parallel dimension.


The lights dimmed, then were dowsed in a red filter, ominously coating the performer in a red glow as she looked back stern and concrete at the audience. In this red tinted universe Angela Goh has total control. This is her world, and throughout the performance she occupies it in different ways, fluid motions transitioned to vast jolts; plastic spheres spilled from her mouth; industrial fans roared to life; power cords became airborne; flesh bent and manoeuvred to become one with the machine.


This performance feels like a monologue without the aid of spoken words. Goh remains silent while she used the objects in her surroundings to create waves of impact that crashed over the audience. At one point strapping two white plastic cubes to her feet like obtuse stilts, and walked to loom over an audience member. It feels like ages that she stands there, reminding us that time had an odd quality in this place. How long have we been in here fixated on these oddities?


Angela Goh, Uncanny Valley Girl. Image Bryony Jackson


Uncanny Valley Girl draws us in at these crucial moments of connection between audience and performer. Holding our attention transfixed in order to speculate on the gendered conversation about technological development that stands in the corner of social critique.


Angela fused her body with the pieces of hardware she uses in her performance, such as massage chairs, power chor...


Delve into the deep web at ULTRAVIRUS "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Artwork byGianluca Lonigro

ULTRAVIRUS is throwing a one day mini-festival exploring, interrogating and celebrating the internet. Co-created by Ella Parkes-Talbot and Thorsten Hertog (of Soft Centre fame), ULTRAVIRUS operates under an ethos of edutainment aka educational entertainment, and recognises that learning and dancing are two sides of the same bitcoin.

On November 10, ULTRAVIRUS will creep its way from the virtual space of the interwebs into two inner-Sydney venues. The days symposia will cohere on the theme of synthesising the real. Curated by Ella Parkes-Talbot, the daytime event is a series of performative and informative presentations, you can find the full day program here. The night-time event, curated by Thorsten, is a re-programming of the days learnings through strictly synthetic computer music and collaborated audio-visual components, you can find the full night program here.


We were fortunate enough to chat to Ella and Thorsten to get the goss on the process of creating ULTRAVIRUS and some insight on what to expect next Saturday.


Sean Maroney:          First up: this whole project is wack. Youve said its a pun on ultra vires, a state of being outside of our own scope or jurisdiction. So lets ease our way to the outside. You each have three key words to describe the day and the night part. What would they be?


Thorsten Hertog:         I love that.


Ella Parkes-Talbot:     I love that too.


Ella Parkes-Talbot:        Education. Transdisciplinary. Random. not in a Jamie private school girl way but in an internet way.


Thorsten Hertog:        Ill take over. Confounding. Synthetic. Refreshing. Its gonna be different.


Sean Maroney:        Ella, ULTRAVIRUS is your freaky little child that clawed its way into the internet some months ago. How was it spawned?


Ella Parkes-Talbot:         I found myself with a lot of spare time on exchange and would spend a lot of time reading online which is one of my favourite things to do. And we were attending a few different types of events around Europe: Internet Age Media, Barcelona. FIBER Festival in the Netherlands that were concerned with w...


The Sugar Daddy Dilemma "IndyWatch Feed National"

Loved your profile:) I would like to offer you an allowance of 4000 per month. We would meet for a few hours each time, have some nice cocktails, food, travel and hang out at a private place How many times a week would you be able to catch up with me?


Travelling is a fucking expensive hobby. Now, before you light your torches and grab your pitchforks, I know you can do it on the cheap. Ive read Europe on a Shoestring. Ive hitchhiked from one sketchy town to another. Ive dodged train fares and trains by walking along the tracks. But, even the tightest of tight-asses has to spend some dollars sometimes. Getting off this island continent typically means getting on a plane, and that doesnt come cheap. Return international flights departing Sydney start from $200AUD, and are mostly to our sheep-shagging mates in New Zealand, or a stop-over city in South-East Asia. The bottom line is: to travel, you need some money.

At a very young age, the old chestnut that money doesnt grow on trees was embedded into my psyche. So, I became a slick entrepreneur at five years old. To swindle my family, Id clean cars, walk dogs, and once I even prematurely pulled out a tooth, just so the Tooth Fairy would make it rain under my pillow that night. I burst onto the employment scene as soon as legally possible, and promptly stashed the cash I made. I then dropped said cash on my first big overseas jaunt an exchange semester at 16. Since then, Ive worked an eclectic range of jobs to fund my travel: selling books at the height of the Kindle craze, delivering pamphlets on a paper route, and taking advantage of free food and WiFi while babysitting.

Work. Travel. Work. Travel. Thats been my shtick, and Im shticking to it. But, what happens when the travel beast growls with hunger, and your bank account cant satiate? Rationality says, Dont travel. Common sense would suggest you make an Excel spreadsheet, budget the next few months, see how your savings are going, and then, based on those trends and projections for the next financial year, plan a trip within your means. But I want to travel now.

What I really need is a Sugar Daddy.

Enter, AJ*. His message, offering me $4,000AUD per month, for nice cocktails at a private place sent me reeling. I had signed up for a Sugar Daddy dating service, but I wasnt actually prepared to be contacted, let alone offered money. In the 48 hours since joining the site, Ive had multiple messages, been favourited by potential Daddies (try not to vomit at...


Is a fingerprint scan secure? "IndyWatch Feed National"

The general population is being 'sold' on the idea that the new technology of bio-metric scanning is secure, more secure than your previously used PIN or pattern lock or picture password with regards to consumer grade mobile phone technology.

Wouldn't it be a terrible business idea to prove that the new implementation of technology is not so secure as spruiked by the corporations that need to make profits from their invented technology.

Could you image exposing the technology called RFID  used within the bank's cards as being insecure, where people would not use them if they knew how insecure it was?

Well, the researchers at Mythbusters thought it would be a good idea to detail how easily hackable the technology used by the banks was.

The 'problem' there was that the lawyers for the banks and the technology manufacturer stepped in and shut them down in terms of exposing how insecure it really was.

See post:
How easy is it to skim your credit card?
The current spate of tech reviews and setup instructions with regards to smart phones that have inbuilt fingerprint scanners does not give the user the full picture.




A warning about the privatisation of the Federal governments planned nuclear waste dump for South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Kazzi Jai Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste In The Flinders Ranges November 4

What ALSO really worries me is the fine print in the proposal .the one which says that management of the dump is to be done by possibly ANSTO, or a government department , or a PRIVATE ENTITY! Read it it is in the Fact Sheets!

Now that is a real worry equally when Adi Paterson made comments about upgrading ANSTO in Sydney in the last week or so, again talking about Federal funding for it, or from a PRIVATE SOURCE

So beware! Once this can of worms is unleashed, we in South Australia and Australia in fact may be getting more than we bargain for! And just like PRIVATIZATION we have seen in other sectors of our community, the management goes straight overseas into overseas hands!

Also remember private company TEPCO running the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Given many warnings about the possibility of a large tsunami possibility several years earlier and given ample time to build a levy wall to deal with it, Their answer we are looking into it. They never did it. And there are other safety problems with the reactor with respect to protocol and safety equipment which just wasnt there, even though by regulation it should have been! The disastrous consequences of this coverup the Japanese people now wear as a result!.....


November verse 2: Times arrow "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Inspired by a true and very recent event: November poem 2: Times arrow The unforgiving fourth dimension points one way, no turning back. A single moments inattention cycling on the Riesling track going 20 k or faster courts an imminent Continue reading


PERTH Record seizure of illicit tobacco in WA "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Record seizure of illicit tobacco in WA .

November 05, 2018 at 05:07PM .

A 28-year-old Perth man has been charged after he allegedly attempted to smuggle 9.5 million cigarettes into Western Australia in a sea container. .



PERTH Drugs, cash found during traffic stop in Forrestdale "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Drugs, cash found during traffic stop in Forrestdale .

November 05, 2018 at 11:07AM .

failure to obey orders given by an officer and a return to prison warrant. He was due to appear before the Perth Magistrates Court on Sunday. .



New South Wales government is preparing for a surge in renewable energy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

We want to do everything we can: NSW readies for renewables surge, Brisbane Times, By Peter Hannam, 5 November 2018 New solar and wind farms being planned for NSW have twice the capacity of the states coal-fired power stations, prompting the state government to set aside $55 million to help smooth their introduction.As of October 29, NSW had 20,000 megawatts of generation capacity either approved or seeking planning approval, worth more than $27 billion in investment, according to government data.

Proposed solar plants accounted for 11,200MW, dwarfing wind farms with 5100MW, and the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro of about 2000MW. Just 100MW involved coal, with the planned upgrade of AGLs Bayswater power station.

Along with the new plants, some eight large-scale battery projects all with solar farms with more than 400MW-hours of capacity are also in the planning pipeline as the industry gears up for the bulge in variable energy sources.

The market, though, is going to need some near-term help to smooth the exit of most of the states existing power plants particularly the 10,160MW of coal-fired power stations, said Amy Kean, director of the Energy Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies unit at the Department of Planning

To that end, the governmen...


FRVs Goonumbla solar farm lands deal with Snowy Hydro RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Spanish renewable energy developer FRV says Goonumbla solar project in NSW was one of the eight winning bids in the tender held by Snowy Hydro. The post FRVs Goonumbla solar farm lands deal with Snowy Hydro appeared first on RenewEconomy.

via FRVs Goonumbla solar farm lands deal with Snowy Hydro RenewEconomy


FFI News: November 18 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Together Shaping the Food FutureFFI newsletter Nov 2018


1) Greens Leader Richard Di Natale Calls For BP Rethink On West Papuan Gas Field "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Indonesia-New Zealand cooperation needs to be further explored: Ambassador 
3) Papua police arrest two drug users
4) Indonesian Armed Forces enhances military diplomacy

1) Greens Leader Richard Di Natale Calls For BP Rethink On West Papuan Gas Field
By  on ...


Melbourne stock surge "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Listings rise sharply in Melbourne

A big jump in listings in Melbourne and Canberra this month, with Melbourne's available stock now comfortably exceeding 39,000, according to SQM Research's latest data and media release

There were small declines in October for Brisbane, Adelaide, and notably Darwin and Perth.

But the two major capital cities are well up from last year...

It took a bit longer to get there, but Melbourne has now well and truly joined Sydney with its slowing market, with stock levels leaping 5.9 per cent higher in the month of October alone.

From a year earlier, Melbourne listings are up by 24.3 per cent, suggesting very slow sales activity in the Victorian capital.


Making Our Own Mulch. Global Warming & Hotter Weather using too much water! "IndyWatch Feed National"

With the weather being much hotter here now we have had to use a lot of shade cloth & mulch. Purchasing mulch is expensive these days, the reason for that can probably be blamed on Global Warming too! So we decided to make our own mulch, we have been cutting the reeds down at Cattail Pond whilst the water level is low (!), & carting it up to the gardens to use as mulch. Some we use as is where we can, the rest we run through or mulcher. It works well & makes great mulch.


Timeline in the GILLARD/WILSON slush fund saga "IndyWatch Feed National"

I know we have a lot of newcomers to the website today - I'm reprinting this article to give you an insight into some of the key times, dates and places in this saga. I've put this timeline together to help tell the story of the incorporation of the AWU...


NSW Premier Plays the Race Card "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian caused a stir last month when she took aim at her new whipping boy: immigrants. The daughter of Armenian migrants herself, the premier said she wants the states migration levels to be halved. The rates have gone through the roof, Ms Berejiklian told ABC radio. Just under ten years ago, we were welcoming

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Arts Wednesday 7 November 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Ed Lippmann continues with Technology and Architecture at 10:40 am. This week, in Part 4, the topic is the Industrial Revolution

My special guest at 11:00 am is Fran Dorey, Exhibitions Co-ordinator at the Australian Museum, talking about Whales/Tohora, a new exhibition. Although we know a lot about whales, it is surprising to find out how little we know. As the name suggests, this exhibition comes from New Zealand.

Music starts with the Industrial Revolution and moves on to whales and New Zealand.

Do join me!

Image of a Sperm Whale taken by Brandon Cole

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The Best Odds Youll Get All Day: 3 to 1 Chance A Horse Will Die Before Nightfall "IndyWatch Feed National"

UPDATE: A horse died during the running of the Melbourne Cup see details below.

If youre looking for good odds on the Melbourne Cup racing carnival today, then find yourself a bookie whos prepared to lay out some cash on the odds a racehorse will die some time today, during the Melbourne Cup carnival.

According to website a racehorse dies on an Australian track, on average, every three days.

From August 1 last year (the Horses Birthday) until July 31st this year, 119 horses died on tracks around the country. NSW led the slaughter, with 52, followed by Queensland and Victoria, both with 24.

That equates to around a 33 percent chance of it occurring today, which should roughly translate to odds with a bookie of around 2-1.

In terms of the Melbourne Cup carnival itself, the 2014 carnival bucked the national trend with a higher than average death rate two horses were killed, Admire Rakti (died in his stall after the race), and Araldo, who broke his right hind leg and had to be euthanased.

In 2015, Red Cadeaux also shattered her leg during the race and was also later put down.

And thats just the statistics horses who make it. The ones who dont about 40 per cent of Australias racing stock are sent to the abattoir. We use them primarily for fertiliser and dog food.

If youre after a really safe bet, you might convince a bookie to stump up some cash that pays out if the horse you back in the Melbourne Cup gets whipped.

The odds on that occurring are basically 100 per cent, so youll probably only get even money.

Happy Punting.

UPDATE: If you found a bookie to back the 3 to 1 chance a racehorse would die in the Melbourne Cup Carnival, then you would have doubled your money. A short time ago, the RSPCA confirmed the death of the sixth horse in the last five years of the carnival.

And heres a tweet with an image of the horse injured on the ground, covered by a large barrier so that none of us actually have to see what it is we endorse.


Despite glaring failure banking regulator boss gets to keep job "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Ugly

reappointment of the head of the body that has been supposed to regulate the behaviour of the banks is an insult to the suffering Australian community.  His position should be terminated when the contract period comes to an end in July next year.

The recently concluded inquiry into the banks has revealed, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has been missing in action.

As its head since 2014, Wayne Byres bears considerable responsibility for what has occurred.The buck should stop at the top. One would have expected that he would have stepped down. Instead, treasurer Josh Frydenberg has not only given him another five-year term but thrown an extra $58 million into the body.

Frydenberg goes out on a limb to suggest, I think hes done a very good job. The public deserves to have some evidence of this put before it. Given the failure to properly regulate the banks, what has been done that deserves the praise? The inquiry report was highly critical of APRAs failure to prosecute misconduct.

The  minister covers himself by talk about a review of APRAs enforcement strategy. What this means he doesnt say.  A thorough investigation of the operation of APRA is what is needed. Has there been wilful misconduct within this organisation? Does it have the the stain of corruption? Should certain people be prosecuted? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, APRA should be scrapped and a new and proper regulator created. Those who failed in their watch should certainly not be rewarded.

Maintaining the mates club is more important than this, to our excuse for a government. By failing to act immediately and decisively, it is proving its own collusion with wrongdoing, and that it is part of the problem.

There is going to be no real action to stop what the banks have been doing. A few cosmetic changes may come about. It will change nothing. Business will continue as usual. Australians of all walks will continue to be ripped off. The money laundering will not come to an end. Millions will roll in and they will still pay almost no tax.

If Australia wants a change, it needs to look elsewhere.

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Tinder Rapist Granted Bail "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

In the Melbourne County Court last week, Glenn Antony Hartland pleaded guilty to raping three women and indecently assaulting a fourth. His pleas of guilty were followed by an application for bail, which was granted by the court on strict conditions. This means Mr Hartland will be in the community until his sentencing hearing in

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"You Cant Trust the Polls" "IndyWatch Feed National"

"You Cant Trust the Polls"
By Jim Rickards

"Forecasting elections is more art than science. One of the problems in forecasting elections is the nature of polls. Many polls are misleading and suffer from flawed methodology.  I was flying around the world just before the 2016 presidential election, telling audiences in Europe, Australia and here at home that Trump would win. I got a lot of funny looks and gasps from the anchors, who didnt take me seriously at all.

The major polls were all giving Hillary something like a 95% chance of victory on the eve of the election. Now, that doesnt mean that the polls were 95% to 5% in favor of Hillary. They werent. They were more like 52% to 48% or 53% to 47%. But the polls were in so much agreement the experts were saying the chances of them being wrong were less than 5%. 

Hillary actually did win the popular vote, as we know. But unfortunately for her, most of those people were concentrated in states like California, New York and Illinois, which are only three states out of 50. You need to win state by state to take the Electoral College. 

I dont say it to brag, but I got the last laugh. I wasnt trying to be controversial for its own sake or to try and make headlines. For me, predicting a Trump victory was simply the result of a lot of hard analysis. 



Charli XCX goes all in on Arvos with Darren Lesaguis "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

  • Charli XCX :: Interview with Darren Lesaguis on Arvos

iconic [ahy-KON-ik] (adjective): Charli XCXs output in 2018. From 1999 to Girls Night Out to Focus and 5 in the Morning, the British pop star has delivered bops, slappers, bangers and everything in between as she continues on her quest to marry the worlds of pop and experimental, forward-thinking electronica.

Its a quest which has brought her to Australia as one of the many big reputations on T. Swifts Reputation tour. Following her sold-out sideshow at the Metro Theatre, Charli stopped by Arvos with Darren Lesaguis for FBis most Millennial interview ever.

Hit up the play button to hear them chat about the beauty of being embraced by the queer community, feeling empowered by Troye Sivans Bloom and why she felt compelled to show that love back by opening the stage up to members of Sydneys LGBTQI+ community to perform Boys with her.

I feel like, especially over the past 18 months, that community has really embraced me as an artist and I think its nice to give a platform back to that community to come and party and be visible and be on stage with me because I owe them so much.

Hear her also talk through her unique curatorial approach to pop music, the value of not compromising your art and spilling the deets on some of the scenes left on the cutting room floor of the incredible 1999 vid, which ICYMI you can watch here  


The post...


NEW MUSIC: Marlene Oak Slip Away "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

  Last week we posted the wonderful new track from Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife and this great new single from Swedish singer/songwriter Marlene Oak falls into the same musical sphere. Its a perfect example of warm and melodic, 70s country rock with a pop heart. You can hear the Fleetwood Mac influence in the Continue reading


NEW MUSIC: Anna Elizabeth Laube  I Miss You (So Much) "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Anna Elizabeth Laube was born in Iowa City, IA and raised in Madison, Wisconsin but now calls Seattle, WA home. In 2016 she released her fourth album Tree, which included the track below which has a new lease of life as a radio edit single in 2018. I Miss You (So Much) is a wonderful Continue reading


Its the Devil! Pope Claims Church is Being Persecuted over Child Sexual Abuse "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Pope Francis has responded to the tens of thousands of cases of child sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy worldwide by claiming the Church is being victimised. The Pope recently wrapped up a month-long meeting, or Synod, for Bishops from around the world at the Vatican by claiming the Church is being persecuted

The post Its the Devil! Pope Claims Church is Being Persecuted over Child Sexual Abuse appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


The Weekly Times TWT 7th November 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The Weekly Times - TWT - is a campaigning, crusading, truth-seeking, death defying, Aussie battler-aligned, one-eyed-Tiger-led news organisation dedicated to Sydney's north west. This flip book - or digital edition/replica - is the 3rd October 2018 edition of TWT. TWT311018

The post The Weekly Times TWT 7th November 2018 appeared first on The Weekly Times.


Cruelty, Cruelty, Cruelty: Nauru, Yemen, Gaza "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa sparked international outrage. And then theres Gaza, and Nauru and Yemen, writes Professor Stuart Rees.

Seventy years ago, at the United Nations, every effort was made to define and outlaw acts of cruelty. Wanton cruelty referred to conduct without regard to what is right, just or humane. Article 5 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights decreed, No-one shall be subjected to torture, or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by the General Assembly on November 20 1989, had similar aspirations.

Those rules and standards seem to have been forgotten or disregarded.

An Orwellian facility for doublespeak enables leaders to pretend compassion yet maintain their cruelty. As thousands of Australians demonstrated against their governments continued containment of children on Nauru, Prime Minister Morrison reassured himself that he was filled with compassion. No surprise. In his maiden speech in the Federal parliament he had extolled Christian virtues loving kindness, justice and righteousness. Denial and deceit facilitate cruelty.

The Prime Minister dismissed the calls of the AMA and almost 6,000 individual doctors who had called for the removal of all children from off-shore detention centres because of their deteriorating health. MSF and UNHCR argued that everyone, including single adults should be evacuated from Nauru and Manus. Nevertheless, in order to appear strong, the Prime Minister said that his border protection policies were non-negotiable, hence his rejection of a New Zealand offer to take at least 150 asylum seekers.

Children locked up in immigration detention on Nauru, August 2016. This image is courtesy of Mums 4 Refugees.

After five years of incarceration on those islands, there has at least been public outrage at the cruelty inherent in the governments asylum seeker policies. The same cant be said about responses to the war in Yemen.

Armed to the teeth by western powers, Saudi Arabia, infamous for beheadings, floggings, amputations, the Jamal Kashoggi murder and endless brutalities in Yemen, knows cruelty as the way to rule. President Trump of the trade-always-trumps-human-rights-attitude, the Saudis arms sales ally,...


EDITORIAL: The Difference Between Us And Them "IndyWatch Feed National"

The latest editorial in the New Matilda digest, which you can sign up for (free) here.

Its always good in business, Im told, to emphasise the difference between you and your competitors.

Thus, a fortnight ago, New Matilda published a lengthy investigation which alleged that Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham sexually assaulted a former staffer in 2011. At the same time, Fairfax media published a story that complained Greens MP David Shoebridges wife had an expensive house.

Last weekend, we also published a lengthy investigation into human rights abuses in West Papua, after sending UK Journalist of the Year Michael Gillard there in March (and again in June), posing as a doctor. Journalists are not allowed in the region. They can be jailed, or worse. We helped financed Michaels trip with  $1,000 prizemoney we won in the United States earlier this year (the Andrew Schneider Memorial Award) for a previous investigation by Michael which revealed a Kazakhstan absestos company was involved in an international spying ring targetting anti-asbestos activists.

Correspondingly, also over the weekend, Fairfax published its latest Luxury magazine, which told you where to find good pearls, and how to buy a Tesla.

If you want independent media that invests its resources into stories that matter, that focus on corporate greed and human rights abuses that dont include not having fast access to Chanel perfume and polo, then you can start by supporting New Matilda. If you havent already, you can subscribe here for $6 a month. Admittedly thats $2 a month more than it will cost to buy one copy of the Financial Reviews Luxury magazine, but its still pretty cheap for campaigning journalism.

In other news, Dr Lissa Johnsons 5,000 word demolition of modern politics is a tour de force when it comes to writing and researching. Helen Razer explains why Julian Assange matters. Oh, and we started a...


Holocaust Revisionism. Part 1: The Major Claims "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ursula Haverbeck, young and old

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Its time to celebrate the 90th birthday of a very intelligent, elegant German lady, Ursula Haverbeck, who has worked hard to restore the good name of her country.  She was born on November 8, 1928, in Breslau, Germany. In her honor we will run a series here about Holocaust Revisionism. Yay!

I have been criticized by one of our GumshoeNews readers for skirting around the subject of Holocaust denialism here and...


Mehreen Faruqi wants to stop the Melbourne Cup "IndyWatch Feed National"

Anything else we do that pisses you off Mehreen? Things must be lookin' pretty good back in Pakistan. Horse racing kills. Dont make gambling-fuelled cruelty your entertainment today.#NupToTheCup #HorseRacingKills Mehreen Faruqi (@MehreenFaruqi) November 5, 2018


Report - Pakistani children taught how to hang Asia Bibi "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pakistani children being taught by their families how to hang Asia Bibi and whoever insults prophet Mohammad Imam of Peace (@Imamofpeace) November 5, 2018


Man killed in shark attack near Australia's Great Barrier Reef "IndyWatch Feed National"

A man has died after being attacked by a shark near Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Officials said the victim was swimming near Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island off the Queensland state coast on Monday when the animal struck at about 5.37pm local time. The man, thought to be in his thirties, was flown to Mackay Base Hospital after sustaining "significant leg and wrist injuries", Central Queensland's helicopter rescue service said in a statement. He later died in Mackay Base hospital of massive blood loss, according to the Courier Mail.


Greed Is Good, Luxury Is Grand. And For Just Four Bucks A Month, You Can Have Both! "IndyWatch Feed National"

Want to know where to play polo, or make yourself smell like Keira Knightley? Cant find an appropriate set of pearls, or a Bugatti that will save the world? The Financial Reviews latest edition of Luxury magazine has got you covered. Warren Ross drapes himself in frippery and avarice to go where no average Katoomban has gone, or could afford to go, before.

About once a month I buy the Australian Financial Review. I like to know what the financial spivs and their colluding journalists are up to. I rarely get a laugh out of it but a recent edition was a real knee-slapping, side-splitter.

From the middle of the paper dropped the 46th edition of Luxury. This was the Jewellery Issue. The feature story was about the Paspaley family and their pearl exploits.

The article discusses trophy assets such as a bottle of Macallen Whisky from 1926 that sold for $1million. It also points to the portability of pearls. So if you want to hide your assets, pearls are hard to beat.

I am reminded of David Graebers observation, You cant loot credit. We may well be approaching that stage and this article seemed to understand this history.

Leafing through Luxury we find Keira Knightley plugging CHANEL over two pages, then two pages of Kennedy. Jackie, JFK and family are now a watch brand. They reach from the grave to yet another page flogging Kennedys Patek Philippe Geneve watch that you never own, You merely look after it for the next generation; la prairie follows, a caviar skin cream, Lifting Elevation to New Heights. The use of lower case proves this elevation.

An interview with Laura Turner Seydel (with the caption Environmental advocate) advises us that lucky Laura, Ted Turners daughter, is the second biggest landowner in the United States with 890,00 hectares over seven states. How hard must she have worked to acquire that. She tells us that environmental concerns need scaling, what her favourite piece of jewellery is and how she came by it. She loves horseriding and her Tesla Model S with its 5-star safety rating.

Its hard to leave Laura but theres more to discover like, Paspaley pearls are the most beautiful in the world; and a Bugatti that might be the absolute peak of combustion energy performance and of mechanical jewellery.

Nothing screams wealth like two men in black sui...


Greens Leader Richard Di Natale Calls For BP Rethink On West Papuan Gas Field "IndyWatch Feed National"

Greens leader Richard Di Natale has added his voice to growing calls across the international community for one of the worlds biggest oil companies to rethink its involvement in a gas-mining operation in occupied West Papua, as Indonesia continues to face accusations of grave human rights abuses.

Earlier this year, UK Journalist of the Year, Michael Gillard snuck into West Papua posing as a doctor to investigate British Petroleums operations in Bintuni Bay, where its trying to exploit a $10 billion gas field called Tangguh.

Journalists are banned from the Indonesian-occupied territory. Even the United Nations cant gain access.

Gillards exclusive report on the situation in West Papua was released yesterday. Gillard found:

  • BP security guards are spying on the local community and passing intelligence on disruptive individuals to the military;
  • Well-armed Indonesian security forces are now secretly stationed inside the oil companys base;
  • Retired senior Indonesian police and military officers are running an elite cadre of BP guards armed with stun guns and rubber bullets who are given behaviour profiling training in how to spot agitators. The self-styled ethical oil company is using counter-terrorism to justify these measures; and
  • Violence in the region has increased markedly, with activists rounded up by Indonesian military.

Critics fear that the counter-terrorism is a cover for increasing state surveillance on the growing student and social movements seeking political freedoms and ultimately self-determination for West Papua.

The head of the Papuan organisation that provided human rights training to BP security told New Matilda that a network of undercover military intelligence agents is also targeting peaceful social movements in Bintuni Bay, who are being swept up in mass arrests.

Richard Di Natale, who leads the Greens party in Australia has a long history of advocating on the rights of West Papuans, who have faced a brutal occupation by Indonesia since the 1960s.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale, pictured with former WA Greens Senator Scott Ludlam pictured with West Papua activists in 2016.

West Papuans are som...


In which the pond doses up on angry Sydney Anglicanism ... "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Last night Media Watch went all bleeding heart for the suffering of the lizard Oz's business model and all the investigative journalism that the country was missing out on, thanks to the shameless pilfering Daily Snail

Well the pond is no friend of the Snail's, loathsome as it is, doesn't visit, doesn't read and doesn't link to it.

The pond remembers the Snail's glory days

And so on and on but pardon the pond if it says "lace" to all that talk of the lizard Oz doing decent investigative journalism, as opposed to pushing out into the world all sorts of crusades, not least climate science denialism, but also a kind of Trumpism down under along with the incessant crow-like cry of dinkum Oz clean coal oi, oi, oi ...

Ironically, that Media Watch nonsense followed a report by Four Corners in Melbourne, which astonishingly failed to mention by name the Herald Sun's rabid, fear mongering, demonising, hysterical reporting on such matters especially given the abundance of front page examples that are available



The Australian today - Gillard slush fund saga is back "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Brad Norington, Associate Editor of The Australian today. BRAD NORINGTON ASSOCIATE EDITOR @BradNorington NOVEMBER 6, 2018 An Australian Workers Union slush fund saga that hounded Julia Gillard throughout her political career might not be over, with former Sydney radio broadcaster Michael Smith taking the unusual course of launching a...


Papadopoulos claims deep state agents engaged in scheme to entrap him "IndyWatch Feed National"

George Papadopoulos - a central figure and self-admitted dupe in the Obama administration's targeted spying on the Trump campaign, gave a wide-ranging interview to Dan Bongino on Friday, detailing what he claims to have been a setup by deep state operatives across the world in order to ultimately infiltrate the Trump campaign. Reviewing events In March 2016, Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud told Papadopoulos - an energy consultant who had recently joined the Trump campaign - that Russia had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, a claim which Papadopoulos repeated in May 2016 to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer in a London bar. Of note, former FBI Assistant Director of counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, reportedly traveled to London directly before Downer met with Papadopoulos, while a few months later former FBI agent Peter Strzok met with Downer in London directly before the DOJ officially launched their investigation into the Trump campaign.

Monday, 05 November


Geoffrey Rush Lawyer Says Telegraph Newspapers Actions Improper, Unjustified or Lacking in Bona Fides "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

The barrister acting for Geoffrey Rush in his defamation claim against The Daily Telegraph has blasted the newspapers extraordinary attitude during the litigation and argued its conduct should lead to a higher-than-usual award of legal costs if the Oscar-winning actor wins the case.

On the eleventh day of the high-stakes trial, Mr Rushs senior counsel, Bruce McClintock, SC, accused the Telegraph of adopting a stiff-necked or stubborn attitude during the litigation, including disputing facts such as that Mr Rush was an Oscar winner and was named Australian of the Year in 2012.

By Michaela Whitbourn

Sydney Morning Herald

Image result for Geoffrey Rush , photos

Why? Why would a litigant do this? Mr McClintock said. Its an extraordinary attitude towards the conduct of litigation.

Mr Rush, 67, is suing the Telegraphs publisher, Nationwide News, in the Federal Court over two news stories and a newsagent billboard alleging inappropriate behaviour towards a cast member during the Sydney Theatre Companys production of King Lear.

His accuser was not named in the stories but was later revealed to be Eryn Jean Norvill, who played King Lears daughter Cordelia. Ms Norvill did not speak to the Telegraph for its stories and initially did not agree to give evidence for the newspaper in court.

Tom Blackburn, SC, for the Telegraphs publisher, Nationwide News, said Mr McClintock appeared to be arguing that it was about time [the Telegraph] was taken down a peg or two, but the court could not award punitive damages in defamation cases.

He said the Telegraphs alleged conduct would need to be improper, unjustified or lacking in bona fides and increase the hurt to Mr Rush to justify an award of aggravated damages, which can be awarded by courts in defamation cases, but there had been not a stitch of evidence about how the actor felt as a result of the newspapers approach to the litigation.

Mr Blackburn agreed the parties conduct during the litigation was relevant to legal costs.

If its not relevant to aggravated damages, so be it, Federal Court Justice Michael Wigney said.

The Rush trial was slated to run for almost three weeks and has featured a string of high-profile witnesses,....

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