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Tuesday, 07 August


Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP "IndyWatch Feed National"

Despite our bullish assertions, odds are we might see confirmations of last week bears especially if key support lines fail to hold. For Bitcoin (BTC)-as an influential and most valuable coin, $6,000 is a vital support line. That"s our trading []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, NEO, and XRP appeared first on The Global Mail.


PERTH Man charged after police chase through Tuart Hill "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged after police chase through Tuart Hill .

August 06, 2018 at 10:45AM .

A 26-year-old Cloverdale man will appear in Perth Magistrates Court today after a police chase in Tuart Hill yesterday. Police spotted a silver Holden .



Australian Digital Health Agency is considering adding DNA data to My Health Record "IndyWatch Feed Sydney", 6 April 2018:


The federal governments controversial My Health Record program is capable of storing genomic data, such as cancer risks, using technology that both has huge research applications and highlights privacy and security concerns.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that genome-sequencing company Genome.One, which can track genetic variations and therefore disease risks, has built necessary infrastructure for uploading sensitive genomic data into the opt-out system.

University of Canberra privacy expert Bruce Arnold has criticised the inherent risks of DNA-tracking technology and, just a week after the government backdown on police access to My Health Records, todays news as again demonstrating a lack public consultation.



Neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell & Useful Idiots Adam Giles & Sky News Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Melbourne-based neo-Nazi activist Blair Cottrell was a very special guest on The Adam Giles Show on Sky News Australia on Sunday night. The public reaction to this decision has been rather savage, in response to which Sky News Australia has Continue reading


Do yourself a favour - listen to Blair Cottrell about Sky News "IndyWatch Feed National"

You don't have to agree with him. You won't catch something by clicking on PLAY. You might learn something.

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Monday, 06 August


WestConnex Inquiry "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The NSW Upper House is holding an inquiry into the impact of the WestConnex Project.

The committee will examine a range of issues including the cost of the project, its governance structures, the compulsory acquisition of properties as part of the development, and the projects relationship with other road projects in Sydney.

Committee Chair Fred Nile said:

The NSW Government has invested significant funds in the WestConnex project. This inquiry will investigate the adequacy of the WestConnex business case and the projects costs, particularly whether this project represents a good investment for New South Wales taxpayers

Submissions to the inquiry are open until 31 August 2018. You can make a submission here.

You are encouraged to tell the inquiry how the WestConnex project has affected you. Submissions detailing your own personal experiences are informative, relevant and potentially very compelling evidence.

The full terms of reference are here.



Volvox the restaurant "IndyWatch Feed National"

Volvox Restaurant logo

I learned about this through a tweet from Kirsty Wan:

Its unlikely that Ill be visiting Wrzburg any time soon, but I have recruited a volunteer to check it out. Ill report back with her impressions once shes had a chance to visit.

Volvox is a popular name, for example:

and now Volvox the restaurant.


Do his colleagues know? "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

So this morning Chris Mitchell finally woke up to the intolerance on the left.

While intimidation of Australias politicians falls far short of anti-Trump hysteria, there is among students, artists, journalists and political activists an increasing intolerance here, too.

I particularly enjoyed this bit:

Julia Baird, part-time host of The Drum, used her column in The Sydney Morning Herald on July 28 to call out social media intimidation she was receiving for supposedly privileging panellists from the Institute of Public Affairs. Baird said the show had included only three IPA appearances this year, two by the same person.*

Now the IPA, even though supported by big businesses and Australias richest woman, Gina Rinehart, is not the Ku Klux Klan. It was founded in 1943 by Charles Denton Kemp, father of Howard government ministers Rod and David Kemp. Although associated with free-market economic policies in recent decades, it was very much a Keynesian institution until the early 70s.

Wrote Baird: The art of persuasion has been thoroughly trounced by polemic in public debate. Online, in comments sections, in staccato bursts of hate and attack, in the citing of feelings over facts, we see people shoving pillows over divergent views and trying to stop them being aired at all.

She complained about the Twitter campaign to silence the IPA on The Drum. Just exactly what are Twitters twits afraid of? On subjects from migration to power prices, climate change and taxation reform, many on the uneducated Twitter Left would benefit from hearing well-argued conservative views. They might even learn why voters around the world disagree with most social media pieties.

Mind you its not just the uneducated Twitter Left. His own The Australian colleague James Jeffery had this to say on twitter about Chris and my book on the ABC:


Unlawfully fined for holding an unopened alcoholic beverage "IndyWatch Feed National"

So let's get one basic fundamental out of the way as to what a law is, at state level.

A law is a booklet or collection of papers (or a pdf for the Millennials) that is called an Act.

This 'Act' MUST come out of the state's parliament, with all the checks and balances in place, obviously.

If your person has been 'fined' it must be defined within an Act passed by the parliament of the state you allegedly commented the offence in.

The corporation aggregate called Australian Government is now 'advertising' that there are 3 (three) tiers of government, that being federal, state and now 'local government', where in fact there are only two lawful bodies that can make laws in Australia, that being the federal and state / territory parliaments, where these Acts must be subject to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK).

To get this message the government 'advertises'  across to the uneducated population, where Victoria Police is part of the fraud, unlawfully issuing fines according to the "Benalla Community Local Law 2017"

 See document:


What lawfully enacted Act have you been fined under?

Can you really trust a Victorian police officer issuing your person this sort of 'fine'?

It looks like it's the police state in full swing, down in Victoria, Australia.

See text from 1 Aug 2018 by the Benalla Ensign of the headline:

Little-known law confounds

By Simon Ruppert
Have you ever walked home after 11.30pm with some unopened tinnies in your bag?

Bought a bottle of red, popped it in the boot and driven home later, again after 11.30pm?

If y...


Book review. See No Evil: New Zealands betrayal of the people of West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Review by Joe Collins (AWPA)

In Maire Leadbeater's new book, "See No Evil: New Zealands betrayal of the people of West Papua, the theme of the title is also relevant for Australia.  Both countries were involved in the tragic betrayal of West Papua.

It is a valuable record for anybody interested in the issue of West Papua. Its a well-documented timeline of the history of West Papua from its early links with Asia through the period of Dutch colonisation, the Indonesian takeover and up to the present day. 

It was surprising to discover that New Zealand and Australia both shared a deep fear that they may be overwhelmed, of being swamped by the Asian masses to our north and NZ had an equivalent of the white Australia policy.  Also a surprise (to me) the fact that New Zealand troops were involved in Kontfrantasi, not just British and Australian. 



Multi Billion-Dollar Idea: Australian Tech Entrepreneur Plans Crypto Bank Launch "IndyWatch Feed National"

Fred Schebesta, a 26-year old entrepreneur who co-founded comparison website, wants to open a crypto bank in Australia. Schebesta believes that interest in cryptocurrency is growing and soon people will need an institution which can fulfill their crypto needs. Bitcoin is Not a Bubble In an interview with Australian news website, Schebesta said that Continued

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Opinions on siting a nuclear waste dump at Kimba or Hawker, South Australia "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"   Resources Minister Matt Canavan announced ( THE AUSTRALIAN, 18/6/18) that on 20 August, there will be a ballot to gauge community support for a federal nuclear waste dump near one of the small towns of Kimba or Hawker, about 450km north of Adelaide. The vote will be confined to the residents in the immediate local area.The decision will be made in the second half of this year said Canavan We do not want this overlapping with a federal election.

A Senate Inquiry will report on this on 14 August, possibly too late to make a difference. However, many people are taking this Inquiry very seriously, and have sent in 109 submissions, nearly all of which can be read at the Senate Committees website.

As Ive been going through 98 published submissions to this Senate Inquiry on Selection process for a national radioactive waste management facility in South Australia, Ive been able to learn some of the reasons why people support or oppose the idea of the nuclear waste dump. 

The division of opinion was clear in the answers to the 5 main Terms of Reference, asking whether the following aspects were satisfactory: financial compensation for land, community support, indigenous support, Community Benefit Program, and confining consultation to the local community. Answers were consistently Yes in submissions supporting the plan, and No in those opposing it.



Mr Harbourside Mansion pretending to feel farmers pain "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is pathetic PR crap at its worst. Have a look at our previous post on Turnbull - trotted out by the spinmeisters for Kochie on Sunrise. For a farmer with 68 cents in the bank, a $12K cheque might be handy - NOW! I felt like doing an Elvis...


Coinbase Seeks Online Merchant Crypto Adoption by the Millions "IndyWatch Feed National"

Coinbase Seeks Online Merchant Crypto Adoption by the Millions

Adoption news keeps flowing this week, from Wall Street to Australia, and now San Francisco. The United States largest cryptocurrency bank, Coinbase, announced it is expanding its commerce section to include Woo Commerce via a plugin downloadable from Github. It could be just what more online merchants need to get comfortable with cryptocurrency.

Also read: Bitcoiners Hope to Have a Friend in Top US Regulator Jay Clayton

Coinbase Seeks Online Merchant Crypto Adoption by the Millions

More than a quarter of all online merchants use Woo Commerce. Its easily one of the most popular payment platforms around. This week, Coinbase announced it is releasing a Woo Commerce plugin as part of its proprietary Coinbase Commerce offering which can be downloaded from Github.

Coinbase Seeks Online Merchant Crypto Adoption by the Millions

Coinbase Commerce is itself a payment solution focusing...


Community Billboard 7th-13th August "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

This weekly community billboard is proudly sponsored by the City of Sydneys Plan for the future  Sydney 2030  making our city more green, global and connected.

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Australia 25 million "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

25 million

Australia's population clock will tick past 25 million tomorrow night at 11pm.

It's interesting to look back at the increase in the population over the years and how it has changed. 

In 1981 the population of Australia passed 15 million and was ticking along fairly consistently in absolute terms, until it began to accelerate through the resources boom from around 2005 onwards. 

And that growth has continued over the past half decade in absolute terms, although the construction phase of the resources boom has long since passed.

And in percentage terms population growth has slowed from above 2 per cent in 2008/9 to about 1.6 per cent today.. 

The composition of the population growth has changed too.

Immigration remains a major contributor, but whereas the resources states previously took a big chunk of population growth, today it's heavily focused on Greater Sydney, Greater Melbourne, and then south-east Queensland.

Since 1981 the three most populous states have accounted for a very similar share of total population growth, with New South Wales (27.3 per cent), Queensland (26.8 per cent), and Victoria (24.8 per cent) each recording strong growth. 

Indeed, for years Queensland's population growth comfortably outpaced that of Victoria due to its resources prowess - for some time being the state accounting for the highest population growth in the country.

That title is now well and truly held by Victoria as Melbourne and Geelong expand rapidly. 



Premiere: New Single I Cant Take It from Your Girl Pho "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Perth native Your Girl Pho (aka Phoebe Gunson) channels the minimal souljazz and maximal sass of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu on new track I Cant Take It.

With a dry Stevie Wonder tom fill to bring us in, some p-funk bass sizzle, Sade synth pads and a g-funk e.p. groove underpinning it all, the production plays like a love letter to funk, soul + rnb through the ages. And the defiant sick of your s**t-style lyrical flavour clearly draws from the fem rnb tradition. But the songs undeniable focus is YGPs raw nu-soul vocal the power, attitude and closeness of her voice demand attention, and the kinks and imperfections in her delivery keep the song from sounding overly polished. Oh yeah, and SPOILER ALERT: theres a slinky sax attack in there too which ICYMI is cool again  

After a STAKT first half of the year which included Falls and Groovin the Moo slots, and supports for Post Malone, The Avalanches and Lady Leshurr, Your Girl Pho is gearing up for an end-of-year single tour which will include plenty of Aus dates and a slot at Singapores Music Matters Festival.

I Cant Take It is out on all platforms on Wednesday 8 August, but you can hear it right here, first.


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Work Experience at Eastside Radio "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

My name is Phoenix Hart and I will be undergoing work experience at Eastside Radio from the 6th to 10th of August. I am a Year 10 student and music has always been my passion. I came to Eastside because I grew up listening to various radio stations and am considering pursuing it as a career. Im extremely excited to learn the ins and outs of what goes on behind the scenes of a radio station and the way radio shows are recorded and broadcasted.

Music I am Interested In

My music taste is very diverse, especially when compared to other girls my age, who mostly listen to top 50 hits. Of course, I do enjoy some of these tracks from time to time, but I also listen to older or less popular artists, such as Louis Armstrong, The Beatles and Rebecca Sugar to name a few.

I also make my own music and love jamming out with my instruments. I have been playing multiple instruments since I was in kindergarten, when my mum took me to my first piano lesson. After about a year of learning, I decided to drop it, but in Year 3 I returned to classical music and began to learn the flute. I absolutely loved it and am still playing it to this day. 

Ive taught myself multiple other instruments since learning the flute, including bass, acoustic and electric guitars, ukulele, drums, violin and more. Ive also revived my passion for piano and am slowly learning to play it again. Playing this m...


Pip Permie awards and Pip Project awards 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

We had a wonderful response to our Pip Permie awards for individuals and projects to celebrate dedicated people making change in the world with permaculture.

Here is the list of nominees, finalists and our winners. Full profiles on our winners and finalists will be in the Pip issue 12, coming out mid June 2018.

Congratulations to all those nominated, they are all deserving.

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Julie Bishop's Saudi head-lopping mates expel Canadian Ambassador & recall their own "IndyWatch Feed National"

Open the Tweet below in Twitter to see the whole escalating chain. The next step is at Trudeau's feet (clumsy I know, I was gonna say in his hands or something to do with balls and his court but it'd be mixing metaphors). #Statement | The negative and surprising attitude...


"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Namibia has some of the darkest nights visible from any continent. It is therefore home to some of the more spectacular skyscapes, a few of which have been captured in the below time-lapse video. We recommend watching this video at FULL SCREEN (1080p), with audio on. The night sky of Namibia is one of the best in the world, about the same quality of the deserts of Chile and Australia. 
Visible at the movie start are unusual quiver trees perched before a deep starfield highlighted by the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. This bright band of stars and gas appears to pivot around the celestial south pole as our Earth rotates. The remains of camel thorn trees are then seen against a sky that includes a fuzzy patch on the far right that is the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small satellite galaxy to the Milky Way. A bright sunlight-reflecting satellite passes quickly overhead. Quiver trees appear again, now showing their unusual trunks, while the Small Magellanic Cloud becomes clearly visible in the background. Artificial lights illuminate a mist that surround camel thorn trees in Deadvlei. In the final sequence, natural Namibian stone arches are captured against the advancing shadows of the setting moon. This video incorporates over 16,000 images shot over two years, and won top honors among the 2012 Travel Photographer of the Year awards.


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00011 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.95 AUD


NSW Police Force Ordered to Pay $124,000 over Brutal Arrest "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim New South Wales taxpayers will once again foot the bill after an officer unlawfully and brutally arrested a 17-year old outside a bakery at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains. A District Court judge has ordered the government to pay the now 21-year old man $124,000 in compensation, after finding

The post NSW Police Force Ordered to Pay $124,000 over Brutal Arrest appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Hundreds record long-lasting bright fireball over Australia, meteorites likely near Canberra "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

A very bright fireball streaked across the night sky over New South Wales and Victoria, Australia around 08:30 UTC (18:30 local time) on August 4, 2018. The event lasted for more than 8 seconds and was recorded by hundreds of people. Astronomers said the object...... Read more


I Thought I Would Die in a Bunk Bed in Hanoi "IndyWatch Feed National"

I land in Hanoi the second week of February.  Not winter, not summer, and not comparable to any other middle season in the rest of the world. Arriving from the coldest months of Europe, I expect some kind of warmish welcoming, but end up surprised at how much of an optimist I can sometimes be.

In the taxi from the airport to the hostel, I realise I dont have enough cash with me, and that I also forgot to check if my credit cards would work in Vietnamese ATMs. While the taxi driver yells all his frustration at me in his incomprehensible language, I feel guilty and stupid, but still somehow and respectfully find the situation funny.

He drops me at different ATMs, but none of them take my cards.

Im sorry, Im sorry, Im so sorry, I repeat.

He drives me to a little shop with walls green as beans straight out of a can, where a guy hands me an Eftpos machine. The unexpected swipe of victory eventually melts the tension between me and the driver, and leads to a sincere hug.

At the hostel, after calling my bank and fixing my card problem, I impatiently open my first Vietnamese beer and smoke a cigarette at the front. The cold breeze is persistent; soft acid rain textures the windows, romantic, sure, as the perpetually grey sky.

That night, sitting in a comfortable chair at a caf, I start coughing copiously. The waiters face is as surprised as mine when we both hear my, No, thanks, answering his kind proposal of another drink. That should have been an alarm bell. I go back to my bunk bed, pull the curtain after me and lay down. I feel tired and feeble, but do not know that it will be my crypt for the next three days.

I wake in the middle of the night shivering with a high fever. I reach for my backpack in the pitch dark of the room; my towel becomes an extra blanket. I miss the free breakfast included in the hostel price. Another bad sign, but I cant move. I cant read or watch a movie either, cause my eyes are burning. I just manage to take some flu meds and sleep again.

Its dark outside when I next wake up. Bravely, I go out. I am starving and, in my multiple experiences in Vietnam, Ive learned that theres nothing a warm, spicy bowl of pho cant cure. Sitting on this little red plastic chair, I order a rare beef one. Ive always eaten on the streets in South East Asia and have never been sick once, despite what blogs and my mum have told me. The looks I receive from the other customers are horrifying; I m...


Finding your Mr Dependable Veg. The vegetable that grows easily in your garden and gives you a harvest all year. "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

I like to have one or two dependable vegetables in the garden all year.

Those veggies you can put in, take very little care and yet they will always give you a great harvest.

For me my top dependable is Broccoli. I dont know if it is my soil, the position of the garden or that I am I am in a cool climate or a combination of things, but I am able to grow it all year.

I regularly plant (about once a month) 6 to 12 plants. I use a no-dig system, which I top up with an organic all-purpose fertiliser and sugar cane mulch. I will give the seedlings a couple of liquid feeds of a high nitrogen fertiliser, such as a tea made from chook manure, to help get them established and growing well and that about all I do until harvest time.

I rarely water them, only in the height of summer and have very little problem with pests.

Yet they always develop into lovely healthy plants, produce good sized initial heads and then produce lots of side shoot for weeks after.

This gives me enough broccoli to have several feeds a week and plenty to give to friends and family.

It is a vegetable that is so reliable that if I have nothing else in the garden I can always pick enough broccoli for a feed.

Every garden needs at least one dependable veg growing in it for those times in between seasonal harvests or when you have miss-timed plantings and have nothing else to harvest.

So how to find that Mr Dependable Veg for your garden.


Look at what you and your family like to eat. What are the two or three vegetables you can eat several times a week and still enjoy?

Also, experiment- every garden is different.

Grow lots of different things at different times of the year, dont be tied to regional grow charts or what is available in punnets.

Dont be too fussy with them- prepare your soil well, water to establish and liquid feed occasionally and see what thrives.

If you have had success with something try planting it on and off all year and see what happens.

Record your results-

What did the family enjoy eating the most?

What was the easiest thing to grow? (ie what needed the least amount of care, was not b...


Former Olympian Gearoid Towey on Crossing the Line, Tuesday 7 August "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Gearoid Towey Eastside

CTL founder Gearoid Towey rowing for Ireland.


Something a little different for the show this week: weve flipped the format and put usual host GT in the hot seat! Gearoid Towey needs no real introduction. A three-time Olympian, he rowed for Ireland at the Sydney, Athens and Beijing Games. Hes also a rowing World Champion, winning golds at the 1996 U23 World Championships and the 2001 Lucerne World Championships, as well as bronzes in 1999, 2003 and 2006.

In 2005, Gearoid and his rowing partner Ciaran Lewis attempted to cross the Atlantic in a 23-ft rowing boat. After 40 days at sea and only 1440 km from landfall, their boat was pitch poled by a 10-meter wave, leaving the men to be rescued by a supertanker in the middle of a force 9 storm.

Gearoid retired from rowing after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and experienced firsthand the difficulties of athlete transition. Realising more needed to be done to assist athletes post-retirement, he established athlete mental health and transition not-for-profit Crossing the Line.

CTL communications manager Lorna Hankin chats to GT about his love of rowing growing up in Ireland, his near-death experience in the Atlantic and how Crossing the Line is helping athletes today.




Fiona Barnett, Part 3: Hoping for an Interview with Dame Marie Bashir "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dame Marie Bashir waves to the crowd on Macquarie Street in Sydney on her retirement (photo ABC, Tracey Nearmy)

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

It is natural and acceptable to call upon any member of the community to help us in times of dire need. Right now we are in dire need, thanks to the stuff that was begun when Fiona Barnett told Youtube (in 2015) that she had witnessed the multiple murder BY UPSTANDING PERSONAGES at Bathurst. This included a federal minister, a police commissioner, a law professor, and others.

I would like Dame Marie Bashir, the former governor of New South Wales (2001-2014) to be approached by some respectful citizen to see what she can offer by way of advice in this crisis. At the same time Her Excellency can be asked to provide insider information.

Just as the Commonwealth has a Governor-General as the stand-in for the Monarch, so each state of Australia has a vice-regal Governor. That governor is routinely informed by Parliamentary leaders of things going on in his/her state.



ADF Statement regarding the use of gender-neutral language "IndyWatch Feed National"

Over the weekend News Limited followed by other media ran stories like these: This morning, the ADF issued a statement that starts "Reports regarding Defence requiring the use of gender-neutral language are wrong". So who's right and who's wrong? I know that you come to this website because you like...


Ethical conduct in research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities: guidelines for researchers and stakeholders "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

This guide from the National Health and Medical Research Council provides a set of principles to ensure research is safe, respectful, responsible, high quality and of benefit to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

The health, wellbeing and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples continue to be the focus of much research to promote positive outcomes. Over the years, research has contributed to positive outcomes and benefits in, for example, health, medicine and education, and in preserving the languages, stories and songs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities in culturally appropriate ways.

However, not all research has been of benefit for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities. This absence of benefit can often be understood in the context of ethical considerations related to human research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.Ethical research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and communities should:
  • improve the way all researchers work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities
  • develop and/or strengthen research capabilities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities
  • enhance the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as researchers, research partners, collaborators and participants in research

Ethical conduct in research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities: guidelines for researchers and stakeholders


Independent Artist of the Week: Nooky "IndyWatch Feed Sydney.arts"

Photo by Gabe Gasparinatos

Australia has a rich black history but Nooky is a part of the local hip hop contingent getting us ready for a black future.

Originally hailing from Nowra, Yuin Nation man Nooky has called Sydney home for the better part of the past decade. During that time, hes received some pretty decent support from the local Aboriginal hip hop community he signed to Bad Apples Music, joined A.B. Original and his Bad Apples crew on stages and bills across the country and, importantly, made sure to give back and pass on the opportunities afforded to him.

If you couldnt already tell, Nookys approach is considered hes taken the time to develop his artistry and focus on powerfully and deliberately delivering messages about his people and culture, taking inspiration from iconic Indigenous activists and elders like Charlie Perkins and Guboo Ted Thomas.

Black Future, his proud, energetic trap anthem was released for NAIDOC week and is a lasting imprint from this years huge celebrations. Addressing what First Nations people have achieved and are achieving, Nooky shines a light on an optimistic and exciting future, wearing Australia Has A Black Future proudly on his front (literally, on a tee that hes made to accompany the track) and on his sleeve (metaphorical).

With a debut album on the horizon and a spot at Big Sound, Nowras devon and chip sandwich connoisseur will be propelling that black excellence further in no time.

 You can buy Nookys AUSTRALIA HAS A BLACK FUTURE threads here

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Cost of living pressures bite hardest on unemployed: Report asks Steven Marshall to call for increase to Newstart "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 6 August 2018
SACOSSs latest Cost of Living Report released today focuses on the struggle of South Australians living on the Newstart and other basic income support payments, and calls on SA Premier Steven Marshall to add the state governments voice to the chorus of calls to increase these inadequate social security payments.
The SACOSS report, which includes examples of household budgets of five people trying to live on Newstart, finds that: 


Palestine Burns While Australia Cuts Aid And Trump Threatens Deal Of The Century "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its hard to imagine things getting worse for Palestine, a nation ravaged by Israel and international indifference. But Senator Lee Rhiannon fears thats exactly what will transpire under a US Trump administration, with help from Australia.

It is said to be days away the grand unveiling of Trumps plan for peace between Palestinians and the Israelis.  

Confident of a free hand under the Trump administration, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already begun to increase Israels hold over Jerusalem, the West Bank and the besieged Gaza strip. His hubris, and that of his government, is evident in the passing of the new Israel Nation State law which enshrines exclusive rights to Jewish Israelis at the expense of equality for all citizens.  

Meanwhile US President Donald Trump is working to ensure that Palestinian demands and national rights are eliminated. 

There has been almost 30 years of failed negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. At every attempt the Palestinians have maintained a minimum set of demands recognised by international law: the rights of Palestinian refugees and the establishment of a capital in East Jerusalem.  

And the Israelis? They have refused to accept a divided Jerusalem, to resolve the refugee issue and accelerated the expansion of illegal settlements. Then came the dawn of Trump and his deal of the century with promises of success where others have stumbled. 

US president Donald Trump. (IMAGE: Gage Skidmore, Flickr)



No. 35, June Qtr 2018: Newstart "IndyWatch Feed National"

Monday, 6 August 2018

Summary of cost of living changes in the June Quarter 2018. This Update features an in depth look at the cost of living for those on Newstart and other base level social security payments, including budgets from 5 social security recipients. The statistical analysis shows the value of Newstart has declined over 20 years, both in real terms and in comparison with the income of most households in South Australia, while the budgets show how difficult (impossible) it is to make ends meets on Newstart.


Queensland, Australia Invests Portion of its $6.1Mil Ignite Ideas Fund in Crypto Startup "IndyWatch Feed National"

Queensland, Australia Invests Portion of its $6.1Mil Ignite Ideas Fund in Crypto Startup

Queensland, Australia is giving away millions with its Ignite Ideas fund. This week, it posted details regarding the AUD$8.3 million grant ($6.1 million USD). Something like 70 regional companies shared the bounty, including a cryptocurrency startup, Travelbybit, which managed to snag AUD$100,000 on its way to promoting tourism using crypto. 

Also read: Bitcoiners Hope to Have a Friend in Top US Regulator Jay Clayton

Part of Queensland, Australias $6.1Mil Goes to Travelbybit

Tourism is one of Queenslands most important industries, Innovation Minister Kate Jones announced. Travelbybit has devised a clever way to make it easier for visitors to our state to pay for their purchases with a growing number of local businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments. The company was chosen as part of a larger government initiative, the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding.

Minister Jones continues, Ignite Ideas was about supporting entrepreneurs from across Queensland to grow their businesses and employ more staff. I understand TravelbyBit is specifically targeting places like Bundaberg using cryptocurrency to make it easier for tourists to book holidays. Thats why weve invested to help them scale-up their operation and ultimately create more jobs in Queensland.



FixedIt: what evidence makes a headline? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Channel 9 News published an AAP report on the progress of Warren Francis Rogerss trial for murdering his wife, Anne Rogers. The same report was published by Channel 7, The Newcastle Herald, Campaspe News, South Riverina News, among others. All of them carried the same headlines, presumably sourced from AAP.

I wrote about this trial last week, and the risk of fixing the appalling headlines coming out about a trial still underway in the court. That risk still exists and any headline that states he is guilty before the court has reached a verdict is dangerous and irresponsible. As is any headline creating sympathy for the accused.

This one is slightly different to the ones I was talking about last week, in that it is using a quote from the evidence presented to the court as the basis of a headline.

According to the AAP report In the NSW Supreme Court on Wednesday, crown prosecutor Nanette Williams called forensic psychiatrist Dr Adam Martin to give evidence about his interview with Rogers in custody in August 2017.

Dr Martin gave evidence on a number of things Warren Rogers told him about his wife and their relationship. He also stated his opinion on Warren Rogers state of mind.

Dr Martin said he is not confident the accused was suffering from a major depressive disorder at the time.

My view is that the actions were deliberate and purposeful, he said.

I dont think theres much evidence to say that he completely lost control.

I think the question for the court is the degree of how impaired he was.'

Its not just fair for court reporters to relate all the evidence presented to the court, it is in fact their job. So there is no issue in them describing Dr Martins evidence about Warren Rogers saying he was heartbroken.

It is interesting, however, that they chose this word for the headline.

Heartbroken by wife. This is how they hea......


1) Jokowi asked not selling human rights issue in Papua in Presidential Election 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

2) Papuans protest over Act of Free Choice in 13 cities in Indonesia

1) Jokowi asked not selling human rights issue in Papua in Presidential Election 2019

Published 1 day ago on 4 August 2018By admin

The Executive Director of LP3BH Manokwari, Yan Christian Warinussy. Jubi/Hans Arnold Kapisa.



Father with Huntingtons disease denied NDIS support "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Adam Carlton

The story of Brett Kelly, a 46-year-old former Brisbane security guard and father of three, with terminal Huntingtons disease, should move the most unfeeling of us. But it is the treatment he has received over his application for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support that should make our blood boil.

Brett suffers from continuous involuntary movements, cognitive issues, tremors, depression, and anxiety, and his symptoms will become more pronounced, over the little time he has left. He is no longer Capable of working, and his three children have a 50 percent chance of developing the same illness. Brett has a lot to deal with.

He now survives on Newstart and this forces him to attend regular job interviews and carry out other mandated obligations, despite the difficulties he faces.

Letters he has received in relation to his application have told him, that he does not meet the criteria to get the support pension. He is appealing against the decision.

Huntingtons Queensland CEO Jan Samuels said it was a devastating illness for sufferers.

Its often described as being a cross between dementia, Parkinsons disease and motor neurone disease all at once, so its a pretty nasty condition.

The sticking point is that an application for NDIS help is dependent on the criteria established through Centrelink. A disability is measured up against an inflexible table, designed around percentage application of parts of the body, the level of cognitive capacity and and ability to carry out daily self care needs. In effect, those whose condition effects the whole body and not concentrated in specific parts are at a disadvantage. Decisions on whether to give or deny support are not made based on capacity to work.

It is a system designed to exclude as many people as possible, and Brett Kelly is only one of the human faces of the discrimination and suffering it causes, showing the callous side of government policy.

People are hurt, when the government is enmeshed in an ongoing war to dismantle the welfare system. The first step in doing this, is to transform what was once considered a basic right, into a form of charity.  This is but a short step from here, to spread the assumption that most of those who come for help are malingerers. It justifies the cruel outcomes that occur, when people are presumed guilty until they prove they are innocent. Even then, many are still miss out.

Australia has gone through this progression.

According to a statement from Department of Human Services general manager Hank Jongen, 70 percent of applicants for disability support are accepted and less than 20 percent of appeals overturn the original decision. When you consider that there...


Australian pilots say they are overworked "IndyWatch Feed National"

You should love your job and shut your mouth: Inside Australias aviation industry

ON THE surface, it looks like the coolest jobs in Australia but underneath, pilots are exhausted, unhappy and broke.

IT SEEMS like the dream job: flying over the pristine Ningaloo Reef, weaving through vast canyons in the Kimberley and giving tourists an adventure they wont forget.

But underneath that scenic backdrop, general aviation pilots are crying out for help, saying they are overworked, underpaid and constantly fatigued due to long working hours.

The four pilots who spoke to chose not to have their names published because they believe speaking out about working conditions is a career-ending move in this tiny, high-risk game.

One pilot told Youre basically knifing yourself in the back.


Michael*, 33, worked as a helicopter pilot in the outback for six years.

Its like any job that you start out in, you have to go to some s**thole town or the middle of nowhere for a few years before you get lucky and get transferred out, he said.

For Michael, work in the Kimberley typically meant spending at least two months away from home, camping in the sweltering desert with no aircon, loved ones or entertainment.

He would work six days on, one day off, for two months straight which adds up to 56 days work and only six days rest.

They flew in food for us once a week and wed have a bit of power, a few solar panels and a generator but that went to light not to keeping yourself cool, Michael said.

King George Falls in the Kimberley, a popular tourist attraction for scenic flights.

King George Falls in the Kimberley, a popular tourist attraction for scenic flights.Source:Supplied

A general aviation licence can easily cost budding pilots $100,000 but a typical graduate struggles to earn $50,000.

The meagre salary, coupled with the huge hours, left pilots mentally and financially stressed, Michael said.

Youre away for two months at a time and getting paid $45,000 a year for working 12-hour days, so of course there are lots of mental health issues because youre so isolated and exhau...


Australia: Muslim teacher fired over charges of radicalizing students is back in the classroom "IndyWatch Feed National"

What could possibly go wrong? Anyone who objects is a racist, bigoted, Islamophobe. Right? Islamic convert principal dumped from a Muslim-majority high school over allegations he was radicalising students is back in the classroom, by Cait Kelly, Daily Mail Australia, August 4, 2018: A high school principal who was dumped amid allegations he refused to []


The future of sharing: it's still about freedom "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

The original vision of the sharing economy hasnt diedit just needs more support and protection.

Australian network lead Annette Loudon (end right) with Swop day participants in Sydney. Credit: Russ Grayson. CC BY 2.0.

Tim Jenkin is a real-life superhero. A white South African, he took up campaigning for the African National Congress (ANC) and against Apartheid and was jailed for terrorism. After two years he ghosted his way out of jail using keys he forged himself. In the 1980s he built an encrypted communication network which helped the ANC become an effective political force. Then in the late 1990s he began writing software to help people swap goods and services without money. When I met him last year, I discovered how his approach could resuscitate a vision I thought was dying.

That vision was of a sharing economy to help humanity. In a 2013 report I helped to write for the World Economic Forum we were quite gung-ho about the economic and environmental potential of the sharing sector. Alongside the large corporate platforms like Uber and Airbnb, we also mentioned locally-owned and locally-focused systems, believing all these approaches would reduce the environmental resources required to deliver a better quality of life by unlocking underused assets like power tools and empty bedrooms.

But five years on, it turns out we were wrong. These corporate platforms have received a barrage of criticism. The most recent research indicates that the environmental impacts of Uber are not positive. One study estimates that Uber and its competitor Lyft could be increasing total vehicle travel miles per year in the US by as much as 5.5 billion. It turns out that sharing isnt quite the right word for connecting independent taxi drivers with their clients. The idea that Airbnb would reduce the environmental impact of where people stay is....


Ben Smee: Native title system 'embeds racism', Australia's first Indigenous silk says | Australia news | The Guardian "IndyWatch Feed National"

Native title system 'embeds racism', Australia's first Indigenous silk says | Australia news | The Guardian: If traditional owners cannot come to an agreement with a mining company about a proposal, it goes before the national native title tribunal. Traditional owners can demand compensation or royalties during negotiations, but these cannot be awarded by the tribunal. McAvoy said the tribunal, which must apply the native title act, only rarely rejects applications for mining leases.

What this means is if we object to a mine under the native title process, its very likely to go ahead and the normal benefits we might be able to negotiate, which include royalties, which include substantial compensation, well we cant get those if we dont agree, he said.

Therefore the system, the native tile system ... coerces Aboriginal people into an agreement. Its going to happen anyway. If we dont agree, the native title tribunal will let it go through, and we will lose our land and wont be compensated either. Thats the position were in.

McAvoy said the system embeds racism and is inconsistent with the United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples, which demands land not be dispossessed with free, prior and informed consent.


Making Australia Weak Again: Inside the gender equity policies of the Australian Defence Force "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is comprised of the three military services: the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Army, and the Royal Australian Air Force, all of which have been subject to increasing criticism in recent years for being dominated by straight white men. This, it is alleged, makes them, ipso facto, a petri dish for 'toxic masculinity.' That allegation has been lent apparent weight by the reporting of multiple gender-related scandals including the ADFA sex scandal, Jedi Council, various hazing rituals, death symbols, and HMAS Success, to name a few. Some of this criticism has been so strident that past and present military leaders have had no choice but to commission reports and inquiries into standards and practices within the ADF, and to implement various culture change initiatives including Pathway to Change, New Generation Navy, Adaptive Army, and New Horizon. All of these initiatives place significant emphasis on greater integration of women into the respective services but offer limited reasoning other than catch-phrases like 'diversity,' 'equity,' and 'modernising.' All three services are now working toward a target of female representation by 2023. The Navy and Air Force are working toward 25 percent, and the Army is working toward 15 percent. The progress toward these targets, among other commentary on gender issues in the ADF, is detailed in the annual "Women in the ADF" report. Over recent years, Australian media outlets have highlighted issues with the ADF's methods of achieving these quotas. As of this writing, the Defence Force Recruitment website advertises female-only incentives including the choice of where to work, when to enlist, shorter initial minimum periods of service, as well as preparation courses. A reduction in the initial minimum period of service makes applicable servicewomen eligible for the Australian Defence Medal years sooner than their male counterparts, and this has provoked resentment among veterans. Comment: What complete and utter morons. What a great way to foster 'inclusivity': promote even more resentment in the males in the military. How about this? Men dominate the military because the military is overwhelmingly a masculine institution. These identity-politics policies are only going to make things worse, but when has that ever stopped a 'progressive'?


Sky News says it was wrong to have Blair Cottrell on because "his views do not reflect ours" "IndyWatch Feed National"

On Sunday evening the former NT Chief Secretary Adam Giles interviewed Blair Cottrell on Sky News Australia. Here's an excerpt: It was a train crash. But what Sky did next is even worse. Blair Cottrell is not my cup of tea. He's a convicted felon who's done serious jail time....

Sunday, 05 August


Meteor fireball streaks through the night sky above Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sydney locals were left mystified after witnessing a meteor dash through the sky last night. The meteor was seen across the city at around 6.30pm, with some lucky witnesses managing to capture incredible footage of the rare phenomenon. Footage circulating on social media showed the fireball slowly growing larger and more visible as it streaked through the night sky. The moment only lasted for a few seconds before the flash of light was gone.


AngloZionist attack options against Iran "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Saker August 03, 2018 [This analysis was written for the Unz Review] In the past few days, the Internet has been flooded with a frankly silly rumor about the US soliciting Australias assistance in preparing an attack on Iran.  Needless to say, that report does not explain what capabilities Australia would possess which the USA would []


Bitcoin Magazines Week in Review: Challenging the Way Its Always Been Done "IndyWatch Feed National"

Week in Review

This past week, we talked to three security experts about how to design smarter and more secure smart contracts. Google is dipping its toe in the blockchain waters by introducing integrations for applications built with Ethereum and Hyperledger. The financial sector got some more love with the Digital Chamber of Commerces white paper to help cryptocurrency and ICO markets grow responsibly. Finally, 17 tons of almonds moved from Australia to Germany with real-time tracking and verification on the blockchain.

Featured stories by Jimmy Aki, Colin Harper, Marianne Lehnis and Nick Marinoff

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Audits and Quality Assurance: Patching the Holes in Smart Contract Security

In the most infamous smart contract hack in the industry to date, The DAO, a decentralized venture fund, lost 3.6 million ether in June of 2016, and the fallout of the attack saw Ethereum hard fork to recoup losses.

Bitcoin Magazine talks with security experts Hartej Sawhney, co-founder of Hosho, Dmytro Budorin, CEO of Hacken, and  believes that security can slip by the eye of software engineers because they dont have a quality assurance (QA) mindset. Dmytro Budorin, CEO of cybersecurity community Hacken, and Amy Wan, CEO and co-founder of Sagewise, about how comapnies can ensure the security and quality of their smart contracts, as well as the role of the community in holding those companies accountable.

Behlendorf: Google Can Benefit From High-Velocity Development on Fabric

Google is following a similar path taken by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and cloud-hosting services offered by Oracle, Huawei and IBM to offer ready-made templates for their blockchain as a service offerings.the latest tech giant to offer blockchain technology to its customers.

In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Hyperledgers executive director Brian Behlendorf spoke about Googles decision and how Hyperledgers Fabric open-source nature, maturity and flexibility fits in with Googles strategies......


AI Can Look Into Your Eyes And Predict Your Personality "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Kwame Oluwasomi 

Its said that our eyes are the windows to our soul. This was once a proverb, however, it appears now to be scientific fact. A study took place that employed artificial intelligence or deep neural network technology to track the eye movements of students and, from that data alone, determine their personality types.

Its said that curious individuals move their eyes around relatively often while neurotic people tend to blink faster and open-minded people tend to stare at abstract images, something that cannot be immediately understood or mutually agreed upon, for long periods of time. Interestingly enough, the pupils of conscientious people tend to dilate and contract more frequently than average.

The study was a joint project between the University of South Australia and the University of Stuttgart. 42 participants were placed in front of a video-based eye-tracker and the data the machines produced was cross-referenced with well known questionnaires which are designed to predict personality type. The A.I. was able to successfully determine whether someone was extraverted, conscientious, agreeable or neurotic.



ARAG meeting, 8 August "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Our next meeting will be

  • 7pm, Wednesday, 8 August
  • Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden St, Alexandria

We will be discussing:

  • Tanya Pliberseks WestConnex meeting:
  • The Metro Quarter and the shadows to fall on Alexandria:
  • Ashmore Estate:
    • DA amendment to increase height limits
    • Pile driving impacts on our suburb and our house


Isnt It Strange All of the Heroes Exposing This Pedo BS Are Brand New? "IndyWatch Feed National"

I have spoken about controlled opposition whos intentention is to discombobulate and confuse the issues surrounding this rampant pedophilia, and I have begun to realize this is happening once again.

The game is to have them get widely known- then discredit them in order to discredit the whole situation. It has happened repeatedly- and it has always worked- so why would they change the game plan? Historically it has proven that society is fickle- full of conviction in the beginning but easily swayed away the moment it becomes too much to sift through.

Q-anon came out of no where- and is supposed to be alt right, but in the 80s this mess was reported to be mostly Republican- and since this group refuses to acknowledge that fact, how real do you think they really are?

And how effective do you think they are really going to be?

Pedophilia- no matter how it is being presented- is NOT a partisan issue. Just because people believe it is the Democrats doesnt mean Republicans arent invoked, and vice versa.

Rarely ever is life completely black and white- and those who try to present it like this are being disingenuous at best.

I have repeatedly been asked why I believe in God and the reason is because God is my only hope to stop this situation. Despite people telling me not to lose hope- I have seen this situation come up time and time again only to see society turn away and ignore it.

Every single time.

It always begins with great fan fair and strong convictions only to fade away to indifference and repulsion.

If this situation was real- they would focus on long standing outspoken survivors rather than this barrage of newcomers to the scene. But that is NOT what is happening- and what is apparent with all of these newcomers is this desire to make it all about themselves.

THEY are the heroes and ONLY them- and once again society is buying into it. Which tells me history is, once again, about to echo itself.

The only one who is going to stop this is God. Because society has proved over and over that it is incapable of doing so.

I might be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong- but at this moment it doesnt seem like that is going to happen.


Anyone Silent On The Suffering Of Yemen And Its People Is A Monster "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Jonathan Azaziah

I dont know this womans name. Nor her babys.

I dont know what part of Yemen that theyre fromonly that theyre Yemeni.

But seeing the childs unspeakably malnourished body and the mothers insurmountable sadnesseven through the Niqabis a stark and gut-wrenching reminder of how much I viscerally hate the monsters.

No, not Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the rest of the GCC and the American, British, French, Canadian, Australian and German ZOGs. Not traitorous Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, his goons, AQAP, Daesh, the treasonous and servile South Yemen secessionists and all the political personalities regionwide claiming to stand with (a wholly illegitimate) legitimacy. Hatred for these Dajjalic forces is a given and as natural as breathing air.

Who Im actually referring to are the human rights activists and Muslims who have barely spoken above a whisper for the besieged people of Yemen and much worse gone as far to join the hasbara onslaught against Ansarullah, the only force defending Yemenis against the Riyadh-Washington-Abu-Dhabi-Tel-Aviv-London alliances terror. And yet they claim to be our friends. Verily, with friends like this, the very concept of enemies is made as worthless as a qat garden without the evergreen leaves, flowers or samara.

There is no civil war in Yemen. The both sides are bad narrative is an abomination. There is only Al-Sauds illegal, immoral, obscene, Zionist-engineered aggression and the dauntless human beings who are akin to warrior-angels led by Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi that are resisting it.

If youre not explicitly standing AGAINST the former while unequivocally standing WITH the latter then the immeasurable suffering of this starving Yemeni mother and her child are on your hands. And yes without question without hesitation that indeed would make you a monster.

#LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud #LongLiveAnsarullah #EndTheZionistWarOnYemen #SaveYemensChildren


preparing to travel : advice from fellow travellers "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

You know the last few weeks of pregnancy when you feel like youre teetering between one world and the next? They call it the in-between and thats precisely what life currently feels like.

This in-between stage is emotional and hectic. Some days Im giddy with excitement and others Im feeling weighed down by the sheer amount of to-dos.

Im often wondering: What are we doing? the daily juggle of prepping the van, selling our belongings, sorting our keepsakes, taking care of the kids and getting the day-to-day chores done has been all consuming. And yet its all part and parcel of the experience.

Our travels might begin next week but weve been planning this trip for close to a year. It has most definitely been a process! And while we had a very rough leaving date in mind (that has well and truly passed us by), when I called the childrens Distance Ed teacher last week to rearrange our meeting, she wasnt the least bit perturbed. Its completely normal, she said. No one ever leaves on time.

Just this week Ive had two families tell me that their travel plans change most days and that the entire experience is best when its roughly planned yet wonderfully spontaneous, too. So, for the sake of encouragement and camaraderie, I reached out to a few fellow mums who are currently travelling Australia with their families. And because theyve been in my exact position, I asked them for their advice for this pack-up-and-hit-the-road stage of the journey:

Milsy (who is actually a midwife at our local hospital) @milsypezwardo

I remember the last month vividly! Keep the big picture in mind youll be on the road soon and all this craziness is totally worth it! Be ruthless when packing up we parted with so much stuff before we left but we still have a shipping container full at home! We havent used it for 12months now so I dont think we really needed to keep it all!

Andrea @travellingsunshinetribe

Its okay for it to feel crazy and difficult; youre packing up your whole lives as you know it! So surrender to that feeling, take any and all help that is offered, and keep your focus on the memories youll be making as you travel.

Sarah @sweet.elm

We leaned into the idea that the difference between nervous energy and excited energy is your breath and the way you think about life. When we had waves of complete panic about our never-ending to-do list and whether wed actually be able to support our family by starting a business from the road, we would take deep breaths a...


Mind Control in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"



Philosophers and pundits have long discussed the nature of reality itself. For convenience and simplicity we might consider two parallel realities: one a physical reality (the limitations of the body, the physical environment, the mechanical activities and necessities of day-to-day survival) and another mental or psychic reality: the lens through which your mind organises, filters and constructs both an internal and external landscape a worldview (or supposition of how things are) both tactile and emotional.

Read More


Wayne Swan's GFC 10 year anniversary video - "How I became world's best treasurer" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ten years ago today, the global economy was on the brink of recession. Kevin Rudd and I held a crucial meeting with Treasury staff, which would strengthen our resolve to tackle and defeat the threat of a downturn in Australia.#auspol #insiders See more: Wayne Swan (@SwannyQLD) August...


Australia to give millions in aid to drought-hit farmers "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian government has announced an aid package of millions for farmers struggling amid a prolonged dry spell. Meteorologists say the already devastating drought could worsen still further in the coming months.

Cows standing around a tree on red, dry soil (Reuters/D. Gray)

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday announced a A$190 million (121 million, $140.6 million) aid package for farmers battling dry conditions in what the government called one of the worst droughts of the past century.

You put the food on our tables, the fiber that goes on our backs, and we have your back, he told reporters at a farm in the eastern state of New South Wales (NSW), 99 percent of which is officially in drought.

He described the situation of some farmers as shocking, diabolical and tragic.

Read moreNo immediate federal help for drought-hit German farmers, agriculture minister says

Picture of a water trough in the middle of a dry paddock (Reuters/D. Gray)Australia is already the worlds driest inhabited continent


Mental health problems

Some 20,000 farming households will be eligible for lump payments of A$12,000 under the assistance scheme. Farmers whose incomes have been cut drastically by the drought conditions can already receive some A$16,000 a year in unemployment benefits.

The package will also include extra funding for mental health initiatives, with Australian farmers being at a significantly higher risk of depression and suicide than urban dwellers.

In all, the Australian government will now have provided some A$576 million in drought relief. The NSW govern...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00010 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 0.95 AUD


Michael Whalens Disclosures of Pedophilia, Child Trafficking and Hunting Parties "IndyWatch Feed National"

Doughnuts advertised on Voodoo Doughnuts website. (Screengrabs from today)

by Dee McLachlan


Michael Whalen was encouraged to come forward by the whistle-blowing efforts of Isaac Kappy, Sarah Ashcraft, and Fiona Barnett. He was never dissociated from his memories, and his accounts of child abuse, pedophilia, and being a victim of hunting parties is chilling.

Michael describes being taken to a large estate as a child, where he was physically assaulted and placed in a cage along with others kids (in other cages). He describes how kids were let out and had to run f...


What (whore-mongering?) politicians cost Australian taxpayers "IndyWatch Feed National"

(illustration, The Catholic Mr. Barnaby Joyce, looking lustfully at Vikki Campion, who he later copulates with in order to broaden his gene pool, while himself being married to his wife of 4 daughters Natalie Joyce)

According to Section 48 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp), of course.

For the those in power:
  • Prime Minister: 160.0%
  • Deputy Prime Minister: 105.0%
  • Treasurer: 87.5%
  • Leader of the Government in the Senate: 87.5%
  • Leader of the House: 75.0%
  • Other Minister in Cabinet who is also Manager of Government Business in the Senate: 75.0%
  • Other Ministers in Cabinet: 72.5%
  • Other Minister who is also Manager of Government Business in the Senate: 67.5%
  • Other Ministers: 57.5%
  • Parliamentary Secretary who is also Manager of Government Business in the Senate: 35.0%
  • Parliamentary Secretaries: 25.0%
Let's not forget those opposing those in power:

  • Leader of the Opposition: 85.0%
  • President of the Senate: 75.0%
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives: 75.0%
  • Deputy Leader of the Opposition: 57.5%
  • Leader of the Opposition in the Senate: 57.5%
  • Leader of a recognised party of more than 10 members of parliament, other than a party whose Leader is the Prime Minister or the Leader of the Opposition: 45.0%
  • Shadow Minister: 25.0%

See document titled:
Parliamentary remuneration and entitlements:2016 update

Don't forget the sweeping changes the CEO of the country in administration, Mr. Tu...


Suresh Rajan on Anne Alys book Finding My Place "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the interests of proper disclosure it must be said that I am a big fan of Dr Anne Aly and I have been a friend of hers for the better part of 20+ years. And I was also grateful for the receipt of Annes book, Finding My Place, just prior to the time that []


Fiona Barnett, Part 2:  Symbolic Gestures Are Valuable "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bishop Ronald W. Gainer gives a blessing (Yorkblog) 

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

On the very same day that Fiona Barnett published her major statement August 2, 2018 the bishop of Harrisburg Pennsylvania announced that the names of former bishops (back to 1947) would be removed as names of schools or other buildings.

Many bishops have served the diocese of Harrisburg in the last seven decades, and it would probably be very inaccurate to say that they all participated in the great harm done to children who were sexually abused by priests.

But neither did they act to stop it.

The story was carried by The Boston Globe and The New York Times.  I am quoting fro...


Correspondence: ATO list of Approved Research Institutes please "IndyWatch Feed National"


Considering all the debate around the IPA and other Australian think tanks, Australians know little about these organisations. Despite Transparify (an organisation researching the transparency of think tanks) claiming that globally, the transparency of think tanks world wide is on the improve, Australia cant be seen to have contributed much to this improvement. Australians know next to nothing about who funds the organisations influencing policy debate.

The sum total of what the ATO has seen fit to publish (hidden among its open data exports)  is that there is a total 169 Approved Research Institutes in Australia. Unless these organisations all decide to make this public, their names, aims and finances remain a mystery an issue I have been trying to remedy for some months now without much luck.

Having had no reply to a previous request for this information (sent on April 4th), I have decided to try again:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a citizen journalist/technologist working with open data and also researching any links between think tanks and media bias in Australia. I am independently funded by my readers.

According to open data published by the ATO there are a total of 169 Approved Research Institutes however I am unable to find a list of the names of these organisations. There is a lot of public interest in think tanks, their funding and affiliations and it would be very helpful to debate of these issues for Australians to know which organisations are Approved Research Institutes. Can I please have a list of these organisations?

thank you

Rosie Williams


Black US police officer's last radio call after 32 years service - and not one sick day! "IndyWatch Feed National"

They broke the moulds years ago for blokes like this. 32 years of outstanding service as a frontline cop and not one sick day! Just imagine 3 and a bit decades of wife, family, beach, hangovers, sneaky-naughty-long-weekends etc etc etc - and not once did Senior Patrol Officer Ronald "Pookie"...


CCTV of the UK's 4 Muslim "brothers" and their 5.30AM high speed car crash "IndyWatch Feed National"

I've published this CCTV footage for two reasons. Firstly, some Muslims in the UK are lionising the hoodlums who died in the BMW. There's plenty of commentary on social media about oppressive police action - even complete fabrications suggesting the police car rammed the hoodlum vehicle and caused it to...


You Have GOT to Listen to This Survivor! "IndyWatch Feed National"

I wish to refrain until further evidence comes forward. Until then I will remain objectively silent about this case.


Help Save Some Of Australias Computer History From The Bulldozers "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

When multiple tipsters write in to tell us about a story, we can tell its an important one. This morning weve received word that the holding warehouse of the Australian Computer Museum Society in the Sydney suburb of Villawood is to be imminently demolished, and they urgently need to save the artifacts contained within it. They need Aussies with spare storage capacity of decent size to help them keep and store the collection, and they only have a few days during which to do so.

The ever-effusive Dave from EEVblog has posted a video in which he takes a tour, and like us hes continually exclaiming over the items he finds. An EAI analog computer, a full set of DEC PDP-11 technical documentation, a huge Intel development system, Tektronix printers, huge DEC racks, memory cards for VAXen, piles and piles of boxes of documentation, and much, much more.

So, if you are an Aussie within reach of Sydney who happens to have a currently-unused warehouse, barn, or industrial unit that could house some of this stuff, get in touch with them quickly. Some of it may well be junk, but within that treasure trove undoubtedly lies a lot of things that need to be saved. Wed be down there ourselves, but are sadly on the other side of the world.


MACKAY Beer spill boilover drove man to demolition derby "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY August 04, 2018 at 05:07AM ,

Beer spill boilover drove man to demolition derby

August 04, 2018 at 05:07AM ,

Adam Gillies, 36, of Seaforth, was at Seaforth Bowls Club, enjoying a few schooners, until a barmaid spilled beer on him, Mackay Magistrates Court

, ,

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UK - 10,000 Muslim men attend funerals of 4 hoodlums killed when their BMW crashed after police chase "IndyWatch Feed National"

About 5.30AM last Thursday West Yorkshire Police saw a BMW sedan travelling at excessive speed. The police briefly gave chase. That sounds like good police work to me. 5.30AM. Excessive speed. Four young bucks on board. The chase was quickly discontinued due to the dangerous speeds of the target vehicle....


Free Speech: Inducing people's employers to fire them should be a civil wrong "IndyWatch Feed National"

If you aren't from Australia or New Zealand you may be tempted to think of Anzac (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day as simply a variation of Veteran's Day or Remembrance Day-but for many Aussies (and Kiwis), it's a little bit like Veteran's Day combined with the Fourth of July or St. Patrick's Day. It is a deeply patriotic holiday that many regard as a semi-sacred, particularly because we celebrate it on April 25 to mark the anniversary of the day in 1915 when Anzacs arrived on the shores of Gallipoli, Turkey to fight in a battle that would result in over ten thousand soldiers losing their lives. Like it or not, Anzac Day has become patriotic mythology. To mark Anzac Day in 2015, Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) reporter Scott McIntyre took to Twitter and wrote: "Remembering the summary execution, widespread rape and theft committed by these 'brave' Anzacs in Egypt, Palestine and Japan." To make matters worse, he also asked "if the poorly-read, largely white, nationalist drinkers and gamblers pause today to consider the horror that all mankind suffered." Then to round things off he added that Australia and its allies perpetrated the largest single-day "terrorist attacks in history" by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki.


Sydney shifts "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Quiet winter auction market

Lots of moving parts across Australia's housing markets.

Mortgage activity indicators suggest that June housing finance figures will be reported on Tuesday this week as flat following a surprisingly strong increase in May (but with slower processing times likely then contributing to a weaker month in July). 

Market dynamics have changed a lot this year. 

More borrowers are now paying down mortgage debt, Chinese buyer activity has been smashed by new taxes and restrictions, and investors are finding it harder to source credit.

But overall lending remains at quite a solid level. 

Sydney recorded a preliminary auction clearance rate of 57 per cent this weekend, down from 64 per cent for the same week last year, with volumes also well down.

It's interesting to note that generally speaking most unit markets are holding up better than expected, as credit constraints have pushed some buyers into lower price brackets. 

In fact the median price of units sold at auction in Sydney this week was as high as we've ever seen at $1,097,500 (up from $910,000 for the same week last year), with the median for houses some way lower than a year earlier at at $1,226,250. 

With the major lenders jostling for market share and cutting rates on some products for new lenders fairly aggressively, it will be interesting to see how the market responds as the detrimental impact to confidence of the Royal Commission fades. 



Prediction: Lawrence Krauss will be resigning "IndyWatch Feed National"

Everyone knew that Krauss had been ill-behaved towards women, and thered even been that story of him groping a fan at a conference. We all believed it, but it sure took a long time for the powers-that-be to get around to confirming it. Now they have: ASU has released their findings, and confirmed that Lawrence Krauss grabbed a womans breast in public.

Arizona State University has concluded that physics professor Lawrence Krauss breached the schools sexual harassment policy by groping a woman at a conference in Australia.

The incident, which happened at a dinner in November 2016 in Melbourne as part of the Australian skeptics national convention, was revealed in February in a BuzzFeed News investigation that described allegations of unwanted sexual advances, groping, and inappropriate comments by Krauss over more than a decade.

The incident in Melbourne happened when one of Krausss fans took a selfie photograph with him. A witness, microbiologist Melanie Thomson, filed a formal complaint with Arizona State in July of 2017, stating that the professor had grabbed the womans breast. (The woman in the selfie did not complain to the university.)

Krauss made excuses that were not believed, and also tried to place the blame on his accuser.

Thomson told BuzzFeed News that she felt vindicated. The original investigation was basically a he said, she said scenario, where they believed him over me, Thomson said. And thats the way these things often go.

She still wants Krauss to apologize, she said, and to withdraw his claim, made to BuzzFeed News and in a nine-page response to the article, that her complaint was fabricated with malicious intent.

I call for him to retract his retaliatory, inflammatory, libelous remarks, Thomson said.

I find the whole affair disappointing. Ive had people ask to take a photo with me, Ive never felt any urge to fondle them in response. Its just sad when a smart guy is stuck with an adolescent emotional brain that leads him to misuse people that way.

Ive known of college professors in the past whove screwed up this way, and have had to accept restrictions, like denial of promotions and strictly enforced policies with students, but theyve managed to keep their jobs. I dont see them getting away with slaps on the wrist anymore ASU is a respectable university, which isnt going to want confirmed harassers on their staff. Im going to guess he wont be associated with them much longer.......


Awards Finalists Outstanding, say judges! "IndyWatch Feed Sydney"

Northern Districts Local Business Awards judges say they have been impressed by the outstanding quality of this years finalists in The Weekly Times debut year as  [more]

The post Awards Finalists Outstanding, say judges! appeared first on The Weekly Times.


No free speech: New Zealand venue cancels on alt-media personality Lauren Southern "IndyWatch Feed National"

Right-wing activist Lauren Southern has fallen victim to yet another last-minute venue cancellation, after the owner of a New Zealand building recieved complaints about Southern and co-speaker Stefan Molyneux's platform. The self-described "alt-media" pair was swinging by Auckland on the final stop in their antipodean tour, fresh off the back of visiting Australia, where Southern begged God not to "nuke Melbourne" for it's supposed Biblical sins. Dogged by controversy, it appears that strife followed them across the Tasman with their only New Zealand venue canceling at the last minute. Due to a raft of complaints, owner of Auckland's Powerstation venue Gabrielle Mullins canceled the event, citing a disagreement with the speakers' message. "As soon as we found out [what their message was], we weren't comfortable at all because it goes against quite a lot of things that we say," the owner told the NZ Herald. "They can say whatever they want but personally I don't want it in my venue." Southern took to Twitter, lampooning yet another cancellation by quoting the Lord of the Rings, a film New Zealand is famous for. "One does not simply walk into a venue in New Zealand," she wrote to her 387,000 followers.


TLS Offices Now Open at Opera House on Martyrs Square "IndyWatch Feed National"

The news is over a month old but I just noticed it. Those who wish to apply for VISAs to Australia, Denmark, France, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain can now head to the new TLS offices on Martyrs Square. Its a great new location, way more convenient than the one in Verdun or near Horsh Beirut.

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